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Guest Post and Giveaway: The Flesh & Blood Blog Tour With Ethan Stone

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The Novel Approach welcomes author Ethan Stone today on the Flesh & Blood tour, book two in the newly re-released Flesh series from DSP Publications.

Ethan has written a serialized ficlet set in the Flesh-verse for the tour. TNA brings you Part Three, so just in case you’ve missed parts one and two, click HERE FOR ONE and HERE FOR TWO to catch up on the story.

Ethan’s also offering readers two ways to win prizes!


Your second opportunity to win comes via the Rafflecopter widget below. Just click on it to enter for the chance at the tour-wide giveaway of a $25 Amazon Gift Card.

Good luck!


Part Three:

I stood and spun just in time to view the main event. Colby screwed his face up and his legs straightened before he shot, three loads landing on his chest and stomach.

Watching him was an extreme turn-on and I began stroking my dick. His halted breathing evened out and he grinned when he finally opened his eyes.

“Why don’t you come here so I lick those big balls of yours?”

No need to ask me twice. I got rid of my underwear, climbed up on the couch, positioning myself over his face. Then I lowered until my sack was in his mouth. His incredible tongue made me shiver, the way he licked me exquisite.

Then life interrupted as it so often did. My phone rang. The joys of being a detective meant I was basically on-call 24/7.

“Fuck me!”

“I had planned on it,” Colby retorted.

I rolled away from Colby and dashed to my phone. “Yeah,” I snarled.

“Cris, I am so sorry for calling.”

It was my partner, Lex. She was also one of my best friends and someone I had a hard time being mad at. “What’s going on?”

“I’ve got a witness coming in to check out a line-up. The others are handling a gang fight; we’re all tied up. We just got a call regarding a robbery and Chief Brunson agreed to go on the call.”

It wasn’t usual for the chief to deal with robbery calls, but he had worked his way up from patrol and was more than capable. “So why are you calling me?”

“Well,” she paused. “It’s the location of the robbery. I’m thinking Brunson might be a little out of his element, it’s more your kind of thing.”

I furrowed my brow. “Who was robbed?”


“Yeah, I’ll head over there right now.”

Suzie’s Adult Super Store was the Wal-mart of sex toys. In addition to the sexual aids there were movies and magazines for every orientation. There were also eight private booths where customers could pay to watch porn and pleasure themselves as they saw fit. The last two booths on the left were the most popular because there was a glory hole. I’d gone there many times, all BC of course.

“Gotta go, big guy,” I said before dashing into the bedroom to find jeans and a shirt.

He followed me. “We can finish this later, right?”

I yanked him into a rough kiss, biting his lip for a moment. “Damn straight. I want those lips on my balls again.”

“Looking forward to it,” he replied.

I got dressed and kissed him again. “See you soon.”

“Love ya.”

I didn’t reply before I left. I did love him but it was hard for me to say the words. He understood I couldn’t say the words as often as he did and accepted it. Being with me meant he had to deal with a lot. I worried it wasn’t worth it, but he assured me it was.

I sped down Kietzke Lane and parked as near the front door of Suzie’s as possible. Inside, I spotted Brunson interviewing a short woman with multiple piercings and made my way over. When he finished with her, we stepped into away so we could talk in private.

“What happened?” I asked.

Brunson reviewed a notepad. “A guy wearing a black ski mask and carrying a gun went to the register and demanded the money. Tawanda, the clerk,” he motioned towards the pierced woman, “didn’t fight and handed over the cash. Approximately three thousand dollars.”

Sex really was the place to make money.

“There was that much cash?”

“She was getting ready to put most of it in the safe. They do it on a regular schedule.”

“So the crook either had perfect timing…”

“Or he knew their schedule.”

“I’d say he’s a frequent flier here and paid attention to when they do the drops,” I said.

Brunson nodded. “I agree.” He glanced up and blushed when he laid eyes on a twelve-inch black dildo.

I stifled a chuckle. Brunson had probably never been in a place like this. He’d been married since college—happily married, even, which is a rarity for career cops.

“Any other witnesses?”

“Yes, I’m hoping you can talk to him.”

I cocked an eyebrow. “Why?”

“Well…” Brunson replied. “I could do it. I mean, I’m a professional and all. You just might know the right questions to ask.”

“I don’t understand.”

Brunson sighed, his face was still a bright purple. “He was in the backroom at the time. He was using the…the hole.” He lowered his voice like he was cursing in church.

“The glory hole?” I asked.

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FleshandBloodFSBlurb: Detective Cristian Flesh is about to find out that he can only run from his past for so long.

When a local man is attacked and the suspect is a hustler, Cristian knows there’s more to the case than meets the eye. His investigation will lead him into a maze of lies, deceit, and underage prostitution. But that’s only the beginning as people start disappearing and turning up dead. Cristian begins to realize that solving the case and stopping the murders won’t be enough. If he wants to make his new life with lawyer Colby Maddox work, he’ll need to face the demons of his past and put them to rest once and for all.

Buy Links: DSP Publications | Amazon | ARe/OmniLit


Avatar2_Ethan StoneAbout the Author: Ethan Stone is an out and proud gay man. Which is fairly new in his life, the out part, not the gay part. He’s been queer his whole life, though he tried to deny it for years with a wonderful woman. The years in denial weren’t all bad, he has two amazing kids out of it. His son is a teenager and his daughter has made him a grandfather, three times over. A way too young grandfather.

Ethan has returned to Oregon after almost a decade in Nevada. He no longer has a day job and is doing his best to make a living at this writing thing. If he can’t make a living, he at least wants to support his Mt. Dew and beef jerky addictions.

Readers can find Ethan online: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google+ | Ello: @ethanstone92

Or Email Ethan at: ethanstone.nv@gmail.com



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12 thoughts on “Guest Post and Giveaway: The Flesh & Blood Blog Tour With Ethan Stone

  1. Tammy says:

    I definitely prefer boxer briefs. I am enjoying the serialized story and look forward to the next installment. Thanks for the story and the giveaway!


  2. wiccachic2000 says:

    I prefer boxers or commando for myself. When I see it on others I feel sorry for those wearing briefs because unnecessary constriction and confinement.


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