5 Stars, BDSM/Kink/Erotica, Bey Deckard, Reviewed by Lisa, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Self-Published

Review: Murphy by Bey Deckard

Small Gems

Title: Murphy (F.I.S.T.S.: Book Two)

Author: Bey Deckard

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 59 Pages

At a Glance: Add another “W” to the win column for Sarge, Murphy, and Bey Deckard.

Reviewed By: Lisa

Blurb: Sometimes when it seems like it’s too late, the right person comes along and opens your eyes…

Murphy is the continuing story of a D/s relationship between two Space Marines who found each other in the midst of hopelessness and misfortune.

Sarge and his newly minted squad travel across the galaxy on a top-secret mission that could help win the war. However, to Murphy something about the mission stinks, and it’s not just the planet they’ve landed on.


Review: One of the things author Bey Deckard has proven to do so superbly, book after book, is to write a different breed of men. Not that they are particularly unusual—well, maybe a little unusual—but that they are men who aren’t given over to softness or grand expressions of the heart. Yet…these men, who are hardened by life or circumstances, sometimes both, who don’t always express themselves openly, are capable of the kind of love that can mend a wounded soul and make good a future that otherwise might have been somewhat less than underwhelming.

When we met Sarge and Murphy in book one of this series, they were just finding a tentative connection through Dominance and submission, and we watched them suffer through and fight to survive a battle in the war that’s being waged in the sci-fi setting the author has created. The collateral damage to Murphy was on the fortunate side of fatal, his life saved thanks to the futuristic technology that may not have saved his leg but has made it possible for him to recover and still serve as a Marine under the command of the man who also commands him sexually.

Once again, this installment in the series is told in the first person, from the point of view of both Murphy and Sarge, which is perfect because readers are never once left to wonder what each of these men are thinking—exactly what’s necessary since they aren’t always forthcoming in the communication department. What becomes so clear in this book, things we could only assume in book one, is that while Murphy is the submissive in this relationship, it’s Sarge who is being led by the heart, and it’s Murphy who owns it.

Their evolving relationship plays out against the backdrop of speculation from their fellow Marines about their connection, as well as what is the big business of war—who’s expendable and who isn’t, what a man is willing to do to ensure a victory, when the value of a man’s life is measured against the bottom line, and the importance of winning at all costs.

The more that’s revealed about Sarge and Murphy and their bond—something beyond sex, verging on soul deep—the more I want to see of them, so here’s to F.I.S.T.S. 3, Mr. Deckard, and to the characters you let storm their way into our hearts.



You can buy Murphy here:


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