4.5 Stars, Carter Quinn, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Maryann, Self-Published

Review: Into the Light by Carter Quinn

Title: Into the Light (Avery: Book Two)

Author: Carter Quinn

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 166 Pages

At a Glance: This was my first time reading a Carter Quinn novel, and both stories in this series are very good.

Reviewed By: Maryann

Blurb: Avery spent years in the blackness, fighting memories of abuse and feelings of self-loathing. His only sanctuary used to be his brother Sam, but after two years of intensive therapy and a long-term relationship with Noah, his world is a much brighter place.

Things have changed in the year and a half since Avery and Noah confessed their love for each other. Noah’s mother and brother have moved East. Sam and Kira are married. And Avery and Noah are moving in together at long last. Family dynamics strain in uncomfortable new ways, especially when Avery’s past reappears.

What will this mean for Avery’s recovery? Will he surrender to the Blackness or is he strong enough to continue his journey Into the Light?


Review: To really get the full picture of Into the Light, Out of the Blackness, Avery: Book One, is a must read. This is Avery’s story. Plus, there are a lot of characters to get familiar with before moving to this book. I read these books back to back: for Out of the Blackness you need patience and understanding, because it is very psychological. This was my first time reading a Carter Quinn novel, and both stories in this series are very good. I liked the concept the author has created, in putting this book in diary form. It helped with flow of the story.

Into the Light has more of a happy and humorous feel to it, but there is still guilt, hurt and heartbreak. I found book two to be more laid back since Noah tells more of his side of the story. I found it shows Avery as more confident and not so high strung, he has a few moments, but he recovers better from really bad situations. It was good to see Avery’s life moving in a more positive direction.

Avery Kenyon is a young man who was physically and mentally broken at a very young age. Into the Light gives us a new Avery; he has now learned how to heal with therapy and the love and support of family and friends. He has even lived on his own for a while. Noah is more than delighted when Avery timidly suggests that he and Noah move in together. The move is a little overwhelming for Avery, but Noah is so proud to watch Avery as he takes charge and directs the unpacking, and Kira and Sam present Avery with a house warming gift that couldn’t be more of an emotional surprise to Avery.

Avery still works at Flip the Page, as a bookkeeper. He’s also attending art classes. He has seen a young man around the building where he attends art class, on several occasions. Avery is concerned about the boy. He thinks of his friend Joey, who’d committed suicide, and eventually makes contact with the young man. Avery tells Noah about his feelings regarding the boy, and Noah grows concerned about Avery. When Avery makes contact with the boy again, he is more than shocked to find out he’s Robert Lockhart, a brother he hasn’t seen in 15 years.

Noah and Sam both have concerns about Avery’s newfound relationship with his brothers. Sam becomes very disturbing and takes his investigation a little too far. Not only is Avery upset about this, but Noah is angry with Sam also. It was a shock to see Sam become such a heartless person, and destroy Avery. Avery deals with the situation in his own way, which prevents him from falling back into the darkness. But Avery opens his heart to Sam and comes up with the solution to their problems.



You can buy Into the Light here:

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All Romance eBooks


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