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Review: Retrograde by RJ Scott

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 Title: Retrograde (Flight HA1710: Book One)

Author:  RJ Scott

Publisher: Love Lane Books

Pages/Word Count:  91 Pages

At a Glance:  Excellent beginning to a realistic and heartfelt multi-author series!

Blurb: Co-Pilot Lachlan Donaghue wakes up in hospital, a survivor of the crash of Flight HA1710, with memory loss and the suspicion that he could be at fault for the tragic accident. When everything becomes too much he is taken home to hide, back to the small Irish town he grew up in and to the home he once shared with Rory.

Rory Kendrick watches the news, sees every hour of the disaster unfold and somehow just knows that Lachlan was in the middle of it all. What he doesn’t know is that Lachlan will be forced to come back home to hide and to heal. Lachlan needs a friend, not a lover, but sometimes the lines are just too blurred to make any sense.


Review:  RJ Scotts Retrograde is a standalone story that finishes the tale set out to be told, even though there are five more books in the series. The following stories, I hope, will only enhance the world as the additional authors continue the plotline, because RJ Scott did a bang-up job with the opening. And I am completely grateful and ever so thankful to Scott for making this a complete story within the series. Also, more kudos for not leaving the reader hanging on a half completed serial with a terrible cliffhanger and a request to buy the next story to finish the tale.

This is the best story I think I have read by RJ Scott so far. I really enjoyed the premise behind this story, and the fact that it has a realistic but tragic plotline really makes for a tough and very interesting read. This topic—a commercial airline crash—has been in the news several times as of late, and the story itself is a doozy. The reality of the crash, with most of the passengers surviving, was amazingly portrayed, because we so often hear all lives lost. I think Scott did a wonderful job in keeping the horror of the tragedy realistic, and showing the aftermath of the survivors. With a secondary plot of dwelling on the past and second chances, the story is well rounded and meaningful.

I love second chance stories, and that is exactly what this story is: a second chance at life and love. Lachlan’s pain and guilt over both the accident and his ending of the relationship with Rory felt real. Rory was steadfast, and though hurt by Lachlan’s actions, he stood by him in his time of need. The relationship between the two men was slow in relation to the action, but it felt good and right, considering their past.

Thanks to RJ Scott for a wonderful read, and I am looking forward to the rest of the series.



You can buy Retrograde here:

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All Romance eBooks


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