3 Stars, Carol Lynne, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Jennifer, Totally Bound

Review: Welcome to Lobster Cove by Carol Lynne

Title: Welcome to Lobster Cove (Lobster Cove: Book One)

Author: Carol Lynne

Publisher: Pride Publications/Totally Bound

Pages/Word Count: 91 Pages

At a Glance: Short and at times slow, but a fairly promising start to a new series.

Reviewed By: Jennifer

Blurb: When following your dream lands you in Lobster Cove, Maine, anything is possible.

After gaining custody of his younger brother, Boone Jensen moves to a unique LGBT community on the coast of Maine. There, he hopes to find work as a stonemason, heal his broken heart and give his brother a safe place to call home.

Life was good in New York City for chef Dante Madia, until his business partner betrayed him. Determined to trust only himself, Dante risks everything on a new restaurant venture in a small fishing village built on acceptance.

Neither man is looking for love, but in a town like Lobster Cove, secret dreams have the ability to become realities.


Review: Carol Lynne is not new to writing about LGBT communities. If you’re not familiar with her work, she has another series (thirty books) called Cattle Valley that is a safe haven for gay men. The community expands in this book to Lobster Cove, Maine. Now, I love Maine. It’s pretty much heaven on earth. And the idea of an LGBT community is perfect. I did like this book and the premise, but at times it was slow.

Boone moves to Lobster Cove with his younger brother Laddy, of whom he has full custody. He is to work as a stonemason at the new restaurant in town, and then find another job to support him and his brother so he can continue to live there. Dante is a chef from NYC who moves to Lobster Cove for a change of pace after he loses everything in NYC. Of course, we know the two men are going to meet and hit it off.

What really made the book for me, honestly, was Laddy and his relationship with his brother. Laddy has Down Syndrome, and his worldview is honest and sweet. He is portrayed in what I thought of as a positive manner, and the community really rallies around him once they get to know him. I loved that. And I loved that no one talked down to him because of his disability. They just accept him as part of their community and keep an eye out for him. His friendship with Ava is great, and even though she seemed pushy at first in going with Dante to Maine, I’m glad she did. She talks to Laddy and treats him like a regular person.

I guess the fact that I talk about the secondary characters more than the main characters says something simultaneously positive and negative about the book. The secondary characters are fully realized and developed, and they grow on you. The main characters are a bit lackluster, though, and I got kind of bored whenever Laddy wasn’t on the page.

I will continue to read this series; however, I hope the pace is better in the next book, and the main characters are more engaging.



You can buy Welcome to Lobster Cove here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks


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