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Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Texas Wedding by RJ Scott

Texas Wedding v2

Thank you for hosting me guys for this last minute special reveal of new cover art.

I promised readers something. I said, the moment same sex marriage was legal in Texas, I would write the final book in the Texas series; Texas Wedding. The minute I heard about the SCOTUS decision, I started planning the book. Today is the first day you get to see the final artwork from the awesome Meredith Russell for the new book.

Out at the end of September, Texas Wedding visits the lives of Jack and Riley as they come to terms with marriage, drama, love and family.

Jack not only has the horses for children project, but is working with three lost boys to create a safe place for abused gay kids. You’ll remember the boys, from the Triple K and the court case in Texas Fall. And there’s drama with Jack – you won’t believe the drama!

Riley? Well I haven’t decided what Riley is up to, but you can be sure it will be something that causes chaos in the Campbell-Hayes household. Oh, and let’s just say, ‘rope burns’.

Then of course there’s Hayley’s first dance, Connor and Lexie’s first words, and the best line in a party that Max will ever want.

Will Robbie and Eli tie the knot, after all, they said they would? Will Riley and Jack be another year older and another year wiser? What happens at Shooters Bar? Will Eden get her way with Sean, and what happens to Lisa and the secret she holds so close?

And… most importantly… what happens in the barn?

Coming 26 SeptemberTexas Wedding


Previous books in this series: RJ Scott’s Blog

The Heart of Texas | Texas Winter | Texas Heat | Texas Family | Texas Christmas | Texas Fall

The Heart of Texas | Texas Winter | Texas Heat | Texas Family | Texas Christmas | Texas Fall

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Be in with a chance of winning an e-book copy of The Heart of Texas from RJ Scott by commenting below. (Or a copy of one of my other backlist books/first sight of a new book!)

Comments must be time/date stamped before Midnight Pacific time on Sunday, July 12, 2015. One winner will be chosen at random on Monday, the 13th, and notified by email for prize delivery.

Good luck!


41 thoughts on “Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Texas Wedding by RJ Scott

  1. susana says:

    What a wonderful idea, to write a book to commemorate a life changing decision such as that. And the cover is beatutiful. Thank you! :)


  2. suze294 says:

    Super excited to read this, love the Texas series and have been hoping we’d see this one soon – thankyou SCOTUS!!


  3. nordicgirl_2013 says:

    Meredith has done a wonderful job as usual! Is it September yet? 😉 I think this will be a wonderful ending to a fantabulous series! ❤ #TeamJack #TeamRiley (I love them both, so sue me for not picking a favourite!) 😀



  4. schofield726 says:

    Hi RJ,

    I am so so excited that you are writing Texas Wedding. Kinda sad that it’ll be the “final” Texas book (maybe/maybe not – lol) though. But….thank you for writing this!!!!



  5. Michele says:

    I hate to see the series come to a end! Jack and Riley will always have a place in my heart. Cover is awesome!! Can’t wait to read it. September can’t get here FAST enough! Let the count down begin!


  6. Kaity says:

    Yay!!! I can’t wait for this book!!! Thank you, SCOTUS, for passing same-sex marriage and thank you, Rj, for writing this long awaited book!!!


  7. Luciene says:

    I am thrilled that finally they are getting married, and Jack Riley deserve a wonderful and exciting end RJ, because every time I read this series I always discover something wonderful is by the love they have for Max, endure a teenage girl or by emotion the arrival of twins, even they do not know change a diaper, but over time they learn, I’ll be sad to end this story, of these two men in love.
    RJ thanks for making my reading is much more exciting


  8. Zac Chupe says:

    Omg I am so excited. This is the perfect way to celebrate the supreme Courts decision. Cant wait to find out what lies ahead for Riley and Jack. This series is special to me because it takes place in Texas where I have been born and raised and still living. This is going to be a very special ending to a fantastic series


  9. Solaria Saturn says:

    So excited trying not to feel the no no no ending! Jack Riley the last one?! nononononono. Alright! I know all good things come to an end and it sounds like what an end that will be. Anticipation, how sweet you are. :)


  10. Angela says:

    I love the Texas serie. I really look forward to Texas Wedding. It will be with mixed feelings though because you said this wil be the last book. The cover is beautiful :) Thanks for the giveaway.


  11. Lisa G says:

    I’m super excited to read a Texas wedding for one of my favorite couples, Jack & Riley. Love this series but will be sad to see it end. Great cover!


  12. Vicky Huntington says:

    I love this series it was the first m/m book I ever read . I never looked back I am a fan of R.J Scott work. I have a sign copy of Crooked Tree Ranch . Big fan of Sanctuary and Body Guards but Texas Heat is my favorite.


  13. jenf27 says:

    I am so glad SCOTUS gave you cause to write this book! Looking forward to reading this wedding edition (although sad it will be the last book). Awesome cover, too.


  14. I cannot hardly wait, but I am also sad that it will be the last book in the series :( I wonder if there will be a spin off new series? Thank you for the giveaway.


  15. Happy Monday, everyone, and many thanks to all of you for stopping by to enter RJ Scott’s Texas Wedding giveaway.

    Congratulations goes to Zac Chupe today, you’ve been selected as RJ’s lucky winner. I’ve sent off the email with your contact information, Zac, so expect to hear from RJ soon. :)


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