3.5 Stars, Drama, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Amy, Sara York, Self-Published

Review: Velocity by Sara York

Title:  Velocity (Flight HA1710: Book Two)

Author: Sara York

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count:  89 Pages

At a Glance:  While I liked this second entry in the Flight HA1710 series, I was a bit disappointed in it as well.

Blurb: The crash of Flight HA1710 brings life into focus for Phil Stewart. Before meeting Davin Tierney, love seemed only a myth to Phil, but one night in New York City changed everything, giving him something he didn’t even know existed. But Phil wasn’t comfortable saying I love you. During the crash, Davin suffers a brain injury, leaving him in a coma. Phil wonders how love can be so cruel to give him Davin and then take him away so suddenly.

Davin never intended to give Phil a second look, but Phil broke through barriers and made amazing overtures before stalling on the word love. The crash changes everything, and he’s no longer willing to play it safe, but can Phil actually change from the playboy Davin first met?


Review:  While I liked this second entry in the Flight HA1710 series, I was a bit disappointed in it as well. This could have had the emotional impact that the first installment had, but fell flat for me. The writing was clear and easy to follow, but it had several inconsistencies that threw me out of parts of the story. They may have been personal issues, so YMMV. In the end, though, I did like the story.

This chapter starts with backstory of Phil and Davin meeting as Phil is taken to the hospital after the crash. He awakens and his utmost desire is to find Davin, but the nurses continue to sedate him when he inquires about Davin because he gets rather excited in doing so. More backstory happens in these drug-induced flashbacks, and we get to see a bit of the relationship of the two men pre-tragedy.  I really enjoyed the changes Phil was making in his life, and how shy Davin was becoming more sweet and sexy.
When Davin makes his physical appearance, I was relieved his injuries weren’t as serious as first presented. Yet, my angst-loving heart also quickened at this. How would these two men continue if one was disabled? Not that I wished Davin ill, but I love the dynamics of relationships, and this one had changed so much. How much more could they take?

But it was not to be. I won’t spoil it by telling you what happens, just know that I really started to have an issue with the story. Because of more inconsistencies with plot and the romance not matching, I am torn about my reaction to the book. It started out so wonderfully emotional and deep, but it ended up more about sex than anything else.



You can buy Velocity here:

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All Romance eBooks


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