3.5 Stars, Audio Book, B.G. Thomas, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Narration Rating - 5 Stars, New Adult, Reviewed by Amy

Audio Review: Anything Could Happen by B.G. Thomas – Narrated by Charlie David

Title: Anything Could Happen

Author: B.G. Thomas

Narrator: Charlie David

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 7 Hours and 32 Minutes

At a glance: This was a good read but I didn’t think it was a great read. Charlie David, on the other hand, brought this book to life.

Reviewed By: Amy

Blurb: Moving to Kansas City could be the best thing Austin Shelbourne has ever done. For a start, he can stop living a lie and finally come out of the closet. And there’s a chance, though slim, that he might be able to locate the love of his life, Todd Burton. It had seemed like a good idea when he seduced his friend, but Todd freaked out and vanished. Austin hopes to find Todd, make things right between them, and win his love. But when he meets actor Guy Campbell, things get even more confusing.

The moment Guy sets eyes on Austin, he knows Austin is The One. But Austin makes it clear he feels a responsibility to Todd, and Guy has some dark secrets of his own. He’s found redemption in acting and directing, but worries that if Austin learns the truth, he might not be able bear it. And what if Todd accepts Austin’s apology and the love Austin offers? Guy wants Austin desperately, but he also wants him to be happy. In the play of life, with the happiness of good men in the balance, anything could happen.


Review: I am so torn about this book. On one hand, I love the coming-of-age story that is Austin. I adore the support cast of Uncle Body and the people of the apartment complex. I adore Guy and wanted to wrap him up and take him home. I also really like the idea of the book. In theory, I think this book works. On the page, I had a bit of a hard time with it. Everything just wraps itself up into this neat little bow. I felt like it needed some messy. Overall, I wasn’t disappointed. I just felt like this was a good read but didn’t think it was a great read. I’d give the book itself 3.5 stars.

Narration: Charlie David, on the other hand, brought this book to life. From Uncle Body and his dog to the drag queens at the Steel Magnolia’s play, David makes this a bright and new experience. His Southern accent has just the right touch, and the innocence he inflects in his voice for Austin was perfect. I look forward to more books narrated by Charlie David.



You can buy Anything Could Happen here:




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