4 Stars, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Narration Rating - 4 Stars, Reviewed by Amy, Scotty Cade

Audio Review: Acting Out by Scotty Cade – Narrated by Randy Fuller

Title: Acting Out

Author: Scotty Cade

Narrator: Randy Fuller

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 6 Hours and 49 Minutes

At a glance: I look forward to Randy Fuller’s next narration.

Reviewed By: Amy

Blurb: After one very long tour of duty in Afghanistan and an honorable discharge from the USMC, Elijah Preston comes home to nothing. He barely scrapes up enough money for a cheap motel in Quantico, Virginia, with no money-making opportunities in sight. A chance encounter in a local Walmart finally gives Eli hope for employment. Elijah is ready to sign on with Royce Mackey’s proposition… until he hears what’s required. Royce operates a gay military porn site and wants Eli as his next star, never mind that Eli isn’t gay. Desperate and broke, Eli grudgingly accepts Royce’s offer and soon finds himself immersed in a strange new world.

Hamish Turner’s been there before. Taking Eli under his wing, he teaches him everything he can about Royce’s operation. The two quickly become friends, easing the way for their first scene together. Awkward at first, they both ease into it and find there is more of a connection between them than either expected. Curious to see where their mutual attraction takes them, they begin a relationship off-screen. But life gets complicated when a crazed fan of Hamish’s starts sending threatening letters demanding the scenes between the two men stop. Or else….


Review: I was so excited to read this story. Porn and military…I mean, how can you go wrong? Elijah comes home from service, but this was a bit confusing to me as I believe his family took all his money, but I felt this was never sufficiently addressed in the story. I would like to have had some closure with that situation.

In walks Royce and from that point, I fell in love with this story. I love the almost family-like environment that Royce creates at the abode. I also like that this is simply guys being guys. The sex scenes were HOT! The mystery as to who was stalking Hamish was a great mystery. Hamish and Elijah’s relationship was satisfying all the way up until the end of the book. I felt like it took the whole book to get to the climax…and then it was over before you knew it. I was left wanting more at the end. The book was over and I was in my car going, that’s it? Overall I loved this story, I just wanted a bit more of a wrap up.

Narration: Randy Fuller was new to me as a narrator. He did a wonderful job of narration. He has such a sexy voice, and it really translated well to the multiple sex scenes throughout the story. Characters distinguished themselves well, and I really enjoyed listening to him weave the story together. I look forward to Fuller’s next narration.



You can buy Acting Out here:




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