5 Stars, Nash Summers, New Adult, Reviewed by Jules, Self-Published

Review: Maps by Nash Summers

Small Gems

Title: Maps

Author: Nash Summers

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 71 Pages

At a Glance: Go read this, guys. SO. Cute.

Reviewed By: Jules

Blurb: If Maps ruled the world, his best pal Benji would be court jester, and every day would celebrate a new experiment.

No, scratch that.

If Maps ruled the world, his best pal would still be living next door, and there wouldn’t be any gap-toothed new guy staring at him as if he’s bonkers.

Pity Maps doesn’t rule the world . . .


Review: Omigosh, this book. Feels, you guys. So many good feels! Wonderful friendship moments, wonderful family moments, wonderful learning moments, and wonderful first-love moments. All wrapped up in the near-perfect seventy-one pages that is Maps by Nash Summers.

Mattie Wilson, aka Maps, is extremely bright, quirky as hell, neurotic, and HILARIOUS. And, I completely adored him. He and his best friend Benji have grown up next door to each other, but Benji has to move a few blocks away, leaving Maps vulnerable to dealing with…dun dun dunnnn…new neighbors. He is pretty sure his life is over – but, he’ll soon find out that perhaps it’s just beginning.

One of the new neighbors is a boy just a year older than Maps, a handsome jock for whom Maps starts having confusing feelings. Lane is incredibly sweet and kind. He really sees Maps, and as they get closer, he starts developing some confusing feelings of his own. I loved how, at first, he didn’t know what to do about his attraction to Maps – but, as soon as he realizes how much he misses him, and that he might lose him, he knows exactly what to do—whatever it takes to make Maps his. Including giving unbelievably creative, thoughtful, and romantic gifts that will leave you in a puddle right along with Maps.

The writing is so sharp. There were quite a few scenes, and what quickly became ‘classic Maps moments’ – his many “very manly” squeals/shrieks/squeals, for example – that had me laughing out loud. All of the characters were wonderful. The friendship between Maps and Benji was fantastic. The whole thing was adorable and sweet (but, not toothache, blergh sweet), romantic as heck…and, did I mention FUNNY? Oh! And, there is a sequel in the works!!! Can’t wait for Diamonds. :)

Go read this, guys. SO. Cute.



You can buy Maps here:


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