3 Stars, Devyn Morgan, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Taz, Self-Published

Review: Unfading by Devyn Morgan

Unfading Banner

Title: Unfading (Books One, Two, and Three)

Author: Devyn Morgan

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 200 Pages (Est.)

At a Glance: While I tend to overlook the occasional editing error, there were enough in these books to distract me from what otherwise was a pleasurable story.

Reviewed By: Taz

Blurb: Logan Walters is used to attention. He waltzes through life in his tight jeans slung low on his hips, everyone’s appreciative eyes upon him. He can practically hear hearts break when walks out on his conquests. Once he decides to get a tattoo, he knows it’ll make him feel complete – all grown up. Except in a heartbeat, Logan – beautiful, arrogant Logan – is nervous, and he can’t understand why.

Connor Dixon gave up on finding true love. An award-winning tattoo artist, he’s traveled across the country, guesting at many parlors but never staying too long. His last relationship ended like they always have: his boyfriend was cheating on him. But his reservations fly out the window when he sees Logan for the first time. Is he really falling for this guy, so cute but so vulnerable at the same time?

Logan and Connor can’t stop the intense mutual attraction and what inevitably follows, but it’s not all smooth sailing. Bad habits die hard, and Logan’s insecurities rise up to deal a devastating blow to their budding relationship…


Review: This story, Unfading, starts with a twenty-two year old hottie letting the reader know just how hot he is. Who hasn’t gone to the club and yearned for that God who seems to rule the whole scene. If that guy would choose you, how awesome would that be? Just to think that you might be able to put some part of yourself into him, or he might put something into you. I mean, if that were to happen then your life would be pure heaven. Right?

But we meet Logan at a time when he’s beginning to question his illustrious career as “the man” on the circuit. The chemistry flies when he meets Connor because for once, he’s met someone who doesn’t immediately drool over him. In fact, Connor pushed Logan to dig deep and find that human being he’s been hiding behind a mask of lust, sexuality, and alcohol…and, in his case, a hyper-clean apartment.

When the two unite in sexual conquest, it’s like the Fourth of July. Serious fireworks and hot. After an initial hook-up, misunderstandings and unfortunate choices place a wedge between our two protagonists, and we are set on a path of wondering how they will find their way back to one another.

Overall, I enjoyed these three books (which I received as one volume). I cared about the characters, I admired the way Logan grew from a caricature of a club-goer to a decent man. I enjoyed the honesty between the two men. And the sex was hot.

The biggest detractor for me during the story was the editing. There were many instances of misused words where the homonym was used instead of the correct word (for example, taught instead of taut and to instead of too). There were also some punctuation errors, like a missing apostrophe to indicate possessive. While I tend to overlook the occasional editing error, there were enough in these books to distract me from what otherwise was a pleasurable story.





You can buy Unfading: Books One, Two, and Three here:


2 thoughts on “Review: Unfading by Devyn Morgan

  1. LD Durham says:

    Poor editing is always so hard to get past. I, too, can forgive an occasional typo, but when it’s pervasive, it ruins the whole book for me. What a shame.

    Liked by 1 person

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