With Love~


Many of you may know Christy Duke. Some of you may not. Christy is a fellow reviewer and blogger and just a lovely and courageous woman whom I’m so privileged to have met in person last year at GayRomLit in Chicago.

Christy’s husband John was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, an aggressive form of the disease that quickly robbed him of his quality of life and slowly began to steal the man Christy loves away from her, though it could not diminish the deep and abiding love between them.

As the clock still counts off the seconds and minutes of our lives, we exist with the assurance that the sun will set tonight. The stars will still shine down upon us. The sun will rise tomorrow. But for John and Christy, an arduous journey came to its close at six o’clock this morning.

I am a believer that everything happens for a reason, though those reasons are not always clear. Why was a man who was a son, a husband, taken away from his loved ones too soon? The answer to that question may not become clear for years to come, but one thing is sure: he was and is everything to Christy, and they were so fortunate to know the love they shared with each other.

We at The Novel Approach extend our sympathy and prayers and healing thoughts to the Duke family today, and in the days to come.

With much love to you, Christy,

Lisa and the TNA Team


12 thoughts on “With Love~

  1. Terrible disease that take far too many far too early. My deepest sympathies to Christy and family. I wish you comfort in remembering the good times, strength to deal with the days ahead and finally peace.


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