3.5 Stars, Andrew Grey, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Narration Rating - 3.5 Stars, Reviewed by Karen

Audio Review: Fire and Ice by Andrew Grey – Narrated by Randy Fuller

Title:  Fire and Ice (Carlisle Cops: Book Two) 

Author:  Andrew Grey

Narrator:  Randy Fuller

Publisher:  Dreamspinner Press

Run Time:  7 hours and 14 minutes

At a Glance:  Listening to the audio, I felt disconnected from the story, and it just fell a little flat for me.

Reviewed By:  Karen

Blurb:  Carter Schunk is a dedicated police officer with a difficult past and a big heart. When he’s called to a domestic disturbance, he finds a fatally injured woman, and a child, Alex, who is in desperate need of care. Child Services is called, and the last man on earth Carter wants to see walks through the door. Carter had a fling with Donald a year ago and found him as cold as ice since it ended.
Donald (Ice) Ickle has had a hard life he shares with no one, and he’s closed his heart to all. It’s partly to keep himself from getting hurt and partly the way he deals with a job he’s good at, because he does what needs to be done without getting emotionally involved. When he meets Carter again, he maintains his usual distance, but Carter gets under his skin, and against his better judgment, Donald lets Carter guilt him into taking Alex when there isn’t other foster care available. Carter even offers to help care for the boy.
Donald has a past he doesn’t want to discuss with anyone, least of all Carter, who has his own past he’d just as soon keep to himself. But it’s Alex’s secrets that could either pull them together or rip them apart—secrets the boy isn’t able to tell them and yet could be the key to happiness for all of them.


Review:   About a month or so ago I read and reviewed the ebook of Fire and Ice by Andrew Grey,  and really enjoyed the story, so when the audiobook came up for review, I jumped at the chance to listen to it. Since it is the second in the series I also listened to Fire and Water prior to listening to Fire and Ice.

In most cases, I think reading a book then listening to the audio adds another layer of depth and emotion to a story for me. Unfortunately, in Fire and Ice that wasn’t the case. I felt connected to the characters when I read the story, and although predictable, I was cheering the guys on. Listening to the audiobook, on the other hand, I felt disconnected from the story, and it just fell a little flat for me.

I didn’t think in some cases that there was a whole lot of distinction between the voices for some of the characters, which made things a little difficult to follow in spots.  Where in the book I was enveloped in the emotion of the story, due to the inflection of the voices of the character, that emotion was lost to me throughout a lot of the narration.  Although the audio wasn’t my favorite, I do really enjoy the series, and I am looking forward to reading more as it continues.





You can buy Fire and Ice here:




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