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Review: Rearranging the Stars by Diane Adams

Title: Rearranging Stars

Author: Diane Adams

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 117 Pages

At a Glance: All in all, as a love story, Rearranging Stars scores high points.

Blurb: The freedom to love comes with a cost.

As a guardian angel, Drake’s destiny is written in the stars. Choice is not part of an angel’s life. Drake never thought twice about it until he’s unexpectedly thrust into watching over Grey, who inspires passion in Drake but endangers his very identity as a guardian angel. Grey is more than just another human—he can see angels. When he discovers that unlike his previous angel Drake will talk to him, Grey becomes determined to pull Drake off the sidelines and into life. Attraction flares between them from the beginning and causes Drake to question his purpose for the first time. His distraction results in a decision that changes everything—and not just for him and Grey.


Review: Drake is a guardian angel. Unlike the others who seem to forget their humans the instant they pass away, Drake broods over every loss and spends time between assignments remembering the one who has died. You see, Drake is usually assigned to gay men, and they often commit suicide—something Drake is not allowed to intervene in to stop. Plus, his humans cannot see him, never interact with him, and are essentially unaware Drake even exists. However, Grey is different. He not only sees Drake but can touch him, hear him, and, eventually, wants him.

Grey has been different all his life. With an innate sense of justice that led him to participate in a neighborhood watch, Grey seems to laugh at danger and the idea of a guardian angel. But Drake is different—more real—more captivating. When Grey discovers that angels can shuffle off their heavenly status and become corporeal, he never considers Drake may do just that—but, then again, he never thought he would fall in love with an angel either.

Rearranging Stars by Diane Adams is a clever take on the idea of each person having their own guardian angel. Deliberately leaving out any clues as to their origin and the idea of a “god” being their father, the author instead has her angel force in a sort of limbo, never understanding or questioning where they came from or whether god even exists. They have a job to guard their humans, and it is simple and direct, with clear rules about interfering in the natural order. If you are looking for an in-depth world building kingdom explaining the concept of angels, look again. This is a love story: pure, simple and sweet to the end.

That which causes Drake to consider becoming corporeal is none other than his love for his human, Grey. The driving force for more than half of this story is the simple yet profound theme of what freedom costs and what a person, supernatural or otherwise, will give up to love the one they desire. This theme is the main success story of this novella—it is straightforward and never abandoned. We watch as these two men fall deeply in love, and despair when it seems that even in human form, Drake is not going to have his happy ever after.

However, when the subplot announcing some sort of herald being needed to spur on the angels and re-ignite the fervor for their jobs was introduced, the story began to lose its way and I never quite understood the reason for this shift in the story. Apparently the “herald” would give them purpose, more compassion and connection to their person, and a desire to remain as guardians rather than toss it in and become human. Yet, what exactly these were and why it was so vital he appear was confusing. I know it had something to do with Drake and his survival, but the whole concept of what this super-angel would do was left undeveloped.

All in all, as a love story, Rearranging Stars scores high points. Unfortunately, the focus on the “savior” idea and how it would impact the angels was weaker and, I feel, watered down an otherwise strong and well written supernatural tale of sacrifice and love.





You can buy Rearranging Stars here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks


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