3 Stars, Amber Allure, K-lee Klein, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Angel

Review: Moonstone by K-lee Klein

Title: Moonstone (Stone Magic: Book One)

Author: K-lee Klein

Publisher: Amber Allure

Pages/Word Count: 239 Pages

At a Glance: A slow and different take on the shifter paranormal genre.

Reviewed By: Angel

Blurb: Ky’s a fighter, Blue’s an artist, but together they are truly magical.

Ky’s fought his way to the boxing championship for the third time, but now the fight of his life isn’t against an opponent in the ring. He’s battling a darkness within himself that he can’t ignore and can’t control. If he fails, everything he’s spent his life working for will be gone, and he can’t see a path to victory. Only a hunch sends him looking for help in the most unusual places.

Blue’s a quiet guy, living for his family and the art of his tattoos. He’s created his shop, Blue’s Dungeon, to be a place for the celebration of art on skin—simple, friendly, and mostly uncomplicated—and Blue likes it that way.

But when Ky shows up in Blue’s tattoo parlor, desperately searching for a lifeline, it’s the beginning of something magical for both men…


Review: K-Lee Klein is a new to me author, and while I enjoyed this book and her writing, I did have a difficult time reading this story. It wasn’t so much the writing but the pacing, I think. Much of the story taking place happens just over two months, but it felt much slower while reading it. The story seemed, to me, to drag in places, especially when head-hopping from Blue to Ky.

Moonstone has an interesting concept and take on magic and on the shifter/paranormal genre. However, I didn’t feel that this story was all that paranormal/magical until nearly three-quarters of the way into the reading. There are very few clues to the paranormal until the reason Ky is searching for his lifeline has been explained. After this, the rest of the story happens quickly.

Ky’s problem, which I won’t give away here, wasn’t mentioned but once in the first of the story. It’s not even really explained, the reader is just given the fact that Ky is searching for something. Something he seems to find at Blue’s tattoo parlor. After an immediate bout of sex between Ky and Blue, the story is mostly taken up by Ky’s reaction to his not-quite-relationship with Blue, and vice versa.

Blue was an extraordinary individual from first introduction. I liked him immediately. He was an amazing artist, from Ky’s POV, and I, at first, thought he was an autistic savant. But no disabilities are discussed in this book. In fact, the reasons turn out to be quite magical. Literally.

Circumstances conspire to drive a wedge between Blue and Ky, and I was honestly confused for some time while the paranormal aspect of the story came to light. Then everything seemed to fall into place for our MCs, and they got their happy ending.

I liked the verse Klein created, and would love to have more background on some of the characters and situations introduced in Moonstone, Oli in particular. Perhaps Michael and Dart, as well, but it’s not an imperative need as Moonstone itself was a complete story.





You can buy Moonstone here:

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All Romance eBooks


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