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Excerpt and Giveaway: The Betrothed: A Faery Tale Blog Tour with Therese Woodson

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Today we’re so pleased to welcome author Therese Woodson on the Betrothed: A Faery Tale blog tour. Enjoy the excerpt Therese has chosen to share, and then be sure to click on the Rafflecopter widget below for the chance to win an e-copy of the book.

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BetrothedFSBlurb: Faery royalty have always married for duty rather than love. Prince Chrysanths should be no different – except with a human for a father, the prince known as Puck already is different. When he is betrothed against his will to Prince Sky, Puck flees to his father in the human world, only to have Sky follow.

Prince Sky Song of the Clouds isn’t thrilled with the prospect of marriage either, but is bound by duty to follow through. If he can’t win Puck over, the faery realm might very well dissolve into utter chaos. Too busy arguing, Puck and Sky are unaware there are others with a vested interest in seeing the betrothal fail. In a bid for Puck’s crown, they’ll seek to keep them apart, even as Puck and Sky realize that duty and love don’t always have to be mutually exclusive.

Buy the book at Dreamspinner Press: Paperback || Ebook


A Note from Therese: Hi and welcome to the BETROTHED: A FAERY TALE blog tour.

The lovely folks at The Novel Approach were kind enough to host me on the fourth day of my tour.

Please follow me around and get to know the faery princes Puck and Sky and how their world changes due to one (annoying) law. (Schedule Here)

The excerpt I’m sharing today is Sky finding out that his betrothed has fled from the Feary realm to the human world.

The Excerpt: “What do you mean you can’t find him?”

Sky flinched from Queen Bellis’s severe tone and fleetingly felt bad for the unlucky servant. Standing in front of the Earth Kingdom throne, having been presented to the court as Prince Sky Song of the Clouds, Sky clasped his hands behind him and rocked back on his heels. His entourage gathered nervously around him, exchanging looks, as the queen glared down at the messenger in front of her.

The messenger bowed low. “He’s not in his rooms and not in the garden.”

“Then keep looking,” she ground out. “And when you find him, tell him his betrothed has arrived and I will not tolerate his rudeness.”

The poor faery gulped. “Yes, Your Majesty.” At his slight pause, the queen narrowed her eyes, and the messenger made a terrified noise. He straightened and scurried away.

Queen Bellis relaxed back into her throne and sighed wearily, putting a hand to her head.
“Children,” she said. “They can be difficult, especially the willful ones.”

Sky didn’t respond, merely stood tall and silent, wings folded behind him. He glanced around the court, taking everything in. They had arrived a few moments before, and after being offered refreshments, were ushered into the throne room. Sky didn’t have much of a chance to look over his surroundings until the lull while he waited to meet the prince.

The Earth court was much different from his home. Where the Cloud Castle was open and airy, placed amid the clouds, the Oak Palace sat at the base of an ancient tree. Composed of wood and earth, Sky could feel the pulse of life in the walls around him, the living roots twisting and twining into the structure. He scrunched his nose at the smell of damp soil, so unlike the wild, fresh air he was used to. Scant light shone within the interior instead of bright rays, but it was beautiful all the same, decorated with vibrant flowers, green plants, and glossy wood. It hadn’t changed much since the last time Sky had visited, but it remained foreign all the same.

“Now,” Queen Bellis said, leveling her gaze at Sky from her throne. Her eyes were a deep brown, as was her hair, which tumbled over her shoulders and down to her hips. Her wings twitched behind her, wide and yellow, more decorative than functional, unlike the sleek wings of Sky and his Air counterparts. Her markings, a mixture of green and brown, coiled down her arms and over her shoulders like vines. “Tell me, how is Queen Wind Song? Is she well?”

Sky nodded. “Yes, she is well, Your Majesty.”

“Splendid. I’ve often felt a kinship with your mother, especially after your father died of withering. I know what it is like to not be able to be with the one you love.”

Sky spoke around a tight throat. “Your sympathy is appreciated.”

“You look like him, you know.” She gestured toward the inky color of Sky’s hair and the dark blue markings that swept down his arms. “It’s the water sprite in your line from the last generation that tied the kingdoms. It was so long ago, and now they are soon to be gone, and it is your generation who has the burden of adhering to the faery law. I’m sorry it fell to you and my son.”

“It’s my duty,” Sky answered.


Therese Woodson AvatarAbout the Author: Therese Woodson is a writer, a wife, a mother of three, a pet-owner, and a long-time member of her college’s sci-fi club. She is a fan of watching bad television shows, superhero movies, and anything involving mythology. She loves creating interesting characters, universes, and stories with happy endings.

Find news and more information about Therese on her blog at Therese Writes Things



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