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Review: Submitting to the Darkness by K.C. Wells

Amazon US

Amazon US

Title: Submitting to the Darkness (Island Tales: Book Three)

Author: K.C. Wells

Publisher: Island Tales Press

Pages/Word Count: 278 Pages

At a Glance: This is an emotional journey of learning to live with blindness, and how love can help you see the way.

Reviewed By: Carrie

Blurb: Three weeks after being diagnosed with acute glaucoma, Adam Kent lost his vision. Two months down the line, and he’s left behind his life in London as an author of political history books and retreated to the Isle of Wight, to live in the house he inherited in Steephill Cove. But that’s not all Adam’s left behind him: the trappings of his life as a Dom are packed away into three boxes and stored in his attic. After all, he’s never going to need them again, right? Who’d want a blind Dom anyway?

Paul Vaughan is employed to be a live-in companion to Adam, but his new employer makes it very clear he wants to be left alone. Paul can see Adam is hurting and struggles to help him, even though Adam resists him at every turn. Thankfully, Paul’s friends Taylor, Mark and Sam are there to lend an ear when he needs to vent – and also to try setting him up with a guy or two. It’s not that Paul doesn’t appreciate their efforts, but the guys they keep sending his way are way too… vanilla. A chance visit to a club had already shown Paul a side to him he’d never expected: maybe his tastes are a little kinkier.
Two events occur to rock Paul’s life: he discovers his boss isn’t as straight as Paul had thought, and he takes a peek into a box…


Review: Submitting to the Darkness is book three in the Island Tales Series, and I have to say I liked this one the best.

Adam is a highly successful businessman, entrepreneur and author.  At the age of forty, he is at the top of his game…until he is diagnosed with acute glaucoma and within three weeks, is blind. In his opinion, everything he loved to do: write, sail, be a Dom, things he needs his eyes for, are gone. Retreating to his house on the Isle of Wight, he lives in darkness and cannot find his way out. Adam’s character is beautifully drawn; you feel the depth of his pain. He has relegated himself to one room of the house, being too far into depression to venture further.

Paul is young. He’s twenty-three and a physical therapist but cannot find work in his field, so he applies for the job of caretaker and companion to a gentleman. And gets almost more than he can handle with Adam. But even though he is young, he has a backbone of steel and good heart, and he quickly learns he will need both with his new charge.

It’s not easy, K.C. Wells gives us our HEA—she just puts her characters through hell to get there—but that’s what makes it so good.  This is not a light, fluffy romance; it is a book with substance and a heavy subject matter which the author tackles beautifully.  The situations with Adam’s blindness are neither contrived nor drawn out, which make the book not so much about the situation the men are in but about the men themselves and how the circumstances bring them together to make a whole. There is a BDSM element in this book but it is secondary to the storyline, and it adds a bit of spice without being the focus. When these two men finally get together the sparks fly, and yeah, it gets hot…

I loved this book and would highly recommend it and all the Island Tales series.





You can buy Submitting to the Darkness here:

Amazon US

Amazon US

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