4 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, Reviewed by Lynn, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Tere Michaels

Review: Who Knows the Dark by Tere Michaels



Title: Who Knows the Dark (The Vigilante: Book Two)

Author: Tere Michaels

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 230 Pages

At a Glance: For those wanting excitement and non-stop action with a little mystery thrown in, Who Knows the Dark is definitely for you.

Reviewed By: Lynn

Blurb: A wanted man after the destruction of the Iron Butterfly Casino, Nox Boyet must flee the island of Manhattan—the only home he’s ever known. Together with Cade, Sam, and the rest of their ragtag group, Nox must find a place to hide from the District Police and the violent group of unknown drug dealers on his tail.

The solution—the Creel family farm in South Carolina.

But home isn’t quite sweet for Cade, the prodigal son. As Cade struggles with his own secrets, shadows of the past threaten not only Nox’s life, but his relationship with his son, Sam.

Nox knows there will never be peace unless he finds the answers to all his questions—and the answers lie back on the island. Cade and the others must choose their paths—find safety or follow the Vigilante into the darkness of the city? The city where Nox will come face-to-face with the past.


Review: I’m quite familiar with Tere Micheals, having read almost everything she’s written. While this story is far removed from what I’m used to reading from her, I must say, I’m in love.

First and foremost, you must read these books in order, starting with Who Knows the Storm (Vigilante #1)Who Knows the Dark picks up right where the first one ended. Escaping the city and running for their lives, this colorful group of characters keep you on the edge of your seat and the pages turning.

I love the world the author created in this series. We get the familiarity of places we know well, like New York City. Everything is so vastly different, but still recognizable. The dystopian setting is amazing to read. The author’s descriptions of the destruction caused by the storms are so clear you can actually see ruins in your head.

Now, there’s a lot going on in this story. We’re in so many heads that it’s hard to keep up at times. This isn’t one of those books you can casually set down and come back to. (Though, why you would want to put it down is beyond me.) Anyways, this story moves, and it moves fast. I loved the quick pace and the ‘I wanna know what’s going to happen next’ feeling this book gave me. A very exciting read.

We know most of the characters from the first book. Nox is still trying to protect Sam at all costs, which includes struggling with telling Sam the truth. Part of me wanted Nox to get over it and just tell Sam already. Another part knows the sacrifice and commitment Nox has made to keep up his facade, so I get his situation. Even after this second book, I’m still not sure how I feel about this character. He’s just so serious all the time. I know he’s been through a lot and feels it’s his responsibility to keep everyone safe, I get it. But geesh dude, get some humor, will ya? Lighten up.

Cade, with his on again/off again feelings for Nox, has become quite helpful. Bringing a group of people on the run to his childhood home may not be really smart, but it’s the only choice they have. I wasn’t too sure when I first met him, but he’s proven himself loyal to Nox. He’s a survivor and is quick to abandon his own safety to help Nox. He’s a keeper.

And while we really don’t get a lot of time in Sam’s head, I feel as though I have to mention him. In the first story he was sheltered from the real ugliness of the city. Here, we see him in a budding relationship, coming of age in an unsettled world, and having to deal with Nox’s secret. That’s a lot to take on all at once. I’m hoping we see how he’s handling everything all in the next book.

For me, I didn’t connect with the main characters – I liked some okay, and others I could take or leave – but I’m enthralled by this story. Usually if I don’t have that bond with the characters, I don’t enjoy the book. Not so with this one. Ms. Michaels’ writing and storytelling expertise keeps me coming back for more. I’m loving each story, and the series as a whole, so I guess I don’t have to really dig the characters individually. I’m okay with that.

As for the other characters, they were great. Like I said before, we get POVs from many. Some backstories – which I loved – really helped explain why they were the way they were. We meet Cade’s parents and brother, whose computer hacking skills are a major asset to them. Mason and Jenny from the first story are back, along with many others. They all contributed to the story and made it that much more exciting.

Overall, I’m really enjoying this journey. For those wanting excitement and non-stop action with a little mystery thrown in, Who Knows the Dark is definitely for you.





You can buy Who Knows the Dark here:

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Amazon US

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