5 Stars, Drama, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Sammy, Wilde City Press, Zathyn Priest

Review: Inside His Reflection by Zathyn Priest



Title: Inside His Reflection

Author: Zathyn Priest

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Pages/Word Count: 294 Pages

At a Glance: Once again, Zathyn Priest proves he is an outstanding storyteller.

Reviewed By: Sammy

Blurb: A blind date leaves Harry reeling, and another date goes as badly.

Scars on Elijah’s face are clues of a broken soul, yet Harry can’t walk away. Not even when he learns Elijah sees a dead man in mirror reflections.

Elijah’s sanity snaps. Blamed for crimes he didn’t commit, Elijah has already survived a brutal murder attempt and now hides under a Protection Program. Harry must have faith he is innocent and fight for Elijah’s stolen rights.

Can Harry do this without losing his mind, his own rights, and the man he loves?


Review: Harry lives in the outback—on a farm that also serves as a five star resort that is run by him, his identical twin brother, Henry, and their family. After agreeing to meet a blind date in Adelaide, Harry actually ends up meeting the wrong guy. Harry tells himself to step away—to leave the strangely aloof “Elijah” alone, but there is something so haunting about the young man, so lost, and so broken. Before he knows it, Harry is wrapped up in the nightmare that has haunted Ashley for so many years.

Elijah, aka Ashley, has been hiding for ten years under federal protection. Relocated from England to Australia, Ashley must hide who he is due to being accused of raping his foster brother, Rylan, then age 6. When he was supposedly discovered enacting the deed, Rylan’s father brutally beats, rapes and nearly kills Ashley, leaving his body disfigured and his mind fractured. When Ashley is forced into relocating, he loses contact with his twin brother Chris. Now, thinking Chris is dead, and terrified that Harry will discover who “Elijah” really is, Ashley begins to fall apart. And when all is said and done, there may be nothing left of Ashley for Harry to love.

Inside His Reflection by Zathyn Priest boasts a multi-layered plot with ample twists and turns. With each chapter, the author leaves a trail of crumbs for the reader to decipher, and brings them one step closer to understanding just what happened to fourteen-year old Ashley on that horrific night so long ago. As the layers of lies and secrets unfold, you begin to understand just how fragile a hold on reality Ashley has, and how difficult it will be for Harry to gain his trust. Yet Harry is nothing but patient, and perhaps the most compassionate character this author has written to date.

Loving and gentle, Harry sees beyond the shadows that surround Ashley, and remains steadfast in protecting him as best as he can. Ashley is so broken—mourning the loss of his twin brother who was his to take care of—his to guard and his to love; in essence, his world. Cast off by their parents, both boys have only each other to cling to, and in the end, even that is taken from them.

Inside His Reflection is a rich and tender love story that takes some very dark twists and turns. This is a love story that nearly expires before it can achieve stability. Yet, again and again, this author re-knits these two gorgeous characters together, making Harry and Ashley true survivors in a world that is determined to keep them apart. This novel is a story of healing and love and one man’s fight for sanity and reason. It is a journey that two men take to establish their love for each other despite the very real truth that time for them may be running out.

Once again, Zathyn Priest proves he is an outstanding storyteller who creates deeply wounded characters who learn to live with their brokenness and find the strength to move beyond it into a world where love and happiness are truly possible.





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