4 Stars, Chase Potter, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Kathie, Self-Published

Review: The Water Will Catch You by Chase Potter



Title: The Water Will Catch You

 Author: Chase Potter

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 233 Pages

At a Glance: The Water Will Catch You is very well written, and I was pulled in right away to both Danny’s and Curtis’s stories.

Reviewed By: Kathie

Blurb: Best friends since childhood, Danny Somers and Curtis Wyatt were inseparable until Danny broke their promise to attend college together, creating a rift between the two that time refused to mend.

Ten years later, their adult lives have veered apart, putting thousands of miles between them. Curtis has forged ahead with a life in their hometown, but when he loses his job and breaks up with his girlfriend, he’s left with nowhere else to turn.

Exhausted and travel weary, Curtis arrives at Danny’s secluded Vancouver Island home to find that his former friend is now… gay. And gorgeous.

When a short visit turns into weeks, the two men begin to find common ground once more. But even as Curtis is forced to revisit the decisions in their shared past that drove them apart years earlier, he’s confronted by a powerful attraction he can neither understand nor resist.


Review“The water will catch you,” he said.  It’s an inside joke, and it’s a promise.

“And if it doesn’t?”

“Then I will.”

I believe him.

Life is a journey, sometimes we get going on the wrong path, and it feels like an uphill hike filled with rocks and boulders. If we are lucky enough to recognize that we are on the wrong path, and either turn around (if that’s possible) or call out for help, our journey can change.

The Water will Catch You is a story about the journey of two men, both struggled with their lives, but in very different ways. The story switches points-of-view between its main characters, Curtis Wyatt and Danny Somers, each telling their story of the journey they took together while in school, while they were apart, and finally, of the struggle they face reconnecting with each other in the present. Danny is content with his life but admits to wanting more. Curtis, on the other hand, is struggling to find his place and coming to terms with his attraction to Danny.

The Water Will Catch You is very well written and, as an added bonus, the sex scenes are hot. As a reader, I was pulled in right away to both Danny’s and Curtis’s stories. The novel’s conflict is in how to bring these two men together as a couple. To do that they both had to give up some of the baggage they had carried around for years. What is the baggage? Read the story, but don’t be impatient—a good story is worth waiting for.





You can buy The Water Will Catch You here:

Amazon US

Amazon US


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