4 Stars, Amber Kell, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Kim, Self-Published

Review: His Beautiful Beast by Amber Kell



Title: His Beautiful Beast

Author: Amber Kell

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 92 Pages

At a Glance: His Beautiful Beast kept me interested throughout, and I thought the two MCs were cute and sexy together.

Reviewed By: Kim

Blurb: Sammy Dunn had always dreamed of being a musician. When his mother’s employer offers to pay for his music school in exchange for Sammy to return he agrees.

Jonah Croft had longed for someone like his boyfriend Sammy his entire life. When Sammy disappears Jonah refuses to let his vanishing go unremarked but what he discovers when he finds him changes his entire world view.

Will love prevail or will evil tear the lovers apart?


Review: As a child, Sammy made a promise to return and visit Mr. Strassford (his mother’s employer) on his twenty-first birthday, in exchange for an education in music. Eight years later, leaving his boyfriend behind, Sammy makes the trip to fulfill his promise. Just as he’s about to get to his destination, though, his rental car breaks down on a lonely road. He tries his cell phone to call for help, but finds out there’s no signal, and then along comes a mysterious stranger who gives him a ride…and warns Sammy to stay away from the mansion and its occupant. But, Sammy is on a mission to keep his promise to Mr. Strassford.

Once Sammy finally arrives at the mansion and is greeted by Mr. Strassford, he quickly discovers that the man’s not well intentioned—Mr. Strassford has a curse of the furry kind that he’d like to pass on to Sammy. Meanwhile, Jonah is freaking out that his boyfriend, Sammy, seems to have disappeared…

For me, His Beautiful Beast made for a fun Halloween read, mainly because of the curses, witches, brownies, a big hairy beast, and a boyfriend who’s determined to save his man. I liked that just when I thought I had things figured out towards the end, Amber Kell managed to surprise me with the ending. I also enjoyed her quirky sense of humor.

His Beautiful Beast kept me interested throughout, and I thought the two MCs were cute and sexy together. I definitely would read more by this author.





You can buy His Beautiful Beast here:

Amazon US

Amazon US

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All Romance eBooks


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