4 Stars, Genre Romance, Interlude Press, Melissa Graves, Reviewed by Karen

Review: Tainted Heart by Melissa Graves



TitleTainted Heart (Mi Corazón Sangrante Series: Book Two)

Author:  Melissa Graves

Publisher:  Interlude Press

Pages/Word Count:  244 Pages

At a Glance: I’m looking forward to the next book in the series to see how everything unfolds, but didn’t love this one as much as I did the first.

Reviewed By:  Karen

Blurb:  A year after meeting and falling for a young, mysterious vampire, Dr. Brian Preston is now living and working side-by-side with Kyle Hayes for the agency guiding vampire-human relations at a secret underground facility. As the couple adapts to the demands of Brian’s career tending to vampires, Kyle’s return to school and the needs of their evolving relationship, a dangerous conspiracy puts everyone they know and everything they have been working for in danger.


Review:  So, I saw something online about a free book recently, and since funds have been kind of low lately, I checked it out. That book was Bleeding Heart by Melissa Graves, and I loved it! Since I saw it was book one in a series, I immediately went right into Tainted Heart, but to be honest, I wasn’t all that happy with the first part of the book. I kind of wanted to maybe punch Kyle, but I got over it…well, mostly.

I liked that in this book we got more info about the world this group lives in, and some background and insight into some of the other characters we have met in the series. The only real problem I had with Tainted Heart was that it dragged at times.

I loved the interaction between Kyle and Brian, but there were a lot of subplots going on and on. Was it all interesting? Sure, but it was just a little too much for me, and a couple of times I found myself skimming a little bit. When I realized it, I forced myself to go back and reread just so I didn’t miss something, though what I found is that I didn’t really miss anything.

Overall, I am glad I read this book and will be looking forward to the next one in the series to see how everything unfolds. I just didn’t love Tainted Heart has much as I did Bleeding Heart.






You can buy Tainted Heart here:

Amazon US

Amazon US

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All Romance eBooks


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