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Cover Reveal, Video Excerpt and Giveaway – Dirty Heart by Rhys Ford – Narrated by Greg Tremblay


In July 2011, my life changed.

Okay, to be fair, we’ll have to back that date up about six months when I opened an email from Elizabeth North, the Executive Director of Dreamspinner Press. It was an offer to contract a book I’d submitted. That book was Dirty Kiss. So, that was kind of a pinpoint spot in my life.

But in July 2011, I got another email from a blogger named Lisa Horan. I don’t exactly remember what it said. In retrospect I should have saved it but how do you know after the fact about things one should save? In that email, Lisa told me she liked Dirty Kiss and reached out to me to say she was having a good time reading it.

Little did I know, in July 2011, I would gain a sister. And I did because of a single book.

Dirty Kiss marked a turning point in my life. A divergence in my every day activities and my interactions with the world. It changed the way I saw myself and how I needed to see others. Most of my experiences have been great. Some…not so great but those are easily shoved aside because there are always new people to meet.

And so many people to thank.

I owe a fuck ton of people a hell of a lot of thank yous.

Long story short—very long six book story—we’ve now come to the end. What was started in July 2011 will come to an end in March 2016.

For you see, Cole McGinnis will finally learn why Ben shot him.

I knew all along there was an arc to this series. In little ways we were always taking steps to the last FIN. And Lisa has kept my secret the entire time. So, smooches, Pookie. I honestly couldn’t have gotten here without you. A huge thank you to everyone at Dreamspinner, especially my editor Grace. Poor Grace. She puts up with so much. The Crewe, Greg Tremblay for giving Cole his voice, my beta readers and of course, Mary Calmes who I apparently will be handing Cole over to in March. But most of all, a heartfelt thank you to everyone who’s read the books, enjoyed them and were with me for the ride.

Thank you.

Hopefully by the time you read this I’ll have sent off Absinthe of Malice to Dreamspinner. AoM is the transition book between the band forming and the final book in the series, Sin and Tonic. It’s a bit larger than I’d expected and should be out mid-next year.

After that, it’ll be Kai 2 which I’m really looking forward to writing and then I’m going back to Murder and Mayhem or Hellsingers. It’ll be a flip to either one then the other. Then Half Moon Bay. There’s other stuff on the horizon and seriously, I wish I had more time to write. And more coffee. One cannot have too much coffee.

But that’s the sketchy future…

So… in our first step towards that March horizon, I’ll drop a cover reveal and blurb for Dirty Heart at the end of this post along with something special from Greg Tremblay. I hope you enjoy the book. It’s an odd feeling putting a series to bed. I’ve promised to do Cole and Jae one-offs in the distant future but the series—this arc—has come to a close. So thank you. Again. Still.



Dirty Heart: Former LAPD detective Cole McGinnis’s life nearly ended the day his police partner and best friend Ben Pirelli emptied his service weapon into Cole and his then-lover, Rick. Since Ben turned his gun on himself, Cole thought he’d never find out why Ben tried to destroy him.

Years later, Cole has stitched himself back together. Now a private investigator and in love with Jae-Min Kim, a Korean-American photographer he met on a previous case, Cole’s life is back on track—until he discovers Jeff Rollins, a disgraced cop and his first partner, has resurfaced and appears to be working on the wrong side of the law.

As much as Cole’s fought to put the past behind him, he’s soon tangled up in a web of lies, violence, and death. Jeff Rollins is not only trying to kill Cole’s loved ones, he is also scraping open old wounds and long-forgotten memories of the two men Cole loved and lost. Cole is sure Rollins knows why Ben ruined all their lives, but he isn’t looking for answers. Now Cole is caught in a cat-and-mouse game with a cold-blooded killer with the key to not only his past but his future.


And now, a brief word from Greg Tremblay as well as an excerpt reading from Dirty Heart.


!rhys_ford_headshotAbout Rhys Ford: Rhys Ford was born and raised in Hawai’i then wandered off to see the world. After chewing through a pile of books, a lot of odd food, and a stray boyfriend or two, Rhys eventually landed in San Diego, which is a very nice place but seriously needs more rain.

Rhys  admits to sharing the house with two cats of varying degrees of black fur, and a ginger cairn terrorist. Rhys is also enslaved to the upkeep a 1979 Pontiac Firebird, a Toshiba laptop, and a red Hamilton Beach coffee maker.

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102 thoughts on “Cover Reveal, Video Excerpt and Giveaway – Dirty Heart by Rhys Ford – Narrated by Greg Tremblay

  1. How on earth am I supposed to pick just one? I’m going to miss every one of them – Cole, Jae, Claudia, Scarlet, Bobby, Ichi, Mike and Mad Dog – they feel like family now. Family I will love and adore forever, so picking one? No can do…


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  3. jenf27 says:

    Cole is definitely my favorite character. I am excited to read this last book, but sad that the series will be over. Will definitely be needing those one-offs.

    I don’t do excerpts for books I know I will be reading since I want it all to be fresh and new. But I’m sure the excerpt is fantastic! :-)


  4. Cathy R says:

    You are asking me to choose? No way. Of course I love Cole and Jae and Claudia and Bobby and Ichi and Mike and Maddog!! Parting-no I can’t do it. I will keep them and visit them from time to time.


  5. Cookie says:

    Wait! What did I miss? How does Mary Calmes (who I totally love too) end up with Cole? I have apparently missed a blog post somewhere along the way…

    The cover is fantastic. Can’t wait to get my hands on this book.


  6. Tamika says:

    There’s a big lump in my throat. I literally don’t know what I’ll do without Cole. I came upon this series later than everyone else. I had the honor of binge reading and falling in love with books 1-4. Nobody has my heart in the way Cole does. I’m going to cry so hard. Thank you Rhys for writing special characters. I’ll miss Cole the most, he’s such a sweet lost boy. The biggest heart in the world is in his chest. Thanks. I love your writing!


    • Cole will be back… eventually. In One-Offs but ah, it is time for the series to end. I do hope you like the book. It is bittersweet to write it but oh, the adventures we had! *hugs*


  7. Rhys’ words + Greg’s voice = 5-star-worthy WIN. I swear, I will never tire of this combination. Sadly one series comes to an end…but, hopefully many more will come to be. Love you both guys! Thanks for the hard work you put into these projects *hugs*


  8. Denise Dechene says:

    All the characters are going to be missed Dirty Kiss led me to the Sinners Gin series to the Hellsingers series Love your writing. After listening to this I’m going to have to go and get the series in audible. I loved the excerpt


  9. I’m definitely going to miss Cole the most. And Jae. Oh and Ichi and Bobby and Mike and Claudia – sigh, I can’t choose just one! Love the cover and Greg’s reading is amazing. Now I’ve got to go and buy all the audio books too! Can’t wait for Dirty Heart <3


  10. younela says:

    It’s so good to hear the first bit of the book before it’s even ready for us. Congratulations Rhys and Greg, it’s going to be AWESOME!


  11. Shirley Ann Speakman says:

    So sorry the series is ending and I will miss Cole and Jae but all great things come to an end. Loved the excerpt and agree about the clowns!


  12. goge says:

    I loved the teaser so much! Oh, I missed those two for so long, I can’t believe we have a book date :-). I will miss both of them. They both took my heart in a different way. Cole and Jae. Thank God, and you Rhys, there will be an one-off :-). I love love love this series. I do re-reads on a regular bases. Soooo…yeah, they will be missed.


  13. Marilyn says:



    • Kendra Patterson says:

      Dirty is one of only a few book series that I knew nothing about, read the blurb on book one, and thought this is going to be a great series. I bought books 1-3 all together and binged read them. Haven’t been disappointed in any of them. If any of my friends read M/M books I’d recommend Ms. Ford to them. Anyone seeing this comment, read Ms. Ford, you won’t be disappointed! 😁


  14. Dee says:

    Thank you Rhys for a great series and Greg Trembley for giving life to all the characters. I am a little sad that there is an end, but I am soooo glad I found your stories.
    The voice preview is the best Xmas present -thank you both!


  15. Treasure says:

    I’m so grateful I found and read Dirty Kiss, you, the series and Kim Jae Min took a mild affection for kpop and interest in Kdrama and turned it into a raging addiction.


  16. Jbst says:

    Thanks to Rhys and Greg for the great teaser! Sad to see it end but we’ll finally find out the mystery about Ben & the shooting. Glad to know that there will be some short stories in the future.


  17. Jackie G says:

    This one of my favorite series and I just got my sister Dirty Kiss for a gift. I love Cole and Bobby’s relationship and will miss everyone


  18. Toni says:

    Thanks for the teaser and the look at the beautiful cover! I’m looking forward to this book and a little sad too – I’m going to miss all of these characters. I foresee many rereads in my future!


  19. Hi Greg and Rhys! Thanks for the lovely post and video. I’ve actually been holding off on reading the series so I don’t have a character I would miss from the series yet.


  20. karen2432 says:

    Hi Rhys!!!! Hi Greg!!!!! I adore this series and will miss Jae and his prickly personality most. The stories have all been great so far, and the narration is so phenomenal I have become quite the audiobook fan because of Greg. Thanks for an awesome ride!!!


  21. Teresa says:

    I can’t wait for Dirty Heart, Poor Cole seems to always cop it.

    and I have to confess I couldn’t listen to Greg Tremblay narration of the excerpt from Dirty Heart, cause I know I’ll want the book even more, well I’ll NEED to ebook and audio even more if I listen to Greg *sigh*

    it’s gonna be a LONG wait for both.


  22. Hey! I’m remaining in denial about the end of this series. But it was so awesome to see Greg actually reading this exerpt! Am so used to his voice ;-), and have seen his pics, but to put the two together was very special. Thank you Rhys! Thank you Greg! Really looking forward to Dirty Hearts. I will miss everyone, but Jae? Yeah. Going to miss him most.


  23. Gorgeous cover! This is the only series I haven’t read yet by Rhys, I was waiting for the holidays. And after reading Fish Stick Fridays, I’m in the mood for it. ;)
    I liked the excerpt, by the way.


  24. I will miss all of the people in Cole and Jae’s world. I feel like I have gotten to know them. I keep expecting to see them at a Sinner’s concert or reference it in dialog. Rhys, I love when you link the series together with the song lyrics. Greg love listening to you bring the crew to life. Thank you for the early teaser. I can’t wait. March is sooooooo far away. Any chance for an early Christmas gift. Hint, hint :)))))))


  25. mtsnow13 says:

    Thank you for a fantastic series, and an awesome narrator. The little but he read has me looking forward to a revisit with Jae and Cole… love this series so much, as well as the covers, that I’ve purchased them as ebooks, audiobooks, AND paperbacks.


  26. While I’m dying to find out how it ends, I’m sad that it’s ending at all! Of course I love Cole, but Jae is my favorite. I’ll miss him terribly :( I’ll also miss Cole’s interactions with Neko — those two always crack me up! After reading/watching here, I’m excited to read it. Of course, I’ll wait for the audio release because Greg Tremblay’s narration is just perfection and I love listening to a book that I haven’t read yet. Also, the cover is beautiful – love it!


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