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Who Wants to be a Character in a Book?


If you’ve been a member of this community for any length of time, you know who Eric Arvin is. You know that life threw him a curveball, and you also know that he’s been the very definition of grace under pressure.

If you’ve been a member of this community for any length of time, you also know who Brandon Witt is. Brandon took it upon himself to help raise funds to purchase an essential piece of equipment for Eric’s continued health, and that goal has since been met!!! Woohoo, just in time for Christmas! <3 But there is still need in Eric’s on-going care, so if you can help, you can click HERE to donate.

Brandon’s campaign is this: the chance to be a character in one of his books! One anonymous donor has opted out of collecting on this great opportunity, so Brandon would like to offer one of YOU the chance to win that character spot.

Here’s a bit more about it in Brandon’s own words:

The winner of this raffle will be a character in one of Brandon Witt’s books.  They can choose between being a prominently featured side character in one of his standalone novels, or a recurring character in a new series that is getting ready to launch.  You could also be a main character in a short story. You will be involved with the character’s development and you and the character can be made as much like you as you are comfortable with.  It will be a ton of fun!

All the proceeds for this went to Eric Arvin, who underwent brain stem surgery to remove a cavernous hemangioma.  Eric entered into this procedure a strong, independent, handsome, and charismatic man.  He was a voracious writer and beloved author. The world was truly opening up before him.  He exited the surgery paralyzed from the neck down.  Unable to move, take care of himself, or write his next novel.  Through it all, Eric somehow managed to maintain his loving and compassionate nature.  It is a rare occasion when he doesn’t make those around him laugh from his self-deprecating and sarcastic humor.  Eric enriched countless people’s lives before he was paralyzed and has continued to do so ever since.

Though Eric has never lost his sincere kindness or charm, each day his limitations settle in a bit more.  Just a couple of weeks ago, his doctors told him that he will never eat again and will get his nutrients intravenously for the rest of his life. It was one more blow in a seemingly endless string of defeats.

Eric requires around the clock care, more than what can be paid for or fully supplied.  Eric’s family and friends have learned of the Quadriciser, a piece of therapy equipment that has the potential to change Eric’s life.  The Quadriciser’s full body systems replicates the motion of walking, using both arms and legs.  Not only does this keep muscles from atrophy, but it also stimulates the brain in the same way and creating the same effects as physical exercise. This machine will help Eric’s mental alertness, speech cognition, range of motion, and circulation, while decreasing pain, swelling, and depression.

Few of us can fathom what it would be like to loose the control and use of our bodies. It’s a reality that Eric faces every day.

So, there you have it, friends! One of you will have the opportunity to be a character in one of Brandon’s upcoming books! To enter for the chance to win, just click on the Rafflecopter widget, and you’ll be in the running.

Good luck!

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