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“End of the Line” Is Only The Beginning

“Dreams are private myths.” – Joseph Campbell

The Cast – David Greene is the invisible man, an unremarkable man who lives for the books he reads and sells in the little antique bookshop he works for. He is largely ignored—unless someone wants something from him, which is usually his roommate Gem, who uses David as a built-in babysitter so she can go out trolling for the next Mr. Right. David is a man who would call himself uninteresting, unattractive, nearly blind, and straight, if pressed to do so, but seems mostly asexual, or at least woefully undersexed, though he is only twenty-one.

Alexander Gray is new in town: mysterious, arrogant, sometimes insulting, incredibly alluring, and undeniably beautiful. He has moved into and is renovating the home that is technically a part of David’s ancestral heritage, though he’s never lived there himself. But that could change now that Alex has found what he wants, and aims to get it by any means necessary. Alex has secrets to reveal, a shocking and unexpected past and a connection to David that will rock the very foundation of David’s existence and cause him to question what is sane and what is impossible.

Valentine Gray is cold, sinister, and should not exist but in legend and imagination and within the pages of fiction…and in dreams, the dreams of a young man obsessed with the lives lived and the story told within a book that weaves together a romance that has more to do with fact than David could ever have dreamt of in his philosophies.

The Story – the book My Darkest Love is the book within the book, the tragic romance that brings David and Alex together—the wish to make real the stuff of one’s imagination—but as David soon learns, he ought to be careful what he wishes for.

End of the Line is the story of a man whose lack of self-confidence is outweighed only by his loneliness, who finds himself overwhelmed and enthralled by a man whose ego is outweighed only by his beauty. But he is also an enigma and a puzzle whose pieces are impossible to fit together because the shape of them is foreign to anything David has ever known before.

The Good – I have to say I was hooked on this story from start to finish. The author threw in plenty of twists and turns among some things that were admittedly a little predictable but not so much so that I was able to see the end from the beginning.

The Recap – Because this is the start of a series, don’t expect a tidy ending, and do expect some places where the pacing is a little slower to allow for the world-building. This is a paranormal story that’s originating some of its own mythology, so it’s to be expected, but I found even in those parts that slowed down a bit, the end-goal was worth the wait.

Book Two is now much anticipated, and I would give this one a recommended read in the meantime.

Reviewed by: Lisa

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