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Guest Post and Giveaway: Sno Ho and Life in Fusion by Ethan Day

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We’re so pleased to welcome Ethan Day to The Novel Approach today to chat a bit about books, characters, the re-release of his Summit City series books, Sno Ho and Life in Fusion, and, to top it all off, he’s also offering one lucky reader the chance to win THREE e-copies of the books, so be sure to click on the Rafflecopter widget to enter.

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Hello to all the TNA followers out there in M/M Romance-land! Thanks to those of you who were able to stop by and read this post and as always to the lovely Lisa for allowing me to take some space on the blog to celebrate the re-release of my Summit City Series, Sno Ho & Life In Fusion.

As an author with many books to my credit since first being published back in 2009, each character and story holds a special meaning for me in one way or another. Some stories are like snapshots, representing a particular time in my own personal evolution. When I go back and reread those books now, I’m inevitably transported back to a specific point in my past.

For certain books, such as At Piper’s Point, I’m revisited with the frustrations I was experiencing during the six month time frame it took me to complete that book. Most of that frustration sprang from the fact much of my own personal relationship with my real life grandmother surfaced as a result of the narrative. Cassidy dealing with the loss of Sadie brought forth many conflicting personal emotions that I’d tucked away years ago when my grandmother passed away. I’d always intended for Piper’s Point to be a bit of a tribute to my real-life Gran, who was the inspiration for Sadie, but I’d also never truly dealt with many of my own personal feelings following her death. Inevitably, the writing of Piper’s ended up being cathartic for me, in the same way most experiences which force us to deal with our own shortcomings and the subsequent emotional drama that follows, often do.

Other books stand out for different reasons, such as Second Time Lucky. Our hero from that book, Luke Landon, is a favorite because I’d based that character on a friend of mine who passed away back in the mid-nineties due to complications from HIV/AIDS. That story came easily, practically writing itself, likely because in an odd way, it was little like being allowed to spend time with my friend, Clint, once again—a bit like a reunion in a sense. I attempted to capture some of that zany energy Clint possessed, infusing that quality into his doppelganger alter-ego, Luke Landon—providing that character with the happily-ever-after that real life had robbed my friend from experiencing.

There are instances like that for each book I’ve written, to varying degrees. I don’t profess to place that much of myself into each book I write, but there is always a little piece of me that ends up being injected into every story I’ve penned. I love all my books for different reasons, and while each character that inhabits those stories becomes a very real, three-dimensional being that I get to ‘spend time’ with while writing about their love lives, some of those characters take over my world more than the others.

Once in a blue moon, a character comes along who manages to become so ingrained inside my brain that they set up permanent residence there. The protagonist from my Summit City series, Boone Daniels, is one such character for me. Boone is larger than life, a smart-ass extraordinaire, able to deflect all manner of emotional earnestness by wielding an impressive array of snark-tastic one-liners.

In other words, life is his party, though he’s perfectly happy allowing the rest of us to join in with all his fun.

While Boone certainly uses humor and sarcasm in an attempt to avoid many of those other pesky, more serious emotions, like feelings and love and anything deemed overtly schmaltzy—he also has zero fear when it comes to saying…well, pretty much anything, lol. If he thinks it, he will say it, and he never truly worries about whether or not anyone else is going to appreciate what flies out of his mouth. Some people might find that quality odd or annoying or perhaps even rude—me personally, I think its brave. There are many times in life when I think we all want to say something and don’t—possibly because we’re afraid or perhaps to prevent someone else from being hurt by our words? There are likely a great many reasons we choose to keep our mouths shut, but I fear that on many occasions we do it more than we should.

For me, Boone is a hero in that respect and as such, I wanted him to find that perfect romantic foil—the Yin to his Yang—the kind of guy who would possess the type of strength and determination to not only withstand the verbal onslaught from the king of all smart-assery, but a guy who could similarly manage to keep up with my bantery-loving hero. Thus Wade Walker was born—a man with more than mere superhero good-looks, but also an unflappable, steely determination to hold the line, digging in his heels for as long as it takes to get what he wants.

No one else on Earth can handle Boone like Wade, and vice versa. Wade has the strength and determination to keep their relationship propelled into forward motion and Boone continues to challenge Wade by never giving up on his own needs and caving in to Wade’s wants. It’s a none-too-delicate balance. Each man is able to hold true to themselves without expecting the other to alter who they are at their core while traversing the long, winding road from one-night-stand to happily-ever-after. Hopefully those of you who read their story will experience all the laughs that I did when I was writing these books and enjoy living vicariously through Boone as much as I do.


SnoH02015_EDayBlurb for Sno Ho: Boone Daniels seems to have trouble finishing things. Along with the half dozen or so novels he’s started, only to abandon mid-way through, his love life could be best described as a series of drive-bys.

Boone has spent the past week staying at a ski lodge in the tiny mountain town of Summit City. He’s been using his time alone to write while waiting for his boyfriend to join him for their anniversary.

What happens to Boone when he winds up dumped on the eve of his one-year anniversary and ends up at a bar having one too many cocktails? Wade Walker.

Buy Link: Amazon


LiF2015_EDayBlurb for Life in Fusion: Aspiring author, Boone Daniels, always figured love would be as easy as he was. Fresh off a whirlwind winter-vacation romance with ski-god and would-be boyfriend, Wade Walker – Boone was certain that saying goodbye would be the hardest part.

He’d survived the unconventional way in which they came together, proven himself somewhat worthy to Wade’s hometown of Summit City, and felt certain the self-imposed, six month boy-buffer would prove one thing – their fate was to be forever entwined.

Once real life settles in, Boone suffers the realization that no one ever actually said love was easy and that even after you fall, you can still break. As their two worlds collide, he begins to understand that if he can navigate the landscape of life in fusion, he just might get that happily-ever-after…after all.

Buy Link: Amazon



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5 Stars, Ethan Day, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Jules, Wilde City Press

Review: Love Me Tomorrow by Ethan Day

TNA Page Turner Resized

Title: Love Me Tomorrow

Author: Ethan Day

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Pages/Word Count: 252 Pages

At a Glance: If you want to smile, and laugh, and feel good all the way down to your toes, read this book.

Reviewed By: Jules

Blurb: Event planner Levi Goode is positioned to inherit the newly vacated throne, becoming the in-demand party planner for Wilde City’s elite. Years of hard work and perseverance are finally paying off as Levi lands his next big fish, working with socialite Julia Freeman-Kingsley. Distracted by work and dealing with his head strong mother, an ex-Vegas-showgirl suffering from debilitating health issues, Levi has his hands full. Time for love or even the occasional one-night stand, is one aspect of life Levi hasn’t been able to master.

Sparks of interest fly during a chance meeting with a paramedic called to the aid of his mother, and thanks to Ruby’s meddling, Levi finds himself on a movie-date with the handsome Paramedic Jake. Personal and professional worlds collide when Levi realizes his new love interest is actually Jake Freeman, estranged brother to his brand new client. Discovering the man of his dreams already has a boyfriend, leaves Levi stunned realizing any hopes he had for something more with Jake were never going to be anything more than wishful thinking.

Struggling to downshift his expectations and remain friends with Jake while continuing to work closely with Julia quickly consumes all of his time and attention. Wondering if there will ever be a special someone to love him, is where Levi’s love story begins.


Review: Love Me Tomorrow is only the second book I’ve read by Ethan Day, but it was all I needed to officially declare myself a HUGE fan. I loved this book. It made me smile like crazy and swoon so hard. I read it over the holiday weekend, and my family kept asking me, “What are you reading? You look so happy.” True story! I also thoroughly enjoyed his As You Are, which I listened to on audio, but this one…sigh…this one got me right in the heart; I’ve thought about it every day since I read it.

Top 5 things I loved about this book:

1. The characters. Levi is a beautiful human being. He has been through a lot to get to where he is in life, is incredibly resilient, and works hard to achieve his dreams and make others happy. Levi’s mom, Ruby, is fabulous and hilarious. She maybe didn’t always make good parenting choices, but there is no question that she adores her son, or that he felt loved growing up. Jake is struggling a bit personally, but is also such a good soul. And, he’s swoony and sexy as hell. I loved both Levi and Jake so much. Julia and Gregory, Jake’s sister and her husband, are also fantastic. It was just a great cast all around.

2. The settings. I think I want to live in Wilde City. How cool does this town sound?? I for sure want to live in Levi’s loft. :) Levi’s job is completely fantastic, and the author does an incredible job of painting the picture of the events and venues in the story. I felt like I was right there amidst the ritz and the glamour of these society parties.

3. The dialogue. Ethan Day writes such quick, witty banter, this book reads like you’re watching a movie. Between the snappy, sassy dialogue, and the awesome scene settings, it would translate so beautifully to film. There are so many fun pop culture references, and so many exchanges that made me laugh. Good, good stuff. And, bonus points for the mention of Auntie Mame – which always makes me smile!

4. The family connections. I love that Levi and Jake met through helping Ruby, and that Jake completely falls for her as well. The themes of familial love and the importance of family support are strong throughout the book. The connections are also completely realistic, however. Not all families get along all the time, and not all families are conventional. Levi doesn’t even know who his father is, and Jake gets little to no support from his parents. He was very close to his grandfather, though, and he and Julia are tight, and protective of each other.

5. And, finally, the love story. This was one of the most romantic books I’ve ever read. Some people will definitely take issue with the fact that Jake is still with his boyfriend of many years when he and Levi start to fall in love – but I had no problem with it whatsoever. People grow apart. That’s life. And sometimes you’re not with the right person for you, and stay with that person for the wrong reasons. The relationships were all handled with care, and though it was painful for Levi and Jake to not be together – the tension and the longing was gooooorgeously written, by the way – nothing was truly pursued until things were cleared up. The way Levi and Jake felt about each other was undeniable, though, and the last quarter of the book was just beyond romance.

If you want to smile, and laugh, and feel good all the way down to your toes, read this book. If you love romance and timeless love stories, you should absolutely read this book. In fact, I can’t think of a single reason for you to NOT read this book. I know I’m so glad I did!



You can buy Love Me Tomorrow here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

5 Stars, Audio Book, Ethan Day, Reviewed by Jules, Romantic Comedy, Wilde City Press

Audio Review: As You Are by Ethan Day – Narrated by Jason Frazier

Audio Gem

Title: As You Are

Author: Ethan Day

Narrator:: Jason Frazier

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Run Time: 5 Hours, 51 Minutes

At a Glance: In a word – FABULOUS.

Reviewed By: Jules

Blurb: Operation Danny….

That’s all bartender and recent college graduate, Julian Hallowell has had on his mind for the past year. Julian may have no idea what he wants to do with his life, but he definitely knows he’s in love with the boy next door: the one in the next room to be exact, his roommate, Danny Wallace.

Danny owns a used textbook store just off campus, and while Julian has done his level best to make Danny fall for him, all his hard work appears to have been in vain. Danny doesn’t seem to view Julian as anything other than that–a roommate and friend. So when new guy in town Andy Baker asks him out on a date, Julian can’t think of a good reason to say no.

Julian has already instituted a Reverse Operation Danny plan, which he’s positive will purge all thoughts of love and lust for his roomie out of his head. He’s ready to move on and start looking for his next Mr. Right, and Andy just might fit the bill.


Review: In a word – FABULOUS. Jason Frazier’s performance of Ethan Day’s As You Are will blow you away. And make no mistake that it is a performance. There is no droning or awkward narration here. Jason’s performance is a tour de force, including at least eight different voices, and covering the entire spectrum of emotions.

We can’t give ALL of the credit to Frazier, though; he had some pretty fantastic material to work with after all. As You Are is hilarious. I can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud, or simply realized I had a goofy grin on my face while listening. I’m sure my fellow commuters had a chuckle at my expense on more than one occasion as I made my way to and from work. It’s not just a funny book, however. There are also many poignant and touching moments to go along with the biting social commentary and awesome pop culture references.

A huge part of what makes this book so good are the characters themselves. They must have been so much fun to perform. I couldn’t possibly adore Julian more, and while, of course, he and Danny are front and center, I also got a huge kick out of Julian’s best friend Gabby, as well as Julian’s mother, Delilah Hallowell. I love, love, loved me some Delilah.

There are so many memorable moments in this audio it’s difficult to highlight just a few – and I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will tell you there is a football game in the park that is pee-your-pants funny, and if you weren’t completely in love with Julian before his ‘sobbing while watching Anne of Green Gables’ moment, you will be afterward. There is also a hysterical dinner party scene, as well as some absolutely blush-worthy sexytimes. I’m not kidding when I tell you I had to fan myself while listening to parts of this book. Jason Frazier’s voice is like butter, people! Butter!

I highly recommend this one. As a general rule, I’m not a big fan of audiobooks, but Jason Frazier has converted me. Full stop. I fear he has ruined me for other narrators, though, so he had better keep getting gigs! ;)

You can buy As You Are here:

Deanna Wadsworth, Erica Pike, Ethan Day, GayRomLit, Rafe Haze, Rhys Ford, Z.A. Maxfield, Zathyn Priest

GayRomLit Virtual Gift Basket Giveaway: Basket Six

1237Hi, folks, thanks for stopping by to check out what we have to offer today in Basket Six of our GRL Virtual Gift Basket Giveaways. In case you’ve missed them, Basket Three (exp. at Midnight PT tonight), Basket Four, and Basket Five are still up for grabs, so be sure to check those out as well.

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Rhys Ford: A $25 Gift Card to the winner’s choice of e-tailers
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GayRomLit Virtual Gift Basket Giveaway: Basket Five

1237Greetings, everyone, and welcome back for round five of our Countdown to GayRomLit Virtual Gift Basket Giveaways. In case you’ve missed the previous baskets still up for grabs, here are the links to Baskets Three and Four. We have another great basket on offer today, so without further ado, have a look at what’s up for grabs.

RJ Scott: A $10 Gift Card for Amazon or All Romance eBooks
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GayRomLit Virtual Gift Basket Giveaway: Basket Four

1237Happy Monday, everyone, and welcome back to day four of the GRL Virtual Gift Basket Giveaways! We have more great goodies on offer for you today, so have a look at what’s up for grabs:

Rhys Ford: A $25 Gift Card to the e-tailer of the winner’s choice
DH Starr: An e-copy of Meant for Each Other
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GayRomLit Virtual Gift Basket Giveaway: Basket Three

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Just in case you missed them, you can enter for a chance to win Basket One HERE and Basket Two HERE .

Now, here’s what’s up for grabs in Basket Three! Continue reading

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GayRomLit Virtual Gift Basket Giveaway: Basket Two

1237Greetings, everyone! Day One of our Virtual Gift Basket Giveaway went so well, how about Round Two?

We’ve got another great selection of prizes in Virtual Gift Basket Two today. Here’s the list of what’s up for grabs:

Lex Chase: A $25 Gift Card to an e-tailer of the winner’s choice
Rhys Ford: An e-book choice from her backlist
Edmond Manning: An e-copy of The Butterfly King (The Lost and Founds: Book 3)
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GayRomLit Virtual Gift Basket Giveaway: Basket One

1237It’s been in the planning for weeks, and the time is finally here! With less than three weeks until the official first day of GayRomLit 2014, The Novel Approach and our team of Featured and Supporting Authors have put together Seven Virtual Gift Baskets to give away.

Helping us kick things off with Basket One are:

Rhys Ford: $25 Gift Card to the e-tailer of the winner’s choice
Sherrie Henry: An e-copy of Last of the Summer Tomatoes
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GayRomLit Guest Post and Giveaway: Ethan Day – Come to GRL As You Are!

2014GRL_BlogTour_sq200x200Hello TNA peeps and many thanks to Mistress Lisa for allowing me access to all of you today! She will very likely wanna smack me for that whole BDSM-ish sounding Mistress Lisa bit, but she can’t really do so without offering evidence that I may be right! ‘Insert evil-genius laugh here.’

In preparation for the audiobook release of As You Are, available for purchase on Audible and iTunes October 10th, I’m here on this good Friday to offer you an exclusive ‘first listen’, in addition to an introduction to Jason Frazier, who performed and produced the audiobook. I was introduced to Jason by Sara York and after listening to the audio version of Pray the Gay Away, also performed by Jason, I was completely audio-smitten. Though Sara’s book deals with some pretty weighty issues and As You Are…doesn’t, lol, I could close my eyes and hear Julian in Jason’s voice. That’s when I knew I’d found the right performer to breathe life into everything I’d placed on page. Continue reading

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Hi, everyone , and welcome back. Thanks so much for stopping by to see what we have in store for the week ahead.

We have the pleasure of not only bringing you more reviews, but we’ve also got cover reveals, blog tours, interviews, and giveaways coming up just for you.

Here’s what’s coming up!

MondayChris T. Kat kicks off the week on her Tidal Change Blog Tour and Backlist Title Giveaway

Lex Chase also drops by on the Americana Fairy Tale Release Day Blitz

Tuesday – Young adult author Lillian McKinnon will be by to do a cover reveal for her upcoming novel A Life In Frames

SJD Peterson brings the Splintered Blog Tour to The Novel Approach, with a Giveaway

Brita Addams also stops by with her monthly guest post today

Wednesday – Today we have the privilege of hosting an Exclusive Cover Reveal for Tere MichaelsWho Knows the Storm

Then Heidi Cullinan makes a stop at TNA on the Fever Pitch Blog Tour, with a Giveaway

Finally, we have the honor of bringing you the Edmond Manning Butterfly King Blog Tour

ThursdayK.C. Burn is our guest today on the Countdown to Coastal Magic Blog Tour

FridayEthan Day drops back by today on the Countdown to GayRomLit Blog Tour

And EM Lynley also stops in today on the Spaghetti Western Blog Tour

SaturdayRachel Sparks is our guest today on the To Be Whole Blog Tour, with a Giveaway

Aleksandr Voinov is also with us today on the Counterpunch Blog Tour

Sunday – And closing out the week, we’ve got Margie Church with us on her The Camera Never Lies Blog Tour, with a Giveaway

And Dean Pace-Frech also stops in with a Guest Post and Giveaway

And that rounds out the week ahead. Until next week, happy reading!

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GRL Countdown Celebration and Giveaway: Welcome Ethan Day

2014GRL_BlogTour_sq200x200Are you ready for an exclusive excerpt from Ethan Day’s forthcoming Sci-fi/Time Travel Romance novel Meteor Springs from Wilde City Press? Good, because we have one for you right here at The Novel Approach today, and in honor of his visit with us, Ethan’s offering one lucky reader the chance to win an e-copy of any title from His Backlist (excl. Meteor Springs), winner’s choice.


Continue reading

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Welcome back, everyone! Thanks for dropping by to see what we have in store for you in the coming week.

We’ve got some pretty amazing guests, featured posts and interviews, a cover reveal, giveaways, and a little GRL celebrating to do, on top of a week full of reviews.

Speaking of GayRomLit, on Saturday, August 30, the tables are turning just a bit, and I’ll be blogging on RJ Scott’s website. I’ve got a very special and exclusive to The Novel Approach set of giveaways coming up from the authors who’ve participated with me in the tour, and to get the party started, I’ll be offering a little giveaway of my own, so be sure to watch for it.

In the meantime, here’s what’s coming up!

MondayMickie B. Ashling kicks off the week on her Cutting Cords Series Blog Tour, with a giveaway

EM Lynley also helps us get the week started off right with a little taste of her new novel Spaghetti Western, and she’s also offering a giveaway

TuesdayCharley Descoteaux is our guest today on the The Nesting Habits of Strange Birds Blog Tour and giveaway

JL Merrow also stops by on the Caught Blog Tour, and she’s offering a giveaway

WednesdayScott Alexander Hess, author of Bergdorf Boys and Diary of a Sex Addict will be with us today, with an interview and giveaway

ThursdayBrandon Witt joins us with a cover reveal of his upcoming novel Then the Stars Fall and an interview

FridayEthan Day takes a break from all his GayRomLit organizing duties today to join us with a Countdown to GRL Celebration Blog Tour Guest Post

SaturdayMerry Farmer is our guest today on the Somebody to Love Blog Tour, with a Giveaway

Viki Lyn also visits on the Blue Skye Blog Tour, with a Giveaway

Sunday – Finally, to close out our week, Melissa Collins winds things down on the Let Love Live Blog Tour, with a giveaway

And that rounds out the week ahead. Until next week, happy reading!

Ethan Day, Wilde City Press

“As You Are” Is Every Bit As Wonderful The Second Time Around

“Good friends help you to find important things when you have lost them… your smile, your hope and your courage.” – Doe Zantamata

Title: As You Are

Author: Ethan Day

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Pages/Word Count: 61000 Words

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: Operation Danny…that’s all bartender and recent college graduate, Julian Hallowell has had on his mind the past year. Julian may have no idea what he wants to do with his life, but he definitely knows he‘s in love with the boy next door: The one in next room to be exact, his roommate Danny Wallace.
Continue reading

Ethan Day, Geoffrey Knight, Wilde City Press

Zombies Are A Tasty Treat In “Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner”

“The irony of being a zombie is that everything is funny, but you can’t smile, because your lips have rotted off.” ― Isaac Marion

Title: Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner

Author: Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Pages/Word Count: 25,000

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Board up the windows, push an old dresser against the door and load your shotgun. A zombie apocalypse is about to hit Wilde City, and if you want the best survival tips, six of Wilde City’s boys are here to help.
Continue reading

Ethan Day, Wilde City Press

Ethan Day’s “Northern Star” Lights The Way To Love

“So much of what happens by chance forms what becomes your life.” ― Roger Ebert

Summary: Sitting in a Michigan airport bar and licking his wounds after a brutal cyber-dumping and clash with his alcoholic mother, Deacon Miller doesn’t think things could get any worse. He certainly didn’t imagine the night could get better, but that’s when the charming “Mr Smiley”, Steve Steel takes up a seat beside him at the bar. The sex is magnificent and a connection is formed, but Steve is a little shocked when he never receives a call from the younger man again. So when, three months later, he finds the out of town resident living back in Michigan and stacking the shelves of his local store, Steve has no choice but to confront Deacon and test where their connection might lead. Where it leads however is down a desperate road of childhood abuse at the hand of his vicious mother and the never ending stream of pseudo-step-dads. Steve’s patience is not infinite and Deacon seems to be hanging on by a thread, but both men have to decide if true love is enough to bring them both back from the edge, and if they can do that when the past won’t leave them alone.
Continue reading

Daniel A. Kaine, Eric Arvin, Ethan Day, Ethan Stone, Geoffrey Knight, TJ Klune, Wilde City Press

The “Zombie Boyz” Are Here To Infiltrate Your Brains

“It is a truth universally acknowledged that a zombie in possession of brains must be in want of more brains.” ― Seth Grahame-Smith

Zombie Boyz is the much-anticipated anthology from Wilde City Press. I know that when it was first offered up for review my fellow reviewers and myself at The Novel Approach acted like a swarm of brain hungry zombies for the chance to review it. There are three stories in this meaty book written by Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day, Ethan Stone and Daniel A. Kaine, and TJ Klune and Eric Arvin. Each of the stories offers quite a different slant on zombies, their creation, interaction in the story, and how romance can spread like contagion in a zombie apocalypse. With that said, each of the stories has a unique style proffered by the stories unique writing duos, and gives the reader three very different points of view.

I have to admit that I was very curious how zombies could be intertwined into gay romance. My husband Jacob had heard through the grapevine that the anthology was in the works, and when he communicated to me that the boys at Wilde City were working on a zombie anthology, I have to admit I was scratching my head. I do NOT like zombies. They scare the absolute bejeesus out of me and I had NO clue how they could be integrated into a gay romance. Now, I do understand that in the paranormal community and in pop culture that zombies are quite the hot item at present, but how does one have sex with a zombie? Yuck! Well, just let me say that the boyz of Zombie Boyz do a remarkable job of integrating the pop culture clamor for everything zombie into the gay romance genre and are very adept at making zombies in the right setting sexy! I was pleasantly surprised at how well all three stories made zombies, if not lovable, at least made them somewhat human and a catalyst for love to take shape. Each of the stories reads well, and gave at least this reader much more than was anticipated. This book is a great way to give your brain a taste of everything zombie!

Brains! It’s the new super food for romance.

Reviewed by: Bruce

You can buy Zombie Boyz here:

Ethan Day, Wilde City Press

Ethan Day Might Make You Change Your Definition Of Self Preservation

As a matter of self-preservation, a man needs good friends or ardent enemies, for the former instruct him and the latter take him to task. – Diogenes

This was the second time I read Self Preservation by Ethan Day. The first time, it was released by a different e-publisher and I gave it three stars. The editing was missing completely from that version. I have to admit I had forgotten the reason I gave it three stars and I was not looking forward to re-reading it for this review. Why did I volunteer? I think because I had already read several Wilde City Press e-books and had found true nirvana. Almost flawless editing, proofing and formatting. This version of Self Preservation is a now different animal entirely from its previous incarnation.

To me, story is King. But the court jesters of bad proofing, editing, formatting and spelling can assassinate the King. Because of the much needed improvement in those areas, which were made by Wilde City Press, the story in Self Preservation was able to shine through. I got my first true taste of this lovely, heart-warming book.

Ethan Day is one of my favorite authors, genre be damned. He is witty, snarky and creative but also has emotional depth that translates well onto the page. Or screen if that’s how you read. He created characters in Self Preservation that were so likeable, I wasn’t sure I was rooting against ANYONE! I wanted them all to get their HEA.

Davis is invited to Jack’s wedding. Jack was his first love and Davis has been in a holding pattern for six years, just waiting for the moment Jack will walk back into his life and tell him he made a mistake by leaving him. Now Jack is marrying a man he has only know for weeks. A man named Tadd. Tadd the toad!

Davis and his best friend, fashion designer Desiree, decide to go to the wedding, planning to make-over Davis and get Jack back for himself. As usual, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

After much tomfoolery an nonsense, it turns out Tadd isn’t such a toad after all. And Tadd’s best friend Alex, he is just a knight in shining white armor. The wedding happens (of course it does, you didn’t expect such a quickly planned caper to work!).

But a funny thing happens on the way to the HEA. Alex likes Davis. Really likes Davis. And Davis is pretty sure he likes Alex right back. Desiree, she has a big secret of her own and meets a tall, dark and handsome stranger at the reception.

The over-arching observation for me in Self Preservation is that Ethan Day injects humor into every possible little nook and cranny that he can find. He had me laughing out loud so many times! But he also had me crying. I think that an author capable of causing such heights of humor and happiness is equally capable of causing us to tap deeply into our inner well of sadness. Not all authors choose to do that. Ethan Day is one of the best at it. He elects to wield every emotion at his disposal, and uses them like stealth bomber. I’m laughing, and then, wait, what? Why am I crying? Ohhh. I get it, that’s funny but it’s so sad, too. The capacity to inject a situation with those opposite extremes of emotion is a rare talent. I have so far not read an Ethan Day book that I have not liked. I know that the combination of his innate talent and the talent of the staff at Wilde City Press (of which he is one of the co-founders, by the way) will be unbeatable. I can’t wait for more. I recommend Self Preservation with no reservations. You will love it.

Reviewed by: Tina

You can buy Self Preservation here:

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2012 – A Year In Reviews

Well, it’s that time of year again, the time of year when we all wonder where the days and weeks and months have gone, the time to reflect on some of the great books we’ve read throughout the year, the time of year I scratch my head and wonder if I’ll ever live long enough to read all the books I want to read (The answer? Pfft. No.), the time of year I wonder how the flip I manage to read as many books as I do in an entire year, and then wonder how I’m supposed to compile a list of favorites that doesn’t include more books than some people read in a year’s time. Top Ten? Piffles. I can barely pick the top ten in a single sub-genre, let along manage it for an across the board list. So, do I get a little creative in my selection methods? Probably. Is it honest? Definitely. Do I feel badly for leaving some amazing books off my list? Certainly. But I have to draw the line somewhere. ::sighs:: And for that I apologize to all the very deserving authors out there who should be recognized and celebrated for their brilliant work.

Quite a few of the books that made my list this year weren’t even published in 2012; that’s just when I finally got around to reading them. ::slow:: There is one book, however, that was published in 2012 that has managed to make me do something I’ve never been able to do in three years of putting together a year in reviews list: name a top pick for Best Book of the Year. Yep, that’s a first for me.

And since I’m always looking for the “next great read”, if there are books you’ve read this year that didn’t make my list, leave a comment and share so I can add it to my ginormous reading pile. :)

So, without further ado, here’s my list of Favorite Books of 2012:

Category One: Best Contemporary by a New To Me author

1. Shattered Glass by Dani Alexander
2. A Reason to Believe by Diana Copland
3. Aaron by J.P. Barnaby

*Honorable Mention: Inertia and Acceleration by Amelia C. Gormley*

Category Two: Best Contemporary by a Favorite Author
1. Armed & Dangerous by Abigail Roux
2. Sidecar by Amy Lane
3. Acrobat by Mary Calmes

*Honorable Mention: The Rare Event by P.D. Singer and One Small Thing by Piper Vaughn and M.J. O’Shea*

Category Three: Best Historical – 20th Century
1. Skybound by Aleksandr Voinov
2. Protection by S.A. Reid
3. Roses in the Devil’s Garden by Charlie Cochet

*Honorable Mention: Into Deep Waters by Kaje Harper

Category Four: Best Historical – 19th Century or earlier
1. As Meat Loves Salt by Maria McCann
2. When the Music Stops by John T. Fuller
3. The Affair of the Porcelain Dog by Jess Faraday

*Honorable Mention – His Client by Ava March

Category Five:Best Young Adult/Coming of Age (Contemporary)
1. End of the Innocence by John Goode
2. Don’t Let Me Go by J.H. Trimble
3. How to Repair a Mechanical Heart by J.C. Lillis

*Honorable Mention – Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz*

Category Six:Best Young Adult/Coming of Age (Fantasy and/or Historical)
1. The 7th of London by Beau Schemery
2. The Winter Garden and Other Stories by Hayden Thorne
3. (In)visible by Anyta Sunday

Category Seven:Best AU/UF/Fantasy
1. Infected: Shift by Andrea Speed
2. Mnevermind 1: The Persistence of Memory by Jordan Castillo Price
3. A Token of Time by Ethan Day

*Honorable Mention: Irregulars by Nicole Kimberling, Josh Lanyon, Ginn Hale & Astrid Amara*

Category EightBest Short Stories/Novelettes – All Sub-Genres
1. Clouds’ Illusions by Hayden Thorne
2. Bounty Hunter by Cornelia Grey
3. Zones by Elyan Smith
4. Portside by Elyan Smith
5. The War at the End of the World by Heidi Belleau and Violetta Vane
6. Same Time Next Year by Eden Winters
7. Tinsel and Frost by Eden Winters
8. Oscar’s Soul by Missy Welch
9. Singing Alone by Jennifer Cierra
10. The View from 16 Podwale Street by Paul Alan Fahey

Category Nine: Best LGBT Non-Romance
1. Fontana by Joshua Martino
2. The Infernal Republic by Marshall Moore

Category Ten: Best Series – AU/Fantasy
1. The Wolf’s-own Series by Carole Cummings
2. The Rifter Series by Ginn Hale
3. The Infected Series by Andrea Speed

Category Eleven:Best Series – Mystery/Suspense
1. The Cut & Run Series by Abigail Roux
2. The Cole McGinnis Mysteries Series by Rhys Ford
3. The Romano and Albright Series by L.B. Gregg

Category Twelve: Best Series – Erotic/Kink/BDSM
1. The Dark Soul Series by Aleksandr Voinov
2. The Bound Series by Ava March

Category Thirteen Best Series – Contemporary
Tied for First place: (Seriously, I can’t choose)
1. The St. Nacho’s Series by Z.A. Maxfield
1. The Johnnies Series by Amy Lane
1. The A Matter of Time Series by Mary Calmes
1. The Tales From Foster High Series by John Goode

And now….

Finally, it comes down to my choice for Best Book of 2012, which goes to the brilliant and beautiful King Perry by Edmond Manning. I can say, with all honesty, I’ve never read a book quite like it in my entire life. Simply put, it is the reason I read and read and read, because every so often I find a book that leaves me both speechless and wanting to shout its praises from the rooftops at the same time. If you haven’t read it yet, do. Soon. Like maybe right now, soon. :)

Now it’s time to get to work on adding to my list for next year!

Ethan Day, Geoffrey Knight

I Didn’t Catch A Fox, But I Did Manage To Catch Geoff Knight & Ethan Day

So… I read this great little book last month called To Catch a Fox. Maybe you’ve heard of it? Anyway, it was pretty darn fun and funny and sexy and I thought to myself, hm, I wonder if Geoff and Ethan would have a minute to answer a few questions about it. And guess what? They did. Which makes me happy plus infinity, so I thought I’d share what they had to say. Without further ado ::drum roll:: here they are, the incomparable, always witty and ever charming, and did I mention talented? Knight & Day!

Q. Guys, when you sit down to start writing a book, do you write with a particular audience in mind? Do you feel you write more for your male fans, your female fans, or is that not even a consideration?

ED: I’ve never thought about it in those terms. I write the types of stories I like to read and I hope that other people will end up enjoying them as well. For the most part, I think it’s the characters that set the tone for my books. That’s about the extent of it for me. I think it’s impossible to predict what anyone is going to like or not and I’ve seen reviews and comments from both extremes for all my books, lol. Every writer out there needs to accept the fact that not everyone is going to like what they put out there. It’s tough to take when someone doesn’t like what I have to offer, but I’m old enough now that it doesn’t bug me as much as would have 20 years ago. Back then there would have been loads of teeth gnashing and bitchery, lol! I’m a lot sweeter than I used to be. :)

I wouldn’t think it’s healthy to try and write from the perspective that you’ll ever be able to please everyone. That sounds like a dangerous recipe for writers block and loads of second guessing.

GK: I agree with Ethan, I try not to write for a particular audience…except me, I guess. I truly believe you need to entertain yourself first, because if you can’t do that, chances are nobody else will be entertained by what you’re writing. I think sometimes as a story evolves you realize a certain scene might have more of an impact on a female or male audience, but I try not to change my writing to cater to that. I try to keep everything flowing as naturally as possible.

Q. Knight and Day—hm, seems a bit karmic that the two of you would eventually collaborate on a novel, don’t you think? Who came up with the idea, and how long did it take to make it happen?

ED: It was all Geoff’s doing! I still think he only asked me because of the name thing, though he refuses to admit to it!! ;) The basic idea of the Betty Black character walking into a private investigators office and hiring the P.I. to teach her how to find the man she wants to murder was what Geoff brought to me when he so kindly asked if I’d be interested in writing a book with him. Once I got over the initial disappointment that ‘writing a book together’ wasn’t his way of trying to get into my pants, I decided it was still an awesomely fun idea. I love reading mysteries, and was a fan of his Fathoms Five books. Saying yes to working with him was easy.

Getting the book finished was not so easy. Life and time zones played havoc with each of us, but I think we were both happy with the end result. I personally love the first book and I’m really excited for the way it has set up books two and three. I think Jon and Tucker are going to make for a very satisfying relationship arc over the course of the series.

GK: Yes, coming up with the idea and then playing with the plot outline was a lot of fun. It was almost too much fun. We had to keep pulling ourselves back because we just wanted to cram so much into this already big baby! But then when it came to writing it…wow, that was a mammoth task. We spent so much time plotting, that when it came to the actual writing it took us ages to build up some momentum, which was probably more my fault than Ethan’s. Plus we approach writing very differently – Ethan is REALLY fast! He can pound out word counts that would make my head spin, filled with pages and pages of the most hilarious dialogue! On the flipside of that, I’m a bit slower and like to spend time blocking action scenes and trying to get the tension right. It worked out in the end, but it did take longer than we first anticipated. I think getting the characters all set up was a bigger task than we realized. But now that there are established – with all their wonderful flaws and messed-up pasts – we should be able to power through Book 2 without dragging our heels.

Q. When you came up with the characters Jonathan Fox and Tucker Wilder, was there ever a question of who would write which character?

ED: Not at all. I think we decided very early on in the creative process that we would each write different sections, but would still each make a pass over one another’s work. We were both hoping that process would help with continuity and make the book seem like it wasn’t written by two authors.

GK: But having said that… I can’t read Tucker’s dialogue without imagining it coming out of Ethan’s mouth! He’s so sharp and hilarious, he’s got Ethan stamped all over him (which I’m sure Ethan would very much enjoy if Tucker were in fact a real person – lol).

Q. So… cliffhanger… evil much? ::shakes fist and demands you write faster:: What made you decide to end To Catch a Fox where you did? Because seriously, it’s just an evil thing to do to your readers. :-D

ED: LOL! I was aware many would not be happy with that, but we hoped everyone would love the characters enough to stick with us. When we seriously started to think about the relationship of Jon & Tucker it was important to both of us to keep their individual personalities and experiences in mind. They’re both pretty damaged in somewhat similar ways – though I think both men have dealt with that pain in completely different ways. It does bond them together in a very traumatic way, yet I also think that in the end, that which has driven a wedge might be the very thing brings them back together – making a stronger unit than they’d otherwise have had. Let’s face it – had it not been for the extraordinary circumstances that Tucker finds himself tangled up in, Fox would have never allowed the man to get in that deep – would have never brought him to De la Fontaine, and would have NEVER allowed him anywhere near the inner workings of his personal life.

It’s a relationship that is born purely by accident. By the time Fox realizes Tucker isn’t going to end up in witness protection, it’s too late. The veil has come down and Tucker has seen the man behind the curtain – and he hasn’t run screaming, lol. And Jon is hooked as well – he’s had a taste of Tucker and wants a seat at the all-you-can-eat Wilder buffet, but I don’t think he’s equipped to deal with all that entails. Fun and sex would be one thing, but having actual feelings about Tucker isn’t a scenario Fox knows what to do with.

We both knew that it would be completely unrealistic for these two to go walking off into the sunset hand-in-hand at the end of this book. Too much has happened. And we wanted to have a relationship arc that would hold up over the span of the three books we have planned. If all the issues are resolved in book one, there’s no room for growth.

GK: Cliffhangers! I love them!!! They make me feel all-powerful and all-knowing – lol! Just kidding, but seriously what Ethan has said is all true. We wanted to flesh out these characters as much as possible in the first book, but still leave room for more to develop in the next two books. And as Ethan said, with this much damage to try to heal between these two, a sunset ending would have felt forced and wrong. Sometimes a neatly-tied bow is the wrong ending for a story, and our story is still writing itself. Having said all this, the original ending was even more jaw-dropping but Ethan told me if we ended it that way, we’d be lynched by an angry mob! **Okay, Mr. Knight, you can’t even resist ending interview questions in a cliffhanger, can you?!** :-D

Q. If you could choose one scene, which would you say was your favorite to write?

ED: I think for me it was just after the first time they’ve had sex – when Tucker starts to really think about how odd it was that Jon just happened to have been hanging out in that dark alley. I laughed so much writing that, for some reason it all struck me as being very funny.

There was also a short scene later in the book – when Eva calls Jon from Vegas. It’s like 5 am or something and poor Jon is trying to carry on two conversations, one with Eva and one with Tucker. Something about that scene stuck out for me – a familiarity that all the characters already share with one another and the sense that Fox can’t seem to do or say the right thing to either one as Eva and Tucker keep mistaking which comments are intended for whom.

GK: Oh I have two favorites. The first is after the big warehouse scene where they’re hiding out in a motel and Jon has been shot and Tucker has to get him drunk to get the bullet out. It starts off quite funny and leads into sex, but Ethan threw a challenge down and said, ‘Let’s make that sex scene really dark. Let’s make Jon’s anger come out through the alcohol.’ And it worked, it’s a very tense and erotic scene that adds another layer to Jon’s quest to heal himself or die trying.

My other favorite scene is the flashback scene near the end of the book. I love writing lavish party scenes and that scene was the perfect place to unravel so many secrets. I won’t give anything away, but for me, that scene is like a microcosm of the entire story and all its main characters.

Q. How many books do you have planned for the series?

ED: We definitely have a three book arc planned, but we may decide to do more if it seems like we have someplace to go with the characters along with a new mystery for them to solve.

GK: Yes, three is definitely the number at the moment. I think we’ll probably decided during three if we want to keep writing or if we should stitch up the trilogy and give it a proper ending.

Q. Care to give us a little taste of what we might expect in A Fox in the Hole?

ED: More sex, more bantery-goodness, more danger, more thrills and chills and an ending that leaves you waiting breathless for what’s next! :)

GK: Oh yes, we have some wonderful plans that will make readers want to throw even more furniture at us! For anyone who’s already read the first book, the last chapter pretty much gives you an idea of where Book 2 is heading as well as setting up the main villain for the second book. Oh we are gonna have SOOOOO much fun writing her!

Q. Are there any other Works In Progress you’d care to share a little info about?

ED: I’ve got so many unfinished projects on my hard drive that I’m beginning to feel like a commitment phobe! I keep getting ideas for other books so I try to get it all down before I forget it which means yet another unfinished manuscript in the queue. That can overwhelm me at times.

For this year, I am planning to have book one in my Meteor Springs series finished – which is sort of an alien/paranormal dramedy. I have that series plotted out for 4 books in total with a possibility for a fifth. A more serious turn for me with a short story drama titled, The Northern Star. I also plan to get the final book in the Sno Ho/Summit City series completed as well as the companion book to Love in La Terraza – for which I don’t have a title just yet.

Geoff and I together plan to have Fox in the Hole completed, as well as a Zombie romance which will be part of an anthology through our new press, The Empire Press, and will include two other stories, one co-written by TJ Klune and Eric Arvin, and another by Ethan Stone and Daniel A. Kaine.

GK: Oh we’re SOOOO excited about Zombies, as well as kick-starting our new adventure together, The Empire Press. We have several amazing m/m and gay lit authors lined up and can’t wait to announce our release slate.

In the meantime, I’m currently writing an Australian short story for MLR Press, as well as a Valentine’s Day short story for an anthology organized by Sara York. I also have my first shifter novels in the works through Stiff Rain Press, the first of which is called Serpent. Like Ethan said, I have so many projects on the go, I just can’t wait to make them all happen! Busy busy busy… but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

OMG… Zombie romance?! Too much teasing makes readers kind of stalkerish, guys! Thanks so much for taking the time out of your busy schedules to be here. You’re both kinda awesome, just sayin’. :)

And if you’re not following Geoff and Ethan all over the internet already, here are some links of interest for them:

Facebook: Ethan Geoff

Twitter: Ethan Geoff

Blogs: Ethan Geoff

Goodreads: Ethan Geoff

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I’m back, sick as a dawg, and suffering from sleep deprivation. Man, was it worth it!

I’m not even going to lie… GayRomLit 2012 was the most fun I’ve ever had with all of my clothes on. Heh. Shhhh, sorry I went there. :-D

Bonnie (a lovely fan whose last name is escaping me), Rick R. Reed, Michele L. Montgomery, Me, and Rhys Ford at dinner

But seriously, let me tell you, there are very few things I will leave my family for, and GayRomLit 20–, yes, all of them—for many years to come, I hope—is the one event for which I’ll put the hubby on full-time kid duty and bid them all farewell, even if it means they eat like crap the entire time I’m gone (Hey, they were all alive this morning, so I count it as a Daddy Success; although #1 son is suffering from some gastrointestinal issues. ::insert “God, mom, you’re so inappropriate!” here::), and even if it means I have to suffer from sleep deprivation ::dear gods:: and a miserable cold every single time afterward.::sniffles:: :-P Trust me, it’s so very worth it.

The lovely, lovely Eden Winters and P.D. Singer

There were dozens of stellar moments from the weekend, starting with the sheer number of amazing and talented people I met, both authors and readers alike, topped only by the fact that now I get to call at least a few of those wonderful people “friend”. I don’t know what they’ll call me, though. Probably “Restraining Order”. And I finally got to meet two women whom I’ve loved for years — Michele L. Montgomery and Rhys Ford — and had the thrill of meeting so many of the authors of whom I’ve been a rabid fan for what feels like forever!

Yes, there were some embarrassingly bad fan-girl squee moments for me–ugly crying all over Amy Lane in the middle of a crowded restaurant, tackle-hugging Piper Vaughn in an elevator, ninja-leaping over the arm of a chair in the hotel lobby so I could hug Aleksandr Voinov (who I didn’t know was going to be there), threatening to club Marie Sexton over the head so I could steal her freaking amazing boots, and asking waaaaaay too many questions in the Author Q & A with Lynn Lorenz, M.J. O’Shea, Abigail Roux (who is really Ty Grady in disguise), and J.P. Barnaby. They were sick of me before it was over, I know, but dammit, how many times do you get a chance to sit down with authors and ask them deep and thought provoking questions such as: Abigail, do you make up all the sayings on Ty’s t-shirts? ::eyeroll:: Yes, I asked that question. Am I an idiot? Why yes, yes I am. Whatever. ^_^

The incomparable Amy Lane

And I’m going to sneak this one small thing in here too, which was just an amazing, amazing experience for me–listening to Edmond Manning read a passage from King Perry! They gave me the entire seat, but I only used the edge, swear. I don’t think it’s any big secret that I have a deep burning passion for that book, like a sick love for it, so listening to him read and getting to meet him in person was an over-the-top moment. He’s funny and charming and his kindness radiates from him in waves. AND, I’ve had the privilege of reading the first three chapters of book 6 of the series, King Daniel, which was one of his giveaway items. ::heaven:: I’m all verklempt from the awesomeness of it.

Edmond Manning – hotel soap really is lucky! :)

Some of my most wonderful memories didn’t revolve around the scheduled events at GayRomLit at all, though. They revolve around the dinners I had the immense pleasure of sharing with Rhys, Michele, Rick R. Reed, DH Starr, Jacob Z. Flores and his husband Bruce, and Jamie Fessenden. Yeah, the conversation was wildly inappropriate–ask Rhys about when she was little and gnawed on her cousin’s nuts when he sat on her face (she can show you on the dolly where the bad touch happened), or ask Rick R. Reed about his sexy-ass sword and tool…er, I mean tulle, pics. Oh, ha! Or you could ask him about the story he wrote about the guy who air-launches a carrot out of his bum-hole. Yes, he went there. I read the story. It really exists. And how’s this for a supremely bad move on the restaurant hostess’s part: They sat a family with children next to us–can I get a witness? It was a caca bad move on the restaurant’s part, for sure, right guys? But my after dinner conversation with DH and Jacob about education and diversity and the responsibility I feel toward raising decent and compassionate human beings? Well, that was pretty much just the perfect way to end the evening. It proves there were actually some grownup moments among all the “Dear God, did we really go there?” times.

Jacob Z. Flores, his amazing hubby Bruce, and my lucky breath mints

So, now I’m brain dead. It was a C-I-L-L my brain cells D-E-D sort of weekend from which it’ll take days to recover, and all I can say is, Atlanta 2013. If you want to attend an event where fun spills over into friendships, GRL is the one. I know I’ll be there.

Michele L. Montgomery, DH Starr, and a case of the big rainbow balls

Charlie Cochet, who is pocket-sized, adorable, and I wanted to bring her home with me!

The amazing Ethan Day. I had had many gin & tonics here. :-P

DC Juris and Michele L. Montgomery

Michele L. Montgomery and Rick R. Reed

Q&A with Abigail Roux and J.P. Barnaby

The wonderful Jamie Fessenden

The inexhaustible K.Piet

The lovely Amy Lane and the electric Ariel Tachna

Amber Allure, Amy Lane, Dreamspinner Press, Eden Winters, Ethan Day, Geoffrey Knight, K. Piet, Less Than Three Press, P.D. Singer, Piper Vaughn, Rhys Ford, Smashwords, Storm Moon Press, Xara X. Xanakas

And I’m Off To GayRomLit Land…

It’s early. Early! ::yawns:: But there’s something a little less difficult about getting up at 4:00am when you know you’re off to the airport for a long weekend of fun, right? Sure, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. ::Starbucks::

I want to take a minute to do two things. First, to say thank you so much to all the authors who very generously donated their immense talents to my GayRomLit Countdown Celebration. Without the help of Eden Winters, Rhys Ford, Amy Lane, K. Piet, Piper Vaughn & Xara X. Xanakas, P.D. Singer, and Geoffrey Knight & Ethan Day, there wouldn’t have even been a celebration to be had, so I will forever be grateful for your kindness and participation.

Second, I want to take the opportunity to say thank you to the fans of all these authors, who stopped by and left comments. I’m sure your interest in them and their work is greatly appreciated and extremely gratifying to each and every one of them.

And last but not lease, a big congratulations to all those who have received, or will soon be receiving, their prizes!

Here’s a recap of the lucky winners:

Winner: trisha2144

Winner: Boxtersushi

Winner: Rosie M

Winner: K. Piet’s “Surrender” and one backlist book: pearls

Winner: Melora

Winner: Anna

Winner: Nancy

Ready or not, Albuquerque, here I come!

Ethan Day, Geoffrey Knight, Smashwords

Wanna Catch A Fox? Leave A Comment And You Just Might!

“Secrets are made to be found out with time.” – Charles Sanford

Are there any two authors who were destined to collaborate more so than Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day? I mean, Knight and Day? Come on. It’s synchronicity, isn’t it? Well, let me tell you, I’m thinking this was a long time coming and they should just keep it coming for a very long time. All the things I love about their work individually, is something to celebrate collectively in To Catch a Fox, the story of Jonathan Fox, a hardboiled New Orleans Private Investigator who’s up to his eyeballs in family secrets, murder threats, and some steamy manlovin’ with Tucker Wilder, a down-on-his-luck screenwriter who finds himself up to his eyeballs in family secrets, murder threats… Yeah, you get the picture.

There’s danger and action galore, explosions and explosive intrigue, when past sins and a sinister betrayal threaten everything Jonathan had believed to be true about his father and the way in which he died. A rich and colorful palette of characters paint the landscape of this story with vibrant personalities and just the right touch of humor, suspense, scandal, angst, and romance.

There’s even an albino alligator. Yes, you read that right, and trust me when I say she (he?) takes a right nasty bite out of crime.

And as if all that wasn’t enough, there’s an evil, evil ::shakes fist:: cliffhanger to bring this installment of the series to a close. You didn’t think Jonathan and Tucker were going to ride off happily into the sunset just yet now, did you? Where would the fun be in that? No, you’ll have to tune in next time for the continuing saga in A Fox in the Hole, Book two in the Knight and Day Fox Mystery Series, coming soon to theaters near you.

Okay, not really, but it should be.

Geoff and Ethan are busy gearing up for GayRomLit 2012, but I have them here in spirit today to offer one lucky reader the chance to win To Catch a Fox. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you’ll automatically be registered to win! And please make sure to leave your email address in your comment so we know how to contact you! Good luck!

**Contest deadline is 11:59pm Pacific (2:59am Eastern) on Wednesday, October 17, 2012. The drawing will be conducted on October 18th, the first day of GRL, so there may be a slight delay in either Geoff of Ethan contacting you with your prize. Thanks in advance for your patience.** :)


Ethan Day, Resplendence Publishing

Love in La Terraza by Ethan Day

“A very small degree of hope is sufficient to cause the birth of love.” – Stendhal

Cain Elliott has exhausted his hope to its very dregs, scraping through his reserves to come out at rock bottom with the certainty that he’s going to lose not only his home but the homes of his colorful and quirky tenants as well. La Terraza is the majestic old apartment building he inherited from his grandmother, the kind of place where, if walls could talk, you can be certain the stories you’d hear would be ones that would make you sit up and listen.

La Terraza has slowly been falling into a state of disrepair, a condition that Cain can’t keep up with financially because he’s the sort of landlord who cares more about the people who are a kind of surrogate family to each other than he does about the fact that he could raise their rents to cover the expense of the upkeep on his architectural masterpiece. Cain is between the proverbial rock and hard place because a corporation wants to buy his property, but to sell would mean to give up on his grandmother’s dream. To sell would mean to sell out and to surrender, and that’s not how Cain Elliott is made. Not to sell, though, means he and his tenants lose their homes anyway, which leaves Cain with little more to choose from than the lesser of two evils. It’s a hard position to be in when losing the place you’ve come to love means losing a part of who you are in the process.

Meeting the new man in town, Henry Abrams, doesn’t really untangle all the snags in Cain’s life, a life that’s as spare and stripped down as it could possibly be, yet is entirely complicated in spite of that simplicity. Cain’s designs on the architect, in fact, add yet another layer to the already complex set of issues he’s facing, especially when Cain discovers that Henry is working for “the enemy”, the architectural firm that is working to facilitate the sale of La Terraza to a real estate developer, not to preserve the classic building, but to tear it down. It’s the sort of maneuver that helps one to clearly understand that corporations are not people, which becomes even clearer when it’s revealed who is behind the manipulation and foul play. Business is business, and the corporate manipulator behind this deal is entirely without conscience.

Love in La Terraza is the story of two men who meet by chance but begin to build a relationship with clear intent, a relationship based on an undeniable chemistry and a bond that seems to run much deeper than the all-consuming sexual connection they’ve made. It’s a bond built on hopes and desires too, and it’s that need for each other that changes priorities and overcomes obstacles.

This is romantic Ethan Day, with all the charm and wit and brightly animated characters I’ve come to expect in his books.

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