4 Stars, BDSM/Kink/Erotica, Dreamspinner Press, Grace R. Duncan, Reviewed by Sammy

Review: Beautiful Boy by Grace R. Duncan



Title: Beautiful Boy

Author: Grace R. Duncan

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 280 Pages

At a Glance: All in all, Beautiful Boy is a good BDSM story with some wonderfully intimate moments that carried the novel.

Reviewed By: Sammy

Blurb: Malcolm Tate hung up his flogger when his submissive sought out another Dom and landed in the hands of a serial killer. Convinced his lack of dominance sent his sub away, Mal has spent two years blaming himself for what happened. But when his best friend finally convinces him to go back to the local dungeon, Mal’s grateful. Especially when he wins beautiful, submissive, firmly closeted Kyle Bingham in a charity slave auction.

College grad Kyle hasn’t earned enough to move out of the loft his conservative, homophobic parents bought, much less to buy any of the other things still in their name. When he’s won at auction by the hot, amazing Mal, he’s shocked that anyone would want him. No one else seemed to—not his parents, his former Doms, or any of his disastrous dates.

But Mal does want him and Kyle lets his guard down, only to be outed to his parents. With his world crashing down, he must find a way to trust Mal—and their developing relationship—or risk losing everything.


Review: Two men who feel they have little left to give find one another in Grace R. Duncan’s novel Beautiful Boy. One is a submissive who has been misused by other Doms who failed to see the worth of the man who had the strength to offer his submission to them. As a result, Kyle is certain he has nothing to offer a Dom. Not only does he feel his outward appearance is lacking, he is sure his inward need to serve is somehow inadequate and simply not good enough. The other man is a Dom who blames himself for the reckless behavior of his former submissive whose life ended at the hands of a serial killer. Mal cannot bring himself to even consider taking on another submissive and has not dabbled in the lifestyle for some time.

A charity auction brings the two men together, and when they engage in a scene, there is an instant attraction that is hard for them to resist. Before long, they become deeply involved and despite Kyle’s persistent worry that he will never be good enough for Mal, the two men find themselves on the cusp of committing to a D/s relationship. However, Kyle comes from a wealthy family desperate to maintain appearances. In their lives, there is no room for a less than perfect son—certainly not a gay one. Now Kyle worries just how long Mal will be content to hide in the closet Kyle currently inhabits.

Beautiful Boy has some incredibly rich moments of loving care between its two main characters. Mal and Kyle are so well suited to each other, and the way in which Grace R. Duncan writes the numerous scenes these two engage in is both realistic and breathtaking. The aftercare—the compassion and protection that Mal extends to his submissive after pain play is rife with incredible tenderness. It is so sweet that you cannot help but fall in love a little with these two. The BDSM elements are definitely hardcore at times and yet always carefully controlled by Mal and, as such, they ring with an air of authenticity.

While the story did have an overload of sex, it was well thought out and fit within the plot such as it was. I felt that more interaction between Kyle and his parents would have lent some credence to their role in his life and, in turn, would have allowed for his need to remain closeted to be a bit more realistic. Because we spent time in this novel with Mal’s friends and his family, he became a fully fleshed out character with what felt like genuine needs and concerns. Kyle was much more one-dimensional and, as a result, not nearly as interesting to read about as his Dominant, Mal. Consequently, the big showdown between Kyle and his parents was more of a passing moment and hardly seemed worthy of the buildup it received in the story.

All in all, Beautiful Boy is a good BDSM story with some wonderfully intimate moments that carried the novel.






You can buy Beautiful Boy here:

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Amazon US

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All Romance eBooks

4 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, Grace R. Duncan, Paranormal Romance, Reviewed by Lana

Review: Devotion by Grace R. Duncan

Amazon US

Amazon US

Title: Devotion (Forbes Mates: Book One

Author: Grace R. Duncan

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 220 Pages

At a Glance: Devotion is a solid story that shows us the connection between destined mates, not just the lust but also the love.

Reviewed By: Lana

Blurb: Finley Cooper is tired of waiting for his destined mate to be ready to claim him. In deference to human laws, he’s already agreed to wait until he’s eighteen. But now his birthday has come and gone—and his mate has a new set of excuses. Finley doesn’t understand it any more than his wolf does, and he’s beginning to wonder if fate made a mistake.

Tanner Pearce wants nothing more than to claim his mate, but he worries that Finley is too young. Tanner will never forget what happened when his best friend mated at Finley’s age, only to have that mate end up feeling trapped and breaking their bond. While rare, it can happen, and the fallout Tanner witnessed as his best friend tried to deal with the break has haunted him for years.

When Finley finally has enough, he threatens to find someone who will claim him if Tanner doesn’t, and Tanner realizes he needs to come to terms with his fears or risk losing his mate forever.


Review: Devotion is an entertaining shifter story that follows two destined mates who must overcome some obstacles to be together. I enjoyed it but thought it was a little bit longwinded and needed a better edit.

I love my shifter stories, and I have read enough to know from the first couple of pages whether I’m going to like a book. Tanner and Finley are destined mates. They have known this from the first moment they met. There’s an age difference, with Tanner being older and wanting to wait to mate until Finley turns twenty-one. Tanner wants to give Finley some time to grow up and to grow into his own man. Well, Finley is not happy and he’ll do anything in his power to provoke Tanner, including going out dancing, which drives his mate crazy. Tanner has his reasons for waiting, and they are cute and funny. As a couple, Tanner and Finley meshed! As the future alpha, Tanner was a little dominating, and Finley was much more carefree. They had a few funny scenes that I enjoyed and, overall, when they were both on the page, that’s when the story got interesting and flowed. And to throw some tension into the mix, they butt heads about their mating, and Finley takes off to his grandparents to think and get some space from Tanner.

Here is where it gets longwinded—the constant repetition of why they can’t mate, and the unending inner monologues of both Tanner and Finley. I just felt like the same points were repeated over and over, and it got tedious to read. I wanted the story to move a little bit faster.

Another love interest is introduced, Jamie, who is instantly attracted to Finley, and they even try to fool around, but Finley’s wolf will have nothing to do with Jamie because Jamie is not his mate. The scenes between Jamie and Finley were pretty good, and I can’t wait to read Jamie’s story. The break leads both boys to think more on why they are apart, and finally, events come to a head, and Finley gets a reaction from Tanner. Tanner races across country to get to Finley, and their reunion is very sweet. They do resolve their issues and the truth comes out about why Tanner wanted to wait. They finally have their claiming ceremony. The sex scenes were really good, and numerous! There was definitely good chemistry between the two.

Devotion is a solid story that shows us the connection between destined mates, not just the lust but also the love, a fulfilling ending and a setup for the next installment, which I can’t wait to read.





You can buy Devotion here:

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Amazon US

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Guest Post and Giveaway: The Turning His Life Around Blog Tour With Grace R. Duncan

Turning His Life Around

The Novel Approach is pleased to welcome author Grace R. Duncan on the Turning His Life Around blog tour. Grace is doing something a little different, a little special for you, so I’ll turn it over to Grace.



grace r. duncanHello and welcome back to the Turning His Life Around blog tour! I am doing something a little different with this tour and, I’ve put together a running short story. This story happens a couple of years before Turning takes place, when Ian is learning he’s in love with Kane but hasn’t quite accepted what all that means for him yet, since Kane doesn’t return that love.

The story goes for all nine tour stops! You can start it at Charley Descoteaux’s blog and follow the rest of the tour from the link at the bottom.

Be sure to catch each one because everyone who reads all nine and can answer a scavenger hunt questionnaire based on the story will be entered to win $25 a Dreamspinner Press!


TurningHisLifeAroundFSBlurb: When Kane Harris’s world turns upside down, his lifelong best friend is the only one to catch him.

Years ago, Ian Kelly accepted Kane would never return his love, since he knows Kane believes he’s incapable of it. Ian is willing to settle for what he can get—a best friend, sometimes casual lover, and occasional submissive. He’s learned he can’t live without Kane, but he can’t let Kane know. Because when, not if, Kane confirms that Ian’s love will never be returned, Ian won’t be able to take it. But when Kane loses his job and asks Ian to step up their play to help him deal, Ian’s ability to hide his feelings falters. Then Kane starts his own computer security firm and asks Ian to join him, and Ian struggles further.

It’s not until they visit the exclusive BDSM club the Iron Door that things come to a head. Kane screws up big time, and he’s afraid he can’t fix it. He’s sure he’ll lose his best friend, his Dom, his everything… forever.

Available in Ebook and Print format at Dreamspinner Press




“Oh! How wonderful!” she nearly shouted, her smile widening, then continued speaking really fast in Japanese. Ian couldn’t catch all of it; his Japanese education had been very limited. He thought he heard something about love and caught the word ‘yaoi’ and something else, but he couldn’t be sure. He and Kane exchanged looks.

“Uh, what does ‘yaoi’ mean?” Kane asked and Ian shook his head.

“Well, as far as I know, ‘yaoi’ is a type of manga or anime in Japan that involves, uh, two men.” He paused, blinked and stared at Kane for a few seconds, his lips twitching, then he leaned in. “I do believe she’s trying to figure out which one of us tops the other.”

Kane burst out laughing. “So she thinks we’re…”

“A couple, yes,” Ian said, smirking.

Kane chuckled. “Let’s let her have her fantasy,” he murmured, putting his arm around Ian’s waist.

Ian laughed and turned back to her, bowing his head. “Our table?” he asked when she paused for breath.

“Oh! I’m sorry!” She blushed and turned to wave a hand across the bridge before leading them over it.

Ian and Kane followed her and as they turned into the hallway, Kane leaned in. “Should we really give her something to fantasize about?”

“Hmm?” Ian asked. Kane hadn’t removed his arm yet and Ian was having trouble concentrating on anything but the feel of the man against him.

“When we sit down, let’s kiss.”

Ian turned, his eyebrows going up at Kane and he chuckled at the look on his friend’s face. He glanced back at her then nodded. Finally, they stopped at a small room off to one side. It was just big enough for a table for two. Low “chairs”—which were little more than seats with no legs and backs with cushions to sit on—sat on the floor. The table was low to the floor, as well, and set with napkins, small dipping bowls and chopsticks on tiny rests.

Ian, deciding to play things up, pulled Kane’s chair out for him then bent to leave a peck on Kane’s cheek, but his friend surprised him and caught his lips, instead, in a much more thorough kiss. Ian thought he heard something about ‘seme’ and ‘uke’ from the woman, but was a little too busy trying to gather his scattered wits from the kiss. He bowed to her, thanked her, and took his own seat. She handed them the menus, said something about their server, and disappeared.

“She’s going to have masturbation fodder for a month from that,” Kane said wickedly.

Ian laughed. “Quite. I do believe she’s decided I top.”

Kane blinked at him. “How did she figure that out?”

“I heard her mention ‘seme’ and ‘uke.’ And I believe she thinks I’m the ‘seme.’”

“Seme?” Kane asked, blinking. “Uke?”

“Loosely translated, it’s ‘pitcher’ and ‘catcher’ and I think she picked ‘seme’ for me because I pulled out your chair for you,” Ian replied, unable to hold back the grin.

“Well. Okay, then.” He shook his head, turning his attention to the menu. “Wow, there’s a lot here. Uh, I’m not sure where to start.”

“If you want, you could stick with sushi. I’m having the daikon salad and sushi. I’d like to try one of these combinations to get a taste of different ones.” Ian set the menu aside, watching his friend who was, at the moment, infinitely more interesting than the menu.

“Hmm,” Kane said, considering the options. He looked at the separate piece of paper to see the sushi options listed. “Ohhh, I see. Okay.” He turned back to the menu, flipping the pages and stopping about half way through. “Ooo, this looks good. Gyu Don.” He glanced up. “How about we get one of those bigger sushi things and both eat off it?”

Ian nodded. “That sounds good. Do you want some sake?”

“Oh yeah. But… don’t you want some?”

Ian shook his head. “That’s alright. You’re the one with the new job. You drink. Next time, you can drive.”

Kane grinned. “Alright, thanks.”

Their server showed up then, a small man with a very serious disposition. He was quick and efficient, however, with good suggestions, so Ian was happy. He was also gone shortly thereafter, leaving them alone, for which Ian was very grateful. “So, tell me what you can about the new company.”


Remember, be sure to follow the whole tour to get the full story and a chance to win a $25 gift certificate at Dreamspinner Press.

One person who comments here by telling me if you like sushi or not and if not, what your favorite type of food is will win an ebook of any of my backlist titles (any published prior to Turning).

turning blog tour Sm


3.5 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, Grace R. Duncan, Reviewed by Taz, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Review: Healing by Grace R. Duncan

Title: Healing (Pandemus Chronicles: Book Two)

Author: Grace R. Duncan

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 75 Pages

At a Glance: An enjoyable read that I’d recommend if you’re sitting by the pool watching the kids or killing some time.

Reviewed By: Taz

Blurb: When Duncan stumbles into a pharmacy in search of something to fix his broken leg, he’s surprised to find someone else there. Like the rest of the post-pandemic world, it appeared empty. Instead, he discovers Mark, a former nurse who walked away from his profession after losing too many patients to the virus. Despite swearing he’d never practice medicine again, Mark patches Duncan up over Duncan’s protests. He even finds an abandoned house in the tiny town, and they settle in until Duncan heals enough to look out for himself. Much to the chagrin of both, they find themselves caring for each other.

Duncan welcomes it, thrilled at finding someone he can trust. However, he’s well aware of the shadows in Mark’s eyes and understands Mark’s reticence as he learns the story. But as he’s starting to do things for himself again, Duncan realizes he doesn’t want Mark to leave. He’s not sure if can get Mark to let go of his fears so they can stay together and love. But Duncan’s damned sure going to try.


Review: I’m a pretty big fan of pandemic, post-apocalyptic, rebuilding life type stories. There’s something so powerful and heroic about the main characters who, despite the odds, managed to survive. Like they’re super human or something. So when I read the blurb for this book, I was pretty excited to see how the author would handle the genre.

Grace R. Duncan handled the story well. The characters had distinct personalities which complemented one another. Through description of the setting, the world became clear and added an element of isolation to the story. The way each man harbored their feelings, fearing that allowing them out would push the other away, helped to keep the tension high. And the fears were believable. In a world where most of the human race has perished, trusting that you won’t continue to lose the people you love is a very believable fear.

While the book was enjoyable, something I was able to read quickly without putting it aside and then coming back to it, there were elements to the story which left me wanting for more. This is the risk of writing shorter stories. There’s never enough space to fully develop the emotions and relationships when the word count is lower.

In this case, there were two key points where the length of the story impacted my response to it: One was when the two men met and had a discussion about why one helped the other in a world where suspicion runs high and people are out for themselves. The other was the pacing of the connection…a bit too fast for my taste.

All in all, an enjoyable read that I’d recommend if you’re sitting by the pool watching the kids or killing some time.



You can buy Healing here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

2.5 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Grace R. Duncan, Reviewed by Sammy

Grace R. Duncan Takes On Homophobia And Coming Out In “No Sacrifice”

“Burst down those closet doors once and for all, and stand up and start to fight. – Harvey Milk

Title: No Scarifice

Author: Grace R. Duncan

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 400 Pages

Rating: 2.5 Stars

Blurb: Patrick has taken his acting talents from high school all the way to a role in a major television show.

But as the show progresses, his life of absolute certainties crumbles when he finds himself reacting to the kisses of his male costar. He refuses to accept it, reminding himself he’s married and a father—and thus, straight. Continue reading

Dreamspinner Press, Grace R. Duncan

Welcome Grace R. Duncan On The “No Sacrifice” Blog Tour And Giveaway

First off, thanks so much to Lisa and The Novel Approach for giving me a bit of space today!

It’s no secret that I started out in fanfiction. I like to think of it as a place where I worked out a lot of the basic kinks (the bad kind ;) ) of writing and learned a lot about the craft. I am, of course, still learning—we never stop—but it’s a good place to get your feet wet.
Continue reading

A.F. Henley, Brita Addams, Daniel A. Kaine, Grace R. Duncan, Kenzie Cade, L. Dean Pace-Frech, Lane Hayes, Poppy Dennison, Rebecca Cohen, Rick R. Reed, Sneak Peek

Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Hello, folks, I hope you’ve all had an outstanding week. I had the great privilege of spending Saturday working a booth at Indy Pride with authors Jambrea Jo Jones and Lynley Wayne, where we spent the day sharing our love of the M/M Romance genre with the good people of Indianapolis. It was great day!

Now, here’s what’s on tap for the week ahead.

MondayLane Hayes kicks off the week with a giveaway on the Better Than Friends Blog Tour

TuesdayGrace R. Duncan drops by today with a giveaway on the No Sacrifice Blog Tour, with an article on bisexuality

Brita Addams is also here with a guest article on disembodied body parts in writing

WednesdayDaniel A. Kaine is our guest today, with an interview and giveaway on the Slasherazzi Blog Tour

A.F. Henley is also here today, with a giveaway and guest post on the Forty-two Stairs Blog Tour

ThursdayPoppy Dennison wants to share some memories and photos from the UK Meet with us today

Rick R. Reed is also with us today, as he kicks off what will be the first of his monthly visits as a new guest contributor to The Novel Approach—Rick R. Reed – True Confessions

FridayRebecca Cohen will be sharing a giveaway with you today on the Crofton Chronicles Blog Tour

SaturdayKenzie Cade stops in today with an interview and giveaway on the Son of a Fish Blog Tour

SundayDean Pace-Frech is making the rounds, and we’re happy to have him back as our guest today to close out the week

Until next week, happy reading!

Grace R. Duncan, RainbowCon

Grace R. Duncan Continues The Countdown To RainbowCon Celebration With A Giveaway

Thank you so much to Lisa for hosting me for the countdown to RainbowCon! I am so excited about going and look forward to meeting lots of wonderful people there. Today, I’ve brought out a deleted scene from my upcoming title No Sacrifice that turned into a side story for my beta for her birthday. I’d like to introduce Patrick and Chance. Patrick is an actor who’s been forced to recognize his sexuality when he starts reacting to his male costar on the TV show he’s in. Chance, a sound technician, becomes his friend and, eventually, lover. But they’re in for a rough ride before their happily ever after. No Sacrifice is due out this summer and I am SO excited about these boys.

* * *

Patrick flopped onto the couch and sighed before reaching for his phone. He needed to get up and shower, get moving on a few other things he needed to do, but he couldn’t resist checking his texts first.

His grin spread when he had one waiting from Chance.

Hi baby! Just wanted to see how you’re doing. Was thinking about you. Reply when you can. Love you.

He quickly tapped out a reply: Hi back. Love you. I’m hot and sweaty. You?

He laid his head back and closed his eyes, trying to decide if he should wait for a reply or go shower. Before he could think much, his phone beeped. Well, I was fine. Now I’m horny, thinking about you all sweaty.

Patrick laughed. Now you know how I feel. Spent the whole time down in the gym thinking about last night. And thinking about the taste of your cum + working out = weird.

He waited, knowing the reply would be quick. Yes, that would be weird. What were you thinking about it?

Patrick didn’t realize he’d started rubbing his cock through his shorts at the thought of last night and Chance being horny. Until, that is, he had to move his hand to reply. He paused to think. Liked it. A lot. Never thought I would. Then he grinned evilly when he wrote, Can’t wait to get more.

This reply took even less time. Fuck. Now I’m seriously turned on. Do you know how hard it is to hide a hard on here?

With a grin, Patrick replied. Oh yeah. I’m *well* aware. I have one, now. Your fault.

Patrick pushed his hand under the waistband of his shorts and started teasing himself as he waited for the reply. It was almost immediate. Oh fuck. What are you going to do about it?

Patrick stroked himself a couple of times before pulling his hand out to reply. Hmm, do? Figured I’d wait for you to come home.

The reply was one word and threw Patrick quite a bit. Why?

Patrick blinked. Kinda figured you’d want me to.

Oh hell no, baby. Jack off anytime you need to. Not like you won’t reload before I get home, anyway.

Patrick hadn’t thought of it like that. The few times he and Emily had lived together instead of in separate states—or countries—she hadn’t appreciated him masturbating without her. He considered his wording carefully, hoping Chance would get the meaning behind that without ruining their teasing by bringing Emily up. Huh. Never thought of it like that. That’s… uh… new idea for me.

Chance obviously did and the next reply surprised him even more. If it’ll make you feel better, take a picture and send it to me when you’re done.

Patrick grinned, set his phone aside and shifted enough to push his shorts down. His cock, quite hard now, slapped back when it was free and Patrick ran his hand over it a couple of times to tease. Then he had an even more evil idea. He snatched up his phone, held up his cock, lined up the lens, then snapped a picture of his hard and now dripping length. He tapped out, like this? and sent it off.

This reply was even faster than any other. Fuck me. Now I’m hard, too. *Really* hard. Send me that pic. I’m going to take it into the bathroom.

Patrick’s grin widened at the reply and he stroked his cock a few more times with purpose, but he wanted this to be good, wanted plenty to send to Chance. He stood up and kicked his shorts off, sending up a quick thanks that his son Avery was at preschool then retrieved his laptop and set it up on the coffee table. Within a few clicks, he had what he wanted: a picture of Chance stark naked, laid out on the bed, hand wrapped around a really hard cock. He’d snapped it not long after they got together. And it never failed to turn him on. He hadn’t thought he’d use it for this—hadn’t really thought what he’d use it for. He simply couldn’t resist capturing such a shot.

He laid back, eyes fixed to the picture of his naked, aroused lover and started stroking himself again. He kept it slow and teasing, wanting to build it up as much as possible. He brushed the fingers of his free hand over his balls, down over his taint then back up again. He ran his hand up over the tip, collecting the bit of liquid then spreading it over his length, but he decided it wasn’t enough.

He twisted around, and opened the drawer in the end table, pulling out the bottle of lube. He stopped long enough to pull off his t-shirt and drop it then lay back. He poured lube into his hand and wrapped it around his cock, spreading the slick out.

“Fuck,” he groaned at how good that simple stroke felt. He stopped long enough to grab his phone and put it on his chest so he wouldn’t forget. Then he started stroking with purpose, eyes glued to Chance’s naked picture.

He reached down with his free hand, tugging lightly on his balls then gripping the base of his cock. He grunted softly as the pleasure started to build and he moved his hand a little faster. He could feel his balls pulling up already and he let go of it, his cock slapping back against his stomach. He glanced over to see the head was already dark red and he ran his fingers over it teasingly, but kept from stroking for the moment.

He looked back at Chance and with his other hand, he teased his nipples, tugging on them lightly until they got hard. Then he flicked them with his thumb and the feel went straight to his cock, making it jump. He pinched his nipples again, moaning at even those light touches. He loved teasing himself, loved working himself up. And his nipples were great for that. He hadn’t discovered that until Chance. Just one more reason for him to love the man.

He let go of his nipples, running his hand down his thigh, then over his taint, pressing on the spot just behind his balls that always felt good. “Shit,” he whispered and gave in, taking his cock in his hand again and stroking it. He kept it slow, though, going for more teasing. He was determined to build this up as much as he could.

He cupped his balls and started rocking his hips in time with his hand, thrusting into it almost as much as he was stroking. He let his hand slide up and stroke just the end for a few seconds, but that was way too much pleasure. He moved his hand back down and gripped the base of his cock, squeezing his balls just a little, to pull himself back. He was too close to the edge and he wasn’t ready yet.

In another moment, he’d calmed down enough to not go off before he was ready. He wrapped his hand around his cock again and looked away from Chance’s picture long enough to see the tip was damned near purple. He started working himself again, with firm, fast strokes, pushing himself once more to the edge. When he got there, he let go and picked up his phone.

With his clean hand, he unlocked it then flipped through the screen to find the camera icon. After tapping a couple of things, he held it in front of him, making sure he had a clear shot of his cock and stomach. Then he started stroking himself again and he let out a moan as the pleasure built once more.

He rocked his hips, working his cock over thoroughly. He grunted again as he moved his hand to the end and focused on stroking only that. It did what he expected and pushed him right there. As the climax approached, he went back to full, long strokes.

“Fuck, Chance,” Patrick groaned and just a couple of seconds later, he grunted loudly as the orgasm hit him hard. He kept his hand moving through it, still moaning, pushing the pleasure even further as he unloaded his balls all over his stomach and chest. The sight sent an aftershock through him. “Oh fuck…” he groaned even louder, stroking a few more times and earning himself an extra shot of cum.

He slid his hand to the tip, squeezing the last of the cum out onto his thumb and forefinger. He lifted the hand and showed it to the camera then hit a button on his phone and set it aside.

He stopped to pant hard for a minute in the aftermath of the orgasm. He swallowed around his dry throat, staring at Chance’s picture. “Fuck, a ghrá, you make me crazy.” He shook his head, grinning, and snatched up his dirty t-shirt to clean his other hand off.

He picked up his phone and checked over what he had. The quality sucked but it was a phone, so it’d have to do. He got what he wanted, so he saved it then switched over to the messages.

He tapped out a simple message: Hope it’s good enough. Sorry it took so long. Think you’ll like why. Love you. He hit send on that, then pulled up the attachment and sent it.

With a grin, he went in to take his shower.

Chance was just beginning to think Patrick had changed his mind when his phone buzzed in his pocket. He bit his lip because the vibration felt good and he was still very on. His cock had only gone down a little because his brain kept throwing pictures of a naked Patrick at him. It took every ounce of his willpower to keep his hands out of his pockets and away from his dick.

It had been a very frustrating ten minutes.

He was so turned on, he was half-tempted to go to the bathroom and just jack off before Patrick sent it. But he’d told his lover he’d wait, so he wanted to. Besides, the picture Patrick was sure to send would be well worth it.

He pulled the phone out of his pocket and saw he had two messages. He sincerely hoped they were both from Patrick because he did not need to have to deal with his mother or sister right then. He opened it up and was relieved to see they were both from Patrick.

He stopped dead in the middle of the hallway he’d been walking down to stare at the screen. The simple message didn’t surprise him. Hope it’s good enough. Sorry it took so long. Think you’ll like why. Love you. No, what surprised him was what was attached. And he could tell from the tiny thumbnail it was not something he wanted to open in even a semi-public place.

He stuffed the phone back in his pocket and walked as fast as he could without drawing attention. Thankfully, he wasn’t too far from the closest bathroom. He glanced around, but no one was paying any attention to him. Even so, he felt like he had eyes on him when he slipped into the bathroom and into a stall.

He locked the door, had his belt open and pants down in only a few seconds. A couple of seconds after that, he was sitting with the video started and his cock in his hand. He bit brutally at his lip to keep from letting the moan out that wanted to escape.

The image of Patrick’s wet, extremely hard cock would have been enough. A few strokes to that picture and Chance could have been going off all over the stall. But he kept it slow, wanting to at least get through the whole video once before he lost it.

He scrambled to pause when Patrick moaned. He dug his earbuds out of his pocket, plugged them in and put them in his ears. Then he started the video again, turning the volume up.

Chance’s hand started moving unconsciously as he watched Patrick’s movements. More moans filled his ears as the incredibly sexy sight of Patrick’s hand flying over hard, slick flesh took up the whole screen. Chance forced himself to let go of his own hard dick to watch. There were only about forty seconds of the video. He wasn’t a hormonal teenager, he could get through that much.

But by the time he was looking at Patrick’s cum covering the tan skin, he thought he was going to go crazy. Only forty seconds of video was all it took. He paused to spit into his hand a few times and slick his cock, then he started stroking it again.

He had to pause the video at fifteen seconds, and stop moving his hand to pinch the base of his dick in an effort to hold back the climax. He wanted to come with Patrick and he was already so close. If Chance had been doing this in front of Patrick, he’d be embarrassed by how quickly he’d be going off.

When he pulled back from the edge a bit, he started the video back up. This time, he knew he could make it. He wrapped his hand firmly around his cock, giving himself full, long strokes to delay those few more seconds. When Patrick groaned, “Fuck, Chance” into his ear, he tightened his hand, dragged it over the tip then gave himself the short, fast strokes that would send him over the edge. He yanked his t-shirt out of the way and aimed his dick at his stomach.

And just as Patrick’s cock unloaded, spraying cum all over stomach and chest, Chance’s orgasm screamed through him. He couldn’t stop the quiet groan that escaped as his balls pumped stream after stream of cum out to coat his own stomach. The video froze on the picture of Patrick’s hand with more cum on it and he stared at it as he milked every last bit of pleasure out of his cock.

He panted hard, trying to gather enough wits to remember what he wanted to do. He hit the “back” on his phone, scrolled until he found the camera and hit the icon. When it came up, he rotated so it used the front-facing camera, aimed it at his wet dick where it lay right next to the cum on his stomach and snapped the picture.

He waited long enough to clean up and wash his hands, then he typed in: That’s what you caused. Fuck, baby, that was hot. I came *hard*. Then attached the picture and hit send.

Patrick climbed out of the shower, feeling fucking fantastic. Between the workout to get his muscles moving then the orgasm and shower, he felt like he could do just about anything. He dried himself off, doing his best to be quick and efficient when it came to his cock because he did not want to get worked up all over again after all that.

He picked up the phone off the bedside table and grinned when he saw a message from Chance. He opened it… and his dick twitched hard. He stared, he couldn’t stop himself and before he realized what he was doing, he had his hand on his cock and had worked himself back to full erection.

He groaned, then chuckled and took a picture of it. He tapped the message box and typed, And that’s what *you* caused. Again. I am *so* fucking you hard after Avery’s in bed tonight.

Chance opened the message and laughed, but carefully avoided looking at the picture for too long. He sent his reply: I can’t wait, baby. My ass is all yours. Then he pocketed his phone and went back to work.

He had a very nice afternoon.

* * *

Thanks for reading! And thanks again to Lisa for hosting me today. I can’t wait for RainbowCon and all the wonderful people that will be there. I hope you guys have enjoyed this glimpse into Patrick and Chance’s story.

If you’d like to read more from, check out my latest release, a short in the Dreamspinner Heartwarming anthology, Celebrating You. If you like your fiction on the kinkier side, my Golden Collar series might just tickle your fancy. Here’s a bit about the latest in my Golden collar series, entitled Deception.


Cyrus and Nadir first met as hungry orphans on Behekam’s streets at twelve years old. They became friends, then partners in the thievery that enabled them to survive, and as they passed their days together, they fell in love. When they are both taken as pleasure slaves in the opulent palace of the Malik of Neyem, love becomes more complicated.

Rumors of an attempt on Malik Bathasar’s life put Cyrus and Nadir’s relationship to the test—they must pose convincingly as intimate slaves to the young malik as part of a plan to lure the assassin into the open. Teman—Malik Bathasar’s real personal pleasure slave and true lover—was once trained by Cyrus for the same duties, and the attraction and care Cyrus developed for him then still remains. The Malik of Neyem proves an easy man to love and Nadir’s feelings for him grow while they’re pretending to love each other.

Cyrus and Nadir care deeply for each other but they’ve forgotten the first rule of love: communicate in honesty. Their love remains strong enough to weather the changes—if they have the courage not only to face the coming dangers, but to put aside deception and find their truth.

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Hi, everyone, I hope you’ve all had an outstanding week and are looking forward to a great week ahead. We’ve got a busy one coming up here at The Novel Approach, so check out who we’ve got on tap to bring all the fun right to you!

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Grace R. Duncan Is “Celebrating You” This Christmas

“Christmas waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.” ― Norman Vincent Peale

At what point does humanity need the hope and faith that belongs to the holidays more so than in a post-apocalyptic world? One that, if I read between the lines with any sort of accuracy, was decimated by a plague that stole Daniel’s husband Grant, and Jake’s partner Marcus, from them without so much as a promise that life would once again someday hold any sort of joy.

Grace R. Duncan’s Celebrating You, like my first Advent choice, isn’t your traditional Christmas tale—it’s a contemporary romance set in a dystopian landscape in which Daniel and Jake have learnt to get back to the basics of what life had once been in a sparer time, though Daniel’s ingenuity has given him a much more comfortable life than some others might have.
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