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Review: Quillon’s Covert by Joseph Lance Tonlet and Louis Stevens

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Amazon Paperback

Amazon Paperback

Title: Quillon’s Covert

Authors: Joseph Lance Tonlet and Louis Stevens

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 186 Pages

At a Glance: I thank you for writing such an amazing profound love story. Because when you get right down to it, that is exactly what this is.

Reviewed By: Lynn

Blurb: Martin is a guy’s guy, one who enjoys the simple things in life: baseball games with his son, family days, barbecues, and date nights with his lovely wife.

Once a year for two weeks, Martin takes his son, Marty, to Quillon’s Covert, a rustic family cabin secluded in the beautiful California mountains. Since before those long days of learning to play ball, Marty has loved his dad, but as Marty matures, Martin starts to see something else settle in his son’s uncertain gaze. What’s there lingers a little more than it should, and it seems far more appraising than it once was.

As Marty shows every sign of taking the lead, Martin is faced with the tough choices most parents never see: lose his son by being a father, or try to balance what’s best for their relationship by being something… more.

But with another trip to Quillon’s Covert on the horizon, has the point of no return already begun?


Review: Okay, where do I even begin? As I sat on this for a few days now, wrapping my head around what words to use describe this book, I’ve come to the conclusion that only one word says what I want to say: beautiful. It was beautifully written, presented beautifully, and definitely got my attention from page one. These two authors told an alluring tale that literally blew me away.

Getting this out of the way here, please heed the warning tags: This story contains incest, cheating, and light BDSM. Read the blurb, read the tags, you have been warned.

I’m going to reiterate again how beautifully written this story was. Spanning over twenty years, we watch Martin and son, Martin Jr. (he likes to be called Marty) begin a taboo, albeit consensual, loving affair. We get to know these two men as they take their annual getaway to a secluded family cabin called Quillon’s Covert. From the beginning we really get a sense of their mutual respect, closeness, and the overall great father/son relationship they have with one another. I think this was an important aspect to see, given the subject matter.

Having both POVs throughout the story was critical because we were privy to all the emotions the characters were experiencing. The reader needs to know beyond any shadow of doubt that their journey is one they chose individually, and then together. But even still, what I loved most were the conversations between the two. I loved the banter back and forth, the jokes, and the numerous nicknames Martin had for his son. It was a nice balance, considering some of the heavy life changing decisions being made between them. I loved the build up to them becoming lovers. I thought it was a great decision by the authors for Martin and Marty to have these deep conversations and internal reflections of what was to be. In the end, it was what they both wanted, and it was just beautiful.

Now, I mentioned cheating as one of the warnings. A lot of readers don’t like cheating, won’t read a book if they know it’s part of the story. For me, it was a non-issue. Yes, for all intents and purposes, Martin is a happily married straight man. And yes, Marty eventually finds happiness of his own with a partner he marries and has children with. But I saw the relationship between father and son as being about them and no one else. They are in their own little bubble when they are together, reconnecting in all ways and on many different levels for the brief amount of time they have that it’s almost like the world beyond them doesn’t exist. When they leave Quillon’s Covert, they go back to their own lives and loves until the following year. It just didn’t seem like cheating to me. I know some will argue the fact, so be it, I see it how I see it.

Overall, I loved this story. Going along with Martin and Marty, watching the progression of their relationship through the years was absolutely mesmerizing. Although the storyline is intense, taboo and unconventional, there is tenderness, love, respect, and laughter throughout.

Mr. Tonlet and Mr. Stevens, I thank you for writing such an amazing profound love story. Because when you get right down to it, that is exactly what this is.






You can buy Quillon’s Covert here:

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Amazon US

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5 Stars, BDSM/Kink/Erotica, Joseph Lance Tonlet, Reviewed by Lynn, Self-Published

Review: Grif’s Toy by Joseph Lance Tonlet

Title: Grif’s Toy

Author: Joseph Lance Tonlet

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 303 Pages

At a Glance: I highly recommend this book for those who are willing to step outside of the box.

Reviewed By: Lynn

Blurb: Grif believes he’ll live his life as a virgin. After all, who would want him? How could anyone find him, a guy who came with less than man-sized equipment, worthy of their love?

What he hadn’t counted on were the two amazing men who would change his life. After entering college, he meets Tate, his fun-loving roommate. While years later, with Tate now just a memory, Wes, a handsome, rugged ex-marine who runs his own security firm enters his life.

Both men lead Grif through a twisted mesh of pleasure, pain, and denial, as they force him to see his value, despite his size and insecurities


Review: Grif’s Toy is my second read for this author, and it definitely won’t be my last.

As we know from the blurb, Grif is not well endowed. In fact, he’s really small, which, as you can imagine, is a major problem for him. He’s ashamed, embarrassed, and overall very concerned about his smaller than small penis. Entering college, he’s convinced he’ll be a virgin for the rest of his life. He probably would’ve been if not for his college roommate. Oh, Tate, how I loved this character! Loved how the author represented their relationship. At first I was a little apprehensive about where it was going, being that Tate was straight, but he opens up an entire world for Grif. Years later, Wes is the first person since Tate to “get” what Grif needs sexually.

The story opens up in present time, leaving me with a preconceived impression of the characters without really knowing their story. Especially Wes. I have to admit, I was taken aback by the opening scene. It had me scratching my head and wondering if I would be able to see this book all the way through. What had I gotten myself into? While I do enjoy a BDSM story, I was never attracted to the humiliation or degradation kink that sometimes goes along with it. The stories with those elements I’ve read in the past dealt with it harshly or for shock value. Here, it’s different, though. It’s accepted, needed and wanted. The whys and hows are thoroughly explained by the author. I appreciated that. It took me out of my comfort zone a little bit, but it also made me want to read on and get to know these characters.

Wes is the kind of character I absolutely love; he’s a giver. He sees beyond Grif’s insecurities to the man Grif is. Wes loves unconditionally and that’s exactly what Grif needs. Wes reminds me of Tate in that respect. I wonder if the author does this on purpose? Whatever the reason, these two are without a doubt 100% in tune with each other. Watching them grow and learn as a couple was a pleasure.

Flashbacks are tricky, what to show and what to summarize? In this case, it is very important to show context, and was done well and seamlessly. Grif’s time in high school, and his time with Tate in college, is important, but a huge section dedicated to other high school/college life was not necessary. I loved how the author splits the story: from Grif’s high school to college to present day, back to college, present day, etc. This lets us see the right pieces at the tight time in order to better appreciate the development of the characters. The author did an amazing job giving us a well rounded view of their personalities.

This is a BDSM story, yes, but not in the ‘tie them up and whip them’ sense. It’s done with words and commands intended to humiliate. And Grif sets the pace and controls everything. It couldn’t be more obvious that he loves it, and you never feel it’s all one sided, which sometimes happens in single POV stories. This author expresses emotion in so many ways that we don’t miss the other POV’s; his is all we need.

Grif’s Toy (Tease and Denial: Book One) is basically a journey of coming to terms with who you are and what you need. There is a second book coming out, and I’m definitely going to read it. :)

I highly recommend this book for those who are willing to step outside of the box.

You can buy Grif’s Toy here:

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All Romance eBooks

Giveaways, Joseph Lance Tonlet, Self-Published

Guest Post and Giveaway: Brothers LaFon by Joseph Lance Tonlet

Brothers LaFon - JLT

The Novel Approach is please to welcome author Joseph Lance Tonlet today, on his Brothers LaFon blog tour. Enjoy Joseph’s guest post, then be sure to leave a comment for the chance to win a paperback copy of Grif’s Toy: Tease and Denial Book One (US Residents Only), or a $10 Amazon Gift Card (International Residents).



The Allure of Psychopaths

One doesn’t have to look far to find a famous fictional psychopath. Patrick Bateman from American Psycho, Sherlock Holmes from The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, and James Bond from Casino Royale are just a few. And with each of them, we find ourselves intrigued, if not downright attracted to them.

Sure, the fictional world is conducive to this intrigue and attraction; if the characters weren’t interesting then the books and movies that featured them wouldn’t be nearly as successful as they are. I often find the characteristics they frequently share—the same ones that firmly define them as societal outcasts—utterly appealing. These characteristics, according to Psychology Today, include:

• Egocentric
• Lack of guilt
• Grandiose
• Lack of empathy
• Shallow emotions
• Impulsive
• Need for excitement
• Antisocial behavior

As a writer, what more could I creatively ask for? The above short list opened doors of nearly limitless possibilities.

Jeremiah, one of the two main characters of Brothers LaFon, my latest novelette, is unquestionably a psychopath—and he was an utter joy to write.

In this scene excerpt below, Alexander has posed the single question to Jeremiah that he longs for an answer to: Why? Jeremiah responds,

“I know I hurt you—that I intend to hurt you—and it makes me feel good to hear your screams and pleas, to see the blood and scars. But your pain, what it means to you, it has no effect on me; I don’t feel anything about it in regards to you as a person. I don’t feel…empathy, Alexander.”

His tone was serious but honest and nonthreatening. Alex decided to push his luck a bit more.

“B-but, you know it’s w-wrong, what you do to me, right?”

“I know it’s not what other people consider right, yes…but, it does feel right to me.”

Alex gave a jerky nod of understanding but said nothing more.

Damn! Given a character like that—one who feels no regard toward others, and only thinks of his own needs—again, the possibilities were staggeringly endless. Add into the mix that Jeremiah and Alexander are brothers, one gay and one straight, and my creative juices were on overload.

Of course, I had to decide how I was going to present Jeremiah. In the end, I tried to write him as honestly and non-judgmentally as I could. Indeed, I attempted to simply tell his story as it was. Hopefully, if I was successful, the story places the reader in a difficult position. Jeremiah—although undoubtedly heinous—is a person with deep-seated needs. His primary need is Alexander. It’s my hope that the common need most of us share, to have a connection with a special someone, makes Jeremiah not only relatable, but perhaps on some level, even likable. And for some readers, harboring an attraction to a psychopath can be…conflicting. *wink*

Without question, if you choose to pickup Brothers LaFon, it’s my deepest desire that you find yourself asking an uncomfortable question: “Do I loathe Jeremiah, or do I adore him?”

JLT =)

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Blurb: Alexander LaFon lives a nightmare, but he deals with it. Deals with the fact that his mother abandoned him as an infant, deals with the fact that his father is never home, and deals with the fact that his older brother, Jeremiah, tortures him.

He dreams of escaping his mobile-home prison and finding a normal life. Of breaking free of his agony, finding a woman to love, becoming a teacher.

But some horrors you can never outrun. There’s nowhere to hide. Some nightmares chase you in your sleep and steal your freedom like a brutal thief. Some brothers never give up and never answer why.

Buy Links: Amazon US | All Romance eBooks | Barnes & Noble

5 Stars, Joseph Lance Tonlet, Literary Fiction, Reviewed by Lynn, Self-Published

Review: Brothers LaFon by Joseph Lance Tonlet

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Title: Brothers LaFon (Part One)

Author: Joseph Lance Tonlet

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 56 Pages

At a Glance: This is a strong beginning of a series.

Reviewed By: Lynn

Blurb: Alexander LaFon lives a nightmare, but he deals with it. Deals with the fact that his mother abandoned him as an infant, deals with the fact that his father is never home, and deals with the fact that his older brother, Jeremiah, tortures him.

He dreams of escaping his mobile-home prison and finding a normal life. Of breaking free of his agony, finding a woman to love, becoming a teacher.

But some horrors you can never outrun. There’s nowhere to hide. Some nightmares chase you in your sleep and steal your freedom like a brutal thief. Some brothers never give up and never answer why.


Review: Wow, just wow. This is my first time reading this author and he’s got me hooked. I’m definitely going to be reading more from him in the future. This brotherly bond has to be, hands down, the most warped, heinous and blood curdling relationship I’ve ever read, and I loved every minute of it. I know, I’m warped, it’s okay.

In the stories I’ve read that have a twisted brother relationship, there has always been a reason to the question of ‘why?’ Why are they behaving this way? Why do they do the things they’re doing? With this one, however, there is no complex backstory or sympathetic yet unjustifiable reason offered for Miah’s sickening behavior towards his younger brother, Alex. At least in this first installment, anyway. Oh yeah, “I don’t like you” is the only response we get. Chilling.

The author makes you totally empathize with Alex by putting us in his shoes and his head while these traumatizing events are going on, feeling the emotions right along with him, the pain, the hurt and most of all the immense fear he feels around his brother. I just wanted to yank him out of the book to stop him from being hurt. He’s a gentle person who only wants to be loved and doesn’t understand his brother’s hatred towards him. But this is where my head goes while reading stories like this: what happened to make Miah into this monster? Was he born psychotic? Was he abused in some way early in life? Why does he need this control over Alex? We are privy to Miah’s thoughts too, and his lack of feelings for his brother is frightening. He gets pleasure from causing his brother pain, that much we know. What we don’t know are the whys. This leads me to think the author purposely left out any explanation to Miah’s behavior, and I’m okay with that. It’s a serial, there’s more to this story.

With this being such a short read, the author makes it seem like a novel. There’s so much story here. It starts out with them as adults and transports us back to when they were kids. I can tell you, it got my heart beating with fear for Alex because I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty; what it was is downright disturbing. We then come full circle to present day. Alex has severed ties with his brother, leaving for college right after high school, and never looking back. But Miah has set in motion a series of events that brings Alex to him. With an ending that had me screaming for Alex to run, I can only imagine what the author has planned for these two. I await anxiously for part two.

Now, as I read in the acknowledgements, I see the author lists Kol Anderson as one of his inspirations. I’ve read all of Mr. Anderson’s books and can see his influence in this story. The similarities I’ve picked up on are how both authors make you have a love/hate relationship with the bad guy. For me, there is always a reason as to why a person becomes who they are. My hope is that Mr. Tonlet give us some kind of resolution behind Miah’s actions towards his brother. Will it condone his behavior, absolutely not. But I believe it’ll make us understand the why of it.

This is a strong beginning of a series. The author does a great job of whetting the reader’s appetite and left me wanting more. I know this isn’t going to be for everyone, but for those like me who love a dark, gritty read, don’t miss out. Read. This. Now.

I will give a warning here, this isn’t for the faint of heart or those with triggers. There’s physical abuse, animal abuse/killing, incest and dub-con sex.

You can buy Brothers LaFon here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

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Hot Reads for the Trevor Project – Great Books for a Great Cause


Get ready to lower your thermostat because your winter is about to get hot! For a limited time only, get SIX great reads by some of the hottest authors in M/M! A guilt-free guilty pleasure at an incredibly low price with all proceeds going to The Trevor Project! Continue reading

Joseph Lance Tonlet, Self-Published

Guest Post and Giveaway: Grif’s Toy by Joseph Lance Tonlet


I enjoy BDSM stories—like really, really enjoy them. However, more specifically, I enjoy SM/Ds stories. There’s something about the relinquishing of power, particularly when it’s mixed with discomfort, that I find nearly intoxicating.

The source of the discomfort/pain is rather irrelevant; it can be as benign and uncomplicated as orgasm denial, or a bit more advanced like a violet wand or E-Stim/tens units. Either way, bondage isn’t really what trips my trigger…it’s power exchange and the accompanying anxiety when sadomasochism is woven in.

Introduce the above elements into a love story, whose main character is also challenged with ‘smaller equipment,’ and you have Grif’s Toy. Continue reading

A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week, Derrick Knight, Heidi Cullinan, J.A. Rock, Jay Northcote, Jordan L. Hawk, Joseph Lance Tonlet, Keira Andrews, L.B. Gregg, Lisa Henry, Meredith Shayne, Sandrine Gasq-Dion, Susan Mac Nicol

A Sneak Peek and An Uber-Unscientific Poll

TNA BadgeGreetings, everyone, and welcome back to a look at what we’ve got coming up in the week ahead, but first I’d love your feedback.

You may have missed it, but earlier this week I wrote a blog post about ratings. For two days, the review team here at TNA and I had long conversations about assigning numerical ratings to our reviews and, as Rena so deftly stated it, quantifying the unquantifiable. If you’ve seen the post, you know by now that I loathe ratings with every fiber of my being because it’s often little more than giving a number to something as intangible as the feelings we have for a book. Trust me when I tell you there are times it’s more difficult to come up with the number than it is to write the review, and, let’s face it, in the end it’s the words that matter with books, regardless of which side of them we land on—author or reader/reviewer.

So, what I’m asking of you today is to take a brief moment of your time, both readers and authors, please, to weigh in on my desire to do away with the numerical rating system here at The Novel Approach, and to simply allow our reviews to speak for themselves. In order to continue recognizing those books that we want to designate as standouts, however, they would be awarded the designation “A TNA Page Turner” (thank you for that, Taz!), because when we really love a book we do feel it should be offered a little special affection. :) I also welcome your comments on the subject below.

Many thanks and warm regards!

Now, here’s what’s up in the week ahead.


MondaySusan Mac Nicol kicks off our week on the Love you Senseless blog tour, with a giveaway

Joseph Lance Tonlet also drops by today to talk a bit about his debut novel Grif’s Toy, and to give one lucky reader the chance to win an e-copy of the book

TuesdayL.B. Gregg was kind enough to take the time out of her writing schedule to answer a fiew questions for me on her There’s Something About Ari blog tour, and there’s a giveaway

Bottom Drawer Publications presents Meredith Shayne and the Cutting Out blog tour and giveaway

WednesdayJordan L. Hawk is here with an exclusive cover reveal her Brand New Series

Jay Northcote also joins us on the Nothing Series blog tour, with an interview and giveaway

ThursdayKeira Andrews is our guest today with a guest post and giveaway on the Semper Fi blog tour

Lisa Henry and J.A. Rock also stop by with an interview and giveaway on their Brandon Mills Versus the V-card blog tour

Friday – The holidays come early to The Novel Approach with Heidi Cullinan and the Sleigh Ride blog tour and giveaway

Then Derrick Knight joins us on the Miracle on Mistletoe Lane tour with a guest post and giveaway

SaturdaySandrine Gasq-Dion’s Strange Addiction blog tour makes a stop here with a giveaway


And that does it for the week ahead. Thanks for being here and, as always, happy reading!