3.5 Stars, Khloe Knight, Reviewed by Lisa, Self-Published

Khloe Knight’s “Always” Is A Sweet Coming Out Story

“You can’t stay in the closet forever, Damon. Someday secret little meetings and stolen kisses won’t be enough for either of us.” – Khloe Knight

Title: Always (Always #1)

Author: Khloe Knight

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 40 Pages

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Blurb: Jason has had a crush on Damon Nixon ever since he figured out he liked boys. After one fateful day at summer camp Jason’s dream finally comes true as he and Damon begin meeting in secret. But the waters of this new relationship are tested when school comes around and the weight of this secret becomes heavier than either boys expects.
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Khloe Knight, Self-Published

Khloe Knight Drops By Today On Her “Always” Blog Tour, And There’s A Giveaway

I’d like to say thank you to all of you who’ve already read Always. Never did I think anyone would love Damon and Jason as much as I did, but you guys are wonderful!


I’m a 25 year old mother and wife from Mississippi. I’m now also a writer and for me to say that somewhere public makes me so happy I could burst. I was a late bloomer when it came to reading novels, but after my first I started devouring every book in sight. I’ve had a love for writing ever since I was a little girl, although most of it was poetry. My mother used to read me Dorothy Parker poems as a kid and soon after, I discovered Frost, Whitman, Browning, and Rilke. I was a weird kid, but hey, I had a sense of humor. Fast forward to my late teens, after I discovered how much I love books as well, and I was starting to feel like I might enjoy trying to write a story. I had this amazing friend, who shall remain nameless, who happened to be the friend that got me reading all these great books. Anyway I was shy, always have been, and I expressed this deep desire for writing something to my friend. I remember her telling me to go for it, to just sit down and write whatever comes to mind and she would read it. So I did.

My first attempt at writing was both successful and unsuccessful. What started out as a need to create turned into something so much deeper. I once read something by Tim O’Brien that said writing is just “Redefining truth,” and that was what my first book did for me. It redefined some truths that I had to learn to face. This first work is still unpublished, and I’m not sure if I’ll ever be ready to share it, but it will forever be my baby because it was what lead me to starting this journey.

My mom was actually the one who got me reading M/M romances. She’s not the typical ‘bless your heart’, go to church every Sunday, let’s not curse in front of the children kind of mom, but she’s absolutely the coolest. Right away I was hooked on boys in love. There’s something so honest and rare about M/M romances that you just don’t get in a lot of other books. It’s not the only genre I love, but it’s probably the top of the list. Plus, let’s face it, guys are HOT together. I’ve had plenty of gay male and female friends over the years, and I’ve had them from all over the spectrum: in the closet, WAY out of the closet and proud of it, and those who were out, but still didn’t kiss and tell. So when I first sat down to write Always, I had plenty of stories to draw inspiration from. Bullying was also a big issue I wanted to address in Always, as I’ve had friends and family members seriously affected by it. Once I was done, even though it was short, I was ready to share it with the world, and self-published.

I sometimes worry that me being a married mom might deflect some readers of this genre, but I still think I did okay for my first time. After all, love is love, it’s all the same, right.

Never, the much longer sequel to Always, will be available on Amazon, May 2014. I cannot wait to share Dean’s story with you all.

Blurb: Jason has had a crush on Damon Nixon ever since he figured out he liked boys. After one fateful day at summer camp Jason’s dream finally comes true as he and Damon begin meeting in secret. But the waters of this new relationship are tested when school comes around and the weight of this secret becomes heavier than either boy expects.

Enter Dean Hardy. When the new openly gay bad boy takes an interest in Jason the stakes rise and it seems like there is no way to keep Damon’s secret and be happy at the same time. Will Jason and Damon overcome the pressure of being together? Or will Jason decide he doesn’t want to be someone’s secret any longer?


“Jason turned to face him as coolly as he could, leaning against his dresser. Damon’s eyes were tracking his every move. He looked furious and something else Jason had never thought he’d see, he looked possessive. “There a reason you’re here Damon? Because whatever it is, I’m sure you can get close if not more of the same thing from one of your cheerleaders.”

Then Damon was in his face, his bigger body crowding Jason’s, his muscled arms caging him in. “What the fuck was that in the hallway today,” he snarled.

Jason puffed out his chest some, getting more pissed by the second. “What the hell did it look like to you? And why do you care?”

“I see that asshole lay one more finger on you, I’ll. . .”

“You’ll what,” Jason yelled. “Not like you could do much more than sit and glower at us. And I swear to god if you ever push me again like you did today, I will push right back. I may take that shit off a lot of the assholes around here and I might have been in love with you for four damn years, but I refuse to take that from you!”

Damon pulled back, his dark eyes wide. “What do you mean you’ve been in love with me?”

Jason rolled his eyes. “What do you think it means? I’ve had a crush on you forever and never thought in a million years I’d get to have you, but when I do, I have to share you with half the female population at our school. You didn’t like seeing the way Dean touched me today? Try having that shoved in your face every single day. The only difference is that it’s by your damn choice, not mine.”

“What do you mean it’s by my damn choice and not yours,” Damon yelled back, their faces mere inches apart. “You chose this too! You chose to be with me too dammit!”

“And I guess I’m just getting a good look at what exactly that means.” The cool convicted tone of Jason’s words had Damon breathing harder.

Damon’s nostrils flared. “I mean it Jason. You’re mine. He needs to stay away from you if he knows what’s best for him.”

“I don’t belong to you,” Jason declared heatedly.

“You belong with me!”

Damon grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and claimed his lips in a possessive kiss.”



“I tried to concentrate on helping Jax get some more coffee in him when the music starts. The lights all around dim until the only light in the room is from the little votive candles sitting all about. When the first strums of the guitar begin, I don’t look up, but at the first words that pour from the microphone, my eyes snap up to the guy on the stage.

“Give me love, like her. Cause lately I’ve been waking up alone. Paint splattered tear drops on my shirt. Told you I’d let them go.”

His voice was like warm honey and whiskey; sweet but a little rough, something that envelops and warms you, but keeps you coming back for more. I know that might sound like an awful lot to catch from just a few chords of a song, but I was transfixed. He was a lot cuter the closer I looked. His jet black hair was styled in the obvious yet loveable fohawk and in the dim light I could make out the strong inked muscles of his arms as he strummed the guitar. A lip ring winked at me from movements of his full lips as he sang and even though I’d never thought facial jewelry particularly hot before, he seemed to make it an exception. His eyes seemed trained on me and I felt my face grow warm at the intensity of his gaze. I couldn’t tell what exactly his eye color was, but they were light enough for me to drown in. I sat there, drunk friend forgotten, openly staring at this guy as he begged someone to give him love. I’d never heard the song before, but it was beautiful, even as he stopped playing and started patting his guitar in a beat while he continued to sing. If his eyes strayed from me they didn’t stay gone for long and I found myself holding my breath every time they found their way back. Every chord, every word from his lips seemed to flow over me in an almost physical caress, until I was so turned on I was ready to drag him off stage and break in the new apartment. When the song ended and the lights came back on singer hottie stood and thanked the audience before sitting down the guitar and making his way toward me. I kept running over and over things in my head that I wanted to say to this beautiful, talented man that would not make me sound like either an idiot or some kind of fan girl which would also make me an idiot, but I was drawing a blank. He stopped once he stood before me and I quietly gasped at his eyes which were so light green they almost appeared gray. I fiddled with my fingers as we stared each other down, not wanting to be the first to say something. Did he want to hook up? Did he want to hit me for staring at him like I wanted to fuck him in front of god and everyone because I was pretty sure that was the face I was making. Finally he spoke and his eyes narrowed the littlest bit as he did. “I don’t believe I know you.”

Huh? Did he know everyone in Denver or something? What the hell was that suppose to mean?

“Big brroder,” I heard Jax slur behind me as he started to stir. “You singded good maaan!”

My head snapped up to meet hottie’s gaze again. “Did he say brother?” Please god tell me he did not just try to say brother.

“I believe he did. I’m Riker.” He held his hand out to me, suddenly all business like. “You’re Dean right?” I nodded dumbly. How the hell did I just find the hottest guy in Denver and he turns out to be my best friend’s brother?”

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