4 Stars, Genre Romance, L.M. Somerton, Reviewed by Lana, Totally Bound

Review: Testing Lysander by L.M. Somerton

Title: Testing Lysander

Author: L.M. Somerton

Publisher: Totally Bound

Pages/Word Count: 191 Pages

At a Glance: Testing Lysander is a solid adventure story that I enjoyed and recommend for a fun read at the pool.

Reviewed By: Lana

Blurb: Feel the fear and do it anyway.

Extreme photographer Lysander Brock is accustomed to challenging places and situations but nothing can prepare him for the journey that his dominant lover, Kyle Dawson, takes him on.

A commission to photograph the cloud forests of the Colombian Andes becomes the cover for a dangerous mission to expose a terrorist group. Kyle and Lysander must negotiate treacherous terrain, a hazardous climb and unexplored caves to achieve their goal.

When Lysander is captured and tortured, he has no expectations of rescue. He understands that his life comes second to the mission but Kyle has no intention of leaving his beautiful, submissive lover in the hands of a madman. Kyle can deal with the intense pressure of fighting lethal enemies but the guilt of pushing Lysander into a life he never asked for is much harder to accept.

Lysander and Kyle journey together into a life of adventure, Dominance and submission, and an uncertain future.


Review: Testing Lysander is a follow up to the short story Picturing Lysander, and while this is a good second story, it wasn’t as fun and exciting as the first for me. It was definitely enjoyable and worth the read, and I was not disappointed, but I was not as wowed as I was by the first book.

This story picks up where Picturing Lysander left off. Brock and Kyle are getting ready for their photography expedition to South America, but it’s really a covert mission to gather intel on local terrorists. Brock is an adventure photographer, and Kyle is an undercover spy. I highly recommend reading the first story to get a feel for their history together, and why they are together in the first place. It’s pretty good. In this book, they get to know each other better, Brock needing to submit to Kyle and Kyle needing to take care of Brock. I like them as a couple and they are very believable.

The actual mission is a bit farfetched, so you have to lower your reality meter, but it was still fun to read. Kyle and Brock have their HEA, and it’s just what you’d expect. Testing Lysander is a solid adventure story that I enjoyed and recommend for a fun read at the pool.

I hope Kyle and Brock are back for more.



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3.5 Stars, BDSM/Kink/Erotica, Drama, Genre Romance, L.M. Somerton, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Jules, Totally Bound

Double-Header Review: “Rasputin’s Kiss” and “Evil’s Embrace” by L.M. Somerton

PicMonkey CollageTitle: Rasputin’s Kiss and Evil’s Embrace

Author: L.M. Somerton

Publisher: Totally Bound

Pages/Word Count: 222 Pages/178 Pages

Rating: 3.5 Stars Overall

Blurb: Rasputin’s Kiss — What if the last thing you felt was the kiss of a knife? Rasputin’s kiss is lethal. He’s a ghost-killing and disappearing into the night. With few leads and four bodies on his conscience, Detective Inspector Alex Courtney and his team are running on empty and it’s only a matter of time before Rasputin strikes again. When Alex recruits a young detective to play the part of his boyfriend and provide a tempting target for a killer, he knows he is taking a huge risk. He doesn’t expect Conor Trethuan to be a perfect potential submissive. When their mutual attraction becomes more, Alex has to face the conflict between his possessive instincts and the need to push his young lover into danger. Investigating their feelings has to come second to investigating the case. There’s no time to decide if what they feel for each other is real. With Rasputin closing in, they may not live to find out.
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