Dreamspinner Press, M. King

You Might Want To Consider Adding A Little “Filth” To Your TBR List

“Whenever she imagined her child, grown up without interference from a judgmental world, she imagined its male and female halves as complementing each other, and as being secretly, almost magically powerful.”–Kathleen Winter

Filth is the first book I have read about a transitioning main character. Toni is physically a man. She identifies as a woman. Toni is unable to afford the quality medical care or proper dosages of medication required to undergo such a major change. She buys her drugs online from Mexico and decides her own doses according to what she has read on the internet. Kel loves her to distraction. He supports them both by turning tricks. Toni used to work as a rentboy, but Kel can’t handle the thought of another man touching his “honey”, so he is now their major source of income, while Toni works part-time in a book store.
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