5 Stars, Reviewed by Jennifer, Samantha Cayto, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Totally Bound

Review: The Captain’s Pet by Samantha Cayto

Title: The Captain’s Pet

Author: Samantha Cayto

Publisher: Totally Bound

Pages/Word Count: 134 Pages

At a Glance: While filled with non-con and dub-con, this novel offers up a great sci-fi world and is the promising start of a series.

Reviewed By: Jennifer

Blurb: When a distant planet’s ownership is in dispute, conquering aliens turn defiant human males into pampered sex slaves.

In a not-too-distant future, a lopsided war has led to aliens invading and occupying an Earth settlement. Wid is a young colonist who has been caught harassing the aliens. He and his friends are rounded up and sent to an alien warship patrolling the disputed space. His fate is to serve as a sex slave for the ship’s imposing captain. Wid, at first, fights against his enslavement, but soon learns that not only does he stand no chance against the much larger and stronger captain, he isn’t sure he even wants to.

Like all Travian males, Kell is bound by duty to defend his people. Having risen to the rank of captain, he nevertheless chafes against the boring and endless patrol of the space invaded by the humans. His misses his family and constantly guards against his scheming first officer. He sees his reward of a human sex slave as more of a nuisance. Yet the pretty, fair-haired human’s exotic allure is hard to resist. He finds far more pleasure in the use of his pet than he would like.

Kept naked and leashed, Wid’s days are filled with boredom, while his nights wrapped in Kell’s arms turn from fear into pleasure. Even as the humans plot their escape, Wid and Kell form a bond and their growing affection cannot be ignored. When tensions boil over among the aliens, Wid and his friends may be Kell and his crew’s only chance for survival.

Reader Advisory: This book contains sex scenes of both non-consensual and dubious consent, as well as scenes of violence, abuse and torture.


Review: Before you purchase this book, please be aware of the reader advisory. This book has a lot of sex, and about 90% of it is non-consensual/rape or, at the very least, dubious consent. There is also a lot of violence in the form of abuse and torture.

That said, I liked this book way more than I should have, given the content, but the world was incredibly well crafted and the characters even more so. The non-con/dub-con, while difficult, serves the purpose of displaying how different humans are from the Travians. They hold very different codes of conduct.

In this novel, Earth is overpopulated and has sent humans to colonies on other planets. Wid and his family and friends live on the planet they call “Seven.” After arriving there and settling, they discover, while uninhabited, it belongs to the physically and technologically superior Travians. These aliens are humanoid but much larger, and with a different social structure. I loved that females were in charge of government and men served as the military. Girls go to school, boys are trained. It was nice to see women in a leadership role in a sci-fi novel. That doesn’t happen too often, especially in M/M novels.

After being caught misbehaving, Wid and friends are captured. The girl in their group is released, and you later find out it’s because she’s a woman, and the Travians respect her, even if she is a lowly human.

Again, pretty awesome.

What happens to Wid, Joel, Stuart and the others on the ship, however, is not awesome. They’re captured and as punishment, they are gifted as sexual pets for the Travian males. Gay or straight they are forced into beds every night, and while at first brutal, the rape (let’s not sugarcoat it) becomes less difficult. Their days are spent in relative leisure. Sure, they’re held captive, but they have all the food they could want, and healing waters. Doesn’t make what happens to them at night right, though.

Wid and Kell are fantastic. Wid is defiant and becomes the de facto leader of the boys. He also struggles internally. While he hates what happens to him, and his consent being taken away, he can’t help when his body reacts positively toward the Travian. And slowly he starts to warm up to him, even if he doesn’t want to.

Kell, on the other hand, is the captain, and he hates what he has to do, but he does it in order to keep control of his ship. If he didn’t, his crew would consider him weak, and mutiny. But he still manages to do his best for Wid, given their circumstances. He takes his requests into consideration, and when Stuart is mistreated, Kell takes him away from his owner and gives him to Narith, who is gentle with Stuart.

Even though it’s in the background, I really liked Narith and Stuart, and I hope to see more of their relationship develop. I want to know what happens behind their doors because, despite everything, they seemed so affectionate towards each other, and it warmed my heart.

There are some tense moments at the end of the book that involve a mutiny and rebellion, but it was awesome, and I don’t want to give any of that way. Just know that I really enjoyed this book and can’t wait to read the next in the series. If non-con and dub-con doesn’t bother you too much, I recommend checking this one out.



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