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This Is A “Summer School” You Just Might Like

“You can’t look back—you just have to put the past behind you, and find something better in your future.” ― Jodi Picoult

What happens to a man that has been in a relationship for eight years when he finds out that his long distance love affair has fallen apart. Well, for Jeremy Decker it means that he has maxed out his credit cards trying to keep the failing relationship together. Unfortunately, he finds out that David was cheating on him and he ends the relationship. Now he finds himself thirty years old, single and in debt up to his eyeballs. So this is how Jeremy finds himself teaching summer school to make the money to pay off his credit cards. That’s not even the worst part, he is teaching 16th century history and he is a literature teacher. He even admits to not knowing when the 16th Century was. To top everything off with a freaking cherry; it is the hottest summer in years and Jeremy feels like he is in hell.

One thing Jeremy didn’t know was that the school hired a teaching assistant for him. So we meet Lucas Van Sloan, a college student who just so happens to be a history major. The only downside to this situation is the fact that Lucas is just about everything Jeremy likes in a man, even if he is slightly on the young side. Lucas has a slim swimmer’s build with long blond hair and a glass half full outlook that draws Jeremy in no matter how hard he tries to fight it.

During the hottest part of the summer Jeremy’s air conditioning goes out and he is about to lose his mind from lack of sleep and is in serious danger of melting. Lucas sees this as an opportunity to get what he has been dreaming of, Jeremy under his roof. Lucas is house sitting for a friend for the summer and he convinces Jeremy to stay with him, just until his a/c can be fixed ofcourse. Once Jeremy moves in Lucas puts on the full court press and after just one week the two men are sharing a bed and getting to know one another better.

Jeremy and Lucas spend their days teaching and their evenings having dinner together, cuddling in front of the tv and sharing an evening swim. Both men are slowly falling in love with each other, but neither man has the courage to put their feelings into words. About two months into their relationship Lucas gets blindsided when David shows up at the school to get Jeremy back. For some reason, David can’t seem to understand why Jeremy doesn’t want him back. The unanswered phone calls and emails weren’t evidence enough for the man and Jeremy realizes that his going to have to spell it all out for David once and for all.

Seeing David and Jeremy together puts all kinds of doubts in Lucas’ mind. It’s not until Jeremy sends David packing that Lucas can breathe easy and he finally feels secure in their relationship. After a brief separation while Lucas visits his family both men realize they love one another. Love doesn’t always win in the end though. How will these two men be able to make it work when Lucas is twenty-one and still in college and Jeremy is thirty and ready to settle down? Well, you will just have to read the book to find out! :)

I liked getting to know these two men as individuals and as a couple. The internal dialogues were wonderful and their sex was off the charts. I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves a great romance mixed in with their angst. So give Jeremy and Lucas a try and you might just find that you liked them as much as I did.

Reviewed by: Jackie

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Small Gems – The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall by Tam Ames

Wear your heart on your skin in this life. – Sylvia Plath

God, I’m a sucker for hot men with tattooed flesh. And stories about hot men with tattooed flesh make my mind wander all over the muscular landscapes of smooth, inked skin. And yes, that makes me shallow, but it also makes me happy, so there.

And apparently I’m not the only one who shares an affinity for muscular tattooed men. Spence Brownley does too, and this is his story; well, his and Vander Jarvis’s story, actually—The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall, a sweet and sexy little quickie about a strong and confident older man whose life is illustrated in artful ways on his body, and the younger and ever-so-adorkable guy who thinks maybe a tattoo would be a little bit of all right…if only he didn’t faint dead away at the sight of needles and blood.

It’s the story of their unplanned meeting in a tattoo parlor, their unlikely attraction to each other, and their undeniable connection that the reader doesn’t get to see develop beyond the first date, which is a bit of a bummer since I’d have loved to spend more time with them, but we do get a six months later that’s almost as good, or at least good enough, because we get to see them wear their hearts on their sleeves, or on their skin, whichever, and you can’t help but feel okay about their happy beginning.

Spence and Vander are two pretty loveable guys who, along with Tam Ames humor and warmth, made this one a pretty fun little read, though I’d have loved more than just a sip.

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Anne Brooke, Becky Black, Charlie Cochrane, Clare London, Elin Gregory, Elyan Smith, Emily Moreton, JL Merrow, JMS Books LLC, Jordan Castillo Price, Josephine Myles, Lillian Francis, Rebecca Cohen, Robbie Whyte, Sandra Lindsey, Tam Ames, Zahra Owens

Lashings of Sauce by UK MAT

“Variety’s the very spice of life, That gives it all its flavor.” – William Cowper – The Task and Other Poems

• Post Mortem by Jordan Castillo Price
• Dressing Down by Clare London
• Et Tu, Fishies? by JL Merrow
• Zones by Elyan Smith
• Sollicito by Charlie Cochrane
• A Few Days Away by Elin Gregory
• Vidi Velo Vici by Robbie Whyte
• Shelter From Storms by Sandra Lindsey
• Faulty Genes by Rebecca Cohen
• Lost in London by Tam Ames
• My Husband by Zahra Owens
• Waiting for a Spark by Lillian Francis
• Social Whirl by Emily Moreton
• School for Doms by Anne Brooke
• Dragon Dance by Josephine Myles
• Reclaiming Territory by Becky Black

Lashings of Sauce is an anthology that is truly a celebration of LGBT fiction and all its diversity, with sixteen equally fantastic short stories that run the gamut from lighthearted to erotic to poignant, as each author places his or her own personal and memorable stamp on this collection, giving me something to love about every story, whether it was the characters who made me laugh or those who touched my heart as they struggled to find an identity in a world where pronouns and Self are sometimes at conflict with one another.

Some of these authors are new to me, some are reliable favorites, but whichever the case they all delivered in a big way. It would take forever for me to list, story by story, what drew me into the lives of each of these characters, but suffice to say there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a fan of historical, paranormal, or contemporary fiction, and regardless of how you identify.

There are stories of new love, lost love, and renewal; stories of temptation and unrequited love; stories of healing and hope; stories that made me laugh out loud, smile, sigh, brought a lump to my throat, and a few of them were just flat-out, unapologetically sexy. Whatever the case, whatever the conflict, whatever the course, each of the characters found the way to the beginning of their happy ending. These are stories of loving unconditionally and finding the perfect someone who makes you feel perfect in yourself, discovering a common bond that makes you feel an uncommon joy.

I read this book, expecting with each story that I couldn’t possibly love the next as much as the previous. This is one time I can say I’m so glad I was wrong.

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