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Guest Post and Giveaway: Heavy Hitters by Taylor V. Donovan


Knocked Down By Machismo

Hello, everyone!

Those of you who have read my work already know my stories are mostly inspired by everyday situations. For those of you who have yet to read my work and have absolutely no clue what to expect, I’ll tell you realism is my “thing.” There’s no magic penis that’ll cure anything and everything, but there’s a strong desire to be happy. There’s love, commitment, and there’s hope.
I’ll always try my best to make my readers part of my characters’ journey. Now, it’s never a quick or easy road, but my readers tell me they feel emotionally invested by the time they reach The End… or The Beginning. It always depends on which story they choose to read first. ;-) Continue reading

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Hello from Disney World! Yes, it’s been a fun-filled week with Mickey and Minnie, and after a week of GRL just before, I’m so ready for my couch and my Kindle and little else.

I hope you’ve all had a fantastic week, filled with lots of good books. Here’s what we’ve got scheduled in the week ahead.


Monday – Kicking off the week, we welcome Eva Lefoy on the Darkest Flowers blog tour, with a giveaway

KJ Charles also joins us today on the Flight of Magpies blog tour

Tuesday – Author M.A. Church joins us today on her Be My Human Blog Tour, with a giveaway

Taylor V. Donovan is also here today on her Heavy Hitters Blog Tour

WednesdayAlexis Hall stops by today on his Prosperity Blog Tour

Alex Beecroft also joins us with an interview on The Reluctant Berserker Blog Tour, with a giveaway

ThursdayL.A. Witt is our guest today on the Precious Metals Blog Tour

We’ll also welcome Belinda McBride on the Prince of Faith Blog Tour, with a giveaway

FridayGarrett Leigh stops by today on the Slide Blog Tour, with a giveaway

We’ll also host Nico Jaye with a Book Blast and Giveaway of her short story A Time for Loving

And be sure to watch for the second installment of “Dinner and a Book with Piper and Poppy”

SaturdayJack Byrne joins us today on the Dingo Run Blog Tour

Eden Winters will also be here with an exclusive excerpt from Manipulation, featuring more Lucky and Bo, and there’s a giveaway

Sunday – And closing out the week, Margie Church drops by to chat a bit about her new book Coming Back for Drew, the sequel to The Camera Never Lies


And that rounds out the week ahead. Until next week, happy reading!

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Rumor Has It In Taylor V. Donovan’s “Hearsay”

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” – Lao Tzu (quoted in Hearsay)

Title: Hearsay (Bylaws #1)

Author: Taylor V. Donovan

Publisher: Self-Published (TVD Books)

Pages/Word Count: 299 Pages

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Blurb: Senior associate attorney Derrick Swain wants it all: a loving husband, a fulfilling career, and a couple of kids. After years of hard work he’s on the fast track to a promotion. He’s also met the man of his dreams. A week of daily lunch meetings in Central Park provides the perfect setting to get to know him better, and Derrick thinks it won’t be long before they take the next step and go on a date. But instead of asking him out, the object of his affection stops showing up without explanation, leaving him to wonder what went wrong.
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It’s Not Hearsay – Taylor V. Donovan’s Here With A Giveaway





Petitioner and Believer in The Fairy Tale,




Respondent and Prince in Distress.




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Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Hi, everyone, I hope you’ve all had an outstanding week. We’ve got another fun-filled seven days coming up, with more guest posts, interviews, giveaways and reviews to come.

Here’s what’s on tap for the week ahead.

MondayTaylor V. Donovan kicks off the week on the Hearsay Blog Tour

And Kris Jacen drops in as well, with a guest article about con etiquette

TuesdayHayden Thorne drops back in for a visit to promote her new book Wollstone, and she’s also offering a giveaway

WednesdayAnais Morgan is our guest today with a guest post and giveaway

ThursdayJordan L. Hawk stops in for a Countdown to GRL visit and to chat a bit about the latest book in the Whyborne & Griffin series, Necropolis

FridayNikka Michaels is our guest on her Lip Service Blog Tour, and there’s a giveaway

SaturdayRain Carrington is our guest with a Backlist Book Bump and giveaway

SundayPaul Alan Fahey is here with a guest post and giveaway for his latest novel Too Long Among the Dead

And that rounds out the week ahead. Until next week, happy reading!

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Happy Sunday, everyone, I hope you’ve had a great weekend! We’re closing out the week here at The Novel Approach riding high on the news that we’ve been selected as a Featured Blogger at GayRomLit 2014, and along with that, we have the privilege of participating in a multi-blog celebration to countdown the months and weeks and days until October 16, 2014.

We’re still finalizing schedules, but let me assure you our roster of visiting authors is nothing less than impressive, and the fun starts this coming week with none other than Rhys Ford, so don’t miss it.

Not only that, but we’ve also got more RainbowCon Countdown celebrating to do too. It promises to be a great week.

Here’s what we have on tap!

MondayKindle Alexander arrives today on the Always blog Tour, and there’s a giveaway to go along with the visit

We’re also participating today in the cover reveal for Elizabeth Noble’s newest novel Run for the Roses

TuesdayRhys Ford is here today to kickoff the GRL Countdown Celebration. In case you haven’t heard, Dirty Deeds (Cole McGinnis #4) is being released March 28th, and Rhys is here with an interview and giveaway

And speaking of releases, perhaps you’ve heard of a little book called Grand Adventure, coming from Dreamspinner Press on March 31st? Well, we’re doing our own little pre-release celebration and giveaway, so stay tuned

WednesdayVJ Summers is our guest today, when she stops by on the RainbowCon Countdown Celebration

Tia Fielding also drops by today on her Mirage blog tour, with an interview, excerpt, and an exclusive look at the Mirage playlist

A.J. Corza has also Got You Covered today with another great cover art review

ThursdayCassandra Carr is coming by today to talk a little bit about her Safe Harbor series

Draven St. James also drops by today on her Book Blast blog tour, and there’s a giveaway

FridayS.A. McAuley is our guest today on her Powerless (The Borders War #3) Blog Tour

Cornelia Grey also stops by with a guest post about the release of her novella Benjamin Pepperwhistle and the Fantabulous Circus of Wonders, a truly fantabulous story that first appeared in the anthology Weight of a Gun II

SaturdayCasey K. Cox is our guest today on her promotional tour of The Rise of Alec Caldwell blog tour. Alec’s journey is nothing less than an erotic tour de force, and there’s not only a giveaway but some very NSFW exclusive excerpts as well

Sunday – And finally, to close out the week, Taylor V. Donovan drops by on her Hearsay blog tour

And that does it for this week, folks! Stay tuned for more fun to come, and until next week, happy reading!

Taylor V. Donovan, The Joyful Approach

Be Forewarned – Taylor V. Donovan Wants To Give You “Heatstroke”!

Is It October Seventeenth Yet?

When GRL kicked off in October 2011 I was still learning my way around MM Romancelandia. I’d been reading gay romance almost exclusively for a few years already, and Six Degrees of Lust was under contract, but it wasn’t until April 2011 that I joined Goodreads. That’s when I really became a part of a specific genre reading community, and it was great. I was able to talk to others about the books I enjoyed for the first time, and I didn’t feel like such an oddball anymore. Needless to say, I was beyond excited when I found out there was an actual conference I could attend.

New Orleans is an amazing city. I’d visited it several times in the past, and always thought there’s something mysterious about it. Mythical… magical… That sense multiplied tenfold by the enthusiasm shared by the Gay Rom Lit attendees. Now, I know I’ll sound redundant but what the heck, I’ll say it anyway. The vibe was like magic in the air.

We all believed love comes in different shapes and forms. We all supported the right of our brothers, cousins, friends, and strangers to be out and proud with the man they love. And we all absolutely adored reading stories that convey hope.

Heatstroke_PrintCoverAt the time of GRL 2011 I only had one short story published. Heatstroke was inspired by a picture and a prompt, and what do you know, readers loved it. But promoting my work was the last thing on my mind. I wanted to hang out and have fun. I wanted to spend time with the friends I’d met online and meet more. And that’s exactly what I did.

GRL 2012 was slightly different. By that time I had a few published titles and decided to register as an author. But even though my badge identified me as such, and I participated in and/or hosted a couple of events my main goal remained the same: have fun and hang out with my friends.

This will be my third year attending Gay Rom Lit. It’s become a tradition. October is the time of the year when I get to see my author colleagues, my rocks and partners in crime, and all the readers I’m lucky enough to count as friends. I don’t believe GRL will ever be a promotional event for me. Yes, I’ll bring books and swag, but the one thing I’m really looking forward to is seeing you all.
I’ve come a long way in the past two years. I’ve published more titles and grown as an author, but Heatstroke will always have a special place in my heart. It wasn’t the first story I sold, but it was my first published work, and I can’t tell you how much your support and praise words for it meant to me.


About Taylor: Taylor V. Donovan is a compulsive reader and author of m/m romantic suspense. She is optimistically cynical about the world; lover of history, museums and all things 80s. She is crazy about fashion, passionate about civil rights and equality for all and shamelessly indulges in mind-numbing reality television.

When she is not making a living in the busiest city in the world or telling the stories of gorgeous men hot for one another, Taylor can be found raising her two daughters and her fur baby in the mountains she calls home.

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“Six Degrees of Separation” Heats Up This Series By Degrees

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” – Jean-Jacque Rousseau

It took six years to capture John Wayne Gacy, ten to catch Ted Bundy, and Gary Ridgway, two decades and a body-count numbering in the grotesque.

Leviticus’ murderous exploits haven’t lasted nearly as long or reached the Green River Killer’s numbers, but it has spanned several states and has targeted a very specific victim: all of them gay men, all of them fitting a very specific physical profile, all of them sacrificed for the greater good of the pure and the righteous. Lev is set to cleanse the world of their homosexual stain, one corpse at a time.

The psychopath who kills in the name of righteousness and virtue is still on the loose, but the FBI is very near to closing in on him. They know his motives, they know his profile, and they now know his name. The trick is going to be catching him before he has the chance to hurt anyone else and eliminates the one man he sees as the driving force behind his killing crusade. A kidnapping and case of mistaken identity came close to derailing the entire investigation, but Sam Shaughnessy and company didn’t become the best at what they do by giving up or by allowing the criminals to stay a step ahead of them for too long.

The Leviticus case hasn’t been resolved yet, but the case of the ever-evolving relationship between Sam and his not-boyfriend, Mac O’Bannon, moves toward a resolution that comes with some closure of past wounds and a revelation that Mac fears might send Sam away for good. One of the best things about this book for me was the evolution of Sam himself, (who can be the very definition of frustration at times!) and the way in which he and Mac finally make peace with exactly where they stand with each other.

As with the first book in the series, Six Degrees of Lust, Taylor V. Donavan has brought her ensemble cast of characters together for more intrigue, mystery, family drama, danger, romance, and some pretty steamy moments between the two men who play their relationship like a strategic game of chess, sometimes planning several moves ahead, sometimes taking a risk and sacrificing a piece of themselves for the sake of capturing the greater prize later in the game.

It’s easy enough to say I want everyone’s stories to be front and center in the next installment and will be happy with whoever comes next, but I would especially like to see what Ms. Donovan has cooked up for S.A. Logan Brandenburg and a certain someone. These characters are easy to like, and I even like the characters I don’t love so much for bringing a healthy dose of frustration into the lives of those they seem to live to torment.

Like a criminal investigation, the storyline in the By Degrees series is unfolding methodically, with twists and turns, false starts and careful plotting. I’ve become so invested in the solving of this case that I’m sorry (almost) that I read this book so quickly, knowing that there’ll be quite a wait for Book Three.

I’d definitely recommend giving this series a good seeing to in the meantime.

Reviewed by: Lisa

You can buy Six Degrees of Separation (By Degrees Book 2) here:

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A Sneak-Peek At The Coming Week!

The Joyful Approach Countdown To GayRomLit 2013 is in full swing, and so far the reception has been pretty spectacular. In case you missed it, I have the full schedule posted HERE, including links to the posts that have already gone live, both here and at Joyfully Jay’s place. Some of those giveaways are already closed, but you can still go check out what the authors had to say. I’ve also added another author to the celebration, so watch out for Carter Quinn’s visit on October 1st!

This Week’s GayRomLit Visitors include:

M.A. Church on August 26th, with a giveaway of her new book, Shadows in the Night
On August 27th, Lily Velden will be here with a giveaway of her latest release, The Race Is On: Book 2 How the Light Gets In
Wednesday, the 28th, we’ll be hosting Shannon West, and she’ll be offering one lucky reader the chance to win her new book, Bloodlust

But wait, there’s more! We also have a couple of great authors visiting with us apart from the Joyful Approach Celebration.

On Thursday, the 29th, Josephine Myles will be here on her Junk Blog Tour. She’s offering a couple of great items to a lucky winner, including a sexy book tote and a $5 E-book gift voucher. She’ll be giving you a link to all the details in her post.

Finally, on August 30th, we’ll be hosting Taylor V. Donovan on her Six Degrees of Separation (By Degrees Book 2) Blog Tour. Stay tuned for details on what Ms. Donovan will be up to during her visit.

And of course, as always, we’ll have plenty of reviews coming too. We hope to see you around for the fun!

Have a great week!


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Taylor V. Donovan’s “Six Degrees Of Lust” Might Leave You Many Degrees Of Anxious For A Sequel

“Some rules are nothing but old habits that people are afraid to change.” ― Therese Anne Fowler

Taylor V. Donovan’s Six Degrees of Lust is a novel that’s part murder mystery and part relationship mystery, with a heavy emphasis on the relationship and even more on the mystery of how Sam Shaughnessy and Mac O’Bannon are ever going to overcome the stop-sticks they keep throwing in the road they’re traveling toward something that could be more than the carefully planned sex-without-strings arrangement they’ve mapped out. Only time will tell.

There’s a serial killer on the loose, and he’s systematically preying on young gay men in several states. If he can’t save these sinners from an eternity in Hell, he’ll gladly speed along the process in getting them there to save the world from their evil ways. This killer has a pattern, means, mode, and plenty of psychologically radical motives to justify raining judgment and retribution down upon the unholy predators who prey on other men, and it’s up to Sam and his crack team of agents with the New York Federal Bureau of Investigations to find the killer and bring him to justice.

Mac has some problems of his own to solve, as well, namely that he’d made a promise to his family five years earlier to stay in the closet for the sake of his father’s small town Texas political career. Years of pretending to be straight has taken its toll on Mac, who’s been hiding his sexuality from his best friends, and had spent years in a secret relationship with a closeted man who treated Mac like a dirty secret rather than a boyfriend. Now that the agreement Mac had made is set to expire in a matter of just a few short months, he’s counting down the days to living his life as a proud and openly gay man, while his family is busy reneging on their end of the bargain and trying to get Mac to give up the “phase” he’s going through so he can settle down with a nice woman and spare them the humiliation of having a gay son.

A chance meeting between Sam and Mac in the airport—Mac on his way into New York City, Sam on his way out—creates a few sparks. That is, if you can call it a spark when a lit match is introduced to a puddle of gasoline. A split second decision by the very emotionally unavailable Sam to give Mac a business card and an invitation for a hook-up leads to one of the most complicated beginnings to whatever it is they’re trying to build that I’ve ever read.

Six Degrees of Lust is an ensemble piece, which means that while Sam and Mac are the main protagonists in this installment of the series, they’re supported by a huge cast of players, including one who’s a cold-blooded, self-righteous killer, as well as those who have the potential to become the main characters in their own novels as this series moves forward. I was highlighting names on my Kindle like crazy as I was reading, because with as many people as were being introduced, I wasn’t sure until I’d finished who was going to be significant and who wasn’t. Well, guess what? I’m still not sure to some degree, because, although I could guess, I still don’t know who the killer is! Yes, Taylor V. Donovan’s thrown in some clues to decipher, but has offered a few likely suspects, so the serial killer is still on the loose and is free to continue terrorizing young, blond, and beautiful gay men well into the next book.

Sam’s carrying some significant baggage since the loss of his child and the end of a marriage gone horribly wrong, which is the linchpin of all his emotional hang-ups and the reason he doesn’t give anything of himself, or want anything from anyone in return. Until Mac, that is, a man whose skills at negotiating and navigating Sam’s moods and masks is slowly causing the agent to begin bending and outright breaking some of his own carefully constructed boundaries.

Patience. That’s what this book and series takes, patience. Don’t expect hearts and flowers romance, don’t expect everything to be neat and tidy by the end of this book. Do expect some steamy smexy bits, though, and to find yourself guessing at every turn who the killer is. Do expect to wonder whose books will be coming up next, too. I know I am. Also expect to ask yourself why is a young androgynous boy a significant cog in this machine, and will Sam and his team catch this psychopath before he has the chance to kill again?

I trust Taylor V. Donovan to know where she’s going from here and to get me there one clue at a time. I’m anxious to see where she’s taking me next.

**And as an addition, Taylor has written a free ficlet called 60 Percent Proof that gives in a little added detail to something very significant that happens in Sam and Mac’s relationship. Definitely don’t read this before you’ve read the book, but most definitely read it after.**

Reviewed by: Lisa

You can buy Six Degrees of Lust here:

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The Latest Edition Of Booyah! Books Is Out! Who Made The List This Month?

Every Month, Mary Calmes so graciously hosts The Novel Approach and gives us the chance to spotlight some of the books we thought were particularly recommendable reads.

If you’d like to see which books captured our attention in the month of July, head on over to Ms. Mary’s Place and see who made our list of top picks.

Cheers, and happy reading!


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Taylor V. Donovan Is Here Today To Talk About “Disasterology 101”, And She’s Offering A Giveaway!

We’re so pleased to have Taylor here visiting with us today. She has a new book just released with MLR Press called Disasterology 101, and she’s not only here today to talk a little bit about the book but also to offer one lucky reader the chance to win a FREE copy! (Contest details follow the excerpt below)

And now, please welcome Taylor!

TVD: Thanks for having me. :)

Q. – When did you begin writing creatively? Was there any one person who encouraged and inspired you to publish your work?

TVD: I’m a bit of an accidental writer. I hadn’t been dreaming up characters or creating stories in my head before writing Six Degrees of Lust. In fact, I started writing because of a very good friend of mine. She has been writing since forever and her dream was to get published. But she was having a bit of a hard time finishing her stories, so she asked me to collaborate with her. Anyone who knows me would tell you how…obsessive…I am about finishing what I start, and the idea was for me to attempt to write something with her, and keep her focused through completion of the book. So I got to work on it. The collaboration didn’t last long, though. As it turned out we had different styles, and that’s when I realized I actually have a style and a rather defined voice. I submitted Six Degrees of Lust five months later.

Q. – What was your first published book?

TVD: Six Degrees of Lust was contracted first, but while it was in edits I wrote and published Heatstroke, a free novella for the MM Romance Group’s Hot Summer Days event on Goodreads.

Q. – Have you always written M/M romance? What attracted you to the genre?

TVD: Always. I didn’t choose to write gay romance, though. I’m convinced it’s a calling. :-)

Q. – Let’s talk a little bit about your newest book, Disasterology 101. You delve deeply into the subject of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. How much research did you do to make sure you got Cedric’s affliction just right?

TVD: The research process was intense and extensive. I read medical textbooks and testimonies; talked to people I know who are affected by either germaphobia or some form of ODC. I studied treatments, therapies and medication until I felt confident I had a sound basic knowledge of what would be Cedric’s condition. Then I sat down to write. This is a serious subject, and it was my responsibility to get it right.

Q. – Was he a difficult character to write?

TVD: Not at all. Once I knew how severe his condition was, he kind of guided me ’til the end. :)

Q. – Bruce and I both agree that the sense of anxiety while reading this book was pretty tangible, sometimes almost overwhelming! Did you ever worry at any point that Cedric’s own anxiety wouldn’t translate well on the page?

TVD: Every single day.

Q. – Did you have anxiety while writing the book?

TVD: Absolutely. Like I mentioned before, I took on a serious issue that could be a trigger to many readers. It was important I got it right, both for Cedric and for every OCD patient out there that might read Disasterology 101.

Q. – Were you ever tempted at any point to come up with a “magic fix” for Cedric’s OCD?

TVD: No. That’s not realistic. It isn’t the way it works for OCD patients. They can take medication, go to counseling and therapy and get better as a result, but there’s no cure for them in real life. They face the challenge to cope and find ways to live their lives to the best of their capability, and I’m anal when it comes to details and accuracy. Cedric was never meant to be “fixed”.

Q. – This might seem like a silly question, but I’m going to ask it anyway. Was it a conscious choice to make Cedric British, or did he just show up in your imagination that way?

TVD: I knew from the very beginning there was a dichotomy between who Cedric seemed to be and the man he really was; between his physical appearance and his behavior. In my imagination he looked like a thug, but sounded posh. And I actually thought the word “posh”. He was British from the get go. :)

Q. – I don’t want to dismiss Kevin and the importance of his role in Cedric’s life, so let me ask you this: which character came to you first, and how did you decide that Kevin—this recently divorced, not even out of the closet yet, inexperienced in his sexuality dad to three kids—would be a perfect fit for Cedric?

TVD: Cedric came to me first. As complicated as he was, he needed a man who was understanding, patient and rock solid. A man who could deal with the unexpected and be able to roll with the punches. Life isn’t perfect though, so of course he’d come with his own set of baggage, and I knew Kevin’s experience with kids and the chaotic environment they often create would come in handy when it came to dealing with Cedric. :)

Q. – What made you decide to write a ten year age difference between these two men?

TVD: It wasn’t a conscious decision. Once I knew he was a father of three it was only natural he’d be significantly older. He needed time to make those babies, build a life and ultimately get divorced before meeting his guy.

Q. – Do you have news of any works-in-progress you’d care to share with us?

TVD: Currently I’m editing Six Degrees of Separation, the second installment in my “By Degrees” serial, and also working on a story about gay Puerto Rican guys dealing with taboos and machismo that’s set in Puerto Rico. Homosexuality isn’t widely accepted in my country, and that’s something I want to explore and write about.

Q. – Where can readers find you on the internet?

TVD: I’m all over the place.
And you can also visit My Website, but I warn you, I don’t update it as often as I should! LOL

Q. – Would you be willing to share an excerpt of Disasterology 101 with us?

TVD: Of course. This excerpt takes place during a conversation between Cedric and Kevin where they discuss the possibility of getting together. Enjoy!

Disasterology 101: Excerpt

Kevin had always had a thing for architecture. He was a big fan of the structures Greenbriar built all over the world, and it had just dawned on him that eventually, some of them would be Cedric’s designs. Had circumstances been different Kevin would’ve loved to talk to him about his job.

Instead he was about to turn him down.

Kevin decided to do it during the second class break. He didn’t think it was appropriate for him to approach Cedric while the class was technically still in progress, but he couldn’t deal anymore with the heated—albeit brief—looks Cedric kept casting his way. And he especially didn’t want to wait until everybody had left. He didn’t trust himself. If they were alone and that pretty young thing decided to kiss him again, Kevin might not be able to resist.

Cedric left the room during the first break, but for the second he told the students he’d see them in fifteen minutes and stood in front of the board. He was still facing it when Kevin approached him. It was the weirdest thing. He wasn’t writing. He wasn’t even moving. He just stood there and—

“Are you counting?”


He surely was. That was the second time Kevin had seen him do that. And Cedric didn’t stop to answer. He just held up his left hand, a clear sign he didn’t want to be interrupted, and continued counting until he reached thirty. Then he turned around, and damned if he didn’t look as if he’d just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

“You should be out with the rest of the class,” Cedric muttered, not quite making eye contact with Kevin. “I didn’t mean for anyone to witness that.” He didn’t explain what “that” was, and Kevin didn’t ask.

“We need to talk.”

“We’ll talk after class.”

Cedric tried to walk by him. Kevin didn’t let him pass. “We’ll talk now.”

“You’re too close.”

“Excuse me?”

“I can’t have you breathing on me like that. Not when I haven’t prepared for it.”

“Does this have anything to do with your issue with germs?”

“How did you know I have an issue?”

“You’re kidding me, right?” Kevin couldn’t hold his sardonic chuckle back. “I don’t get you. I really don’t. You can’t handle me breathing near you, but you can—” He glanced at the door to make sure they were still alone. “You’ve kissed me and stuck your tongue in my mouth, and for some reason that I can’t even understand you want to have sex with m—”

“You want to have sex with me too.”

“That’s not the point,” Kevin growled. “How the hell are we going to manage sex if you can’t handle my germs?” he finished in a very low voice. “Anal sex is a messy thing, you know?”

“It can be a little complicated but there are ways around it,” Cedric said, glancing at Kevin from under those long, thick lashes of his. Kevin’s throat was suddenly so dry he had to gulp several times. “I know my limits, and it isn’t the same when I’m the one making the moves.”

“How is it different?”

“This is not the time or the place to discuss this.”

“It’s going to have to do.”

Cedric shook his head and moved toward the door. “Come with me.”

Kevin followed him to the floor’s emergency exit and up the stairs, all the way to the roof. Good. They had a little privacy. He felt much better knowing there wouldn’t be any accidental witnesses.

The moment the roof door closed behind him Kevin repeated his question. “So how is it different?”

“I have control.”

“That doesn’t explain how it’s different.”

He shouldn’t be asking this. Considering he had no intentions of being with Cedric, it was information Kevin didn’t need. But he couldn’t resist.

“You’d have to cooperate.”

“In order to cooperate I’d have to understand what the he—”

“There’s a time limit for things,” Cedric mumbled.

“What does that mean?”

Cedric shoved his hands inside his pockets and paced in front of Kevin. “And there are things I’ve never tried to do… that I’m afraid I’ll never be able to do.”

“What things?” Kevin couldn’t remember any other time when he’d felt as exasperated as he did at that moment. “Come on, Cedric. How’s a man supposed to score with you if he doesn’t know the rules?”

Cedric didn’t answer. He didn’t move for the longest time, and didn’t seem to be breathing either. “Thank you for coming back to class, by the way,” Cedric finally said, his words followed by a tug of his lip ring. His had to be the pinkest, most tempting tongue in existence. “But you should know I would’ve called had you not been here tonight.”

Kevin sighed and ran his fingers through his hair. “Please don’t do that.”

“Don’t call you?”

Kevin nodded. He’d never be able to resist Cedric if the guy decided to actively pursue him. “This has to stop.”

“There won’t be any disciplinary actions against us, Kevin. I checked. Neither Greenbriar nor MCC will care if they find out we’re having sex. You don’t need to worry about that.”

“I’m…not… I’m not having—” Kevin shut his mouth, counted to five and started again. “I’m not having sex with you.”

“You just said you are.”

“What?” Kevin quickly reviewed their conversation in his mind, but came up with nothing. “When did I say that?”

“You asked about the rules,” Cedric clarified. “You wanted to know what it takes to score with me.”

“Okay….” Kevin took a deep breath and released it quickly. “That’s not what I meant.”

“I’m not taking no for an answer.”

“I can’t have sex with you.”

“You took a shower.”

“That doesn’t mean I was planning on having sex.”

Cedric glared at him. “You shouldn’t have taken a shower.”

“Had I known you would jump to the wrong conclus—Jesus!” Kevin took several steps back when Cedric leaned forward and sniffed his neck. “What are you doing?”

“You took a shower and now I can’t smell your sweat. Not that I can deal with it all the time, but once in a while is fine. As long as you run and take a shower right away. I like to see you sweaty and a bit dirty. Makes you look even sexier. ”

Kevin stared at him. Opened his mouth and then closed it again when he couldn’t figure out what to say. He rubbed his face with his hands and paced a little before coming to a halt in front of Cedric.

“Are you saying I stunk before?” He finally asked through gritted teeth.

Cedric slipped his tongue through his lip ring and tugged at it. Kevin’s misbehaved dick stirred inside his jeans. “You look upset.”

“No shit.”

“You didn’t smell at the sex shop, but the first day of class you did. Only a little, though. I wouldn’t even say you stunk, but you did smell. I could smell you. Drove me crazy, I have to say. I wanted you so much I almost threw you over my desk. I don’t remember being harder in my life. See, I have a very sensitive olfactory sense. Anything out of order and I break out in a sweat. Sometimes I even throw up. But I smelled you and I got hard and that’s why you can’t say you won’t have sex with me.”

Kevin was speechless. Amazed by the amount of information coming at him and completely confused by it. He was also charmed out of his wits by Cedric’s quirky behavior and his courage to continue to talk even though he looked as if he wanted the floor to open up and swallow him.

“So what are you saying?” Kevin asked after a few seconds of hard thinking. “That we have to have sex because you could smell me?”

“Because you didn’t make me gag right away.” Cedric moved so fast he was on top of Kevin before he could even register they guy had moved. When Cedric snatched Kevin’s hand and pressed it against himself, all thoughts escaped Kevin’s mind. “And because even when you’re being bloody contrary, I can see you want me and you still manage to get me hard.”


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MLR Press, Taylor V. Donovan

Bruce And I Offer Up A Double-Dose of “Disasterology 101”

Sometimes a book is just too good to pass up, so when that happened with Taylor V. Donovan’s newest release, Bruce and I decided to both take a shot at it to see if we’d see the book differently, coming at it from different points of view.

The saying goes, “No two persons ever read the same book.” Well, in this case, I’d have to say we might have disproved that theory just a bit.


“If it’s the end of the world, you and me should spend the rest of it in love. Can we create something beautiful and destroy it?” – Pierce the Veil “Disasterology”

So first the necessary part of the review, Cedric suffers from severe OCD and has moved from England to Manhattan hoping that the change in scenery and perhaps change in therapist will help him to learn to live a more normal life. Kevin is a recently divorced father of three who is just discovering and coming to grips with his homosexuality. Cedric and Kevin have a fleeting encounter in a sex shop. They are drawn to one another. A serendipitous meeting throws them together and they start seeing one another. Cedric and Kevin struggle to overcome their fears and they fall in love.

Yes, I know that tells you only the basic plot about this book and it sounds like the same old formula- boy meets boy, boy looks for boy, boy finds boy, boy dates boy, boy wonders if boy likes other boy, boy realizes he is in love with other boy, and they live happily every after. Well let me tell you this wonderful book is ANYTHING but basic or mundane. This book is wonderful and I am in love with the endearing Cedric and affable Kevin!!!!

Cedric has to be one of the most memorable characters I have encountered in a very long time. In fact, just thinking about him makes me want to squeal like a 12 year old girl at a One Direction concert. He is handsome, quirky, and severely disabled. Yet, Cedric struggles to make himself better to be with the man that he loves. The palpable anxiety that Donavan is able to manufacture in this novel surrounding Cedric’s OCD is like nothing I’ve ever encountered before. The anxiety practically leaps from the page and as a reader I found myself struggling with Cedric to make himself better so he could live a more normal life in order to be with Kevin. Kevin on the other hand is masculine, affable, loving and understanding, and only wants to love Cedric and help him to overcome his disabling disease. I so hope that there is a follow up to this wonderful novel, because as the book ended I found myself wanting more. Donavan certainly broke the mold of the same old storyline and tells a fresh, magnificent story about disability and how love does conquer all! Great job!!!

Reviewed by: Bruce


Full disclosure: I am a complete sucker for books with a main character burdened by an affliction. I don’t even care what that affliction is: blindness, deafness, a physical or psychological disability, it matters not. I just wrap myself up ever so tightly in my super delusional savior complex cloak and go to work wishing I could make that person all better before the end of the book.

Taylor V. Donovan has tackled Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder in Disasterology 101, and has done so in a spectacular fashion, not painting Cedric Haughton-Disley into a mild corner of the disease. No, Cedric’s disorder is a screaming, full-blown Jackson Pollock chaos splattered portrait of OCD, and I don’t mind admitting there were times that Cedric’s crawl-out-of-his-skin-and-into-his-own-head detachment gave me my very own case of anxiety. It was a pitch perfect depiction by the author that elicited this not so simple reaction in me, and I don’t think it could have been any less subtle but any more realistic if it’d tried.

Disasterology has been defined as the act of creating something just to destroy it. Disasterology is the study of adversity. It is the story of Kevin Morrison, a divorced father of three children who is only just beginning to explore his sexuality, something he’d denied himself throughout the fifteen years of his marriage and before. Kevin’s life is the picture of perfect chaos and he is Cedric’s foil in every way, the very definition of disorder that’s introduced to a man whose psyche demands perfect order. Kevin and Cedric are a sharp contradiction, and the way they met should have been a full-stop disaster, but Cedric is nothing if not obsessively focused and the two men do eventually try to create something, only for Cedric’s disease to undermine it at nearly every turn.

There is nothing at all normal about the way Cedric and Kevin’s relationship evolves through all the challenges Cedric’s way of coping presents, and the demands he must make upon Kevin simply to maintain and function, or not function as the case may be. But normalcy is fluid, especially when one is willing to adapt to a new definition of the word.

Disasterology 101 is an opposites attract story. It’s a story of patience and perseverance and sometimes, a study in frustration. This isn’t your typical guys meeting and falling in love romance. This is a relationship constructed of hoops to be jumped through and obstacles to be overcome and concessions to be made. And it must also be about unconditional love because that’s the only kind that could possibly face down Cedric’s dysfunction.

One of the questions I asked myself when I finished this book was if Taylor V. Donovan’s writing was powerful enough to convey Cedric’s suffering. The answer is a flat-out, “you better believe it is.” This was a couldn’t-put-it-down read for me. The anxiety doesn’t let up for a moment, which is one of the things I loved about it so much, and was really just a big bonus when added to the fact that I also loved the characters in each of their roles, even when there were times I didn’t like them so much.

The unlikely romance sharing space alongside Kevin’s coming-out and Cedric’s disease added layer upon layer to this novel. It left me wondering what has happened to these two men after The End, because the author doesn’t pull out any unrealistic fixes or miracle drugs to cure Cedric. His OCD is always going to be a third party in this relationship, so I guess all we can do is count to thirty and hope for the best.

Reviewed by: Lisa

You can buy Disasterology 101 here:

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Small Gems – Heatstroke by Taylor V. Donovan

Free Download Here

Sometimes a book sneaks up on me.

I’ll be reading along, things will be going well, maybe I’m feeling happy with the way the story is progressing; it’s flowing a bit slowly and that works because the pace fits the somber mood of the story that’s being told.

Then suddenly there’s that “lightbulb moment,” the exact moment when the story turns, where something is revealed, where a character says or does something that changes the entire momentum of the narrative. But sometimes that lightbulb moment doesn’t necessarily illuminate like a one-hundred watt bulb—sometimes it’s like a flash fire, like Icarus flying too close to the sun, and when it happens, I feel as if I’ve melted just a little bit inside.

And that’s exactly what happened with Heatstroke, the story of a teenage boy whose family’s deep, dark secrets not only robbed a boy of his father, but also robbed that father of everything in his life he’d once held dear.

This is a story of sacrifice, a story about a young man in the 1960s who had it all—fame, fortune, a meteoric career in show business—and love: the greatest of all his blessings was the love. But in the 1960s, a time when mere gossip and innuendo, a time when the slightest whisper of an inappropriate relationship could ruin a man, the love that Richard and Manny shared was a love that they could never allow to see the light of acknowledgment in public. And it was that secret, the surrendering of what was an all-consuming bond, and the discovery of that secret by a wife Richard didn’t love, that nearly destroyed two men’s lives, cost one his career and his child, and tore them apart.

Taylor V. Donovan tells this short but incredibly moving story through Michael Spencer, a grandson who never had the opportunity to know his grandfather but who comes to know him intimately through the journals the man kept over the span of a few short years. Michael learns about his true identity, learns he has a family history of which he was unaware, and comes to discover how very dear the cost was to his own father who’d paid a steep price for the lies of a woman whose hatred directed her every move.

Richard Bancroft is a larger than life character, though he never spends more than a few moments in the book. The words he wrote were his confession, his salvation, and ultimately, his damnation, but in the end, they also became his greatest comfort because they became the roadmap that would lead his son and grandson home to him again. They are the chronicling of a momentous and all consuming relationship with a man who would turn out to be the love of his life, though the life of that love was cut all too short by the threat it represented.

If you’re a believer that the truth is the light and that love will always find a way, give this FREE read a try. I’m absolutely glad I did.

FREE Download of Heatstroke HERE.