5 Stars, Jennifer Wright, Paranormal Romance, Pride Publishing, Reviewed by Jackie

Review: Athis Dey by Jennifer Wright

Title: Athis Dey (Finding Home: Book Four)

Author: Jennifer Wright

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 206 Pages

At a Glance: Jennifer Wright has written a fabulous series, and I cannot wait to see what is set for these men in the future.

Reviewed By: Jackie

Blurb: Is it truly better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all?

In Larken’s case, he isn’t so sure. He did love someone, then he lost them, and it hurt like hell. Now, Larken has to figure out how he’s going to get over it and find love once more. Then again, does he even want to care for someone so strongly for a second time? He’s had his heart broken once, and he fears it’s too soon to open up to someone else. But how can he really deny the new feelings that are growing inside him?

Khale, on the other hand, has yet to fall in love at all. It’s something he’s wanted his whole life, and now he finds that it may be within his grasp. Khale could love Larken with all his heart—he can see himself with the warrior for the rest of his life. But Khale also yearns for Vardel to finally accept him as his son, and this wanting misguides him, leading him into trouble. Now he needs Larken’s help—he needs the man he’s fallen in love with to save him, but he fears his secrets and possible betrayal will have ruined his chance of ever finding happiness.


Review: I have been a fierce fan of this series since the first book was released. I love the alternate universe setup and the Dragun and Vampire war. Each book in the series has given us a small yet significant bit of information to piece together the story. This book seems to be more focused on the relationship of Khale and Larken, though. Now, I have no problem with this at all. After the outcome of book three, I felt that Larken kind of deserved to have a book totally centered on him. Once I got to know Khale better, I felt the same way about him. These two tortured souls earned a HEA, but make no mistake, Ms. Wright didn’t make it an easy trip to that HEA.

Larken ended up in a downward spiral when he lost the man he loved. He found solace in drugs and meaningless sex. As we all know, these crutches can only last for so long before we have to truly face our demons. When Larken travels with his leader, he finds the one thing that could make facing those demons worth the heartbreak.

Khale is a man who suffers silently, and has suffered his entire life. From the moment of his birth his father has hated him, and nothing Khale does can change that. He just hasn’t realized that fact. When he meets Larken, he finds the thing he hasn’t even known he was looking for. Larken and Khale share one night together, and for this one night of perfection, Khale pays a very large price, one he has paid before.

When Khale pulls away from Larken to appease his father, Larken doesn’t know the suffering the man has endured, and he takes it as another rejection. Unfortunately Larken and Khale are going to be spending a lot of time together when Khale and his warriors accompany Larken and his warriors back to the coven’s stronghold after the coven is setup by the Council. What ensues is a push and pull between the men that results in them falling head over heels in love, but will that love be enough to overcome Khale’s longing for his father’s approval? Will he be able to stand strong on his own, and love the man Larken is, without worrying what his father will think?

This story is chock full of some racy sex scenes, some very tender loving moments, and plenty of action to keep you on your toes. There is a pretty large secret revealed about one of the Draguns, and this secret leads to what could be the end of Larken and Khale’s fragile beginning.

Jennifer Wright has written a fabulous series, and I cannot wait to see what is set for these men in the future. The characters in this series are very tough warriors, and they are all fairly messed up emotionally. The beauty of these books is the way in which love helps to heal them, but at the end of the day they have to heal themselves before their love can grow.

I would highly recommend this entire series, but it definitely needs to be read in order from book one.



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All Romance eBooks

4 Stars, Genre Romance, Pride Publishing, Reviewed By Carrie, Sean Michael

Review: Mashing by Sean Michael

Title: Mashing (Beer and Clay: Book Three)

Author: Sean Michael

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 125 Pages

At a Glance: In this book we see into the heart of Damon and Toby’s relationship; no new plot twists, no new antagonists, just a glimpse into the lives of these wonderful men.

Reviewed By: Carrie

Blurb: Life is good for Toby and Damon—maybe too good. What happens when someone seems intent on destroying their happiness?

Toby and Damon are growing closer every day, with Toby recovering from the shot to his shoulder and Damon trying to keep him from pushing too hard too fast. Things are good between them.

They’re even better in the bedroom, where Toby is learning all sorts of new things and Damon is happily pushing his limits.

They’ve almost forgotten that someone doesn’t seem as happy with their closeness as they are, when Toby walks into his studio to find it trashed and his little apartment ransacked. Are the authorities going to be able to apprehend the culprit before Toby decides the best course of action is to remove himself from the equation?


Review: Mashing is book three in the continuing saga of Damon and Toby – a D/s love story. The story begins in Malting and is brought forward in Milling. In this book we see into the heart of Damon and Toby’s relationship; no new plot twists, no new antagonists, just a glimpse into the lives of these wonderful men. The world is really coming together for these two, even with an unknown someone out there who wants to tear them apart. Toby is learning a lot about himself as a submissive and Damon is happily pushing his limits and supporting his growth. The scenes that play out between the two men are beyond hot. These two characters really fit together, and Sean Michael has created two men who complement each other very well. It is a pleasure to read their story.

“You’re not an audience. You’re….. You’re like home.”
“Oh baby, have I told you recently that I love you?”
“Yes, but you can tell me again. I like it.”
He laughed softly, utterly delighted – as usual – with Toby. “I love you more every day.”

Mashing is not a standalone, these books are a continuous story, so you have to go back to the beginning of the tale and start from there.



You can buy Mashing here:

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4 Stars, Elizabeth Coldwell, Paranormal Romance, Pride Publishing, Reviewed by Jennifer

Review: Vintage Pride by Elizabeth Coldwell

Title: Vintage Pride

Author: Elizabeth Coldwell

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 162 Pages

At a Glance: For those who like the Lionheart series, this book offers a detailed look at the elusive Jean-Luc.

Reviewed By: Jennifer

Blurb: He doesn’t believe in the paranormal. Can a gorgeous shifter prove him wrong?

Ethan Wayne is a paranormal investigator for the hottest reality show on TV, Spirit Seekers, but his love life is decidedly lukewarm. Reeling from a sudden break-up, he finds himself heading for France, where his team will be exploring the Château LeBlanc, searching for the ghost of a murdered kitchen maid. When he meets the château’s reclusive owner, Jean-Luc LeBlanc, the attraction is fierce and instant—but Jean-Luc is keeping secrets the skeptical Ethan could never have imagined.

Jean-Luc’s world collapsed with the death of his beloved Benoît. He no longer cares about producing his award-winning Champagne and even his closest family members can’t rouse him from his self-imposed solitude. The last thing he wants is a team of ghost hunters intruding on his privacy and discovering the truth of his nature. The realization that one of these brash Americans is destined to be his new mate seems like a sick joke. But soon Jean-Luc has bigger things to worry about than his distrust of humans. His home and family are under threat—can he do what it takes to save all he holds dear, and let Ethan into his heart in the process?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of violence, mild BDSM and references to multiple partners.


Review: Having read the second book in this series, Taming the Lion, which I reviewed previously, I enjoyed seeing Jean-Luc. After the last book I had a feeling he would be the star of this story, and I wasn’t disappointed. I enjoyed seeing him and Ethan get together. What was even better was the paranormal aspect. I love ghost hunting shows, so with that as an element of the novel, it just really worked for me.

Jean-Luc is still mourning the loss of his mate Benoît, and Ethan has no idea what he’s walking into when the ghost-hunting skeptic shows up at the chateau. But the two men are drawn to each other by destiny, and they can’t fight it.

It’s true things do happen pretty quickly, but given the circumstances (Ethan will be leaving soon, they’re destined mates, etc.), I was able to look past that. The one disappointment I had was at the end of the book. Like the previous novel, Vintage Pride could have gone on longer. I wanted to see more of what happened. For this one, I wanted to know how the rest of the crew would react when Ethan told them he would be staying behind with Jean-Luc to work on his book. How would they reveal their relationship to the crew? How would the crew react? It would have been great to see this, but it’s sadly left out.

Despite that, I continue to enjoy this series and would read more books if they were to come out. I recommend it to fans of shifters and novels with ghost-hunting.



You can buy Vintage Pride here:

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3 Stars, BDSM/Kink/Erotica, Megan Slayer, Pride Publishing, Reviewed by Sammy

Review: Constant by Megan Slayer

ConstantTitle: Constant

Author: Megan Slayer

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 90 Pages

At a Glance: Constant suffered from just a bit too much action in the bedroom, and not enough interaction between the two men outside that venue.

Reviewed By: Sammy

Blurb: He demands his submissive’s body and soul…but can he accept his sub’s heart?

Roddy Green never planned to fall in love and certainly not with his Dom, but every time he goes into Darkness, a fetish club, he falls for Vegas all over again. Being in love isn’t the same as being loved in return. Vegas is there to do a job—not to build a romance. But what if the main constant in Roddy’s life is also the one person he can’t live without?

Andrew Vegas knows his job. He’s a Dom. But there is more than one side to him and he’s tired of keeping the other parts of him hidden. One man makes him feel safe and comfortable enough to open up—his pet, Roddy. But will Roddy, the producer of a local news broadcast, want to be with a man with secrets?

Reader Advisory: This book contains references to light knifeplay.

Publisher’s Note: This book contains characters who also appear in Permanent.


Review: Roddy has been going to the BDSM club Darkness for two years. During that time he has been submissive to only one Dom, Master Vegas. However, recently the television network Roddy works for has undergone a transition in staff, making Roddy’s job much harder. His cub reporters and anchors are slow, unpolished and make Roddy’s job a stress-filled living-hell. When he finally gets an opportunity to return to Darkness and Vegas, he finds his Dom pursuing him for more than just play. In fact, Roddy has secretly been attracted to Vegas for quite a while, and now that the man seems to be returning his interest, the only question that remains is can the two men make a go of it beyond the BDSM scene? Can they both trust the other with their private lives in the real world?

Constant, by Megan Slayer, delves into the BDSM lifestyle that lives both in the club scene and in private. While this author writes a rather realistic portrayal of two men tentatively making their way from scene playing to love and partnership, the path taken was laced with an incredible amount of sex, given this was a novella and under 100 pages of text. I truly appreciated the moments where we saw both Roddy and Andrew Vegas grapple with being right for each other—good enough for each other. For Andrew, it was his dual role of community center coach/counselor warring with his paid status as a Dom for hire at a local club. His worries stemmed from the idea that were his darker side to come to the light, it may, in some way, affect Roddy’s position in the news arena.

Roddy, on the other hand, had little worries regarding his job, but dwelled more heavily on the idea that he was too nerdy, too common to attract the likes of such a handsome and well liked Dominant such as Vegas. When we caught glimpses of both characters’ inner turmoil, they seemed more real and more vulnerable. The story moved along and the plot developed. I felt like I was getting to really understand what motivated the actions of each man.

However, interspersed with these moments was way too much sex that did little more than make the storyline stutter and sometimes halt altogether. I understood the need to establish their D/s relationship, but one or two scenes would have been enough. I needed to see this love develop—perhaps read more of the backstory of how these two got to where they were. Instead, there was a lot of sex interspersed with some really thought provoking inner dialogue. I really wished for more substance and less sex.

Constant suffered from just a bit too much action in the bedroom, and not enough interaction between the two men outside that venue. However, it is apparent that Megan Slayer can write realistic and interesting characters, and that alone will bring me back to check out more of this author’s writing.



Constant is available for early download here:
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5 Stars, Angel Martinez, Bellora Quinn, Pride Publishing, Reviewed by Jennifer, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Review: Flax’s Pursuit by Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn

Title: Flax’s Pursuit (AURA: Book Two)

Author: Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 294 Pages

At a Glance: Fantastic second book in the series with returning favorites and new characters.

Reviewed By: Jennifer

Blurb: A murderer haunts the city, turning the unwary to stone. Between hunting this evil and corralling new arrivals, Flax struggles to guard both his life and his heart.

Quinn and Valerian have come through the trials of facing an undead lich queen and the perils of falling in love. Now they work to restore AURA to its previous strength and efficiency while navigating their new life with each other. Fortunately, they’re not in this alone.

Kai Hiltas has taken over as the head of the research department at AURA and has become everyone’s favourite workaholic, everyone except his lover Tenzin, who has had enough of his late nights and broken promises. As Kai tries to salvage his relationship, he finds a teacher for Quinn, who also happens to be one of Valerian’s new officers, Flax Wolfheart, a sexy elf with trouble written all over him.

Flax has motives beyond simply teaching Quinn to control his magic. He’s trying to recover from his own losses and failures, but he has a plan. The two newest elvish crossovers, Ash and Sage, are sizzling hot and might even like him. With them as backup as he tracks a deadly stone mage and figures out how to teach Quinn, Flax sees his chance to impress Val and snag a place by his captain’s side. On the hunt for both danger and redemption, Flax’s pursuit leads him ultimately down trails he never expected.


Review: If you haven’t read Quinn’s Gambit, the first book in the AURA series, you need to. The events from the first book are referred to, and the characters present, for the most part, are established in the first book. There are a few new additions which are great, but the book focuses just as much on Quinn, Val, and Kai as it does on Flax and the new crossovers.

Set after the incident with the Lich queen, Quinn and Val are settling into their new lives with each other and at AURA. Val is the new captain and Quinn works for them. Kai wants him trained, though, and he sets him up with Flax, a talented elf fairly fresh from the academy. Quinn and Flax don’t like each other at first for many reasons, and their relationship starts off rocky. Flax wants the captain, and he doesn’t think Quinn is worthy enough of him. He needs a relationship, and it becomes clear that what happens to Val in the first book is starting to happen to him. But will he find someone to bond with before it’s too late? And what about Kai and Tenzin? Kai stays at work late and breaks promises, and it pushes Tenzin to his limit.

My heart broke for half the book. The authors are really good at portraying characters that make me feel for their situation. I felt as if I was there with Flax as he realized the fading was starting, and when Kai watched Tenzin walk out the door.

As far as new characters go, Flax, Sage, and Ash are great. Their bond with each other grows throughout the book, and they plot to get both Val AND Quinn in their beds to form a senrist with them, because of Val’s heritage. I won’t lie, I really, REALLY wanted it to happen the more the book went on. I was with Quinn thinking about it, and while at first I was put off by it like he was, the more he thought, the more I did, and then the more I wanted it. It just seemed like a really good idea, and I wanted Flax to be happy. I love Quinn and Val alone, but Flax needed someone to love him. Thankfully, he does find that.

I look forward to the next book in this series. I have no idea what will happen, but I know I’ll love it just as much as the first two books.



You can buy Flax’s Pursuit here:

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Pride Publishing

Introducing Pride Publishing – The New Home for the Finest in GLBTQI Fiction

Pride Publishing Blogger Launch_720x300_final


Pride Publishing Blogger Launch_socialmedia_pride_0001_finalPride Publishing, a new house from the Totally Entwined Group, best known for its flagship erotic romance publishing house, Totally Bound Publishing has launched today – 7th July 2015.

This expansion and launch of Pride Publishing has been designed and implemented to give our GLBTQI authors and readers the platform and community they deserve to express themselves.

Pride Publishing will deliver publishing excellence with a passionate and personal approach, offering the best stimulation for the imagination.

The launch of Pride marks the division of all GLBTQI titles from Totally Bound’s backlist, allowing Totally Bound Publishing to focus more on and develop MF and MFM stories. Pride Publishing will kick off with a considerable backlist from authors you know and love including, Amber Kell, Carol Lynne, Bailey Bradford and NR Walker.

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Celebrate with Pride!

Pride Publishing Blogger Launch_250X250_finalTo celebrate the launch of Pride there is 25% off a selection of eBooks for this week only and lots of other promotions over at the website. Visit the website HERE

Moving forward Pride Publishing will also accept submissions that are not only romance focused. We are actively seeking submissions, so as long as your stories involve characters who identify as GLBTQI, we’d like to see them. Please send your submissions to Submissions at Totally Entwined

For more information please contact Holly Gunner or Heidi Blakey at Totally Entwined holly.gunner@totallyentwinedgroup.com / heidi.blakey@totallyentwinedgroup.com

rainbow dividerAbout Totally Entwined Group

Pride Publishing Blogger Launch_socialmedia_pride_0002_finalThe Totally Entwined Group is a leading eBook publisher in the UK and US and was founded in 2007 by Claire and Marek Siemaszkiewicz. It comprises of four publishing houses – Totally Bound Publishing (Erotic Romance), Finch Books (Young Adult), Pride Publishing (GLBTQI Fiction) and Evidence Press (Crime / Thriller). It employs 12 members of staff and publishes over 350 authors across UK and Europe, USA, Canada and Australia. Its flagship erotic romance publishing house Totally Bound Publishing, was winner of the “Best New Publisher Award” at the All Romance eBooks’ Best of 2007 Awards and was shortlisted for online retailer of the year at The Bookseller Industry Awards 2014. The Totally Entwined Group was recently acquired by Bonnier Publishing.

rainbow dividerAbout Bonnier Publishing Fiction

Bonnier Publishing Fiction is a division of Bonnier Publishing which encompasses the children’s imprints Hot Key Books and Piccadilly Press and adult fiction imprints Zaffre and Twenty7. Bonnier Publishing Fiction combines brand new voices with established storytellers to bring a broad spectrum of high quality and innovative fiction to all ages.

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Pride Publishing, Totally Bound

Totally Bound Publishing Announces A New Gay Fiction Exclusive Press

Totally Bound

Our flagship publishing house, Totally Bound Publishing, has been offering Erotic Romance books for eight years, working with more than 400 authors, and releasing six – nine books per week. We are a leader of erotic romance fiction in Europe and intend to keep expanding on that. Totally Bound Publishing will always be the Home of Erotic Romance and continue to publish the best quality Erotic Romance Fiction. 2015 sees the birth of three new publishing houses: Finch Books, Pride Publishing and Evidence Press, diversifying and expanding the group.

Our plan is to launch each house in fairly quick succession during the year, starting with Pride Publishing with a hopeful date of February/March. The main reason for this is to separate out our gay fiction from Totally Bound, leaving that to focus on hetero books and allow Pride Publishing to develop gay fiction more fully.

Finch Books will be our Young Adult division and we anticipate a launch late Spring of 2015. Evidence Press will be our Crime & Thriller publishing house and we anticipate a launch in the Autumn of 2015.

If you are interested in writing for these new and exciting publishing houses, please check out the submission calls on our website. For a taster, here’s our Pride Publishing submission call:


Pride Publishing Submission Call

• Pride Publishing is currently acquiring fabulous gay fiction from new and existing authors. All genres considered.
• There was, once upon a time, a notion that fiction more often than not had to include a hero and heroine at the center of it. Times have changed. This is the revolution, this is where we stand proud to say that gay fiction now has an independent place to call home, and this is your chance to become a part of it.
• 10 – 100k word count per story.

Please send your full manuscripts to submissions@totallyentwined.com with the header Pride Publishing Submission along with a synopsis in the first instance. We look forward to hearing from you.