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Video Excerpt: Spell Bound by Jacob Z. Flores


The Novel Approach is pleased to welcome Jacob Z. Flores today, with a video clip excerpt of his upcoming DSP release Spell Bound, Book One in his new series The Warlock Brothers of Havenbridge.

And now, here’s Jacob!


Hi, everyone! My name is Jacob Z. Flores, and I’m thrilled to be here at The Novel Approach. I have to thank my lovely hostess with the mostess, Lisa, for agreeing to let me hang out here today, where I’ll be sharing a short 2-3 minute video reading from my upcoming release Spell Bound.

I hope you enjoy this small glimpse into the magical world I have created. I know I had a blast writing it.


SpellBoundFSBlurb: Mason Blackmoor just can’t compete with his brothers, much less his father. They represent the epitome of black magic, strong, dark, and wicked, and though Mason tries to live up to his respected lineage, most of the spells he casts go awry. To make matters worse, his active power has yet to kick in. While his brothers wield lightning and harness the cold, Mason sits on the sidelines, waiting for the moment when he can finally enter the magical game.

When a dead body is discovered on the football field of his high school, Mason meets Drake Carpenter, the new kid in town. Drake’s confident demeanor and quick wit rub Mason the wrong way. Drake is far too self-assured for someone without an ounce of magical blood in his body, and Mason aims to teach him a lesson—like turn him into a roach. And if he’s lucky, maybe this time Mason won’t be the one turned into an insect.
Not surprisingly, the dislike is mutual and Drake does nothing to dispel Mason’s suspicion that the sexy boy with a southern drawl is somehow connected to the murder.

If only Mason didn’t find himself inexplicably spellbound whenever they are together, they might actually find out what danger hides in the shadows.

Buy Link: Dreamspinner Press

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Video Excerpt and Giveaway: Always Have, Always Will by BJ Sheppard


The Novel Approach is so honored to be kicking off BJ Sheppard’s Always Have, Always Will Blog Tour today, and to be bringing you some very exclusive content to celebrate the book’s release at Wilde City Press.

Not only did this very dapper man do a video reading from the book for us, but he has also revealed that his well of talent runs deep. The song he’s shared with us today? Yes, he not only composed it, but that’s him performing it as well.



Title: Always Have, Always Will

Author: BJ Sheppard

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Length: 64 Pages

Genre: Gay Fiction, Contemporary 

Blurb: Imagine losing everything you ever loved in the blink of an eye. For Clayton Palmer, that terrible fate has just become a reality as he buries his lover, Gregg, after a brief and futile battle with cancer. Now, in the house in which they shared their love for all those years, Clay’s own life is slowly fading. In a war with his ailing body, Clay reminisces over the life they shared. Knowing time is running out, memories of their joy and sadness come to him; vignettes forming a road map back to the man he always loved; always has and always will.

Buy Links: Wilde City Press, Amazon, ARe


Bj SheppardAuthor Bio: My name is BJ Sheppard and all at once I found myself an author. Such a strange sensation to actually feel you deserve the thing you had aspired to for many years. After all, all it took was computer access and an inner world that reads like a Sheryl Crow song to pound the keys and translate my crazy ideas onto the page. I feel like I could have business cards printed. Maybe wear a black roll neck and perch my glasses on the tip of my nose. I could drink whisky and smoke a cigar and do all those really stereotypical things I imagine all writers do. Perhaps I could get laid a little more? This is not the end. Nor the beginning. Hell, it isn’t even about me. My boys write themselves; I really don’t have that much say in the matter. As long as my characters need a voice, I have two chubby typing fingers and a need to please— watch this space: there is more to come.

Social Media Links: Website | Facebook | Facebook Author Page | Twitter



Follow BJ’s Tour For More Exclusive Content And More Chances To Win An E-copy Of Always Have, Always Will:

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Interview and Giveaway: Welcome Scott Alexander Hess

ScottBW_WebSize_0348TNA: Hi, Scott, thanks so much for joining us here at The Novel Approach today. We’re happy to have you with us. Why don’t we start by having you tell us a little bit about yourself?

Scott: I hail from St. Louis, but after two decades in Manhattan I consider myself a New Yorker. I received my MFA from the (amazing!) New School in 2009, which is what led me to writing novels. Prior I had written some screenplays and worked as a journalist. In Grad School, I fell in love again with prose, and became a die hard fan of William Faulkner and Cormac McCarthy (my two idols).

TNA: When you sat down to write what eventually would become your first novel, did you write with the intention of submitting it to a publisher, or was it a less deliberate process for you? If you could go back to the time period during which you wrote it, what advice would you give yourself, in hindsight? Continue reading

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“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.”

The Novel Approach is honored to be participating in Eric Arvin and TJ Klune’s Ghoul’s Gym Blog Tour, organized by JP Barnaby, Geoffrey Knight, and Wilde City Press. The novella first appeared in last summer’s anthology Zombie Boyz, and is now being released as a single along with the other two stories, Surviving Sin City by Ethan Stone and Daniel A. Kaine, and Guess Who’s Coming at Dinner by Geoffrey Knight and Ethan Day.

When JP approached the group of us about hosting the tour, she suggested we share a few stories about personal experiences we’ve had with Eric and TJ, so I elected to have some GayRomLit attendees share their love for them. Our special guest Michael Chulsky, Jackie, Lynn, and I all had the honor of spending some time with these two bright and brilliant men in October, and if there’s any one constant in the thread of our experiences, it is the deep and tangible love they share.

Michael: I was lucky enough to have dinner with them at one of the events. They were both so nice and so obviously in love with one another. They’re like the perfect fairy tale and truly reinforce the legitimacy of a happily ever after. And I couldn’t be happier to know such wonderful people.

Jackie: When you put these two men side by side you can just about feel the love they share. There was never a time I saw one without the other. If they weren’t holding hands, then there was another type of physical contact somewhere. A hand on the shoulder, a small kiss or just a secret little smile. In a room full of people, they look at one another like they are the only ones there. This, I believe, is what we all have come to love about these two. There is so much love between them we all just want to bask in it and celebrate it with them. So, that is my memory of meeting TJ Klune and Eric Arvin.

Lynn: I was part of the audience in Atlanta when Tj asked Eric to marry him! There wasn’t a dry eye in the place. I was focused on Eric at this point, watching his face go all shades of red when he realized exactly what was happening. Priceless! I’ve never seen someone smile so brightly. And I’ve never seen two people with so much love for each other. It was truly a cherished moment, one I will never forget. And one I’m sure Eric and Tj will tell and retell for many more happy years together.

I was in a room on October 17, 2013, a room filled with people who all had a common focus. We all witnessed a communion of hearts and souls that day, something so much deeper and more profound than any law could possibly contain or put asunder. In that room, we watched TJ and Eric pledge their love to each other, through nervous tears, through tears of joy, through tears of laughter. It was the witnessing of two lives becoming one, and it was unforgettable.

I have absolute faith that it’s the power and conviction of that love that will see these men through this incredibly difficult time. This is a tenuous week for both Eric and TJ, so, please, please, if you believe in any benevolent higher power or even the power of hope and faith, send your thoughts and prayers to both of these men, who need your strength and courage and conviction now more than ever to lift them up!

We had the pleasure of hosting TJ and Eric on the original blog tour for Zombie Boyz, and premiered the video they made exclusively for TNA, which quickly shot to more than a thousand views in just a matter of hours. If you’d like to watch it again, or for the first time, go ahead and do that now. We’ll wait…

Okay. Great, right? And you can also check out the video they did for Joyfully Jay HERE.

Keep reading, and you’ll not only find the complete list of tour dates but will also discover how to win some great prizes too.


Unofficial Blurb: Ghoul’s Gym, in which 5 out of 5 walking dead agree that exercise can be dangerous to your health.

Jake Howell and Uly Hoak have two hard and fast rules in their relationship: never go to bed angry and never, no matter the circumstances, ever part without saying goodbye. Little did either of them know when they said their farewells to each other on one decidedly fateful Saturday morning, it might be the last.

Jake is fighting the Green-Eyed monster, feeling a little less than physically adequate next to his ultra-buff gym bunny, Uly, and it doesn’t help that Uly’s boss at the gym, Stephen Fucking Dorian, can’t resist taking potshots at Jake’s rather unimpressive physique, making Jake feel all the more lacking and all the more jealous of the fact Dorian wants Uly for himself.

Turns out that’s the least of Jake’s problems, however, as strange things are afoot in this once sleepy and pristine little town. Unusual outbreaks of violence quickly reach apocalyptic proportions and pit Jake and Uly in a race against time to find each other before it’s too late.

Could a conspiracy be at the heart of the disaster? If so, the mechanics and manipulators of this plot to rid the world of the compulsively fit had better be prepared. They’re about to get a taste of vengeance.



We are all back in the closet – the utility closet, that is. Yes, sir. We are five slabs of all-American prime beef hiding from the butchers in the dark. I will never eat a hamburger again.

I swear it.

The utility closet is in a hallway on the second level of the fitness center where we keep all the defunct machines that need some work – the treadmills upended so the repairman can get to the undercarriages and fix them, and the cable machines pulled all to hell and as wiry as Medusa. There ain’t no lock on the closet door, so we’re all hoping and praying that zombies don’t know how to turn door knobs. All we can do is hold tight to it. Tobey and Thad have their barbells in hand just in case.

But damn, it’s crowded in here. My closet back home is bigger than this, and I’m no clothes whore. The five of us are packed tight, tit to tit, cock to cock, face to face, covered in Griff and sweat in the dark, while I try to figure out what the hell is going on with the internet on my cell phone. The sheer adrenaline-inducing power of the moment has caused more than one of us to sprout boners, and as pretty as that flesh bouquet is, I keep thinking of Stephen getting his wiener gnawed off, and I want to throw up. I’m also glad I’m not naked like my poor friends here.

Johnny shakes like a tweaked out club kid as Tobey tries to comfort him. I really don’t know what good it’s doing.

Casey sneezes, a chunk of Griff flying off the top of his head and hitting me in the forehead. “It’s too damn crowded in here,” he complains. “Anyone want to be a sacrifice for the greater good?
Johnny? How about you?”

“Hush your fucking face, Casey,” Tobey says. Tobey’s a man of the cloth, but he ain’t wearing any cloth at the moment so I guess he can cuss all he wants.

“Oh, come on,” says Casey. “Everyone here can see the guy’s a freaking redshirt. I don’t want to be around when those zombies get him. Do you, preacher man?”

“Pay no attention to him, Johnny,” Tobey says. “You’re going to make it through this just fine. I’ll see to that. God will see to that.”

“I could use some comforting, Father Tobey,” Casey says, sex ever on his mind.

“Get your finger out of my ass, Casey,” Tobey says.

“Why? It feels even holier than the rest of you.” He snickers. “Get it? Holy.”

“You’re an ass, Casey,” Thad chimes in. “Shut the fuck up.”

“Maybe we should sacrifice you, Superman?” says Casey, his face drawn and serious. “I love a good hero-in-peril story. Besides, your ass is taking up most of the room in here. Why don’t you lay off the squats? Unless you want to do them on my face.”





Tour Dates:

12/17 – JP Barnaby
12/18 – Mrs. Condit Reads Books
12/19 – MM Good Book Reviews
12/20 – Kage Alan
12/21 – Joyfully Jay
12/22 – Brandilyn Reviews Books
12/24 – Sid Love
12/25 – The Kimi-Chan Experience


Thanks so much for stopping by to share your love and offer your support to Eric and TJ!

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Oh My… They Call It A Teaser For A Reason, Don’t They, Kol Anderson?

On December 18, 2013, Kol Anderson is releasing his first ever full length novel, Heart, and in celebration of its official debut, The Novel Approach will be hosting Kol with a giveaway of the book. In the meantime, just to make your mouth water and your eyeballs stand up and pay attention (and perhaps other bits, too), we’re honored to be bringing you an exclusive first look at the teaser trailer for the book. A word of advice? Make sure you’re in a quiet room, alone, so you can crank up the volume and appreciate this the way its meant to be appreciated—with your imagination on full-throttle.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Heart:

“What if the person whose memory you held on to isn’t the person you thought he was?”

Lucas Mayer is a hit-man, running away from his past, and the one person he can think of having a future with is Roman Woodrow, a guy who’s always had trouble keeping steady relationships. Among the many addictions of Roman, is the devious and manipulative, Daniel Jones. But Lucas can’t give up Daniel’s secret without giving up his own.

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Jamie Mayfield, And A Reading From “A Broken Kind of Life”, And A Giveaway – What Could Be Better?

With a foreword by Cody Kennedy.

Aaron Downing is broken, barely clinging to the hope that one day, he will be normal again. His life remains a constant string of nightmares, flashbacks, and fear, but he perseveres and starts college, determined to move on.

Then Aaron gets assigned to work with Spencer Thomas for his programming project. Aaron doesn’t want Spencer to think he’s a freak, but as he gets to know his new deaf friend, he figures out he doesn’t need to be “normal.” If he could just learn to control his fear, that could be enough to find his footing again.

Or so Aaron thinks until his parents begin talking about institutionalizing him to give his brothers a more stable life. He searches desperately to find a way to cope or even to fake normalcy. But his new shrink’s instability makes conquering his demons that much more difficult, and his attraction to Spencer threatens to send Aaron spinning out of control.

Adapted as a YA edition of the novel Aaron by J.P. Barnaby.

100% of the author’s royalties are being donated to help homeless LGBT kids find safe shelter.


Jamie is offering one lucky reader the chance to win an E-copy of A Broken Kind of Life! All you have to do is leave a comment right here on this post, and you’re automatically entered to win.

All comments must be received by 11:59pm Pacific time on Sunday, September 8, 2013. The drawing will be conducted on Monday, the 9th, and the winner notified via email for prize delivery.

Good luck!

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And Now, The Joyful Approach Countdown To GRL 2013 Is Pleased To Welcome Lex Chase To The Party!



Lex Chase is attending GayRomLit for the first time as a Supporting Author, and she’s excited to meet readers, pick the brains of her peers, and attend the Masquerade as a Walking Dead survivor. She even has a shovel for her costume. A shovel! Bound to be epic.

She is the creator of the Checkmate series (Pawn Takes Rook, and Pawn Takes Rook: Cashing the Reality Check) for Dreamspinner Press which tells the tale of disgraced superhero Memphis Rook and his climb to redemption alongside his sidekick/boyfriend Hogarth Dawson. The series is full the dizzying highs, the terrifying lows, and the creamy middle. It’s pretty much the dark and angsty tale of Batman told from the perspective of a hyperactive chipmunk.

To purchase Checkmate you can see Lex’s Dreamspinner Press page here and you can also find her on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Lex decided to do something different for the Joyful Approach and give this YouTube reading thing a shot! This Contest Is Now Closed.

Enjoy the show!

*** *** ***

Pawn Takes Rook: Cashing the Reality Check Blurb

Even after eleven months of keeping the mean streets of Axis City safe, superduo Checkmate—Hogarth Dawson—and his boyfriend, Memphis Rook, still receive the cold shoulder from the Power Alliance. Undeterred, Hogarth brings his intense focus to bear on Rook, and after Hogarth makes an accidental marriage proposal, it becomes all too clear Rook isn’t quite at the same place. But before life gets awkward, duty calls.

Booted-off female contestants of the romantic reality show Single and Super are being found in comas, and Checkmate needs to get to the bottom of it. As part of Rook’s plan, he cleans up his bad boy image and goes undercover as a bachelor looking for love among twenty-five frenzied women. Against Rook’s wishes, Hogarth sneaks onto the set as a cameraman to investigate the case on his own. With questions unanswered between them, emotions run high, distracting them and feeding a trap of their own making.

Where To Buy:

Dreamspinner Press


Cashing the Reality Check


Lex Chase is a journalist by day and a writer by night. Either way you slice it, she makes things up for a living. Her style of storytelling is action, adventure, and a dollop of steamy romance. She loves tales of men who kiss as much as they kick ass. She believes it’s never a party until something explodes in a magnificent fashion, be it a rolling fireball of a car or two guys screaming out their love for one another in the freezing rain.

Lex is a pop culture diva, an urbanite trapped in a country bumpkin’s body, and wouldn’t last five minutes without technology in the event of the apocalypse. She has learned that when all else fails, hug the cat.

She is a Damned Yankee hailing from the frozen backwoods of Maine residing in the ‘burbs of Northwest Florida where it could be 80F and she’d have a sweatshirt on because she’s freezing.

You can find her on those Facebook and Twitter things at:
And her blog


Dear Andrew Christian, I Love You, And Your Men, And Their Manties Ever So Much

Ass Crack – Check
Oral Fixation – Check
Gorgeous Men – Check

More than slightly NSFW? You betcha!


Just What You Need For Your 4th Of July – An All-American Boy

This video is currently being shared all over the interwebs, but, oh, it’s so worth the share and the listen!

And many thanks to Steve Grand for breaking my heart just a little bit.

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Jacob Z. Flores And His Mega-Watt Smile Are Here Today To Lead Us To Love In The Most Desolate Of Places – Welcome, Jacob!

I’m so excited to be here at The Novel Approach. This is my third visit, and each time gets better than the last. Lisa and I always have a great time doing what we do best. Chatting and knocking back drinks. You know, for such a tiny woman, she could drink a man twice her size under the table. She puts me to shame. And it was great to meet Tina, the newest addition here at TNA, and it was also extra special to hang out here with my hubby, Bruce, who Lisa snagged for her blog as well. Such great people here, and the drinks are top-notch! Who could ask for more?

Now why am I here today? Well, this week is Wilde City Press week at The Novel Approach, and my latest release Moral Authority just happens to be from Geoff and Ethan at Wilde City. This means I get to be included. I so love being included! When I’m not, it’s kinda like being invited to a three way and being expected to watch. That’s just no fun at all.

For those of you who don’t know, Moral Authority is a dystopian novel. It is set in America of 2050, where a fourth branch of American government has been established. This branch of government is charged with providing a moral code of conduct for all citizens, for establishing moral laws for the country, and for upholding those laws. The name of that government is the Moral Authority. Samuel Pleasant is the man in charge of the Moral Authority. He is a megalomaniac who will do anything to protect moral law as well as the power he wields. No matter what the cost.

Obviously, like most dystopian novels, the America in my book is meant to be frightening. It is a lesson of what shouldn’t be done because morality is not something that can be prescribed for all by a select few. When that happens, the freedoms we currently have can be stripped away in the blink of an eye.

But there’s more to Moral Authority than just the dystopian slant and the brewing civil war. There is also love, and it happens in the most desolate of places.

Mark Bryan, one of the three main characters of the book, is a young man, who offers us a glimpse of true humanity and the one character who truly loves with all his heart. Sure, he’s angry, and sometimes he’s brash. But at the heart of those characteristics, there is love.

And Mark loves even when loving would seem impossible. When most of us would give in to the horror with anger and hate, Mark reaches deep inside and finds the best in himself to help those around him, and he truly makes a difference in the lives of the people he comes across. He offers them friendship, when they are lost and alone. When they are faced with impending death or torture, he gives them hope. And in one of the most horrific settings in the novel, Mark manages to find true love, and their budding relationship saves that man’s life.

Mark puts others above himself because that is what love is about. When Mark is juxtaposed with the Moral Authority and their selfish and terrible deeds, it is easy to see that the true moral authority rests within each individual and not with a group of elected officials or a majority voting block of the country.

It is the individual that makes the difference.


Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are prescribed ideals in America of 2050. The Moral Authority, the nation’s newest branch of government, has virtually eliminated crime, poverty, and most social ills, but it also rules the land with a tyrannical fist, championing ignorance and brandishing fear.

Mark Bryan is a gay man whose existence brands him an outlaw; Isaac Montoya is a charming stranger, who entices Mark to defy moral law; and Samuel Pleasant runs the Moral Authority and plans to punish moral offenders and a rebellious uprising—no matter the cost.
Will liberty and justice return for all?


On deck, Mark looked around at Provincetown harbor. Boat slips surrounded the area, but there were no boats. At one time, Provincetown was home to many boats, both commercial and private. Now, the only boat was the one he currently stood on. No doubt all other water transportation was forbidden since Provincetown had been turned into a detainment camp. Forced by K3s, citizens and businesses relocated off the cape.

The line of men in orange jumpsuits extended all the way down the pier, toward a New England-styled building with white trim and a gray roof. No doubt the building was once a visitor’s center or some official site for Provincetown tourism. Now, it was where the processing of prisoners occurred. It even had K3 guards standing sentinel along the white ramps, their weapons drawn and their muscles tense, anxiously awaiting the opportunity to shoot someone.

He focused his attention instead on the cool sea breeze that continued to swirl around him, whispering to him that he wasn’t alone. Mark then stepped off the metal plank used for disembarkation and onto the wooden slats of the pier. As he walked forward, Mark imagined what Provincetown might have been like a generation or two ago.

Mark pictured the excitement his gay brothers in the past must have experienced upon exiting the ferries that used to shuttle them back and forth from Boston. When their feet touched these same wooden slats he now walked across in chains, they were no doubt liberated from their daily selves. He imagined their excitement, as opposed to his dread, about their arrival. Instead of being detained like Mark, they had arrived at a destination where they were the most free, where they could be who they truly were and express that without hesitation or fear of reprisal.

He clearly saw them in the past, walking hand-in-hand as they hurried to join the rest of their kin at the local bars or shops. Each person they encountered was a potential new lover or friend. In the past, there were no limits here, no boundaries like the rows of chain link and barbed wire fences that extended for as far as the eye could see along the beach in both directions. Provincetown was whatever they wanted it to be. It could be filled with dancing and debauchery, shopping and sightseeing, or relaxing and lounging, or it could be all those things.

In fact, if he listened hard enough, he still heard the thumping bass beat of a long ago silenced speaker churning out the dance music to which the boys used to love to dance. The music drifted on the air currents, refusing to die and challenging the present to ever erase that part of this town’s past. The vibe was in the air. It was the essence of what Provincetown was and what it promised to be again. This was no doubt what he sensed while climbing out of the boat hold. It was the spirit of Provincetown and the ghosts of his gay brothers from the past. They were here, they told him. They wouldn’t be chased away.

The line stopped, and a gunshot exploded from down the pier, drowning out the ghostly drumbeat. Up ahead, a body fell to the pier. Blood pooled around the man’s head and stained the wood on the pier a reddish brown.

Another shot went off, and another body fell.

Mark tried to avert his eyes, but he couldn’t. The image was much too surreal to be real. He stared because his mind told him he was hallucinating.

Another shot pealed and another body fell. Then three shots with three more bodies falling onto the pier. When Mark heard another shot, he turned away. It was too much. He closed his eyes as another shot echoed through the sky, followed by another. He tried to listen for the bass beat again, to reconnect with the past, but it was impossible. All he heard were gunshots and the awful thump of bodies falling onto the wooden slats.

You can buy Moral Authority here:


Become a part of Jacob Z. Flores’ social media, by visiting any of the following:

Website/blog: http://jacobzflores.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jacob.flores2,
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/JacobZFlores,
Goodreads: http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/5142501.Jacob_Z_Flores

And now, ladies and gentlemen, behold! The man himself, Jacob Z. Flores!

Eric Arvin, TJ Klune, Videos, Wilde City Press

You’ll Laugh, You’ll Cry, You May Even Wet Yourself – Ladies and Gentlemen, Behold… Eric Arvin and TJ Klune

What is it that makes a great video? Is it the thrills, the chills…the random hilarity and smoochy faces and cat butt? Yes, there’s Otter butt in this one, people. Never let it be said you weren’t warned.

This video is epic. Epic, I tell you! There are zombies and questionably good impersonations! (No, really, they’re lovely, guys) And there’s The Mingled Destinies of Crocodiles and Men… And there’s just no easy way to prepare you for it, so here they are in all their epicliciousness. ::drum roll:: It’s the Eric and TJ show! ::fanfare::


There. That is all. Now go and behold the madcap Klarvin shenanigans!

Patrick Darcy, Videos, Wilde City Press

Here With Us All The Way From Dublin, Ireland, Please Welcome Patrick Darcy!

Through this magical portal called the internet, we’re pleased to be able to welcome Patrick Darcy to The Novel Approach today.

Patrick is the author of the Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player series of books published through “Charlie Harding Presents…”, Wilde City’s Black Label press, a premier selection of stories approved by none other than Charlie Harding himself, specifically for their steamy, erotic goodness.

Here’s a little bit about the books and the characters Patrick has created:

Star Irish rugby player, Conor Murphy, lives and breathes rugby. He spends his weekends playing rugby, drinking beer, and singing songs with his teammates. There is only one thing he loves more than rugby, and that is hot rugby players. But after the final whistle sounds, the real competition begins: the hunt for the hottest men.

Conor’s muscular body and roguish good looks ensure he can have his pick of the sexiest players. But what happens when this alpha male meets his match on and off the field? Who will come out on top when he meets the horniest rugby players from the USA? Can two alpha males have the night of their lives?

Rugby—it’s all about scoring, whether it’s on the field… or off.

While on tour in Copenhagen, it seems nothing is going to stop the Irish from bringing home the trophy and taking the spoils of victory. And while teammates Conor and Sean work up a sweat on the field to claim their prize, the real competition begins after the whistle blows, as the lads discover that Copenhagen is full of hot distractions.

To be sure, there is nothing rotten in the state of Denmark! In fact, Danish men are ripe for the picking. They love sex, have no inhibitions, and they want Irish meat.

But as Conor and Sean put their friendship aside in the pursuit of the hottest Danish players, the question is, will their friendship survive the real sport of man hunting?

And now that you know a bit about the books, let’s carry on with getting to know a little bit about the man behind them. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Patrick Darcy!



“Even as I hold you, I am letting you go.” – Alice Walker

I’m sure so many of you have already seen this video since it went viral last month, but it bears watching. Repeatedly. Though, sadly, I must say if you’ve seen it before, or are watching it now, it’s likely because you believe in its message and not because you’re a DOMA supporter whose heart and mind will be changed by the images on your computer screen.

I often wonder what would happen if even one person who believes that marriage is the sacred right of heterosexuals were to sit down and watch this, then took a moment, one selfless and reflective moment, to ask themselves the questions, “What if this was me? What if I was the one who was being forced to say goodbye to the person I love seventeen times over the course of the past six years? What if I was forcibly separated by thousands of miles of ocean and the narrowest of minds from the person I should be going to sleep next to every night and waking up with every morning, because it’s the promise we made to each other?” Would it become impossible for that person to continue to believe that the right to equality, not solely in the language of the laws of our country but also in the far more eloquent language of human compassion, is a right that belongs only to a select few rather than to every man and woman, simply because of an ideal that’s been taught, in spite of millennium of social evolution, as a collective fact rather than a speculative theory?

I’d like to think that hearts and minds can be opened to change by letting each other’s lives play in the key of love, and not limiting those lives and loves to those that look exactly like our own.

Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia, Videos

We’re Hopping Against Homophobia And Transphobia, And Giving Away Goodies Too!

Hi, everyone, and thanks so much for visiting The Novel Approach during this year’s Hop Against Homophobia and Transphobia. Today marks the International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia, and Bruce and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be participating in this event. It is our belief that this community-wide effort—and I’m not speaking solely about the LGBT community, but also about those of us who are proud to be allied and in partnership with the men and women of the community—is an integral part of illuminating the ways in which we share so many more commonalities than we do differences.

The Gay Lesbian Straight Education Network reported in its 2011 National School Climate Survey that eight out of ten LGBT students experienced verbal harassment because of their sexual orientation. But, among the key findings, “for the first time (in over a decade) the 2011 survey shows a significant decrease in victimization based on sexual orientation.” That’s heartening news and definitely a step in the right direction, but there’s still so far to go, so much misperception to be overcome, and so much more educating we can do, especially with our children.

When we decided to participate in the Hop, I’d just read This Article about Lucy Meadows, a transgendered teacher in England who’d committed suicide after the media took hold of and then ran with the story that she was transitioning, mid school year, from male to female; something, by the way, her school administrators fully supported her in. As you can see in the article, Lucy’s story ended tragically, but her death, though heartbreaking, has gone on to become a spotlight on transphobia and the ways in which she was so woefully misunderstood.

Lucy’s story is but one example of the many ways transgendered men and women, boys and girls, are marginalized every day, as is the case with Isaak Wolfe, a Pennsylvania high school student who made news, first for being denied the right to be added to his school’s Prom King ballot, then by being denied the right to have his natural identity printed on his diploma.

Being parents ourselves, Bruce and I began discussing our own families and the ways in which we and our spouses are attempting to raise our children to see beyond labels, and how so many adults tend to complicate the things that children see so innocently and so simply. As you could see in the poem written by one of Miss Meadows’ students, after her death, the emotional scarring of her children—the argument that some of the parents hid behind in an effort to reinforce their own prejudices and assuage their own fears—would most likely never have materialized. At least not for 7-year-old Daisy Moreton, who saw a loving and caring adult making a difference–no more, no less. It seems this was all a case of panic and misinformation, and rather than treating the subject with the clear and common sense attention it demanded, rather than choosing respect and communication with their children, parents allowed a child’s misunderstanding of the situation to prevail over an open dialogue of all the ways Miss Meadows would be the exact same loving and caring teacher, and how being transgendered or gay or lesbian or bisexual or pansexual… is not a choice but is simply the way a person is made, though for some reason, there are many who choose to make it into something far more convoluted than it needs to be—primarily because there are those who can’t seem to take the sex component out of a person’s sexuality, which, to put a very fine point on it, diminishes all the other things these relationships are outside of the bedroom. 970349_373883192717800_746898477_n

So, I asked Bruce if he would share his personal story, the story that both he and his husband Jacob lived, attempting to first conform to what society expected of them, then finally finding each other and building their family upon a foundation of faith, and of love and respect, both for each other and for their children. My question to Bruce was simply this: How did you and Jacob break the news to your children and help them understand your relationship when you began dating seriously?

This is the answer he so graciously shared:

Wow, that is a very tough question! Thinking back to having to tell our kids about us and our homosexuality brings back some very strong memories. Jacob and I had both come out of the closet and gone through painful divorces. Jacob’s daughter was very young, so not really aware of what was happening. My children were in 1st and 4th grades. I remember having to sit down and tell my children that I had always been gay but that I thought I could make it go away. I had lied about who I was to myself and everyone around me. I had to explain to them that I loved them and their mother very much, but I needed to be honest with myself so that I could stop living the lie and be happy.

With that conversation, also came the conversation about what being gay meant. My children were distraught about the dissolution of their family and of their parents’ marriage, but oddly enough took the whole gay thing in stride. We noticed very early on that the younger two really had no issue with the gay question with us, and often discussed it freely with their friends and teachers at school. I was fortunate that my son was at a school where it was not an issue. Unfortunately, at the time, Jacob’s daughter was at a school that, because she was so open about her daddies (it was just normal for her), she experienced not prejudice from her friends but from her teachers. We quickly moved her over to the same open-minded school that my two children were attending once we found this information out.

Bruce and JacobMy daughter, who is the oldest, at first was a little reserved about who she informed about the daddy situation, but oddly enough, as she got older she has become a very staunch and vocal supporter. We have had to counsel the children that in our conservative neck of the woods, it is best that they not hide their daddy’s situation but not openly volunteer information either. As my daughter progressed to a conservative Catholic high school, we have had to be careful to not be too public since we have felt that she could be removed from school for having two gay dads.

My son, who is in public high school, has also had to learn to censor himself to a degree from what he had experienced at his accepting Episcopal school. Though we have stressed to the children that there is nothing to be ashamed of, nor should we hide our family, Jacob and I have had to be protective of the kids. We have to let them judge and decide who they feel safe letting know about their two gay dads.

My son, unfortunately, has suffered the brunt of homophobia in the form of he has to be careful who he can invite, or not invite, to the house. His best friend was and is forbidden to visit our house. Jacob and I are very proud of our family, and even though we often feel like the only gay family in the village, we are proud to be seen with our normal, happy family. I think that is the best way that we have combated homophobia in our small conservative Texas town. We go about living our lives, and as a physician and college professor with three very active, involved children, we are anything but unseen. We go about our lives and show people that we eat out, we attend church, we attend recitals and soccer games. I think once others in town have seen that it’s really not a big deal, and that they have seen we really are no different than any other family, it has become no big deal in our community.

I guess when I think about homophobia, I go back to a quote I heard early on in my own coming out process. “The problem that people have about homosexuality is that they can’t stop imagining what happens behind closed doors.” That is the crux of homophobia, I believe. The homosexual act frightens them. When our children learned about homosexuality, they didn’t know about the sex. It was not an issue for them. They just knew they were now a part of a family with two men that loved and cared for them. I think that once others see that a homosexual family is no different than any other family, they then get beyond what’s going on behind closed doors and become accepting as well. It’s all about education and experience. Once their irrational fear is thrust in their faces, that Jacob and I aren’t parading around in rainbow Speedos and having sex in front of the children, they realize we are no different than any other family raising three children.

Thankfully our children are well-adjusted and happy children. Being part of a gay family has not destroyed their lives; instead, they are better off for it. We have three wonderful children who go to school, play sports, dance, go to summer camp, have friends over and live normal, successful lives. We are truly an American family and there has been no better weapon against homophobia than that, and that alone!

This opened up a broad range of discussion topics for us, a lot of them geared toward questions I had to think very long and very hard about, primarily because they were questions about how my husband and I are raising our kids in a socially liberal household, to be accepting of other people’s differences and to understand that we haven’t been put on this earth to judge but to show the compassion toward others that we want to have aimed at ourselves. We didn’t set out to consciously raise our kids to be tolerant free-thinkers—we didn’t bring our first-born home from the hospital and say, “Okay, these are the ground rules. Now, get out there and parent!” It’s just the way my husband and I are; instinctively, it’s the direction in which we’ve guided our kids because it’s the way we live, the way we believe; it’s the faith we have that love and kindness and empathy will always overcome hatred and intolerance, and that marriage equality in no way would diminish our own marriage or family, but would only serve to broaden and strengthen the definition of marriage as a whole, as well as family, love, and commitment.

The more Bruce and I talked, the more it became evident that his and Jacob’s three children are very much like my husband’s and my three kids, especially our oldest, both daughters, who are nothing less than champions of those who need support and friendship the most. We are, all of us, raising six children who we pray will be the difference-makers going forward. These six kids, and so many more like them, will be the generation that sets about affecting a broad-spectrum change in society’s views on homosexuality and transgenderism. History proves that prejudice will always be a factor in the way some people see others, but it’s also true that there is strength in numbers, and we are adding to that strength every day. We’re trying, along with so many other parents out there just like us, to foster a future of acceptance, with the hope that someday, we will be the norm rather than the exception.

Thank you again for visiting with us today! We hope you’ll leave a comment not only because you’ll be entered to win some great gear but because you’d like to share your stories with us about your own experiences. :)

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This May Be One Of The Most Difficult 3:34 Minutes I’ve Ever Sat Through

But it’s tangible proof that children are eloquent and powerful and should have a voice!


NSFW… Unless You Work Somewhere That’s A-Okay With The Nekkid Man Butt

Nfgh… What a way to usher in the weekend.

Whether you’ve seen these videos one time, a dozen, or are seeing them for the first time, ooh-la-la, enjoy the sandy buns and oral fixations that abound.

Happy Friday!


I Don’t Go NSFW Very Often, But When I Do, I Do It Right…

Have mercy! These gentlemen are like Lays Potato Chips. You can’t eat just one. ::bows to Andrew Christian::

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In Which Jeffery Self Serenades You – Watch The Video At The End & It’ll All Make Sense…

Hi, Jeffery, welcome to The Novel Approach, I’m so glad to have you here today. Before we start the Q&A, why don’t you start out by giving us the Jeffery Self story?

A. This is the first book I’ve had published. I technically wrote my second book before this first one but it doesn’t come out until May. It’s called Straight People: A Spotter’s Guide and is a humor book in the style of a bird watching field guide about straight people from my not straight point of view.

Before all of this I’ve mostly worked as an actor and sometimes writer. I had a sketch comedy show on Logo for a couple years with my friend Cole Escola, and on it we wrote/directed/edited/produced a half hour of REALLY weird comedy all out of my apartment in Manhattan.

Since then I moved to LA and have acted on other people’s TV shows like: 90210, Desperate Housewives, 30 Rock, etc.

Q. Being an actor yourself, how much of Taylor’s struggle could you relate to on a personal level?

A. I’ve never been closeted as an adult, like Taylor, so my struggles aren’t very similar to his. He’s also a world famous, super successful movie star…. another thing I am very much not.

Q. Well, I warned you this one was coming, so I might as well just get it out of the way: What made you decide to take the “50 Shades” erotic phenomenon and tell it with Alex and Taylor?

A. I was fascinated by the whole “Fifty Shades” craze for the way it was making readers, a lot of whom weren’t used to reading erotic fiction, look at sex in very obvious terms. More than anything, however, I was attracted to the romance novel genre and the over the top, exciting, high stakes, sexy, campy world one gets to create.

Alex and Taylor were my immediate idea of a way in. I’m really turned on by a lot of gorgeous A list movie stars (who isn’t?) and I think that everybody loves to imagine that some of the biggest movie stars in the world are secretly gay. So that sense of mystery really appealed to me.

Q. Will you share a little bit about the process of telling the story?

A. I definitely wrote Alex as a version of myself. So I mean half of the book is basically my own personal fantasy of myself and Channing Tatum.

Q. Whatever happened to Josh? (Sorry, Taylor, but I can’t help but wonder.)

A. Josh gets his heart broken but he’ll bounce back. He’s a gorgeous, sweet guy in LA who is ACTUALLY genuine. There are literally like three of those kind of people here.

Coming May 7, 2013 from Running Press

Q. What’s the best thing that’s happened to Taylor since he made the decision to come out? Is he kind of surprised that it ended up being somewhat non-eventish in terms of your career and how you were accepted?

A. I think more than anything it’s a lesson on forgetting what your hang ups and fears might make you believe. Leaving honestly is a pretty easy way to live, once you actually do it.

Q. How long did it take you to write “50 Shades of Gay”? What were the easiest and hardest parts of the story to tell?

A. I wrote it rather quickly and I think that came from the first person narrative. When you get the character’s voice in your head and you just start telling the story it’s hard to stop.

I’d say the hardest part was letting myself get comfortable with writing the sexy parts, and not immediately saying to myself: “Is this too much?” but instead “this could be hotter”.

Q. What did you ever do with that contract Taylor wanted Alex to sign?

A. They left it somewhere in La La Land.

Q. This question is for Taylor: Do you remember the exact moment you realized you loved Alex and were going to lose him if you didn’t make some changes?

A. When he told me he was moving to New York, I realized it was now or never. I’ve never been one to really over-think something… so, as usual, I just leapt.

Q. Jeffery, if you were to write a few short sentences that would give us an idea of what life is like for Alex and Taylor right now, what would that be?

A. Alex and Taylor move to New York at the end of the book but remain bicoastal. I think more than anything their lives improve for the better as they both finally learn how to ask for what they want and how to tell the truth.

Q. Does Taylor “do romance” now? I mean, you know, besides that whole coming out on national television thing.

A. Defintely. Before Alex, Taylor had never allowed himself to “do romance” before and I think that was a trust thing. Taylor has never been able to trust anyone, for fear of their exposing his secrets or trying to get something out of his fame and stature. With Alex, however, he finally meets a good hearted person who he feels secure with and once that happens, romance comes naturally.

Q. What’s next for you now that you’ve told Alex and Taylor’s story? Do you have any other works-in-progress?

A. My Straight People: A Spotter’s Guide book comes out in May and I’m in a new movie coming out on MTV this spring called Made: Ladies Man. I do NOT play the ladies man ;-)

Q. Would you like to tell everyone where they can find you on the internet?

A. @jefferyself on Twitter, jefferyself.tumblr.com, and on youtube.com/jefferyself for all my videos.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions today, Jeffery!

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What Are You Thankful For? Besides Books, I Mean…

Was November kind of an insane month, or is it just me? Not who’s insane (debatable), I mean, but who thinks the month has been crazy?

I’m going to be completely honest here; I’m kind of glad it’s almost over, but it’s pretty much my fault for spending too much time on Facebook watching people fight over their political beliefs. It was kinda nutty, wasn’t it? But you just have to kind of laugh it off because, let’s face it, the people who can’t laugh about it are the ones who end up going postal…or threaten to secede from the Union…whatever. So laugh, darn it! Just laugh. We’re starting to take ourselves way too seriously, if you ask me, and all this anger going around is making people say stuff that hasn’t been publicly acceptable since about the middle of the 20th century, except it sounds worse now because we should all know better.

So, here we are, on this day in the month when we all are supposed to remember to give ourselves a mental “DOH!” and offer thanks for all the things in life we’re grateful for, my attitude of gratitude pretty much all boils down to one all-encompassing thing:

I’m just grateful for each new day.

That doesn’t sound like I have much to be thankful for, does it? Well, lemme ‘splain. No, there is too much. Lemme sum up. (Sorry, this moment brought to you by the Princess Bride.) :)

Years ago, I read the book The Kite Runner by Kahled Hosseini. It was brilliantly written, one of those books that stuck with me long after I’d finished reading it, but there was one passage in particular that I remember over and above any other in the novel. It’s near the beginning of the book, when the boy, Amir, is talking to his father about sin. Baba says something to his son that I found so profound I couldn’t forget it if I tried, and whether or not you agree with him, you’ve got to admit the man makes an interesting point.

There is only one sin, only one. And that is theft. Every other sin is a variation of theft. When you kill a man, you steal a life. You steal his wife’s right to a husband, rob his children of a father. When you tell a lie, you steal someone’s right to the truth. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness. There is no act more wretched than stealing.

So, what does this have to do with being thankful? Not a damn thing. :-D But it’s not the message itself as much as the nuance of the message that leads me to my point.

I do have so many things to be thankful for, don’t get me wrong, but for me, all of those gifts hinge on a single promise, (the principle of “one” in Baba’s message – the fulcrum around which everything else revolves) and that’s each new day that I’m offered. Every other gift in my life is just a variation and a result of what I do with each twenty-four hours I’m given; time I try very hard not to take for granted, time I use to try to make me a better person – a better example to my little people, a better friend, a more compassionate person. Each new day offers the opportunity to change and to be changed by whatever it has in store for me, to be kind, to love and to be loved in return. None of those things would be possible without the chance to build – or to sometimes just wipe the slate clean and start over again – on the foundation of a new day. That’s all. I don’t take it for granted, even for a moment, because my days come standard with family, friends, health (so far!), books and books and more books. :-D And yes, there has been a lot of sadness in this year for me too, but even that has been an opportunity for me to try and find more things to be appreciative of. So, really, there’s so much to be grateful for on a daily basis that it’s just easier to be grateful for my days than to try and enumerate everything in them for which I give thanks. And that, as they say, is that.

Oh! Wait, I’m also thankful we love to look at beautiful men together too! Every day. Yeah. :-D

::bows:: I give many thanks for Levi Poulter and Paul Francis, and those gorgeous Andrew Christian boys, don’t you? AMEN!

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you who’re celebrating. To those who aren’t, well, just go ahead and join in by eating yourself into a food coma! You’ll fit right in. :-D

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Grab Some Tissues And Watch…Just…Watch

I don’t surf the net much. Hell, I don’t even watch television much. I’m too busy reading, so I may be the last person on the planet to have seen this video. Okay, maybe not the last, but nearly three-million people have seen this video before me, so yeah, I’m a little slow on the uptake.

This is the story of two men, one from right here in Indiana, that should cause everyone who opposes Gay Marriage to sit back and take a good long look at that position, though based on some of the comments on YouTube, the ignorant and bigoted are still determined to out themselves publicly, every chance they get.

This story is tragic and heartbreaking but has also become the catalyst for a project by Hollywood producer Linda Bloodworth Thomas that one can only hope will advance the march toward equality for everyone who wants to formally commit themselves to the person they love.

Shane and Tom’s story is difficult to watch, but well worth the time:


This Is One Of The Best Videos I’ve Ever Seen On YouTube

There seems to be some question as to whether the story this video was made as a response to is legit or not, but one thing is absolutely certain: Johnny Robinson is an amazing young man. This video is so powerful, with a message that, whatever prompted it, is something every gay teen who’s struggling with bullying should see.