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Finding the Right Guy – Writing and Where it Gets You – Guest Post by Sandra Scholes (A.J. Damian)

When I started out writing gay romance I opted for the Regency period, and one of the first forays into writing a novel was with Chasing the Dragon, about Sebastian Long, the son of a wealthy Earl being kidnapped at his own wedding by a mystery gang linked to the Chinese mafia in Shanghai. He thought the woman he would marry was right for him, but she hid her secret life from him and sent him into a turbulent future, one he would regret if he hadn’t met the devilishly charming rogue who persuades him to give him a chance.

Since then, I’ve penned my first love, the short story. Having written a short for Quail Bell Magazine, I wondered if I could write an erotic story. Studying the craft told me I could, as I have since had three gay short stories published by STARBooks Press in the U.S., writing as A.J. Damian. Life’s A Beach for the Boys of Summer anthology, Bound to Please for the Black Dungeon Masters anthology and The Wrong Guy for the Unmasked and Undressed 3 anthology. I had never written a superhero story before so decided to give it a go, as comic book heroes are the in-thing at the moment with the new re-vamping of Spiderman and Batman doing well at the box office. When I started writing The Wrong Guy. I thought of all the action heroes were supposed to get up to, and the villains they had to apprehend, but then I had an idea; what would happen if a gay sidekick like Jake Neil (Hypno Boy) got involved with a rumored villain, Lars Henning (The Dominator). When Michael Knave (Sonic Man) and his sidekick gatecrash Henning’s lavish soiree to find out more on his business and possible villainous sidelines, Jake takes in Henning’s own personal art gallery and from then on, a romance is cemented.

It’s not often that a hero falls for a villain, so he has to keep it a secret from his partner. Michael Knave knows Jake is young and impressionable, but he doesn’t see the love blossoming between him and Henning. Henning could well be The Dominator with his masterful manner and large, imposing build, he isn’t surprised that he’s been able to build a strong business empire, and could also be
building a secret stockpile of dangerous weapons Knave thinks he plans to use on the people of the city. He could also be innocent, but Knave’s gut instinct makes him think otherwise. The real crime could take place at any time, though. Whether Henning is the criminal or not, it is hard for Jake to separate his work life from his feelings for Lars, which could soon get him into trouble if Knave finds out.

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Sandra Scholes (A.J. Damian)


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“I know I’ve seen you around, Jake. You remind me of someone.” Rule number one of being a superheroes’ side-kick – never let anyone you are investigating know your true identity; or the identity of your partner. Lars Henning was one of many suspects, and I was not sure of his intentions with Henning Pharmaceuticals. We had a tip off that one of our suspects might be planning world domination – they always are; and neither me nor my partner would let that happen. “I can’t think of anywhere you might have seen me.” There was something about him, his demeanor, his strength, his cologne that enticed me.

“You’re that reporter from the New York News.” he kissed me on the cheek, curling his arm around me as I got comfy on his bed. “You produce some good stories, Jake. I’m sure that’s where I’ve seen you.”

It seemed possible Lars could be the one who planned the destruction of the city, but there is one problem, though. I would hate to think that Lars might be corrupt and dangerous enough, let alone the one we are looking to take down. I do have a confession to make, and it’s not a good one. There is something you have to understand about me. I never fall for nice guys. I go for the bad guys, always have. The ones who have a dark ruthless side, I find them sexier, just as I find Lars irresistible. There is a good chance he is the one we are looking for, but I don’t care. The good guys take you to dinner, the bad guys demand sex, rampant, hot and fast; I can deal with that. He brings me to a couch in the centre of the gallery, and I know instantly what he wants. It has nothing to do with the art on these walls; he senses my need and his own, nothing more.

“I try my best, Lars.”

“Then why don’t you just lay back and let me explore.”

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