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Review: One Perfect Wish by L.M. Brown

Small Gems

Title: One Perfect Wish

Author: L.M. Brown

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 61 Pages

At a Glance: Brown threw in just the right twist to elevate this tale from another insta-love story to something so much more.

Reviewed By: Lisa

Blurb: Playing the part of another man’s husband to fulfill a wish is easy, but what happens at midnight when the magical day is over?

Scott Baxter is a workaholic with no time for love, until a djinn pulls him out of his life and deposits him into the bed of Cameron Kirk. Cut off from his life, Scott isn’t happy about the idea of being forced to help the djinn grant an unspecified wish, but he soon finds he has no real choice in the matter. The djinn, who has turned his life upside down, has powers that prevent Scott from leaving and ensure he does nothing to ruin Cameron’s day with his ‘husband’.

Reluctant at first, Scott finds that as the day progresses he starts to enjoy playing the role of Cameron’s husband. He connects with his unexpected lover in a way he never has with other men.

Scott searches for clues to help him track down Cameron after the day is over and he returns to his own life. He doesn’t want the day to end, but the wish is out of his control and when the magic is finished, his time with Cameron may be over too.


Review: Talk about unexpected surprises! L.M. Brown’s One Perfect Wish is an absolutely delightful fairy tale of a story. While this novella is on the short side, nothing feels sacrificed in its limited word count. The characters are well fleshed out within the limits of the storyline, and the chemistry is so evident between Scott and Cameron that in its sixty-one pages, it’s impossible not to feel as if you’ve been given all the romance and heartbreak you can bear before the author weaves her magic to bring the story to a sweet and satisfying finish.

The story’s blurb details everything you need to know about the two men and the circumstances that bring them together, so I won’t bother rehashing it all here. Suffice it to say the author’s storytelling style is as enchanting and breathtaking as a first kiss, every bit as magical as first love, and as hope-filled as a second chance to make a dream come true. I loved that just when One Perfect Wish seemed as though it would be a fun but not particularly extraordinary read, Brown threw in just the right twist to elevate this tale from another insta-love story to something so much more.

When you’re in the mood for a quick read filled with a passion that will warm your heart and make you believe in destiny and true love, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend One Perfect Wish to satisfy that mood.

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Totally Bound

Totally Bound

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5 Stars, BDSM/Kink/Erotica, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Helena Stone, Jaycee Edward, Reviewed by Sammy, Small Gems

Review: Strangers in the Night by Jaycee Edward and Helena Stone

Small Gems

Title: Strangers in the Night

Author: Jaycee Edward and Helena Stone

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 52 Pages

At a Glance: Wow. Just that—wow. I really was blown away by this story.

Reviewed By: Sammy

Blurb: When Army veteran Slade stumbles upon an isolated cottage on a cold, dark night, the young man finds more than just the shelter he’s seeking. Former club Dominant Callum is surprised to find a handsome stranger knocking at his door but invites him in despite his reservations. A nightmare reveals Slade’s deep-seated emotional issues, and Callum knows he needs to get creative if he’s going to help Slade leave the past behind.

Neither man is prepared for the feelings Slade’s introduction into the world of BDSM will unleash, and thirty-six hours will either be enough to bind them, or they will remain forever strangers in the night.


Review: Short. Terribly erotic in the best of ways. Too short. Intelligent and wounded characters. Way too short. Give me more, please. Brilliant collaboration!

These are all so relevant to describing the short novella Strangers In The Night by the dynamic writing team of Jaycee Edward and Helena Stone. What appears to be an insta-love trope that includes some very sensual BDSM elements quickly morphs into a beginning exploration of a potentially permanent D/s relationship. Callum, a retired Dom who once trained subs for others, is now a bit of a recluse in his cottage off the beaten trail. The lifestyle and in particular, his propensity for becoming attached to those subs he trained, convinced Callum that solitude was vastly more comfortable than living in the scene.

Slade is running from a past that haunts him daily. His time in the military was both exactly what he needed and the undoing of him, simultaneously. Craving the fulfillment he finds in giving over control, Slade is lost without the rigid life of the soldier. But, the battlefield which brought death and one loss in particular has left Slade torn and deeply wounded.

One night brings these two men together, each fragile in his own way, but both needing the strength submission brings. The only questions that remain are, can Callum once again be the Dom to a sub who he thinks will most assuredly be moving on, and will Slade find all he needs in the man who can help him tear apart the grief that holds him prisoner?

Wow. Just that—wow. I really was blown away by this story. I love when a short story can reel me in and make me hunger for more. In short shrift, the authors introduced two men and plumbed the surface of all that makes them tick. Rapidly building two amazing BDSM scenes that were emotionally packed and sexually charged, Edward and Stone also drenched these moments in a story that was both revealing and literally flew off the page. These men were fascinating and written with such depth for so few pages of text. I finished this novella in one setting and nearly cried, for I wanted more, so much more of this duo.

Strangers In The Night was an incredibly well written story that introduced us to compelling characters and a fascinating storyline. I sincerely hope this is not the last time we will read about Callum and Slade, or hear from their gifted authors Jaycee Edward and Helena Stone.

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5 Stars, Beaten Track Publishing, Debbie McGowan, Holiday Romance, Reviewed by Jules, Small Gems

Review: A Midnight Clear by Debbie McGowan

Small Gems

Title: A Midnight Clear (Boughs of Evergreen Anthology)

Author: Debbie McGowan

Publisher: Beaten Track Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 84 Pages

At a Glance: This was a fantastic holiday read

Blurb: It’s a cold, desperate December when a young girl flees home, in search of food, shelter and the real Santa Claus. Stranded in George and Josh’s hometown, she discovers that the spirit of Christmas can be found in the most unexpected of places. Includes the story of The Little Match Girl, by Hans Christian Andersen.


Review: What a beautiful Christmas story. Everything about A Midnight Clear speaks to the spirit of the season. It’s a story of giving and sharing, of strength and hardship, and maybe most of all, of hope.

Libby is a runaway who, after spending the better part of a month living on the streets, finally benefits from a stroke of good luck (or is it kismet?) and meets a wonderful couple, George and Josh, who offer her some desperately needed help and shelter.

The details, both in story and setting, were amazing. I love stories that are set in England, and completely enjoyed the British culture aspects. In fact, the characters were so well-developed, and the world so richly created, I was compelled to do a bit of research on the author and her stories and was thrilled to find that there is an entire series based in this universe. A Midnight Clear is based on Debbie McGowan’s Hiding Behind the Couch series, which brought George and Josh to life.

This was a fantastic holiday read. I loved the flow of the story, and the chapter titles, and the fabulous way the author swirled it all together. One of my faves of the season, for sure.

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