4 Stars, Amber Allure, DJ Manly, Genre Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Maryann

Review: On Bryson by DJ Manly



Title: On Bryson

Author: DJ Manly

Publisher: Amber Allure

Pages/Word Count: 39k Words

At a Glance: On Bryson makes for a fast paced, action packed, murders and secrets crime story.

Reviewed By: Maryann

Blurb: A few years ago, Soren became involved with the wrong man, and all he wanted to do was get away from a life connected to the mob. But now, here he is yet again, right back in that world, running a nightclub called The Sand Dune for the Gambini crime family. Never does he expect to meet the love of his life there, let alone that the man who comes into his nightclub is a cop on a rampage trying to discover who shot his cousin.

But now that Sergeant Bryson Accurso’s at The Sand Dune investigating, Soren’s been given orders to “be on him” at all times. And after one look at the sexy lawman, Soren immediately realizes his orders will be far too easy for him to follow…and he intends to follow those instructions to the letter.


Review: Sgt. Bryson Accurso is like a dog with a bone. He just can’t leave Sidney Gambini, drug lord, alone. His cousin Rickie was shot at his place of business, owned by Gambini’s godson, and Bryson is sure Sidney Gambini’s behind a lot of the events going on. Even though the shooter has been caught, Bryson finds it all suspicious and takes time off to strike out on his own to solve the crime. Bryson is very dedicated to his Italian/Irish family. With the loss of his mother, he has close ties with his father, Aunt and Uncle, and I loved the caring and rhetoric between Bryson and his father, who thinks everything is unnatural.

Soren’s character is sort of sad in a way. He came from a strict family environment, and was kicked out by his father at a young age. Soren was swept off his feet by Marco Gambini, which became yet another downfall for Soren. Soren is hot on Bryson’s heels, at Sidney Gambini’s orders. But Soren is hiding a secret from both Gambini and Bryson.

Bryson and Soren are just the best characters, they seemed destined to be a couple, though there are some snags along the way that kept them apart. I really liked Bryson’s character. DJ Manly gave him a really fun sense of humor.

On Bryson makes for a fast paced, action packed, murders and secrets crime story, with a touch of humor. For being a short story, it had a good plot and enough going on to hold my interest.






You can buy On Bryson here:

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Amazon US

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

5 Stars, Drama, Genre Romance, HelenKay Dimon, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed By Carrie, Riptide Publishing

Review: Stranded by HelenKay Dimon

StrandedTitle: Stranded

Author: HelenKay Dimon

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 155 Pages

At a Glance: Oh heavens, this was a good book!

Reviewed By: Carrie

Blurb: Brax Hughes lived hard and retired young to a cabin in the middle of nowhere. Well, that was the plan, but before he can hang up his sniper rifle, he has one last mission: win back Kyle Cabe. Brax wants another chance, wants to come clean, but after months of lying to Cabe, he knows he could face a bullet — or worse — when they meet again. And they will meet. Brax made sure of that.

With a storm moving in and someone lurking outside the cabin, time is running out. Brax needs to talk fast and keep his weapons ready. And his best weapon is the truth.

* * * * * * *

NOTE: Twenty percent of the proceeds from this title will be donated to the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender (GLBT) National Help Center.


Review: Do you like military style men with intriguing stories to tell? Then you will love this book like I did!

How do you describe Cabe and Brax… They are intense, male, alpha, dominating, controlling, broken, fierce, passionate, powerful, and consuming. These two men NEED the truth they find in each other, but they both have trust issues and control issues, and it is painful but oh-so-worth-it to watch them work through them.

Kyle Cabe was a product of the foster system; if it taught him anything, it taught him not to trust anyone. Ever. It was that lesson that makes him such a great operative and keeps him alive. That is, until Brax Hughes, another operative, wormed his way inside Cabe’s walls. Of course, then Brax shot and tried to kill him. Now Cabe is retired, as retired as a man can be from the business, and he wants to fade into anonymity and find peace.

Brax wants to retire also. After all, he is supposed to be dead. But Brax has one last mission, and that is to make sure that Cabe knows the truth of what happened that day he shot him. How does he convince the only man he has ever loved that he shot him in order to save him? These men’s lives are built on carefully crafted lies, and to get to the heart of them is a convoluted story full of intrigue, with missions gone bad and good intentions gone wrong. The passion between the two is never in question and, oh my, the sex is hot, but these two men have big obstacles to overcome, and the largest obstacles are inside themselves. I highly recommend this book!

HelenKay Dimon has dipped her toe into the M/M genre before, even though she mainly writes M/F, but all of her books are intense romances about intense people, and the attention to detail is what makes them so freaking good. I hope she produces more for the M/M genre, as it is greatly enhanced with her presence.






You can buy Stranded here:

Amazon US

Amazon US

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

Giveaways, RJ Scott

Guest Post and Giveaway: The Accidental Hero Blog Tour with RJ Scott

Accidental Hero Banner

Today we’re so pleased to welcome author RJ Scott back to The Novel Approach to chat about her newest book in the Sanctuary series, Accidental Hero. She’s also giving the chance for one lucky reader to win some great prizes, which includes a $15 Gift Card from Amazon or ARe, plus 2 further prizes of an ebook from RJ’s catalogue. Competition closes 4th December – midnight GMT.

Good luck!


It’s always so hard to come up with ideas for blogs but this time I thought I would explore bits of my favorite spy/action/buddy movies, given that Accidental Hero is a bit of both.

My favorite car chase is from The Matrix. The suspension of disbelief is vital in all the Matrix films. You have to fully immerse yourself in the concept of nothing being real, and hence carnage on the roads in any action movie is okay. I love the car flying into the helicopter scene in Die Hard (can’t recall which one… lol) and I adore James Bond parking his car remotely into the rental shop.

There is something about flipping cars, and speeding, and the cool way the directors slow down the point of impact. Very clever special effects.

In Accidental Hero there is a car chase, and I wrote it, realizing I wasn’t able to describe the terms, get to the gritty of it. So I called on my petrol-head husband and he detailed the car chase that I then took and added to… so when you read the car chase, remember that at the core of it is a Ferrari loving petrol-head.

Do you have a favorite car chase?


Accidental HeroBlurb: Chicago Cop Simon Grant and Sanctuary operative Cain Brodie, have to be the heroes of their own stories, just to stay alive.

Everyone wants Chicago cop, Simon Grant, dead. Armed with an address, he is on the run and heading for Sanctuary, only to end up at the wrong end of a gun. Is it possible the tall amber-eyed man holding the gun is actually going to be able to help him?

Cain Brodie is in charge of Sanctuary’s new Chicago office, C-Tower. His well organised administration day takes an unexpected turn when he has a man wanted for murder right in his gun sights. Thrust into a situation he has no control over suddenly he needs to be the one in control.

Accidental or not, Simon and Cain have to be the heroes of their own stories, just to stay alive.

Buy Links Can Be Found HERE

Sanctuary Series:

Book 1 – Guarding Morgan
Book 2 – The Only Easy Day
Book 3 – Face Value
Book 4 – Still Waters
Book 5 – Full Circle
Book 6 – The Journal Of Sanctuary One
Book 7 – Worlds Collide


Excerpt (Chapter One)Everyone wants us dead.

Cops. The entire Drugs & Gangs team. Varga. Any of them, all of them, they all want us gone.

Simon Grant crab-walked backward, reaching the wall and curling his knees up so that he was as far away from the body as possible. Blood pooled in a macabre circle of scarlet, spreading almost to his feet. What was left of Jamie Harrington’s face was toward him, and Simon couldn’t look. He closed his eyes tight, aware the sight of broken skin and shattered bone would never leave his memory.

I’m telling you, we should talk to someone outside the precinct.

The last words Jamie had said just a day before. Mere hours before Simon had found this tableau of blood and gore, laid out before him.

A noise had him plastering himself against the wall, belatedly realizing it was he himself who had made the sound, halfway between a groan and a keen of denial. Horror had nausea rising and he tried to breathe to calm his gorge, but all he could smell was cordite and blood.

“I should have—” not said a fucking thing to anyone. Simon finished the harsh words that had begun out loud and ended inside, where he knew he would keep them forever.

He pushed his hand through his hair, anchoring his fingers in the length of it, blood smearing his skin. Then he crawled over, the wetness of blood soaking his pants, and felt for a pulse.

Jamie had half his face missing, his dark hair and skull matted, and one of his eyes blasted away… no face.

He’s gone, and I checked for a fucking pulse.

Simon froze in place. A gun lay in the blood, obscenely black against the red, just inches from Jamie’s outstretched hand as if he’d been reaching for it, looking up at his attacker and hoping to hell he reached the police-issue gun before he was killed. Why had it been left?

For fuck’s sake, think. Analyze the situation.

Was Simon supposed to pick it up, put his prints all over it? Was the killer watching, waiting for him to fuck up, waiting for him to be blamed for the death of his partner?

He had to box away the horror, push aside the shock and grief, and think.

He counted down from five and considered what next. The apartment was on the second floor. Whoever did this could be waiting or coming for him next; there was a gun in the blood, and Jamie was dead. What if it wasn’t Jamie’s gun? Simon looked around the otherwise spotless room, grabbed the nearest bag he could see—a brown grocery bag—upending it. The apples and cans inside spilled into the scarlet on the wooden floor. Had Jamie been out shopping? Did his murderer follow him home?

Just to one side, a bouquet of red roses lay half in and half out of the pool of blood. The white paper they were wrapped in had darkened in places; petals lay on the ground, weighed down by blood.

Simon used the grocery bag to pick up the gun. Long strings of sticky scarlet linked the gun to the floor for a moment and Simon pushed back sickness again. He’d seen death before, but never one that hit so close to home.

He turned his head to get some fresh air from the open window. The sound of sirens closing in was enough to have him leaving the apartment, turning left instead of right, moving to the back of the building and the way he knew he would be able to get out. Going up instead of down, he made it to the roof in record time, only a little winded. The gun was in the bag, pushed firmly into a pocket of his jacket.

He stepped back right near the edge and centered himself. Counting in his head again, he sprinted toward the next building and jumped the six-foot gap, landing and rolling onto solid roofing on the other side. He fell heavily on the gun, shoving it into his ribs, but he’d made it across and that was no mean feat.

The exit plan had been formed amid teasing and laughter over beers at Jamie’s last get-together for colleagues, on that clear Chicago night.

“You’ll never make it across,” Jamie had said on a belch. “Your short ass and stubby legs will have you tumbling into the alley. You’ll end up in a dumpster, and don’t think anyone’ll come get your stinking body.”

Simon had shoved him. “Five ten is not short, asshole.”

I can’t think of Jamie now. I made it over.

He looked around for somewhere to hide the gun. No way was he getting caught with it. He shoved it into the air intake, pushed it a long way back to a small shelf area. Done.

Why am I even keeping it?

“Because there may be other prints, or a trace, or something,” he answered his own question. “If it isn’t Jamie’s gun, we might be able to….”

To what? Why did you take it? Are you stupid? You took evidence?

With stealth he made his way across the roof and to the stairs, taking them three at a time and landing lightly on the first floor. From there he took a joining walkway to yet another apartment block and finally left that by using the fire escape, stopping only to scrub his face to clear away any blood. Finally he joined the crowds walking the sidewalk with purpose. They parted before him, some acknowledging him with nods, others bypassing him, and some shooting him guilty looks. A couple cursed him as he walked against the flow, but no one stopped him. No one shot at him, no one shouted. There was no recognition of who he was inside the uniform.

He was just another Chicago cop on the beat. Nothing to stand out. As long as he walked steadily and with resolution and didn’t break out into a panicked run, no one would look twice past the badge.

At soon as he could, he stepped into business premises—a coffee shop. He went straight to the bathroom, washed his face and his hands properly, then looked critically at his uniform. There was blood there—Jamie’s blood—but the dark blue of the uniform was enough to cover it. He pulled out his cell and stared at it for the longest time. It was nothing special, but it had all his numbers in there. Including Elliot’s. It also had a GPS chip that could be traced. No way was he calling anyone or reaching out.

He fingered the card in his pocket.

“Here, if you need anything…”

Elliot had told both him and Jamie. Promised them a place where they could get help. Even at that moment Simon had placed his faith squarely in the cops he served with, Jamie as well.

“This is bigger than just you two,” Elliot told them.


RJ ScottAbout the Author: RJ Scott has been writing since age six, when she was made to stay in at lunchtime for an infraction involving cookies. She was told to write a story and two sides of paper about a trapped princess later, a lover of writing was born.

As an avid reader herself, she can be found reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror. However, her first real true love will always be the world of romance where she takes cowboys, bodyguards, firemen and billionaires (to name a few) and writes dramatic and romantic stories of love and passion between these men.

With over seventy titles to her name and counting, she is the author of the award winning book, The Christmas Throwaway. She is also known for the Texas series charting the lives of Riley and Jack, and the Sanctuary series following the work of the Sanctuary Foundation and the people it protects.

Her goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.

Email || Website || Twitter || Facebook || LibraryThing || Tumblr (NSFW) || Pinterest



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5 Stars, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Nicole Castle, Reviewed by Lisa, Self-Published

Review: The Inauspicious List by Nicole Castle



Title: The Inauspicious List (Chance Assassin: Book Three)

Author: Nicole Castle

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 200 Pages

At a Glance: I have what could probably be described as an unhealthy love for this series, and The Inauspicious List only reaffirms it!

Reviewed By: Lisa

Blurb: With a new handler and Silva’s book of hits, Frank and Vincent’s marital bliss is only interrupted by the occasional spat over whose turn it is to kill. But when their jobs stop going according to plan, a detour takes them down a path that could bring the end of their careers. And their lives.


Review: So, if you haven’t started reading this series yet, let me catch you up: Everyone in it is certifiably insane. There. Now you’re caught up.

After a brief respite to allow Bella and Casey to have their say in Les Recidivists, Nicole Castle has brought two of my all-time favorite assassins back for book three in the Chance Assassin series, The Inauspicious List. Just to catch you up even further on what exactly the list is, it’s a book full of names…which doesn’t sound all that exciting until you know those who are named in this book are people who someone has hired our assassins to kill. Fun, right? Well, the “Inauspicious” part of the title means not so much fun for our hitmen and hitwomen (Bella <3), but it adds up to loads of entertainment for us readers.

Frank and Vincent are our happily wedded couple, blissfully come out of retirement after V was forced to take some time off to recuperate, having sustained some serious head injuries whose aftereffects still haunt him but for which Frank made the kidnapper pay dearly. One of the most absolutely awesome things about these characters, I must say, is their hunger for violence—yet they’re so damned likeable. They live for the kill, and I know that adoring them sounds crazy, but it’s nonetheless true. These guys barter hits like kids trading baseball cards, and their gleeful anticipation of wreaking havoc is infectious, to say the least. That’s how lovely Nicole Castle’s storytelling is: she’s created this band of social and psychological misfits who kill for fun and profit, who, outside of these books, would be considered irredeemable (at best), and she makes them completely lovable…in a pathological and twisted and joyful sort of way.

In an even lovelier addition to this installment of the series, V’s narration of certain events which occurred with our sweet and loopy Miko in The Result of a Straight Razor (book two in the Mako Shark companion series about a rival set of assassins), have now overlapped into Chance Assassin. One of the things I loved about getting these particular scenes from Vincent’s point-of-view was not only the effect the encounters had on Frank and V, but also seeing Miko through someone else’s eyes. The beauty in this is that had we only seen our oddball outsider assassin via V’s storytelling, Miko wouldn’t be nearly as wonderful and sympathetic as he is in his own books. Honestly, it made me love him a li’l bit more. He’s sincerely broken and somehow a little bit smishable too.

I’d also be somewhat remiss not to add somewhere in here how beautifully warped Frank and V’s relationship is, so I’ll say it now. Looking for a non-traditional romance? This is it. These two men met after Vincent had been stabbed during a job-gone-wrong he’d been set up for. V was only a teenager at the time, though he had an unfortunate amount of experience with sex by then, and he set about seducing Frank in a rather comical and tenacious way. Let me assure you, though, that Frank waited until Vincent was of legal age to consummate their relationship. So even with their age difference and in spite of the way they met, even in their twisted “yes, of course I shot you on purpose because, hello, you shot me on purpose years ago” way, these two guys just fit like a custom tailored straight jacket. I love every single one of their interactions because they’re so sincerely in love with each other. They just so happen to show it in a different way. When these two men said “‘til death do us part,” they meant it. Probably in a hail of gunfire.

So, in the end, the merde has hit the ventilateur. I’m trying that out in French in honor of Frank. For the rest of us, that means the shit has hit the fan. Seems there’s an assassin war on the horizon, one Miko may factor into in an interesting way, and based on the final sentence of this book, holy merde, it’s already underway. And I can’t wait to see what Nicole Castle has in store for us next.

This series has quickly become an absolute favorite, what with its quirky characters and sharp dialogue and plenty of laughs to go along with the killer bits, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it if you’re looking for something just a little bit different and a lot cuckoo for cocoa puffs. I felt like this installment started off a little slowly, but it didn’t take too long to get moving, and once it did, it was another fun ride on the crazy train to Murdertown.






You can buy The Inauspicious List here:

Amazon US

Amazon US

Cover Reveal, Damon Suede, Giveaways

Cover Reveal and Giveaway: Pent Up by Damon Suede


Title: Pent Up
Author: Damon Suede
Publisher: Dreamspinner Press
Length: 100k Words
Release Date: November 20, 2015
Sub-Genre: Romantic Suspense
Blurb: Pent Up: mix business with pleasure and take cover.

Ruben Oso moves to Manhattan to start his life over as a low-rent bodyguard and stumbles into a gig in a swanky Park Avenue penthouse. What begins as executive protection turns personal working for a debonair zillionaire who makes Ruben question everything about himself.

Watching over financial hotshot Andy Bauer puts Ruben in an impossible position. He knows zero about shady trading and his cocky boss lives barricaded in a glass tower with wall-to-wall secrets and hot-and-cold running paranoia. Can the danger be real? Is Andy for real?

What’s a bulletcatcher to do? Ruben knows his emotions are out of control even as he races to untangle a high-priced conspiracy and his crazy feelings before somebody gets dead. If his suspicions are right, Andy will pay a price neither can afford and Ruben may discover there’s no way to guard a heart.

Pre-Order Pent Up in paperback and e-book formats at Dreamspinner Press. Pre-Order links coming soon to Amazon, All Romance eBooks, and other fine e-tailers.

And be sure to watch for the audiobook, too, narrated by Charlie David.


Damon SuedeAbout the AuthorDamon Suede grew up out-n-proud deep in the anus of right-wing America, and escaped as soon as it was legal. Having lived all over, he’s earned his crust as a model, a messenger, a promoter, a programmer, a sculptor, a singer, a stripper, a bookkeeper, a bartender, a techie, a teacher, a director… but writing has ever been his bread and butter.

Though new to romance fiction, Damon has been a full-time writer for print, stage, and screen for two decades. He has won some awards, but counts his blessings more often: his amazing friends, his demented family, his beautiful husband, his loyal fans, and his silly, stern, seductive Muse who keeps whispering in his ear, year after year. Get in touch with him at DamonSuede.com.




Thanks so much for joining us in the cover reveal for Damon Suede’s Pent Up! To enter for the chance to win an autographed PRINT copy of the book, just click on the Rafflecopter widget and follow the instructions.

Good luck!

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4.5 Stars, Drama, DSP Publications, Ethan Stone, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Sammy

Review: In the Flesh by Ethan Stone

Title: In the Flesh

Author: Ethan Stone

Publisher: DSP Publications

Pages/Word Count: 320 Pages

At a Glance: In The Flesh is a top notch cop story with enough heat and grit that you will not want to put it down until you reach the last page.

Reviewed By: Sammy

Blurb: 2nd Edition

Reno Detective Cristian Flesh is an out and unashamed cop, but his slutty ways might be his downfall. Christian lives by a strict set of personal rules, preferring hook-ups and anonymous encounters to committed relationships. His guidelines work for him… until one of his tricks is murdered and he becomes the prime suspect.

Leave it to handsome lawyer Colby Maddox to save Christian’s life. He takes the case and the attraction between them is quick and undeniable. After several passion-filled encounters with Colby, Christian unexpectedly wants to break all his rules. However, before they can contemplate a future together, they’ll have to clear Christian’s name and find the real murderer.


Review: Gritty, raw and explosive are all excellent adjectives to describe this second edition release of Ethan Stone’s novel In The Flesh. Everything about this book is so visceral and the man behind the action, the sex, the badge, all so very compelling and real. This novel strips away any pretense of polite interaction and instead, gives you an “in your face” story that holds you spellbound to the last page.

Cristian Flesh has rules. Rules he lives by that keep his heart intact and his emotions tightly coiled behind a wall he has carefully erected. From the simplest of things, like no kissing, to the raw and painful, no talking about his past, Cristian rolls through life never repeating a one night stand and never really standing still long enough to understand why he is so very alone at the end of each day. Much like his private life, his career as a cop speaks of no bullshit police work that nearly always ends in arrests. While he is out and proud in the police force, it will be his hidden affair with a prominent pastor that will eventually be his downfall. Framed for a murder he did not commit, surrounded by dirty cops on the dole, Flesh must rely on a deeply closeted lawyer to save his career. In the end, he will have to either begin to tear down the wall and break a few rules, or lose the one man who can actually penetrate years of loneliness and deeply ingrained feelings of no self worth.

Author Ethan Stone is a no-nonsense writer who drives home his point in every vignette he sets up. His plot is intricate and spellbinding. His characters are flesh and blood men who live hard, work hard and, at the end of the day, turn to each other for solace and release. If you are looking for a sweet romance, you are coming to the wrong novel. However, if you are looking for fast paced action and characters you can sink your teeth into, then you have come to the right place. In the Flesh sets one man on a collision course with every rule he has established to keep his head in the game and the demons that haunt his past at bay. Perhaps the only flaw I can find in this novel is that there are times when the dialogue seemed a bit stilted, forcing the characters to occasionally feel jerky and just a bit off center. However, I found that those moments were then replaced with such intense feelings and emotions, as well as non-stop action sequences, that I was immediately drawn right back into the story.

In The Flesh is a top notch cop story with enough heat and grit that you will not want to put it down until you reach the last page.


You can buy In the Flesh here:



4.5 Stars, Marshall Thornton, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Kim, Self-Published

Review: Desert Run by Marshall Thornton

Title: Desert Run: An Erotic Thriller

Author: Marshall Thornton

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 221 Pages

At a Glance: Fast paced suspense when the action begins.

Reviewed By: Kim

Blurb: Palm Springs, 1973. Don Harris is a piano player on the run after killing a Chicago mobster’s son in a bar fight. On the lam, he meets a pretty blonde girl in town for a convention. He lets down his guard and spends the night with her only to discover she’s the younger sister of his best friend all grown-up. Foolishly, she tips her brother off to Don’s location, and he’s on the run again, hoping to find a safe place to land.
Out of money and desperate, Don accidentally walks into a gay bar where he allows a kid named Harlan to pick him up so he’ll have a place to stay. As the mob chases them, Don begins to fall for the kid, putting them both in harm’s way. Harlan has problems of his own, and Don knows he shouldn’t get involved but he can’t help but step in when Harlan gets in trouble. To save himself, Don’s got to save Harlan.


Review: Don Harris has the bad luck of accidentally killing the wrong person, even more bad luck while in hiding from the mob; then, years later, of running across someone from his past life, while working as a piano player. Strangely enough, after Don hooks up with Shelley, she reminds him who she is. Oops! Nothing like finding out you just slept with your best friend’s sister, who later contacts her brother and lets him know who she’s run into during her trip. Another oops again…cover blown! Poor Shelley had no idea what she’d done when the mob finds them both.

But things really start to get interesting when Don finally meets Harlan. Even though Don claims to be straight, he sure doesn’t act like it when he’s around Harlan. Harlan, with all of his flirting, just seems to grow on Don in unexpected ways, and I thought it was kind of sweet how Harlan seemed to calm Don while holding him when he had his nightmares. I liked Harlan because he stayed level headed and didn’t panic during certain situations. And, he didn’t take any BS from Don either.

As with any Marshall Thornton novel, once I actually got into Desert Run, I found I really enjoyed it. The blurb gives a good summary of what goes down in this story—it’s fast paced suspense when the action begins, not to mention the cover is sweet! I give it a recommendation as a good book to pick up and read if you’re into nostalgia, suspense, and a little smex with both sexes on the side.

You can buy Desert Run: An Erotic Thriller here:

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble

4 Stars, Edward Kendrick, Genre Romance, JMS Books LLC, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Janet

Review: Wrong Side of the Law by Edward Kendrick

Title: Wrong Side of the Law

Author: Edward Kendrick

Publisher: JMS Books

Pages/Word Count: 201 Pages

At a Glance: A very good read, indeed

Reviewed By: Janet

Blurb: Undercover cop Dan Hudson is framed for blackmail and kicked off the NOPD force. Enraged about that, and the fact that his lover refuses to stand by him, Dan moves to Denver, where he becomes Dirk Steele. He finds a job working for the Powells, who are pawnbrokers … and fences.

When he proposes to them than he put together a team to steal on demand for the Powells’ less than legitimate clients, a deal is struck and the team is formed. The team consists of Maverick, a thief; Tripp, a street kid who shoplifts to survive; and Fey, another street kid who is an excellent pickpocket and petty thief.

Now the question becomes, will the team succeed? And, equally important, will the attraction between Dirk, who has sworn off love, and Maverick — whose credo is only down and dirty sex — grow into something more? Or will they remain just ‘friends with benefits’?

Time will tell as the team takes on increasingly difficult jobs and a man from Dirk’s past shows up who could possibly throw a monkey wrench into the works.


Review: One of the facets of Edward Kendrick’s books that I enjoy immensely is his world building skills. In this story we meet dirk, a man was is disenchanted with his life and who wants to start all over. We watch as he moves across states and finds another city to live in, and watch him figure out how to make a living there. When that takes Dirk to the wrong side of the law, we are sympathetic towards him due to his past and his poor handling of the law prior. It is a very different take on starting over and is proof of Kendrick’s skill when he makes it so believable and draws us further into the story.

The characters that surround Dirk are selected with care. We see the possibilities as he does, and as they come together to form a crew, we can see that Dirk has built a family of sorts to grow with. The romance that develops between Dirk and Maverick does so slowly, allowing trust to be established between them, as they have both been betrayed before.

The first half of the book is Dirk reflecting back on the previous two years since he started over. The story moves to the present with the introduction of Al Galvez, a figure from Dirk’s past. The entire pace of the story increases with the shift in focus, and I found myself more engaged with the characters as a result. The threat that Al represents creates anxiety, and the response from the characters keeps the pages turning quickly. When they all decide to relocate it doesn’t feel like running, rather protecting their family and their future. This was a truly fascinating glimpse into the lives of a bunch of characters on the wrong side of the law that didn’t feel like the wrong side at all. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Dirk and Maverick grow into their HEA, and also seeing the hope they had for their future. The true strength of the book comes from the reality that Kendrick builds of the life of a thief. The tricks of the trade that he walks us through, how to research your target and how to use all the tools the characters will need, are described in such a realistic manner that you simply believe the world of the book. Dirk has the background as an undercover police officer to make this foray believable and that makes all the difference in this book. A very good read, indeed.

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All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

4.5 Stars, Genre Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Nicole Castle, Reviewed by Lisa, Self-Published

Review: The Consequence of High Caliber by Nicole Castle

Title: The Consequence of High Caliber (The Mako Shark: Book One)

Author: Nicole Castle

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 168 Pages

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: Miko is a devoted son. An irresponsible brother. A protective friend. An anonymous lover. An assassin, nicknamed the Mako Shark after the sheer violence of his hits. Miko is deadly. And damaged.
Miko is in love.
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5 Stars, Drama, Genre Romance, Lynley Wayne, MLR Press, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Lynn

Review: Facing Demons by Lynley Wayne

Title: Facing Demons (Scars: Book Three)

Author: Lynley Wayne

Publisher: MLR Press

Pages/Word Count: 379 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: When demons from his past interfere with his present, Cam knows Seth is the only one he can trust to help him face them.

At the age of fifteen, Seth Dempsey gave his heart to Cameron Reyes. Three years later, Cam shattered it when he walked away. When Cam blows back into Seth’s life years later, Seth knows he will do whatever it takes to ensure Cam doesn’t slip away again. Even if it means going up against a corrupt DEA agent and a drug cartel.
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5 Stars, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Mary Calmes, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Kathie

Audio Review: All Kinds of Tied Down by Mary Calmes – Narrated by Tristan James

Title: All Kinds of Tied Down

Author: Mary Calmes

Narrator:: Tristan James

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 9 hours, 1 minute

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Deputy US Marshal Miro Jones has a reputation for being calm and collected under fire. These traits serve him well with his hotshot partner, Ian Doyle, the kind of guy who can start a fight in an empty room. In the past three years of their life-and-death job, they’ve gone from strangers to professional coworkers to devoted teammates and best friends. Miro’s cultivated blind faith in the man who has his back… faith and something more. Continue reading

4 Stars, Literary Fiction, Michael Kudo, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Jackie, Wilde City Press

Review: Red Rose (Blood) by Michael Kudo

Title: Red Rose (Blood)

Author: Michael Kudo

Publisher: Wilde City Press

Pages/Word Count:

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: “I don’t like to be called an Assassin, I prefer the term problem solver.”

My name’s Alex. I’m an average guy. I kill people for a living. But don’t judge me.

I don’t take jobs on just anybody though. I only kill the really annoying people, like cheaters or abusers. So if you think about it, I’m actually doing God’s work—okay, maybe that’s stretching things a bit. Continue reading

4.5 Stars, Daisy Harris, Genre Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Lana, Samhain Publishing

Review: November Rain by Daisy Harris

Title: November Rain

Author: Daisy Harris

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 140 Pages

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Blurb: A single bullet could take them both down.

Fire and Rain, Book 4

Detective Joe Klamath is used to guys falling on their backs at the arch of his commanding eyebrow. Yet he can’t seem to get a read on a cute, department-store sales guy. The vagrant who just walked in, though? He’s easy to read. He’s dangerous. Continue reading

5 Stars, Eden Winters, Genre Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Taz, Rocky Ridge Books

Review: Diversion (2nd Edition) by Eden Winters

Title: Diversion (2nd Edition)

Author: Eden Winters

Publisher: Rocky Ridge Books

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: There are good guys, bad guys, and then there’s Lucky.

Former drug trafficker Richmond “Lucky” Lucklighter flaunts his past like a badge of honor. He speaks his mind, doesn’t play nice, and flirts with disaster while working off his sentence with the Southeastern Narcotics Bureau. If he can keep out of trouble a while longer he’ll be a free man–after he trains his replacement. Continue reading

4 Stars, AR Moler, Genre Romance, JMS Books LLC, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Jackie

First Love Gets A Second Chance In AR Moler’s “Does the Feeling Go Both Ways?”

Title: Does the Feeling Go Both Ways?

Author: AR Moler

Publisher: JMS Books

Pages/Word Count: 124 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Deep cover DEA agent Landon Cross can’t seem to escape his past. First, his cover is blown by a guy he’d busted in another operation. Then, his rescuer is medic Trey Jernigan, his best childhood friend, first love, and a person Landon betrayed as teenager. Continue reading

Cover Reveal, Dreamspinner Press, Mary Calmes

Cover Reveal : “All Kinds of Tied Down” by Mary Calmes

All Kinds of Tied Down400x600

Blurb: Deputy US Marshal Miro Jones has a reputation for being calm and collected under fire. These traits serve him well with his hotshot partner, Ian Doyle, the kind of guy who can start a fight in an empty room. In the past three years of their life-and-death job, they’ve gone from strangers to professional coworkers to devoted teammates and best friends. Miro’s cultivated blind faith in the man who has his back… faith and something more.
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4 Stars, A.J. Thomas, Dreamspinner Press, Reviewed by Jackie

Crime And Romance Come Together In A.J. Thomas’ “Holding Out for a Fairy Tale” – Reviewed by Jackie

“The way to read a fairy tale is to throw yourself in.” ― W.H. Auden

Title: Holding Out for a Fairy Tale

Author: A.J. Thomas

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 243 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: When his vicious cousin Alejandro makes a violent late-night visit, San Diego homicide detective Ray Delgado gets a brutal reminder of why he left his family behind. Alejandro wants Ray to find his sister, Sophia, who disappeared from the UC San Diego campus, before the FBI digs too deep into his business.
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4 Stars, Ethan Stone, Reviewed by Jackie, Totally Bound

Ethan Stone’s “Recruited” Gives A Man A Second Chance At Life And Love – Reviewed by Jackie

“I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying.” ― Nelson Mandela

Title: Recruited (Uniformity #3)

Author: Ethan Stone

Publisher: Totally Bound

Pages/Word Count: 232 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Inmate Dylan Hoss never thought he’d fall for a man in prison. He also didn’t think life on the outside would be more dangerous than inside.
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A.N. Bond, Dreamspinner Press, Reviewed by Tina

A.N. Bond’s “The Dangerous Seduction” Is A Thrill Ride – Reviewed by Tina

“The real reason we can’t have the Ten Commandments in a courthouse: You cannot post ‘Thou shalt not steal’, ‘Thou shalt not commit adultery’, and ‘Thou shalt not lie’ in a building full of lawyers, judges and politicians. It creates a hostile work environment.” – George Carlin

Title: The Dangerous Seduction

Author: A.N. Bond

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 200 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: With a beautiful, doting fiancée and a dream job at one of New York City’s top law firms, life is going well for ambitious but inexperienced attorney, Ryan Paullson. Handpicked by his new boss, Joseph Van Aardt, to work on the firm’s biggest case, Ryan soon finds himself out of his depth and struggling with a dangerous and irresistible attraction to the charismatic and ruthless Van Aardt—an attraction that seems mutual.
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Reviewed by Lisa, Riptide Publishing, SE Jakes

SE Jakes’ “Free Falling” Is A Sexy Game Of Cat And Mouse

“Because there’s nothing sexier than a bad boy on the right side of the law.” – Rhys Ford

Title: Free Falling

Author: SE Jakes

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 149 Pages

Rating: 4.25 Stars

Blurb: Sometimes falling in love is the most dangerous thing of all.
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Carina Press, Libby Drew

Libby Drew’s “Paradox Lost” Is An Action Packed Sci-Fi Thriller

“It doesn’t have to conform to whatever is usual. It doesn’t have to be kismet at once, or rhapsody by the third date. It just has to be. In time. In place. In spirit. It just has to be.” ― David Levithan

Title: Paradox Lost

Author: Libby Drew

Publisher: Carina Press

Pages/Word Count: 228 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Time travel tour guide Reegan McNamara’s job—taking eager tourists whenever they want to go—is usually a breeze. A trip back to 2020 to watch a world-changing speech seems no different, until a woman runs away from his tour group before the jump home. Now her tycoon husband is demanding her safe return—or Reegan will lose more than just his job.
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Reesa Herberth, Riptide Publishing

“In Discretion” Is An Action Filled Sci-Fi Drama

“Some secrets can be trusted to people with nothing to lose.” – Reesa Herberth

Title: In Discretion (A Ylendrian Empire Novella)

Author: Reesa Herberth

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 114

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Thanson Nez thought his career as a Discretionary would take him to the stars, not strand him on a space station at the ass-end of the Empire. Thanks to his last client, he’s carrying a secret he can’t get rid of fast enough, but his oath to the guild means a swift, painful death if he shares it. Already desperate for help, he runs into yet more trouble: his ex, and an explosion that paralyzes the station moments after their uncomfortable reunion.
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Barbara Elsborg, Samhain Publishing

“With or Without Him”, Barbara Elsborg Delivers A Winner

“I believe that everything happens for a reason. People change so that you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they’re right, you believe lies so you eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.” ― Marilyn Monroe

To the best of my knowledge (which admittedly isn’t much), this one of the few fully M/M books written by Ms. Elsborg. I read one other of her others, Every Move He Makes, and really liked it. When the opportunity to review With or Without Him was presented, I jumped. First of all, I like long books (and I cannot lie). More of a good story is just better, right? This one weighs in at a whopping 427 pages. But they flew by. The story kept moving and shifting and jumping and jiving, and the next thing I knew it was finished. And I was disappointed, because I was really enjoying it.
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All Romance Ebooks, Self-Published, Silvia Violet

Silvia Violet’s “Unexpected Rescue” Is Every Bit As Good As Expected

“Our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts.” ― Ken Page

I’ve read Sylvia Violet before and always enjoyed her stories so I was really excited to read this story for review.

Jackson is a former Navy Seal who recently had to leave service because of extensive damage to his leg during a routine mission gone horribly wrong. So wrong in fact, it was a deliberate act by someone really close to his inner circle. Of course, no one believes Jackson when he tells his story about what happened, so he’s on his own. Now that person wants him dead, sending threatening letters that forces Jackson to run for his life.
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