2 Stars, Alexa Silver, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Jennifer

Review: LifeFlight by Alexa Silver

Title: LifeFlight (A Daily Dose Story)

Author: Alexa Silver

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 34 Pages

At a Glance: A daily dose with promise, but too many ideas packed into too short a space.

Reviewed By: Jennifer

Blurb: When winged paranormal Dante is injured in a demon attack, he faces certain death unless he can reach a healing spring just off the Pacific coast. With his strength waning and the demon poison infesting his system, the spring is his only hope. He never expects to find salvation in the arms of the property’s caretaker, a much younger man. Bren is fascinated by the beautiful winged man who arrives at his family’s sanctuary. He’s determined to save Dante’s life, but he’ll have to find a way to help Dante heal without infecting himself with the demonic poison, and time is running out.


Review: I was really excited to read this story because the blurb sounded fantastic. A bit of Urban Fantasy with winged creatures? Yes, please. There’s something about wings that gets me. And while the idea is great, it’s just too much for a short story, and it felt incredibly rushed from nearly the beginning.

The author builds an interesting world where a variety of creatures coexist with humans. Alexa Silver even connects the attacks of 9/11 into the story, which made it even more intriguing. The human world wasn’t the only world that lost people in the aftermath.

Bren is the son of the caretakers of a hot spring that heals paranormal creatures. He is in charge while his parents are away, even though he shouldn’t have the job to begin with. There’s an interesting bit of backstory in there involving his recklessly amorous twin brother and a witch. When Dante ends up at the springs after a demon attack, Bren is immediately drawn to him. And by immediately, I mean in a matter of minutes they are moving insanely fast. There is no real build up in their relationship, and then suddenly they’re mates, and Bren is part paranormal and… what?

It moved so fast my head spun.

I was also confused by the paranormal creatures mentioned in this story. I wanted to know more about them, but there’s little explanation. Again, I know it’s meant to be short, but it’s just too much of a new world in a thirty-four page story. Were this expanded about two hundred pages and over a longer period of time, I would be thrilled. But, as it stands, it just didn’t make the cut for me.



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