5 Stars, Bey Deckard, Holiday Romance, M/M/M and More, Reviewed by Lisa, Self-Published

Review: Careened: Winter Solstice in Madierus by Bey Deckard

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Title: Careened: Winter Solstice in Madierus (Baal’s Heart 3.5)

Author: Bey Deckard

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 43 Pages

At a Glance: I loved this savory and sweet little morsel.

Reviewed By: Lisa

Blurb: A Baal’s Heart short, following the events in Fated: Blood and Redemption

Plagued by terrible dreams, Jon begins to distance himself from Baltsaros and Tom. Perhaps a little holiday cheer is just the thing to help the three of them find common ground again.


Review: Well, this is a first. I never thought I’d use the words “sweet” and “Bey Deckard” together in a review, but here I am doing that very thing. Never say never…

Careened directly follows the events in this series’ Fated: Blood and Redemption, so if you’ve not read book three yet, this short holiday novella may not pack quite the same punch for you as it would knowing the full scope of events in that novel. Of course, though I say this story has a tinge of the sweet to it, it also offers just that much of the bitter to remind you that the alternate universe Captain Baltsaros, Tom, and Jon inhabit isn’t one without its dangers and grief and pain.

Jon is in a bad way after what happened to him in Sormaheine, the dark shadows of anger and regret following him through his days and nights as he tries to drink away the memories that dog him…though he can’t escape his sub-conscious and the nightmares that manipulate his thoughts and drive his depression. This is where the bitter tempers the sweet in this story, complements the storyline without overwhelming, and, in the end, makes the turnabout that much more satisfying.

Writing a convincing threesome is exactly what Bey Deckard has done. Believing in this threesome and the dynamics of that relationship is exactly what readers of this series are able to do because this author has created three men who just work, plain and simple, in spite of the challenges thrown their way. Crafting this short story to coincide with this verse’s version of a winter holiday is the perfect scenario to offer healing to Jon and begin a mending of the relationship between him and Baltsaros. There was, without a doubt, some truly romantic gestures in Careened, and, as has been the case all along, a Baal’s Heart book wouldn’t be a Baal’s Heart book without a wildly sexy scene or two to watch these three connect and command and show readers the bond they share.

I loved this savory and sweet little morsel. What a great interlude with these characters at a wonderful time of the year.






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4 Stars, A.M. Sexton, Reviewed by Jules, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Self-Published

Release Day Review: Return by A.M. Sexton

Title: Return (Davlova: Book Two)

Author: A.M. Sexton

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 324 Pages

At a Glance: Every bit the exciting conclusion that the blurb promises.

Reviewed By: Jules

Blurb: The exciting conclusion to Release

Fire rages through Davlova in the wake of a bloody revolution. The tyrannical upper class has been overthrown. In the midst of the chaos, Misha and Ayo escape on Miguel Donato’s boat and flee across the sea to the distant city of Deliphine.

All his life, Misha has dreamed of leaving Davlova behind, but now the only thing he wants to do is go home. He has no idea if the city still stands or how many of his friends have survived. But before he can return to Davlova and find his place in the wrecked landscape of the trenches, he’ll have to face a new threat in Deliphine – the Dollhouse.

Even in Deliphine, most people think the Dollhouse is a myth, but Misha knows the truth. The Dollhouse is real. It’s ruthless. It has an agenda.

And now, it wants Ayo back.


Review: When I read Release – the first book in the Davlova series by A.M. Sexton – it completely rocked me. So, when I saw a few weeks ago that the sequel, Return, had a release date at last, I was alllll over it. I even re-read Release in anticipation, as there is a lot to the story, and I wanted to make sure everything was fresh. I was so glad I did; it was just as good as I remembered. Dark. So very dark. Intense and heartbreaking and just absolutely gripping. With Return, Sexton picks up exactly where Release left off, so you had better buckle up because the ride is on.

After fleeing from the only home he has ever known, Misha arrives in Deliphine with Ayo. He is incredibly happy to have saved Ayo but is also still devastated over the death of Donato, understandably struggling with both the loss and the fact that he was the one to actually take Miguel’s life. Sexton once again does an amazing job of connecting the reader to the characters. I felt both Misha’s pain and anguish, and Ayo’s anger and disbelief at Misha’s mourning. Ayo never saw the amount of tenderness in their master that Misha did. He only knows that his painful existence as a creation of the Dollhouse is because of the evil desires and requests of Donato.

Deliphine turns out to be nothing like what Misha expected. Instead of the fresh start of their dreams, they find the port city to be just as divided and messed up as Davlova was, if not even more backward and filthy. On top of which, Ayo also immediately starts to feel a tug from his chip to return to his maker. Having gotten the name of a surgeon in Deliphine, one of Donato’s connections, Misha and Ayo pay him a visit to see if they can get any help in having Ayo’s chip deactivated. Unfortunately, the doctor is unable to operate, out of fear of falling under the wrath of the Dollhouse, leaving them back at square one. Fighting Ayo’s program on their own proves exhausting and impossible, however, and they end up being taken in by the Dollhouse, interrogated, and then mysteriously released.

I enjoyed the first section of the book, when they are in Deliphine, particularly the fantastic discussions between Misha and Dr. Gideon regarding the moral implications of the neural implants, and whether it makes a difference if the person receives it willingly or not (as a philosophy major, I geeked out on those thoughts quite a bit). But, the story really started to pick up for me when Misha and Ayo return to Davlova. The descriptions of the ravaged city and the events that took place during and after Misha’s escape were at times brutal and shocking. The author pulled zero punches when describing what people are capable of during war. Misha is horrified by the things he sees and hears upon arriving back home and reuniting with some of his friends.

As in the first book, there is plenty of action and political intrigue, as well as raw emotion – the connection between Misha and Ayo is quite beautiful as it develops – and sex. But, the thing that I like most about Return is that it was Misha’s book to shine. I love where Sexton takes his character, from a street-smart thief and sometime whore, to a confident, fierce, smart man, who will do whatever it takes to protect his lover and, ultimately, help reshape and rebuild his city. Being a hero looks good on him. The other thing that made this sequel stand apart from the first book is that there was a bit more levity mixed in with the darkness. I would definitely still describe the story as dark overall – but there were a few more moments of joy and lighter scenes to help balance it out.

This book was a bit slower than the first book in the beginning, and a tiny bit repetitive in places, but it definitely ended up being every bit the exciting conclusion that the blurb promises. I would still proceed with caution regarding the heavy nature of the content, and it’s a must to read Release first, but if you’re looking for something different and something exciting that you can sink your teeth into, I absolutely recommend this one.





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Alicia Cameron, Fantastic Fiction Publishing, Giveaways

Excerpt and Giveaway: Sedition by Alicia Cameron

Sedition Banner

Today we’re so pleased to offer you an exclusive excerpt from Alicia Cameron’s new novel Sedition, Book Two in the Demoted series from Fantastic Fiction Publishing. FFP is also offering the chance for one lucky reader to win an e-copy of the book. You can enter by clicking on the Rafflecopter widget below.

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Excerpt: He’s mine, and I want to make him feel good again. I missed touching him, and if the way he thrusts himself against me is any sign, he misses being touched. I tease him, working his body to relax and open for me, flicking my tongue out and over his cock, biting gently at the insides of his legs. Everything is calm for once, and I want to take my time with him.

Sascha tries to keep speaking, but he quickly loses the ability. I keep touching him, feeling him yield to me. For once, there are no immediate threats hanging over either of our heads, and I let myself relax, feeling myself grow hard and excited as I do. I slide up, kissing Sascha deeply, pressing against his body with mine. After I’ve taken all I can handle, I slide him down the pillows, arranging him on the mattress exactly where I want him. He looks up at me with excitement and a little fear, and I love that I inspire that in him. He leans up to kiss me and I push him back down, holding him there. I like his input, but I have my own ideas of what I want to do with him tonight. When he acquiesces, lying still for me, I climb on top of him, framing his body with my own, lining my cock up, ready to take him. I pause, admiring him below me.

He shudders, just slightly, and he smiles up at me. I keep pinning him there, even as he tries to move. He wiggles his ass against my cock a tiny bit until I push a little harder, forcing him to stay still.

“You’re mine,” I remind him, pressing him hard into the mattress with my hands and my hips.

Sascha nods, and I can feel his cock growing harder between us. “Prove it,” he challenges me, although his tone is barely different from begging.

I don’t deny him. I prove just how much he is mine, and I do so slowly, holding him down when he even tries to move. He tries to take me into him faster, meeting my thrusts, but I won’t have it. I force him to wait, to feel me sliding in and out of him slowly, sensually. I feel his arms twitch; he’s trying to grab me and pull me closer, but I trap him and keep him pinned to the bed. I make my way inside of him as slowly as I can tolerate, and when I finish, I continue to hold him in place. I smile at him feeling like I’ve won the challenge.



SubjectionSubjection (Demoted: Book One): In a world where intellect and achievement are valued above all else, a young man risks everything to save his brother from a life of slavery. Thrown into a harsh, unyielding world where slaves are treated as less than animals, Sascha struggles to come to terms with everything he knows being ripped away from him, but a life of success could never prepare him for his life as one of the Demoted. Sinking lower and lower, Sascha begins to lose hope, but the whim of a mysterious, wealthy man has the potential to change all that.

Cashiel has a dark history that he guards carefully. Between family and business and politics, he rarely has time for a slave, much less a lover. But when he sees a young man who reminds him of the very history he is trying to escape, he makes an impulse decision that he’s not sure whether to regret or not. The slave could expose everything, or he could be the most valuable asset that Cashiel has ever acquired.

Cashiel and Sascha share desires, hopes, and a home. Each man is limited by status, hindered by history, and desperate to succeed. The question is, will that be enough?

Buy Links: Fantastic Fiction Publishing || Amazon || All Romance eBooks || Smashwords || Barnes & Noble


SeditionSedition (Demoted: Book Two): Sascha’s world changed when Cashiel Michaud bought him, rescuing him from a brothel and a life of torture. They developed a sexual relationship, but can their relationship amount to more than that? Deceit, lies, and political scandal color not only their world, but their relationship, and dark figures from both men’s pasts threaten to intrude on the few moments of peace they have. A slave is never safe from harm, nor is an outcast family member. In the end, are Sascha and Cash strong enough to face the challenges, or will they be torn apart forever?

Buy Links: Fantastic Fiction Publishing || Amazon || All Romance eBooks || Smashwords || Barnes & Noble


Author BioAbout the Author: Alicia Cameron has been making up stories since before she can remember. After discovering erotica during a high school banned books project, she never really turned back. She lives in Denver, Colorado with a tiny dog and rabbit who conspire regularly to distract her from doing anything productive. By day she works in the mental health field and is passionate about youth rights and welfare. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, glitter, and punk rock concerts.



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Giveaways, Revella Hawthorne

Excerpt and Giveaway: The Bred for Love Blog Tour with Revella Hawthorne

Bred For Love banner

Today we’re so pleased to welcome author Revella Hawthorne on the Bred for Love tour to celebrate the recent release of book two in the series, The King’s Command. Enjoy the excerpts from the books, and then be sure to click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter for a chance to win an e-copy of both The Prince’s Consort and The King’s Command.

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The Prince's ConsortBlurb: The Prince’s Consort
Release Date: April 21, 2015

In a world where humans are genetically designed, altered and sold for sexual pleasure and breeding, a young prince of the powerful Cassian Dynasty decides to take a mate and sire heirs. Not wishing to saddle himself with royal and meddlesome in-laws, and a wife he would have no desire to bed, Prince Edward goes to Heritage Breeders, and finds far more than just a warm body to sate his lust and carry on his lineage.

Percy is the result of a master DNA architect designing himself his own personal sex slave and breeder. Yet when his creator and Master dies, leaving Percy alone at the mercy of the callous stable masters and the new owner of Heritage, he fears his future. Afraid he’ll be bought by a wretched old man or a deviant monster, Percy is terrified when he is dragged from his cell and presented to the most prestigious client Heritage has ever welcomed…a Cassian Royal.

Prince Edward is immediately infatuated with the shy, nervous and enchantingly beautiful Percy, and claims him for his own. Yet not everyone is pleased by a royal purchasing a breeder, especially one like Percy, and tensions rise both in Heritage and in the palace.

Torn between desire, duty, a king’s command and the innermost desires of their hearts, Edward and Percy are set on path that is anything but easy. Can Percy trust Edward with his heart as he does his body? Can Edward keep an angry king and unseen enemies away from the young slave who is steadily stealing his heart?

And what happens when Nature takes its course, and sex leads to more than just pleasure?

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TPC teaser

Excerpt: “I would prefer a male, smaller than me, handsome, with a degree of intelligence and personality. I’m not interested in having sex with someone who’s no more than an attractive machine that bends over on command, so please take intelligence into account. Although, I do prefer some obedience, as I will be breeding my prospective mate often, so having to seduce or force holds little appeal. I have no need for my mate to have fertile sperm, as I will not be the one carrying the offspring, of course. And I don’t feel like explaining to my staff why my breeder is mounting the maids when I’m not around.”

Edward listed off his requirements, watching as Mr. Wimble slowly stopped typing, and began to stare at him in some consternation. Edward wasn’t going to apologize for that last statement, either. He’d seen the results of an unruly and fully fertile male breeder decimate the staff at one of the estates neighboring his out in the country, knocking up several of the maids and female upper staff that had contact with him. His neighbors eventually had him removed after it was discovered what was going on, and Edward never found out exactly what was done to the breeder, but he could guess he wasn’t at some farm working the fields. Castration and slavery, or death. That type of breeder was one of the very rare, non-child-bearing male breeders, called ‘sires’, who were hyped up with testosterone and temperamental, usually used by the breeding houses to continue the in-house stock lines. Edward wondered at the time how the breeder ended up out in the country at a noble’s family estate, but the current Court was full of fools, so he really shouldn’t be surprised.

He had strict needs he wanted met. Any potential mate would be the parent of his future children, so slacking on the finer details wasn’t an option. Not for a royal, and not for him.

“I have several candidates that may fit your needs, Your Highness. Are you interested in viewing today? I can have them pulled from the stables within the next hour for your inspection if you care to wait. Shall I summon a maid for luncheon?”


The King's CommandBlurb: The King’s Command
Release date: August 15, 2015

Percy is pregnant. He is overjoyed, and Prince Edward, his master and owner, is just as happy. Both men are content, and are enjoying the simple life at Hartgrove, Prince Edward’s country estate. There they stay in pre-baby bliss, until the christening of the Cassian Dynasty’s newest princeling approaches. Prince Edward decides to risk King Henry’s wrath, and brings Percy back to the capital to attend his nephew’s christening, putting his and Percy’s unconventional relationship front and center in the media and the court. Greed and betrayal combine to place Percy and their unborn child in danger, and the capital, once a place of power and strength for Prince Edward, becomes a prison. Percy is confronted by the reality of his social status and what exactly it means to be the collared consort of a Cassian blood prince–and how dangerous that place of honor can be.

Caught between the orders of King Henry and the dangers to be found in Court and city, Percy and Edward strive to protect themselves, their love, and their unborn child.

Buy Link: Amazon

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TKC teaser

Excerpt: He pulled the sheet up to Percy’s chin, and smoothed it down over his chest and stomach. He rested his hand on Percy’s abdomen, amazed as he always was when he thought about it, that his child grew inside his mate. A child, his and Percy’s.

Percy was a breeder, and Edward mourned for a brief second that his mate’s ice-blue eyes or sweet smile would never be gifted to a child of theirs, his consort’s DNA only minimally transferrable to any offspring he may have. The vision of a little girl, with Edward’s dark hair and Percy’s bright eyes flashed for a moment in his mind, but he pushed it away. Percy would gift their child only enough DNA to be viable and grow, and his smile or entrancing eyes would never be handed down to a new generation.

Yet it was enough that there would be children; Percy had a tender heart, and a need to love. Edward wanted sons and daughters, the more, the merrier, and he knew Percy would want and love each child with everything in his small frame. This first child of theirs would not be the last. Hartgrove Court was a huge estate, a working farm and manor, and large enough to support a big family and plenty of staff. It had been gifted to Edward through his late mother’s dowry upon her death, property given to all her children not in the direct line of succession. Edward was thankful his mother knew him well, since the manor and farm went to him and not his more urban-centered siblings. Edward felt a pang of grief, faint now after all these years that his mother, the late Queen of Cassia, would never know her future grandchildren.

Edward made himself leave Percy’s side, the doctor’s words to him about how Percy’s pregnancy may come with complications worrying him. Since Percy was a first-generation design, crafted by the late Master Cartwright of Heritage Breeders, there was no blueprint of sorts in place for how Percy would handle pregnancy. Cartwright had made Percy for himself, though Edward was selfishly glad that Cartwright died before Percy was mature enough for breeding. Percy was his now, forever, and the only touch he would know would be Edward’s.


Author BioAbout the Author: Revella Hawthorne is an erotica author and fanfiction addict who enjoys putting the naughty visions in her head down on paper, and then giggling feverishly while watching people read them for the first time. (The initial reaction NEVER gets old!) Thank goodness for her betas, otherwise she’d have no barometer for just how delicious her stories actually are.

Author Links: Amazon || Goodreads || Facebook



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2.5 Stars, LoveLight Press, Paranormal Romance, Pop Cherry, Reviewed by Lisa, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Review: Borderline by Pop Cherry

Title: Borderline

Author: Pop Cherry

Publisher: LoveLight Press

Pages/Word Count: 85 Pages

At a Glance: Loose threads and sketchy plot development overshadow this author’s obvious gift for writing a descriptive and vivid narrative.

Reviewed By: Lisa

Blurb: When a rogue wolf is dropped to the tiles of Saren Lash’s hall, the alpha Enforcer has no idea how quickly the shifter he intends to break and remold will turn the tables. Can the unyielding Enforcer resist the increasing press of the defiant rogue’s fire and beauty, or will he wind up remaking himself as he attempts to subdue the wild runner?

Nor has no intention of becoming a toy for Tek’s pack, no matter how glacial the Enforcer Lash may be. He’s always lived his life his own way and doesn’t intend to change that now. Can he withstand the Enforcer’s impact on his mind during the remaking process? And if he finds himself growing fond of the Enforcer, can he be sure the idea is actually his own?


Review: There are a couple of things I learned about new-to-me-author Pop Cherry while I was reading Borderline:

    1.) The author knows how to turn a phrase, and
    2.) The author knows how to create an atmospheric and sensual dystopia.

The feel of this –verse is post-apocalyptic with a dash of supernatural thrown in for good measure. There are shifters, mages, and a variety of magicks woven into the provocative intrigues of the Dark Moon Pack: a rogue wolf on a mission, an Enforcer whose own mission it is to break the captured runner and bring him to heel, and this same Enforcer’s duty to his title. That is, until things become further complicated by a growing sexual bond between Lash and Nor. (As a side note, there are very few named characters in this novella, but learning enough about them to see how their names fit was a nice touch to the reading.)

While the author’s talent for setting the tone of the story and painting a visual of place is never in question, where things went sideways for me while reading Borderline is in the dissemination of clues and cues in the plot. There are things mentioned alongside the core storyline of Lash and Nor’s conflicted emotions that made me feel as if I’d missed out on some key details and elements that I should have already known, which then, after some investigating on my part, made sense as I believe this world has been built within another set of books by this author, though this book isn’t listed as part of that series. Borderline is written as if the reader should already know certain facts and –verse elements, which is not a statement against the author’s ability to tell a story but was, without question, an overall detriment to my connecting in any sort of meaningful way with the world building within this particular novella, the beings that inhabit it, and its politics and hierarchies.

What I do believe is a developmental weakness in the story structure are certain details thrown in in a rather offhanded way, especially with the ring Nor seeks and the faceless Doctor Deveaux, who, it is eventually revealed, is the mastermind behind Nor’s mission and seems to play an overall larger role in the alt. universe—though it’s not yet been revealed how—as well as the faceless Tek, who seems to be the Alpha King of the Dark Moon Pack, though I’m not sure that’s the correct term since his role is hinted at but never specified. These elements, I’m assuming, will be more fully fleshed out as the series moves along.

Because of the loose threads that were never quite tied together in a meaningful way, what we’re left with in this novella is the growing connection between Lash and Nor, which is achieved through their immediate lust for each other and the desire to own and be owned. While it’s all sensual to the extreme, it doesn’t leave much to sink one’s proverbial teeth into, so if you’re looking for erotica written by an author who uses descriptive language and the metaphor to its best advantage in setting scenes, then Borderline may work better for you than it did me.



You can buy Borderline here:

LoveLight Press, Pop Cherry

Guest Post and Excerpt: The LoveLight Press Launch Tour With Pop Cherry


Lost in the Borderlands

A Traveler’s Guide (From the forthcoming DMP Guidebook ©Pop Cherry2015)

If you’re reading this, you’re probably wondering what happened after you sat down in that swivel chair at your local tat shop as a happily buzzing drill delivered the first line of ink to your skin. I’m willing to bet you thought the shiny new tribal design your tattooist talked you into was just a configuration of swanky lines that don’t mean anything at all in the grand scheme of things.

You probably figured the ink he used wasn’t at all enchanted in any way, and wouldn’t alter your electromagnetic vibrational matrix then deliver you to a chasm in the planet that you’d have to fight like hell to get out of? It’s not like Magick exists, right? Shifters and necromancers and genetic-altered hybrids like Noxics are just a product of some overworked writer’s imagination. It’s not like there’s a real way to get stuck in the acid-torn world they’re all a part of, is there?

If I might ask, did you by any chance read the last line on the waiver your not-so-trusty tattooist made you sign?

I’m betting you didn’t.

You should have.

Magick does exist, and that overworked writer who penned the tales of the Borderlands? She works for a secret branch of interdimensionalists tracking the wily Dr. Deveaux. Look, don’t be alarmed. We can get you out of this bind, but we’re going to need you to do a few things for us while you’re there. Yes we. We’ll get to all the “who we are” and why we’re helping you once you make it to the Night Train.

Here’s what you’ll need to stick into your memory slots while you navigate your way to said Night Train. You’ll hear some things about that particular rail, but there’s a hidden room in there that will get you out of the acid-torn borderlands if you know where to look (see the attached map if it hasn’t been confiscated, destroyed, or stolen by the wrong sorts…).

Before you get there, get the following through your disoriented head (the confusion of the trip will wear off in an hour or so, hold tight):

Beware the Nymphs 

Nymphs sound like cute, fuzzy waifs, scantily clad and nice to look at. Maybe even glittering with sparkling glitter and waving a magical wand, yeah? Not in the Borderlands, okay? Remember that. They’re an infusing species. That means, like Noxics (we’ll get to that), they can and will make you into one of them. And while sex and rock ‘n’ roll are fun for the first few thousand years, we’re willing to bet it gets old after awhile. Steer clear.

Sometimes The Necromancers Are Your Friends 

Necs catch a very bad rap, but there’s not a lot to be done about that while the ruling magicians need a scapegoat, so… don’t get caught being “too” friendly with them, or their enemies will probably become your enemies. As you might guess, their enemies are some of the worst. Incidentally, necromancers are usually all-around good people with a healthy does of reverence for the ancestors and those who’ve passed on.

The Noxics Are Always Recruiting

They’re fast, there’s no official cure or immunization for the infection, or any developed, magical death blow, yet. Pack potions. Study your magic guide. If you see them, run. But if you can hide, make it a good spot so you aren’t forced to join their gangly, menacing crew.

The Magicians In The Tower Probably Won’t Help You 

These jokers will give you the run around, unless you come from a prestigious magical family or have some sort of genius-level skill they can exploit. Simply put: They’re not your friends. Don’t let them get in your head. DO raid the conference rooms if you wind up visiting the tower. Lots of goodies in there, and they don’t keep inventory on that sector.

Collect As Many Magically Charged Items As You Can 

Magic is hard on the Border, so most magicians store it in trinkets. The one who collects the most items, may not “win,” but he or she will have a leg to stand on in the trading boothes, and needed protections if troubles comes sniffing around – and no one robs them of their goods.

Read Dr.Deveaux’s Contracts Carefully

And then, don’t sign them. You might not realize it, but he’s part of the reason you’re in this bind in the first place (more on that later)..

For further guidance, take it from a rogue wolf and an Enforcer who have tons of experience in the Borders (their account’s been “fictionalized” to protect the innocent in ‘BorderLine’, but all the juicy bits and cautionary notes await): http://DarkMoonPack.tumblr.com/


DMP-Borderline-LgTxtBlurb: In an acid-torn world, the plight of one rogue wolf surviving on the resources he gathers on runs across perilous, rover-infested borders is to live another day and find the ring the deranged Dr. Deveaux has promised a life-altering payment for. Getting caught by the Enforcer’s cronies does not fall into the plans, nor does the betrayal of his own heart as he finds himself pining for the severe Alpha, when he’s put through the remaking process all rogues who’ve left their packs are subjected to.

Now made to identify as the Enforcer’s “Little Wolf,” can Nor finish the job while he’s locked in the compound? Does he even want to? And how does he contend with the feelings Saren Lash stirs in him, when he’s not even sure the region’s commander feels them, too?

An intensely steamy, paranormal, bdsm m/m romance set in the borders of a post-apocalyptic world struggling for hope.

Buy Links: LoveLight Press | Amazon US


Even love can undo a breaker of men.

When a rogue wolf is dropped to the tiles of Saren Lash’s hall, the alpha Enforcer has no idea how quickly the shifter he intends to break and remold will turn the tables. Can the unyielding Enforcer resist the increasing press of the defiant rogue’s fire and beauty, or will he wind up remaking himself as he attempts to subdue the wild runner?

Nor has no intention of becoming a toy for Tek’s pack, no matter how glacial the Enforcer Lash may be. He’s always lived his life his own way and refuses to change that now. Can he withstand the Enforcer’s impact on his mind during the remaking process? And if he finds himself growing fond of the Enforcer, can he be sure the idea is actually his own?


Excerpt: This would be the first breaking that I secretly feared might break me, as well. I’d never wanted to keep any of the others like I wanted to possess him. If Tek sent part of the pack to come collect him, I knew in my heart that I would stall and do everything in my power to distract from the request.

Such was a forbidden drive for an enforcer.

Completely off of protocol.

Maybe even… unjust. I knew the laws and the purposes for them better than most. Haunted as I was by this sweet rogue’s beauty, I could send him to another hall, another enforcer. Someone who could be trusted to break him properly, so he could be remade and reincorporated into his pack.

Yet, my gaze poured over him like one who’d already been drawn into the binds of a lover.

I found him elegant in his discomfort. Supple and prone. A beautiful nymph of a man.

It spurned me on to make full use of him.

My cock grew uncomfortably tight beneath my robes as I observed him.

“Lower his ties.”

My voice held the steel it was meant to. That was the way of all Enforcers, delegating what was to be done from a firm, seemingly unmovable seat. But, oh, how this man moved me, despite what I was ordered to do to him in obeisance with the law.

The attendants lowered the binds and reaffixed them, quickly stepping away from us, their eyes avoiding me like they clearly read my intentions. I would not waste time wondering whether or not they approved.

I never did.

They had no vote in the matter.

“On your knees, Little Wolf.”

My command was sudden, but Nor obeyed, his gait near-faltering as his knees touched to the hard surface of the exhibition room tiles. He lifted his eyes to me then, and I was instantly lost in them, my balls swollen with desire.

Could he see how he affected me?

I hoped not. I did not know if I would ever be ready for that. Drawing myself up, I recalled the old dictum: Mastery over discomfort.

Especially by the hand who doles it out so consistently.

I realized the ridiculousness of it, the irony of being reduced to this feeling of uncertainty by a mere rogue, a young, foolish wolf, at that.

“Take your prize, Little Wolf.”

I watched his eyes darken hearing my command, understanding my meaning in the instant. His prize, indeed. Leaning in to gently part my robes with an almost instinctual reverence, Nor parted his lush lips in obeisance and flicked my cock with his tongue, wet and soft as it grazed my length, searching at first until finally offering full supplication.

I bit back a hiss when his fevered lips surrounded the crown of my shaft, the sweet heaven of his tongue inching over my length in slow measurement until his mouth closed around me with a masterful draw that I swore made the world disappear from around us.


Author BioAbout the Author: Pop Cherry is a lover of paranormal adventures, magical heroes, and unusual creatures. The ‘Dark Moon Pack: Borderline’ series releasing through LoveLight press slow simmers these elements and draws you into a world of intrigue, apocalyptic power plays, and very special, lost ties that completely redefine its heroes in deeply challenging ways.

Pop Cherry’s unisex (m/m, m/m/f, m/f/m, and m/f) erotic romance books contain very steamy, and sometimes heavily erotic romance content woven into adrenalin-spiking plotlines that focus on adventure, danger, and the triumph that carries its heroes and heroines through it all to the heart-throbbing HEA at each story’s end.

4 Stars, Amy Rae Durreson, Dreamspinner Press, Genre Romance, Historical Romance, Reviewed by Lisa, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Review: Lord Heliodor’s Retirement by Amy Rae Durreson

Title: Lord Heliodor’s Retirement (A Daily Dose 2015 Story)

Author: Amy Rae Durreson

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 52 Pages

At a Glance: A sweet and sentimental story of second chances for two men approaching their golden years.

Reviewed By: Lisa

Blurb: Unlikely hero Lord Adem Heliodor saved his queen’s life during the Screaming, a magical attack on his city, but his broken nerves have forced him into an unwanted early retirement to his country estate. Adem thinks his life is over, but retirement holds some surprises. First, there’s his new librarian, who turns out to be not just the first love he thought was dead, but also someone surprisingly knowledgeable about political intrigue. Then there’s the assassin in the orchard and the discovery that the Screaming was just the first attack on the city.


Review: Amy Rae Durreson is one of “those” authors for me, those few authors we all have on our auto-read lists whose books we’ll pick up without even bothering to read the blurb. I first discovered her in 2013 when she wrote a short novel for the Goodreads M/M Romance Group’s free reading event, “Don’t Read in the Closet”. That story is called The Lodestar of Ys, and if you’re a member of the group, and someone who happens to love High Fantasy, I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you to read this book.

But, before I get too far off track, this is how Ms. Durreson’s contribution to the 2015 Daily Dose anthology ended up on my Kindle, and why I will continue to read her work, sight unseen.

Lord Heliodor’s Retirement is a sentimental story with bittersweet undertones. In a departure from the usual M/M fare, Adem Heliodor is not an oversexed twenty-something man, but a fifty-six year old servant of the crown who has been forced into retirement because, in his service to the queen, he has suffered a terrible blow that not only left him with post-traumatic stress but also unable to control his emotional outbursts.

When the queen was attacked by a magical curse called the Screaming, Lord Heliodor may have saved Her Majesty but in having done so, has suffered the consequences of his bravery. Involuntarily retired to his familial country estate, Adem is feeling unsure of himself and rather resentful of his unemployable status. But, it’s his arrival at Worldham that will set him on a new course and on a path to healing the psychological damage he’s suffered.

In a resurrection worthy of Lazarus, Corun Larkspur has returned from the dead. Or, at least he was reported dead during the war that separated him and Adem some thirty-plus years ago. Corun has now secured himself a place as the librarian at Worldham, cataloguing and organizing the rather impressive collection of books in the estate’s library, and though their initial meeting is less than auspicious, things do take a turn for the better for Adem and Cory. And here is where I must say that while the fact Cory is now a librarian might have been enough to make me love him immediately, Durreson makes him all the more loveable in his tenacity and patience, and obvious loving and generous nature toward Adem.

While decades have passed and both men have changed, neither having spent those thirty years stagnating in the muck of loss and regret, but neither having found a love like the first love they shared either, this story’s sentimentality is firmly rooted in lost time and opportunity and second chances—those years unable to be regained but the feelings still buried close enough to the surface to give a man hope that a new beginning may be possible.

The connection between Adem and Cory is rebuilt rather quickly, which is a necessity dictated by the length requirements for this anthology, and while I felt at least half as many more pages would have served to better flesh-out both the characters and their relationship with each other, their charm and the obvious attraction that still lingered each for the other was both evident and believable.

In a climax where the danger of magic returns once again to threaten queen and country, Adem has the opportunity to become not only his own hero in this story but Cory’s as well, which goes a long way toward his ability to overcome the psychological scars he’s carried for so long. Again, while the ending was satisfying and sweet and romantic, I felt things were resolved rather handily, but those niggles aside, Lord Heliodor’s Retirement is a lovely novella that shows us the truest and strongest magic is, yes, love.



You can buy Lord Heliodor’s Retirement here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

Cover Reveal, Michael Kudo, Self-Published

Cover Reveal: Sequestered Hearts by Michael Kudo


Title: Sequestered Hearts
Author: Michael Kudo
Publisher: Self-Published
Pages: 206 Pages (est.)
Cover Artist: Taryn Plendl
Release Date: June 9, 2015
Categories: Alt History, M/M Romance
Purchase Links: To Be Announced

Blurb: After the Riots at Stonewall, a major political movement took place which resulted in Gays/Lesbians becoming slaves.

Colton Taylor was born with every advantage – except parents who are there for him. His father and mother are constantly absent because they’re keeping up on the family business (orange and honey plantation), and when they are around they nitpick at him and make him feel like he’s only a tool to further their family’s legacy.

Colton has no problems with the slaves his family owns. He doesn’t care if they’re gay or lesbian; to him they’re just people. One day he meets an interesting slave named Oliver, and the two hit it off. Eventually they start hanging out (in secret) and a relationship blossoms.

Colton knows if his father was to ever find out it would spell trouble, but he can’t stay away from the only person who makes him feel special and loved. Even if it means giving up everything he has. Because love is all that matters. And it always finds a way.

2.5 Stars, Faith Ashlin, Reviewed by Lana, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Totally Bound

Review: A Slow Process of Understanding by Faith Ashlin

Title: A Slow Process of Understanding

Author: Faith Ashlin

Publisher: Totally Bound

Pages/Word Count: 348 Pages

At a Glance: A Slow Process of Understanding did not grab me, and I really wish it had because it could have been a great read.

Reviewed By: Lana

Blurb: How does a world that accepts slavery affect both master and slave? Can two people build a new life for themselves with a start like theirs?

It’s a world like this one except for the all-powerful State that’s very firmly in control and the fact that slavery is legal. Jimmy had never really thought about it or the fight for freedom going on around him. He was too busy enjoying his privileged life as an actor on a sci-fi show.

But what is he meant to do when he’s forced to permanently bond to a slave he doesn’t want just because he made one silly, drunken mistake? Does it change who he is, what he is?

Trouble is, Jimmy isn’t sure who he was to start with. He’d never thought about it.

And what about his slave, Nate? Can a slave force Jimmy into learning something about himself?


Review: A Slow Process of Understanding is the perfect title for this book because the story itself moves slow. If you are looking for something fast paced and exciting, this book is not it. This is an Alt U story, which is usually right up my alley, but this one just didn’t do anything for me.

The story takes place in an alternate reality where slavery is legal. These slaves are sex slaves who are used and abused by their owners. The story starts with Jimmy, a kind of meathead actor who winds up in prison and is about to be bound to a male slave, Nate. Jimmy’s offense and punishment were implausible to me, and though it’s sort of explained later in the story, I didn’t buy into it because it was too simplistic. Nate, the slave Jimmy gets, is hurt and seems docile, but as it turns out, he is no ordinary slave.

Jimmy’s whining and constant description of himself as a good guy throughout the book was annoying to me, and Nate wasn’t really better. He played the role of slave, but later, when he revealed who he was, he did a complete 360. Some of his actions were too out there, and yes, it’s part of the plot, but when I can’t believe in it, pretty much everything else in the book then just falls flat. The premise of this book is interesting, but the execution left a lot to be desired, as the storyline drops the reader into the middle of a make-believe universe with no real explanation and little world building. In an alternate reality storyline, you need it. The whole plot just seemed simple and underwhelming.

A Slow Process of Understanding did not grab me, and I really wish it had because it could have been a great read.

You can buy A Slow Process of Understanding here:

Totally Bound

Totally Bound

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

3H Press, 4 Stars, Darrah Glass, Erotica, Historical Romance, Reviewed by Jules

Review: A Proper Lover by Darrah Glass

Title: A Proper Lover (Ganymede Quartet: Book Two)

Author: Darrah Glass

Publisher: 3H Press

Pages/Word Count: 393 Pages

At a Glance: Loving this universe and eagerly looking forward to the next installment

Reviewed By: Jules

Blurb: What does it mean to belong to someone?

Henry Blackwell is the happiest he’s ever been, and it’s all because of his companion slave Martin. Every experience, whether it be mundane or spectacular, is improved by having Martin at his side. The better Henry gets to know his slave, the deeper his feelings grow. Though the physical attraction between them is undeniable, Henry’s sure there’s more to their relationship than just sex. He can’t be certain, as it’s never happened before, but he believes he might be falling in love.

Henry’s friends are ready and willing to put their own slaves aside in favor of female companionship, and they’re beginning to wonder why Henry isn’t interested in girls. Henry only wants to be with Martin and doesn’t know how much longer he can use “late bloomer” as an excuse. The holiday season approaches, along with the promise of parties with friends and family. Henry doesn’t want to share Martin with his friends, but he doesn’t like being left out. Will he stand up for himself—and Martin—when it counts?

This is the second of four installments in the Ganymede Quartet, continuing Henry & Martin’s story from A Most Personal Property (Ganymede Quartet Book 1).


Review: A Proper Lover, the second in Darrah Glass’s Ganymede Quartet series, picks up right where A Most Personal Property left us. Henry and his companion slave, Martin, are extremely happy with each other, and life is good. Their biggest problem remains keeping their true relationship from becoming public knowledge. The intimate things they do together are definitely forbidden as far as the Master/slave relationship goes, not to mention the feelings behind their actions. Their fondness goes beyond just Henry being happy with his slave, you see, or Martin being content in his service…It seems that Henry and Martin are falling in love.

The world that Glass has built is as fascinating and detailed as ever. In this book we get to learn quite a bit more about how the slaves live and what they enjoy doing. Henry takes lunch with the Blackwell slaves one afternoon, and has a chance to hear about Timothy’s background and how he came to be Henry’s father’s companion slave later than is the norm. Henry also learns some of the slaves’ customs and superstitions, and is truly fascinated by some of their beliefs, far-fetched though they may seem.

As Martin and Henry become closer, we see a bit more possessiveness between them, and jealousy even rears its head a few times. The ‘swap parties’ the other Masters engage in with their slaves continue to be a topic of discussion – and a sore spot for Henry – and Henry must find other ways to hang out with, and bond with, his friends, as he is still adamantly against sharing Martin.

I enjoyed so many things about this book. The relationship between the boys is still so lovely and sweet, I adore their interactions. I particularly enjoyed when they talked about their future together, and the fact that Henry’s family – since it is still a foregone conclusion that Henry will have to marry and have a family at some point – will be Martin’s family also. In one discussion, Martin even says that Henry’s children will also be his children, which was so sweet since Martin obviously enjoys children very much, and is so good with them, as evidenced by his relationship with Henry’s little sister, Cora, who we see quite a bit of in this book. I absolutely love, love, love both Henry and Martin. Henry remains as unaware, and bumbling as ever; still struggling with school, and figuring out how to get out of doing things with his friends, when all he wants to do is be with Martin. But, his complete conviction that Martin is making him a better person, and his utter adoration and devotion, is fantastic.

It was also nice to see Henry’s mother’s side of the family, when the Blackwells visit them for Christmas. Henry’s beloved Uncle Reggie has returned to New York, and the whole family is thrilled to have him home. Reggie is a wonderful character. I look forward to seeing more of him in future books; I think he will be a fantastic role model and sounding board for Henry.

For all its wonderful qualities, the book felt a bit long and repetitive at times. The number of sex scenes could have been scaled back a bit, in my opinion. I mean, we KNOW that teenage boys like sex, right? Perhaps we don’t need detailed descriptions of every encounter. ;) Other scenes, such as trips to the arcade with friends, and some of the tedium of their everyday activities, also could have been reduced simply to tighten things up a bit. My only other small beef, and I’m confident that the author will come back to it in the next book, is that poor Sam – one of the other slaves – was left hanging. His situation was, I thought, a significant part of the story that was left unresolved, and undiscussed really, for the latter part of the book.

Overall, I remain completely enamored of these characters and their story. As was the case with the first book, the companion novella here, A Master’s Fidelity, is also a must read. Getting into Martin’s head, even for a brief time, is fantastic! Loving this universe and eagerly looking forward to the next installment!!

You can buy A Proper Lover here:

Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble



4 Stars, Alt U, Audio Book, Dreamspinner Press, Mary Calmes, Reviewed by Kim, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Audio Review: Crucible of Fate by Mary Calmes – Narrated by Sean Crisden

Title: Crucible of Fate

Author: Mary Calmes

Narrator:: Sean Crisden

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Run Time: 6 Hours, 57 Minutes

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: A Change of Heart Novel

In the secret city of Sobek, Domin Thorne is making his way as the newly chosen semel-aten, the leader of the werepanther world. He aspires to make sweeping changes—he’s set goals for himself and the people he chose to bring with him, modeling his reign after that of his friend, Logan Church. But Domin may have set too lofty a goal: his normal leadership style isn’t working. Continue reading

4 Stars, Alt U, Cooper Davis, Historical Romance, Reviewed by Lisa, Samhain Publishing

Review: A King Undone by Cooper Davis

Title: A King Undone (Noble Pleasures: Book One)

Author: Cooper Davis

Publisher: Samhain Press

Pages/Word Count: 340 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Sometimes you have to risk everything, to follow your heart

In a world where gentlemen openly court and marry fellow noblemen, the threat of scandal still lurks behind every velvet drape for kings and princes. Such has been the fate for King Arend Tollemach, forced to sacrifice his heart on the altar of regal duty. Continue reading

Cooper Davis, Samhain Publishing

Guest Post and Giveaway: A King Undone by Cooper Davis

A King Undone

I am so excited to talk about my new release from Samhain, A KING UNDONE. It’s the first of my Noble Pleasures series, which I would describe as being a classic historical romance—with a huge male/male twist. Imagine….say, Lisa Kleypas or Julia Quinn or even Jane Austen. But in an alternative world where men can openly court and marry other men. Picture your favorite storybook historicals, turned on their heads! Continue reading

Dreamspinner Press, Vicktor Alexander

Guest Post and Giveaway: Groom of Convenience by Vicktor Alexander


Line? What Line? I Don’t See No Freakin’ Line

First of all I want to thank the Novel Approach for having me here today. Yay!! I’m so excited to be on this site. Everything’s so shiny. –touches everything- -breaks a vase- I’m totally going to pay for that. Promise.

Anyway. When I talked to Lisa about doing a blog post for the site, especially since I wanted to feature my newest release, Groom Of Convenience, I told her, honestly, that I had no idea what to write about. When she suggested that I write about the book, its characters, and why I liked to shake things up a bit in the romance genre with creative settings, storylines and characters, I knew that she understood me. I also knew that I had definitely found my blog topic. Continue reading

4 Stars, Cornelia Grey, Reviewed by Lisa, Riptide Publishing, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Steampunk

Review: The Circus of the Damned by Cornelia Grey

Title: The Circus of the Damned

Author: Cornelia Grey

Publisher: Riptide Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 274 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Magician Gilbert Blake has spent his entire life conning drunkards in the seediest pubs in the darkest towns, careful to hide the true depths of his power. But when he spends a little too much time in Shadowsea and the infamous slumlord Count Reuben gets wind of his abilities, hiding within the Circus of the Damned may be Gilbert’s only chance at survival.
Continue reading

Bey Deckard, Self-Published

Interview and Giveaway: Sacrificed: Heart Beyond the Spires by Bey Deckard


TNA: Hi, Bey, welcome back to The Novel Approach, it’s great to have you here with us today. Let’s talk a little bit about Sacrificed. Have you modeled Captain Baltsaros after any one particular pirate, or is he more an amalgamation of the entire piratical lore? Or, would you say he’s entirely unique among pirates, real or fictional?

Bey: Well, he has Captain Kidd’s style, became pirate-by-mutiny like Capt. Jack Avery aka “The King of Pirates”, has the sadistic, bloodthirstiness of Francois l’Olonnais (pirate fun fact: he was rumoured to have eaten an enemy’s heart), and the ruthless iron-fist rule of Ching Shih (pirate fun fact: Ching Shih’s husband, Zengh Yi, was bisexual and adopted a young man to cover up the fact that they were lovers. Ching Shih eventually became lovers with the young man after her husband’s death, and he became her second-in-command).
Continue reading

3.5 Stars, Katarina Palokova, Reviewed by Rena, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Torquere Press

Review: The Stonechild Betrothal by Katarina Palokova

Title: The Stonechild Betrothal

Author: Katalinya Palokova

Publisher: Torquere Press

Pages/Word Count: 55 Pages

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Blurb: Estli is a professional bodyguard and fighter for hire who stumbles on a job that looks like easy money: escort a cursed magician named Maurin Stonechild from a remote mountain village to the bustling town of Plains City to investigate an offer of arranged marriage. Complications begin right away, of course. Maurin’s curse is the stuff of legend. He is one of twelve people, referred to as the stone children, who were cursed at birth to carry a physical manifestation of their birthstone on their bodies. The stones give them enhanced but dangerous magical abilities, and many of them are feared and living in seclusion. Continue reading

Aleksandr Voinov, Rachel Haimowitz, Riptide Publishing

Guest Post and Giveaway: Bathroom Break by Rachel Haimowitz and Aleksandr Voinov

PicMonkey Collage

Welcome to the Belonging ’Verse re-release blog tour with Aleksandr Voinov and Rachel Haimowitz! We’re very excited to be bringing you edited second editions of our Belonging stories, Anchored and Counterpunch (in the case of Anchored, very edited, with over ten thousand new words and a completely different beginning and ending!), which are finally under the same roof and back in print after about a year out of circulation. Continue reading

4 Stars, J.C. Mells, Reviewed by Lisa, Self-Published

J.C. Mells’ “Napoleon” Gives Love A Good Name

“I’m running. Running as far away as I can possibly get from a boy. A boy that had me all twisted and turned on the inside.” – Napoleon Charming-Balak

Title: Napoleon (Pierced: Book Five)

Author: J.C. Mells

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 113 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Napoleon Charming-Balak has been crushing on the “exchange student” that’s been staying with him for the last six months.
Continue reading

K.A. Merikan, Reviewed by Lynn, Storm Moon Press

Lynn Reviews K.A. Merikan’s “Fear (The Copper Horse #1)”

“You are the evil scientist of your desires.” ― Tristan Taormino

Title: Fear (The Copper Horse #1)

Author: K.A. Merikan

Publisher: Storm Moon Press

Pages/Word Count: 258 Pages

Rating: 3 Stars

Blurb: London

1907, twenty years into the zombie Plague
Continue reading

Brandon Witt, Dreamspinner Press

Prepare Yourself For The “Clashing Tempest”

“The adrenaline and stress of an adventure are better than a thousand peaceful days.” ― Paulo Coelho

Title: Clashing Tempest (Men of Myth: Book Three)

Author: Brandon Witt

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 350 Pages

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Finn de Morisco knows he is walking into a trap when he enters the Vampire Cathedral to rescue his sister Cynthia. Aided by Schwint and his other sister, Caitlin, he intends to free Cynthia and avoid enslavement. But when he confronts the master of the Voice that has tortured him, Finn faces a grim choice: compromise his soul or lose his family.
Continue reading

Ashlyn Forge, Self-Published

This Alt U Fantasy Has A Little Bit Of Everything, “From Johann to Tannebaum”

“Shame is a soul eating emotion.” ― C.G. Jung

Title: From Johann to Tannenbaum

Author: Ashlyn Forge

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 370

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Blurb: Johann Andreas IV is a rich loser who has a raw deal in life. He is handsome, yet with a poor self-image, clever, but still uneducated, and despite being the heir apparent in his grandfather’s will, he’s about to be thrown out with nothing.
Continue reading

Calandra Hunter, Self-Published

A Man Is Betrayed By His Own Body’s Needs In “Imprisoned by Desire”

“The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.” – The Bible

Title: Imprisoned by Desire

Author: Calandra Hunter

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 225

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Blurb: When Tristan is taken prisoner by the Dark King, he expects to be tortured for information about the rightful Prince Dareon and his rebellion.
Continue reading

Amazon Digital Services, Nana G, Self-Published

“Slave of Heart” and “My Warrior, My Slave” – Stories Of Dominance And Submission In An Alternate World

“A Dom never takes away. He only builds.” ― Delaine Moore

Slave of Heart and My Warrior, My Slave are companion novellas, though they can be read as standalones and don’t need to be read in a certain order.

Continue reading