5 Stars, Angel Martinez, Bellora Quinn, Pride Publishing, Reviewed by Jennifer, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Review: Flax’s Pursuit by Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn

Title: Flax’s Pursuit (AURA: Book Two)

Author: Angel Martinez and Bellora Quinn

Publisher: Pride Publishing

Pages/Word Count: 294 Pages

At a Glance: Fantastic second book in the series with returning favorites and new characters.

Reviewed By: Jennifer

Blurb: A murderer haunts the city, turning the unwary to stone. Between hunting this evil and corralling new arrivals, Flax struggles to guard both his life and his heart.

Quinn and Valerian have come through the trials of facing an undead lich queen and the perils of falling in love. Now they work to restore AURA to its previous strength and efficiency while navigating their new life with each other. Fortunately, they’re not in this alone.

Kai Hiltas has taken over as the head of the research department at AURA and has become everyone’s favourite workaholic, everyone except his lover Tenzin, who has had enough of his late nights and broken promises. As Kai tries to salvage his relationship, he finds a teacher for Quinn, who also happens to be one of Valerian’s new officers, Flax Wolfheart, a sexy elf with trouble written all over him.

Flax has motives beyond simply teaching Quinn to control his magic. He’s trying to recover from his own losses and failures, but he has a plan. The two newest elvish crossovers, Ash and Sage, are sizzling hot and might even like him. With them as backup as he tracks a deadly stone mage and figures out how to teach Quinn, Flax sees his chance to impress Val and snag a place by his captain’s side. On the hunt for both danger and redemption, Flax’s pursuit leads him ultimately down trails he never expected.


Review: If you haven’t read Quinn’s Gambit, the first book in the AURA series, you need to. The events from the first book are referred to, and the characters present, for the most part, are established in the first book. There are a few new additions which are great, but the book focuses just as much on Quinn, Val, and Kai as it does on Flax and the new crossovers.

Set after the incident with the Lich queen, Quinn and Val are settling into their new lives with each other and at AURA. Val is the new captain and Quinn works for them. Kai wants him trained, though, and he sets him up with Flax, a talented elf fairly fresh from the academy. Quinn and Flax don’t like each other at first for many reasons, and their relationship starts off rocky. Flax wants the captain, and he doesn’t think Quinn is worthy enough of him. He needs a relationship, and it becomes clear that what happens to Val in the first book is starting to happen to him. But will he find someone to bond with before it’s too late? And what about Kai and Tenzin? Kai stays at work late and breaks promises, and it pushes Tenzin to his limit.

My heart broke for half the book. The authors are really good at portraying characters that make me feel for their situation. I felt as if I was there with Flax as he realized the fading was starting, and when Kai watched Tenzin walk out the door.

As far as new characters go, Flax, Sage, and Ash are great. Their bond with each other grows throughout the book, and they plot to get both Val AND Quinn in their beds to form a senrist with them, because of Val’s heritage. I won’t lie, I really, REALLY wanted it to happen the more the book went on. I was with Quinn thinking about it, and while at first I was put off by it like he was, the more he thought, the more I did, and then the more I wanted it. It just seemed like a really good idea, and I wanted Flax to be happy. I love Quinn and Val alone, but Flax needed someone to love him. Thankfully, he does find that.

I look forward to the next book in this series. I have no idea what will happen, but I know I’ll love it just as much as the first two books.



You can buy Flax’s Pursuit here:

Pride Publishing Buy Link

4.5 Stars, Amber Allure, Angel Martinez, Reviewed by Sammy, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Review: The Pill Bugs of Time by Angel Martinez

Small Gems

Title: The Pill Bugs of Time

Author: Angel Martinez

Publisher: Amber Allure

Pages/Word Count: 62 Pages

At a Glance: The Pill Bugs of Time is a funny little gem!

Reviewed By: Sammy

Blurb: Vikash Soren, the perfect police officer except for his odd paranormal ability, never seems to lose his temper. Always serene and competent, he’s taken on the role of mediator in a squad room full of misfits. But on the inside, he’s a mess. Unable to tell his police partner that he loves him, Vikash struggles silently, terrified of losing Kyle Monroe as a lover, partner, and friend.

But life in Philadelphia’s 77th Precinct doesn’t leave much room for internal reflection. A confrontation with a stick-throwing tumbleweed in Fairmount Park leads to bizarre consequences involving pill bugs, statues, and… time travel?

If Vikash manages to survive the week and stay in one point in time, he might be able to address normal things like relationship problems. He just needs Kyle to have a little more patience. Maybe a few centuries worth…


Review: First off, this is a sequel but can honestly be read as a standalone. Secondly, it is funny, clever, crazy and just the best kind of weird paranormal one has come to expect from this marvelous author, Angel Martinez. The Pill Bugs Of Time carries us back to the 77th Precinct, where life is far from normal and the inhabitants all have a touch of paranormal gifting that cannot always be controlled.

On a routine call (well, routine if you are from this Philadelphia squad), Vikash picks up a bug that has the ability to send him to an alternate reality and put him into a coma-like state. Still struggling with being romantically involved with his partner Kyle, Kash wakes up to realize he was just privy to a future where Kyle is no longer, and this adds to his already heavy laden guilt about being so deeply in the closet he cannot find the door.

As the two of them pursued the source of these weird time travel bugs, Kash and Kyle would face a tougher problem—whether they can realistically stay together when Kash cannot acknowledge in public that they are a couple. Lots of things hang in the balance as these two fight this new paranormal baddie, not the least of which is the potential ending of a relationship that barely had a chance to begin.

There were times in this sweet little story that I laughed till my sides hurt. Such a clever premise combined with fast paced action, unbelievably delightful characters, and a fascinating plot line. The cast of characters was just so eclectic and surreal that they absolutely worked, somehow making them a realistic team of cops in a wacky setting. With Kyle and Kash as the leaders of a hodgepodge of crazy fellow investigators, hilarity ensued as this group somehow managed to work together despite their individual paranormal gifts, which often got them all into trouble.

However, all was not fun and games in this novella. My heart just broke for poor Kash as he struggled to find some way to break through his own fears. He was hyperaware that Kyle deserved so much more than a boyfriend who lived with the irrational worry that he would be outed to colleagues and family. He grappled with the sure thought that Kyle was eventually going to wake up to the fact that Kash himself was sabotaging their floundering relationship. By refusing to even allow Kyle to talk about the fact that they practically lived together, much less physically display any type of affection in public, Kash drove Kyle further and further away, and essentially killed any hope of them remaining lovers. Right up to the end of this clever and witty story, we were uncertain if the two main characters would be together at the end.

The Pill Bugs Of Time by Angel Martinez was just a delightful story of love and friendship. Underlying all the fun was the profound message that we can lose that which we love in a heartbeat, and that reality should remind us to keep what we hold dear close and never take it for granted.



You can buy The Pill Bugs of Time here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

5 Stars, Angel Martinez, Bellora Quinn, Reviewed by Jennifer, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy, Totally Bound

Review: Quinn’s Gambit by Bellora Quinn and Angel Martinez

Title: Quinn’s Gambit (AURA: Book One)

Authors: Bellora Quinn and Angel Martinez

Publisher: Totally Bound

Pages/Word Count: 246 Pages

At a Glance: A fun read with an intriguing urban fantasy concept.

Reviewed By: Jennifer

Blurb: An unregistered, human con wizard and a duty-bound, straightlaced elf cop. As New York explodes with dangerous creatures, their passion goes nuclear.

After a terrible magical accident at Berkeley created unpredictable holes between realities—all manner of non-human creatures started popping into our world. These displacements, called RARE—Random Anomalous Reality Events—have taken magic out of fiction and relocated it firmly in reality, resulting in a great deal of chaos and confusion. Displaced elf Valerian works with AURA—the Agency of Unnatural Resettlement and Assimilation—to intercept these beings as they appear in the human world, helping the peaceful ones and subduing the violent, malevolent ones. It’s good, satisfying work, and Val would be happy if he wasn’t so lonely.

Quinten is a young mage just trying to get by, but New York isn’t the easiest city to make a living. If his methods are sometimes morally dubious, his heart is still in the right place. Of course for Quinn, the right place means firmly locked away, protected at all costs. Living by his wits and sometimes magically-induced luck, he works as a ‘free-lance magic user’, or unregistered mage and small time con—according to the authorities. The last thing Quinn wants is to draw the cops’ attention, but when an Event happens right on top of him, he’s forced to turn to AURA for help. Valerian isn’t at all what he’d expected in an AURA cop, and he certainly wasn’t expecting to join forces with the sexy elf, a snarky drow and a bitter incubus when certain individuals in power try to stop the RARE by any means necessary.

Things are not all what they seem at AURA headquarters, and a greater evil lurks at the top than anyone could have imagined.


Review: Urban fantasy was awesome when it first came out because it was so new. I devoured everything I could find. As the years have gone by, however, the newness has worn out, and while I still enjoy urban fantasy, more often than not I find the same ideas repackaged over and over. That is not the case with the first in the AURA series. While it does have the magic set in a major city, it’s a little different than the others. Due to a scientific accident, magical beings are pulled from their world into ours through a rift, and it’s a one way ticket.

I loved all of the characters in this novel. Each is unique and has their own personality that just shines on the page and adds to the plot. There’s Quinten, an untaught young mage who resorts to tricks to make a living. Then there’s Valerian, one of the AURA agents displaced through the rift. He’s struggling to live in our world and daily becomes darker and darker, even to the point where he contemplates suicide to escape the pain he’s suffering.

Even when the magic isn’t being used—or can’t be used—the novel just works. When there isn’t action, the authors spend the pages character building. I grew so attached to Quinten and Valerian that I cried several times through the book, aching as I saw them trying to just get by in a world that was beginning to reject them.

As an added bonus, there are interesting relationships and characters that will just make you laugh hysterically. The gay incubus who just wants to be left alone (anyone who knows what an incubus is will realize why this is just an utter fail for the poor guy), a centaur, and a drow and yeti in a relationship (bizarre, but too adorable for words, really).

If you’re a fan of urban fantasy, you absolutely must read this book. I know I cannot wait for the next book in the series to see where Quinten and Valerian’s relationship goes next!



You can buy Quinn’s Gambit here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

Angel Martinez, Author Spotlight

The Scattershot Author: Or What Happened to the Writer Part? by Angel Martinez

Author's SpotlightOnce upon a time, there was a single process with a single purpose.

Step 1: Write and polish

Step 2: Ferret out submission guidelines (often at the library)

Step 3: Put together the packet – cover letter, synopsis, first three chapters

Step 4: Print out (or in the old days copy) aforesaid packet

Step 5: Wait in horrendous line at the post office to send out same, usually one at a time. No simultaneous submissions, you know

Step 6: Wait for reply, sometimes as long as two years or perhaps not at all.

The good old days? Not really. It was a lot of fuss, a lot of work, and ridiculous amounts of time waiting for rejection letters that told you nothing. But some days I still miss the single channel simplicity of those days. You were a writer and you wrote.

The world has a habit of changing, and so it did for publishing over the last fifteen years. Drastically. Then just when authors were starting to get the hang of this brave new world, this you-can’t-just-write-anymore world, publishing pulled the rug out from under us again. Amazon wants you as an exclusive author, or readers may not see your books. Facebook wants more money (shocking) and threatens to delete your posts if you dare to promote without paying. The European Union suddenly taxes e-books at an astonishing percentage. All Romance decides it no longer wants to be merely a distribution point and throws its hat into the publishing ring. It’s no longer simply enough to write. We are forced to fight tooth and nail for every scrap of visibility.

What’s a poor author to do? Do you simply write and ignore it? Do you try new genres until you’ve scattered your story breadcrumbs far and wide along the publishing ground, hoping someone will find the trail? Do you make yourself crazy and spend all the time in promotion? Do you crawl under a rock and cry?

I’m not going to pretend I have magic answers, but there is one thing we all must do – be willing to adapt. The rules change, they will always change. There may have been a single way and a single answer long ago, but not now. Genre authors not contracted by the big six houses must be willing to channel their inner mad scientists, to experiment, to leap into the void sometimes.

Authors have leaped. The term “hybrid author” is suddenly a legitimate thing. Still makes me think of a rose garden or varieties of tomatoes, but I’m fine with that. Hybrids tend to be more disaster resistant. They survive droughts and plagues. It also means we’re looking at ourselves more as contracted talent instead of as employees. As contractors, authors have more options than we ever did before – take advantage of all you can.

  • Submit to publishers, but do it carefully. Know your market and know the players. Don’t submit in desperation and don’t accept a contract that way either.
  • Never feel obligated to the publisher. Grateful for good staff and a well run house, yes, but obliged to submit all your work there? No. Shop around. Eggs in one basket is no longer a good thing these days, for so many reasons.
  • Take a serious look at self-publishing. It’s not for everyone, but it’s a viable, respectable option these days, provided you do it well. Not only does it give you more control, but it also gives you a better sense for the business.
  • Terrified of going it alone? Consider a collective or cooperative venture with other like-minded authors. When you have a trusted group of friends and a pool of talent, the terrors of publishing diminish considerably. Division of labor is a wonderful thing.
  • Genre jumping? Approach with care. Sure, contemporary romance will outsell everything else across the boards, but it might not work for you. Don’t chase trends and make sure you write what you love before you try to please the market. Some of the most successful authors of gay romance write in astoundingly specific sub-sub-genre niches. (Historical paranormal m/m romance? Who even knew that would be a thing a few years ago?)

Scattered though our attentions may be these days, it’s the organized, persistent, and adaptable author who will find success. Sleep with one eye open, kids. Ear to the ground and other clichéd aphorisms from our primitive hunting past. I’m betting the changes in the publishing industry have only begun.


Angel MartinezAbout Angel: Angel Martinez has been lurking in the published world since 2006, when a small press decided it was a good idea to publish a short story with illustrations about an intelligent planet. From that rather shaky start, Angel now has twenty-one works published and won the 2014 Rainbow Award in the Best Gay Scifi/ Futuristic category for her novel Rarely Pure and Never Simple. Angel is a tenacious advocate for genre fiction and maintains a secret, embarrassing passion for old anime. (Voltron, anyone?)

You can find Angel’s work at Mischief Corner Books, Dreamspinner, MLR Press, Amber Allure and Totally Bound. For more info, news and silliness, please visit the website:

Angel Martinez

4 Stars, Angel Martinez, Dreamspinner Press, Reviewed by Taz, Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Urban Fantasy

Angel Martinez Brings Romance and Sci-Fi Together In “Gravitational Attraction”

Title: Gravitational Attraction

Author: Angel Martinez

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 266 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: A mysterious distress call draws the crew of courier ship Hermes to what appears to be an empty, drifting troop vessel–empty except for the blood and gore spattered corridors and a lone survivor locked in a holding cell. Drawn to the handsome, traumatized man, the crew’s comm officer, Isaac Ozawa, makes Turk his personal responsibility, offering him the kindness and warmth he needs after the horror he experienced. Continue reading

Angel Martinez, MLR Press

Welcome Angel Martinez, Diego, Finn, And A Giveaway

TNA: Hi, Angel, thanks so much for stopping by to visit us today. Let’s talk a bit about your writing. Do you prefer to write fantasy or contemporary genre romance? Do you find you like the challenge of stretching your imagination when writing fantasy, or are they equally challenging but in different ways?
Continue reading

A.J. Corza, Abigail Roux, Angel Martinez, Brad Vance, Cover Reveal, Daisy Harris, David Pratt, GayRomLit, GotYouCovrd, J.G. Morgan, J.P. Barnaby, John Goode, K.C. Wells, Liam Livings, Sneak Peek

Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Hi, everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great week. In case you missed it, we’ve added another member to the TNA review team, and couldn’t be happier to have Jordan joining our group.

We’ve got another fun-filled week in store for you, more GRL countdown celebrating, more blog tours to host, and more goodies to giveaway, so have a look at what’s coming up in the week ahead.

MondayK.C. Wells kicks off the week on her Dance With Domination Blog Tour and giveaway

TuesdayDaisy Harris is our guest today, and she’s going to do a little Countdown to GRL celebrating with a cheerful look at pantsing, and she’ll also be offering some giveaway goodies

Wednesday – We’ll kick the day off with JP Barnaby and the cover reveal for her upcoming book A Heart for Robbie

Liam Livings also stops in today on his Best Friends Perfect Blog Tour

Abigail Roux offers a deleted scene for her latest Sidewinder novel Cross & Crown

And finally, AJ Corza has today covered with another cover review

ThursdayAngel Martinez is our guest today on the Finn: Endangered Fae Blog Tour

FridayBrad Vance is our guest on the Apollo’s Curse Blog Tour

SaturdayDavid Pratt is our guest on the Looking After Joey Blog Tour

SundayJohn Goode and J.G. Morgan are here to round out the week with an interview about the upcoming third novel in the Arcadia series, The Unseen Tempest

And that rounds out the week ahead. Until next week, happy reading!

Angel Martinez, Mischief Corner Books

Angel Martinez Is “Not in the Stars”, She’s Right Here, And She’s Brought A Giveaway

TNA: Hi, Angel, welcome to The Novel Approach. We’re so glad to have had the chance to participate in the Not in the Stars virtual tour. Let’s get started.

Would you kindly tell us a little bit about yourself, hobbies, interests, a few things your readers might not know about you but would find interesting?

Angel: Hi! Angel Martinez answering questions for the Mischief Corner Books authors today. Would love to say my life has been some nice, neat progression, but, eh. I’d be lying. I’ve been, in no particular order, an army medic, an LPN, a retail worker (various sorts), a banker, (shudder) a call center drone, a state park employee (summer job), and a claims processor. I love to travel – all over the US, Canada, Europe, China (once) – though I’ve always lived in the same town.

I’m an aging hipster who loves art and music, film and strange little shops, but I won’t annoy you by talking pretentiously about something you just have to see or just have to listen to. People should make up their own minds about stuff.

TNA: What was your first published M/M title, and if you could go back in time to the moment you sat down and began writing it, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give yourself now that you have the benefit of experience?

Angel: It was a contemporary novella called Aftermath (not currently on the market.) While it might have done better at a different publishing house, it was never a big seller. Not a bad little novel (in my opinion), written as a reaction to some terrible things I heard on a radio program regarding male rape survivors. The intent was good, but if I had to start again, I’d be sure to start out with my stronger suits, SF and fantasy, the stories that flow from me more naturally.

TNA: Do you remember the first M/M book you ever read? If so, what was it, and what about it made the most lasting impression upon you?

Angel: Oof. I had read a lot of gay fiction and plenty of genre stories with gay characters before I read an actual M/M book. It took me well into my forties to start reading romance at all. I think the first M/M novel I read was LE Bryce’s Twice Born. The writing was gorgeous, the plot complex and strange and the world-building spectacular. It was this book that said to me “romance doesn’t have to be the same thing over and over, it really doesn’t.”

TNA: How would you describe your books to someone who hasn’t read them yet? Do your characters share common qualities? What’s your idea of a great protagonist?

Angel: My books tend toward the plot with a little porn side of the spectrum – which is what I prefer in my reading as well. Stories with actual story in them, action and character growth that’s achieved through more than endless agonizing. Most of my serious works have some elements of humor in them, my humorous works always have some serious pillars at their core.

Funny about characters – yes, so many of my characters end up with physical or emotional challenges. Even Shax has issues that have taken centuries to clear up. A great protagonist is going to have some warts. I don’t mean the kind you use Compound W on, I mean they shouldn’t be perfect. There should be faults and flaws, mistakes and bad reactions, internal obstacles they need to overcome – but they need to strive to do so.

TNA: Would you care to share a little bit of information about your current WIPs with us?

Angel: I have three works currently in progress:

1. For the Loves Landscapes event this year – No Enemy But Time – which will be a fantasy set in my Canines, Crosshairs and Corpses world
2. The 4th volume in the Endangered Fae series, No Fae Is An Island (which is due to MLR in a couple of months, eep!)
3. The 2nd book in my Variant Configurations series – which will take us back to Damien and Blaze and give Shudder a chance at his own story

TNA: Many thanks to you, Angel, for dropping by.

And, readers, make sure to click on the Rafflecopter link below to enter for a chance to win an e-copy of Not in the Stars or any backlist book from Mischief Corner Books.

Blurb: Since the dawn of human expression, man has gazed up at the heavens in wonder, inspired by the wheeling of the stars to explain his surroundings. While our perception of those surroundings have changed, from thinking of the Earth as a flat, stable plane to realizing we’re falling through space in a tiny atmospheric bubble, our wonder remains constant.

Space stations, alien races, far-flung planets—join the Mischief Corner authors as they explore the possibilities the stars might offer. The catch? Returning to mundane old Earth might be harder than you think.

Buy Links: All Romance e-Books | Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Mischief Corner Books

About The Authors: Angel Martinez, Freddy Mackay, Toni Griffin, Mathilde Watson

Mischief Corner Books is an organization of superheroes… no, it’s a platinum-album techno-fusion group…no, hold on a sec here…

Ah, yes. Mischief Corner is a diverse group of authors who met on a mountain in Tennessee and decided since we probably were too easily distracted to rule the world that we’d settle for causing a bit of mayhem instead.

In addition to making mayhem, we are releasing books as a consortium. The books cover a diverse range of genres and topics… we live to break molds. Our books are available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, ARe and other outlets.

Social Media Links:

Facebook | Author Page | Twitter

The Giveaway:

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Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Hi, everyone, I hope you’ve all had an outstanding week, and are gearing up for another.

We’ve been busy as can be around here these days, booking more great authors and reading more great books, and we’re looking forward to more great fun in the months to come. We’re building up the GayRomLit Countdown Celebration roster of authors, which Rhys Ford kicked off for us last month. I’m sure we’ll be adding more as the months move along, but here’s a list of confirmed authors you can watch for here at TNA between now and October:

Charlie Cochet | Daisy Harris | Edmond Manning | Ethan Day | Jaime Samms | LE Franks | Lex Chase | RJ Scott | Sophie Bonaste | Z.A. Maxfield | Jordan L. Hawk | Katey Hawthorne | Jamie Lynn Miller | Brandon Witt | Zathyn Priest | J.K. Hogan

How about that for a lineup? We’ll keep you posted on additions as the tour continues. But, for now, here’s what’s on tap for the coming week.

MondayAllison Cassatta is our lead-off guest today with a RainbowCon Celebration and Giveaway

Riptide Publishing presents a Spotlight Stop on Heidi Belleau’s Straight Shooter tour today, and there’s a Giveaway

Pride Promotions presents the Not in the Stars Anthology Blog Tour. We’ll have Angel Martinez here to represent, and there’ll be a tour-wide giveaway

TuesdayHayden Thorne comes back for a visit to talk about her newest release Banshee, and she’ll be giving away an e-copy of the book

Rebecca Cohen is also with us today, with a Backlist Book Bump and an e-copy giveaway of her book Servitude

WednesdayNicole Dennis stops by to join in the RainbowCon Celebration fun, and she’s offering a giveaway

A.E. Via is also with us today on her Nothing Special Blog Tour, and she’s got a giveaway too

And A.J. Corza’s back with another great installment of Got You Covered

ThursdayHeidi Cullinan makes TNA a stop on her Tough Love Blog Tour and she’s offering a giveaway

FridayCat Grant and L.A. Witt pair up and come calling on the Guarded Blog Tour, and there’s a giveaway

SaturdayCardeno C. and Mary Calmes are here on their Control Blog Tour. They let me interview Robert and Vy, and they’re giving away an e-copy of the book

SundayS.A. Meade is our guest today with a guest post about her newest release, Tournament of Shadows, and she’s giving away an e-copy of the book

And that brings another week to a close. Until next time, happy reading!

Angel Martinez, Freddy MacKay, Mathilde Watson, Mischief Corner Books, Silvia Violet, Toni Griffin

“Hot Off the Range” Is Hot Off The Presses

“Romance is the glamour which turns the dust of everyday life into a golden haze.” – Amanda Cross

Title: Hot Off the Range

Author: Anthology

Publisher: Mischief Corner Books

Pages/Word Count: 443

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb: Riding and herding. Those spurs that jingle-jangle-jingle. What is it about cowboys that so doggedly fires the imagination? Join the Mischief Corner authors as they give you their own unique takes on the cowboy mystique and mythos, from the American West, to Australia, to outer space. The cowboy story will never be the same…
Continue reading

Angel Martinez, Em Woods, Hank Edwards, Haven Fellows, Lee Brazil, Silvia Violet, Totally Bound

“50s Mixed Tape” Sets Love To Music

“Where words leave off, music begins.” ― Heinrich Heine

Title: 50s Mixed Tape

Author: Anthology

Publisher: Totally Bound

Pages/Word Count: 240

Rating: 5 Stars


Review: This is kind of new for me. I have reviewed a story from an anthology before, but I haven’t ever tackled a full anthology review. I have always loved reading anthologies, I like that I can read a little short from a few of my fave authors, and sometimes find a new author thrown into the mix. This one was chock full of some of my favorite authors, so that was just a big old bonus :).
Continue reading

Angel Martinez, The Joyful Approach

“Writers Are Like Restaurants” – Who Knew? Angel Martinez Does! And She’s Also Brought Appetizers!

Hi! waves to all the nice people What was that? The title of this post makes no sense? Ah. Stay with me here. I can’t promise to make sense, but I will explain. (Giveaway spoiler: And if you do stay with me, you get a chance to pick from my menu “) )

See, a writer and his or her body of work in the beginning is like a mom-and-pop restaurant. We’ll call it Aunt Bee’s. Aunt Bee starts out making one fabulous thing in her kitchen, her incredible chicken and dumplings. People ask for them all the time. Eventually, she starts to sell them from her house. It occurs to Aunt Bee that maybe she can make a second thing people might like, so she starts selling her pulled pork sandwiches, too. When enough people are buying Aunt Bee’s chicken and dumplings and pulled pork, she decides to open a restaurant. The menu expands.

Writers’ careers aren’t much different. We start out with one product to offer, which we might shop around until someone picks it up, or we might have a homegrown following that encourages a buyer. If readers like the first product, they ask for another. If the writer’s lucky, they want more. If we work diligently and persistently, we eventually have menus full of options for the lovely readers who stop by our word restaurants.

Some writers, like J. K. Rowling, started out as pizzerias. The really good kind that has goat cheese, feta, and fresh mozzarella, that offers lovely vegetarian options as well as meat lovers’ wet dreams. But still a pizzeria – the menu offers a series of one type of product. Lately, she’s decided to add chicken and fish to her menu. I’m not sure that’s the best idea, but time will tell.

Other writers, like Tanya Huff, develop into more of a specialty restaurant, say Asian-Fusion or upscale Italian. You know the type of food offered. You walk in there knowing what kinds of selections will be on hand. But it’s a nice, thick menu with lots of pages and a wide variety of choices.

Then you have the full service diner writers, the ones who want to offer you a bit of everything—chicken pot pie? Got that. Gyros? Got those. Steak and potatoes? Yep. Lemon meringue pie? Oh, heck yes. Sometimes everything works and all the readers leave feeling full and happy. Sometimes it’s not such a good idea and while the tuna melt was fabulous, the crab cake sandwich was a little nauseating.

We can see where a writer is in his or her career by where they are in the restaurant metaphor. Are they at the stage where they only have that one product, that lone novel? Do they have a nice little starter menu with a few solid items? Or are they at the point where you’ll be handed the faux-leather bound menu with the twenty pages of offerings?

Appetizers = Short stories
Primo/ Soups and Salad = Novellas
Main course = Novels (If it’s a series, you may be offered several courses.)
Dessert = Free Reads and extra material

My restaurant? Definitely a specialty restaurant. You’ll find a full menu but it’s all of the M/M Science Fiction and Fantasy persuasion. I do a lot of fusion cuisine—Science Fiction Humor, Contemporary Fairytale, Urban Fantasy, Science Fiction Fairytale—but it’s all in the same family of literary food.

Do all my readers leave full and happy? I can’t say I please everyone, but people do seem to keep coming back.


Hoping to see everyone soon at GRL—I’ll be the little person with the long, scraggly white hair and the watchful expression that people misinterpret as deep thought. I’m really just trying to figure out what’s going on.

Angel Martinez: Erotic Fiction for the Hungry Mind – go here to browse the menu

About Angel: Angel Martinez is that rare breed—a Delaware author. (“Look, Mommy! It’s so cute! Can we feed it?” “No, dear. I hear they bite.”) Her books currently live at Amber Allure, Total E Bound, Mischief Corner Books and Silver Publishing.

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