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Review: Emily’s Magical Bejeweled Codpiece by B. Snow

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Title: Emily’s Magical Bejeweled Codpiece

Author: B. Snow

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 48 Pages

At a Glance: I’m giving this short story a high recommendation for those who have a quirky sense of humor.

Reviewed By: Kim

Blurb: Tom, museum curator and expert in Renaissance jewelry, doesn’t think his boyfriend Peter is “The One.” Peter is perfectly happy with Tom, but Tom is obsessed with the artist Benedetto Emilio Nesci—exciting, passionate, extraordinarily talented… and dead for over 400 years.
Tasked with researching a bejeweled codpiece, Tom abandons his professional ethics—and his sanity—to try on the codpiece and is transported halfway around the world and back in time, right into Florence, Italy and Nesci’s workroom.
After his initial panic subsides, Tom seizes the opportunity to allow Nesci to seduce him, but Tom discovers not everything about the sixteenth century is as romantic as he’d imagined. Getting back to the modern world and Peter becomes Tom’s only wish, but desire and reality are two completely different things, and Tom might not get what he wants this time around.


Review: First off, I have to say both the title and the cover of Emily’s Magical Bejeweled Codpiece caught my attention. But, to be honest, I made the mistake of reading other’s initial reviews and wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to read it. Still, I’m one who always likes to walk on the wild side and give new authors a chance.

OMG! I’m so glad I gave this book a chance. I started off grinning and then had some serious LOL moments when Tom made his trip back into time to meet his obsession, Emilio.

See, this is what I love about time travel stories that actually take the romance out of the time period and put a little something like reality into it. I actually know someone like Emilio, and damn if I didn’t have the same reaction that Tom had. I especially enjoyed how sweet it was when Tom got over his OCD with Peter.

Sorry…I’ve been known to have a quirky sense of humor, and I guess that’s why I loved Emily’s Magical Bejeweled Codpiece. There are two authors that I know of who share this sense of humor—Ethan Day and John Inman. I’m giving this short story a high recommendation for those who also enjoy that quirky humor too.

I’m so looking forward to reading more from B. Snow!





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Amazon US

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B. Snow, Dreamspinner Press

Guest Post: Emily’s Magical Bejeweled Codpiece by B. Snow

B. Snow Banner

Thank you, TNA, for letting me guest-blog about Emily’s Magical Bejeweled Codpiece! When I asked Lisa what I should talk about, she said, “The title!”

So, yeah. :D Usually I have a terrible time coming up with titles (is there a writer who doesn’t??) but this time, the title came before the story, and I didn’t even have to think of it myself.

My critique group is more of a brainstorming group – we bounce ideas off each other and work out plot problems more than we ever seem to do actual critiquing. I dedicated the book to the two critique partners who were the ones who came up with the idea for the story, Evangeline Hunter and Tiana Johnson.

Evangeline thinks codpieces are the most hilarious things ever. We started talking about codpieces because of other historical clothing like pantaloons, which show up in my as-yet-unfinished pirate novel. (E loves saying “pantaLOOOONS!”) So we were all snickering about codpieces, and then Tiana starts telling me I should write a story about them. As I said in my dedication, the crazier a story idea is, the more T wants someone to write it. So T starts googling “codpiece” because she is the supreme enabler of insane plot bunnies.

It turns out that codpieces were only a thing for about 200 years, and their peak of popularity was in the mid 1500s, a period about which I know nothing. I love Regency romances, my first book is a Regency novella, but I knew I couldn’t write a novel set in the Renaissance. (Why not just do the research, you ask. Because I’m lazy, I answer.)

But E and T still won’t give up the idea of a story about a codpiece. And as they continue to talk about it, it becomes a BEJEWELED codpiece, and then a MAGICAL, BEJEWELED!! codpiece. Because a codpiece on its own isn’t crazy enough.

The plot grew out of that crazy title. Since I couldn’t set an entire story in the Renaissance, I decided to use time travel so a MAGICAL, BEJEWELED codpiece would make sense in a contemporary romance. Because a codpiece in 21st century America that causes the wearer to time travel to Renaissance Italy totally makes sense. ;)

Maybe the blurb will explain it better.

It came out just over a week ago, but I was out of town, AND procrastination is my “brand”, thus the promo happens late. :) Thanks again, TNA, for letting me share the craziness with your readers.


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EmilysMagicalBejeweledCodpiece_postcard_front_DSPTom, museum curator and expert in Renaissance jewelry, doesn’t think his boyfriend Peter is “The One.” Peter is perfectly happy with Tom, but Tom is obsessed with the artist Benedetto Emilio Nesci—exciting, passionate, extraordinarily talented… and dead for over 400 years.

Tasked with researching a bejeweled codpiece, Tom abandons his professional ethics—and his sanity—to try on the codpiece and is transported halfway around the world and back in time, right into Florence, Italy and Nesci’s workroom.

After his initial panic subsides, Tom seizes the opportunity to allow Nesci to seduce him, but Tom discovers not everything about the sixteenth century is as romantic as he’d imagined. Getting back to the modern world and Peter becomes Tom’s only wish, but desire and reality are two completely different things, and Tom might not get what he wants this time around.

Buy Link: Dreamspinner Press

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Excerpt: “You’ve been sitting too long.” Peter grasped Tom’s shoulder with one hand to steady him and dug the thumb of his other hand into the complaining muscles. “You really need to get up for a while, move around. You’ll feel better.”

Tom groaned and rolled his head as Peter kneaded his lower back. “Mmm. Feels good.”

“It’ll feel better once you’ve worked out. And then maybe when we get back,” he murmured against Tom’s neck, “you can work on something besides that old jockstrap.”

Tom pulled away from Peter. “Are you kidding? I don’t have time for that. This is incredibly important.” He moved back to his desk and stared down at the display case, or rather, at its contents.

Emily’s Magical Bejeweled Codpiece was truly the most magical piece of jewelry Tom had ever seen. The red silk it rested on had faded over the centuries, but the gems, set in heavy gold, still blazed. Diamonds glittered like ice next to emeralds. Topazes and peridots shone like cats’ eyes, while amethysts and aquamarines added a cool, contrasting gleam. And in the center of all the other jewels, slim lines of rubies formed a subtle yet elegant N over the curved center of the codpiece.

The glittering mass threatened to hypnotize Tom. He needed to get the piece into the vault at the museum. In fact, he should have taken it in immediately upon seeing it, but as soon as he’d opened the package, he’d been mesmerized.

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Author BioAbout the Author: B. Snow found her way into the magical world of gay romance by way of fanfic and slash, and original characters began banging on her brain several years ago. If she can conquer her chronic procrastinitus, she may get that banging written down someday.

Originally from the West Coast, B. Snow and her husband now live in the Atlanta area, sharing a house with a cat who has them very well trained.

You can find more information at her woefully neglected blog and at her Facebook page. You can e-mail her if you don’t mind waiting a few days for a response. See above: procrastinitus.

Blog | Facebook | E-mail


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Monday – Kicking off our week for us, we start by welcoming author Meredith Russell on the Fallout (Flight HA1710) blog tour

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Tuesday – Author Hayden Thorne joins us today with a look at the re-release of her humorous take on Regency vampires in Desmond and Garrick

Wednesday – Author B. Snow stops in today to chat a bit about her newest release, Emily’s Magical Codpiece, and where the idea for the book came from

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B. Snow Is Here Today To Tell You A “Bedtime Story” And Give Away A Book

Thank you, The Novel Approach, for giving me yet another guest spot! I was here less than a month ago to talk up Project Fierce Chicago. It was easy to tell everyone to buy it, because all the proceeds go to Project Fierce Chicago, an organization that helps homeless LGBT youth. This time, I’m slinking in, asking you to check out Bedtime Stories, another anthology, but this time I’m selfishly taking all the proceeds. Well, me, six other authors, and Wilde City Press. :)

When Anna Martin sent me a message on Facebook asking if I’d be interested in doing an anthology with her and some other authors, I thought she’d sent the note to the wrong person. Easy mistake to make on Facebook, right? The only thing I’d had published at that point was a story in the Cross Bones anthology from Dreamspinner Press. But it turned out that Anna had read that story and liked it, and really did mean to ask me. “The theme is bedtime stories,” she said, and left the rest up to us.
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B. Snow, Less Than Three Press

Project Fierce Chicago: A Guest Post And Giveaway by B. Snow


Thank you, The Novel Approach, for giving me the chance to talk about Project Fierce Chicago, which comes out on July 16! It’s a fundraiser anthology, the proceeds of which will go to Project Fierce Chicago, an organization that works to provide housing and other services for LGBT youth.

How the anthology came about: Piper Vaughn, who lives in Chicago, had the idea for a fundraiser anthology where all the royalties would go to Project Fierce. Less Than Three Press agreed to publish it and donate all of their proceeds as well. The Call for Submissions went up, and twenty stories will be winging their way to readers in two more days. :) Continue reading

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MondayBrigham Vaughn kicks off the week on the Equals Blog Tour

We’ll also have B. Snow with us today, one of the contributing authors in the Project Fierce Chicago Anthology, to talk a bit about Project Fierce and its mission to provide housing and support services for homeless LGBTQ youth in Chicago

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B. Snow, Dreamspinner Press

B. Snow Is Here Today With “A Cunning Plan” For A Giveaway!


TNA: Hi, B., thanks so much for being here with us today. Why don’t we start out by having you tell us a little bit about yourself? Hobbies, interests, odds and ends things that make you, you.

B: Hi, TNA! Let’s see….I got into writing original fiction because I was a Harry Potter fan, and learned about fanfiction and slash from online fandom. Unfortunately, most of my fandoms’ canons have ended. Non-fandom/writing, I like to dance. I’ve taken at least one class in pretty much every dance that exists on the planet. I also knit (especially during the winter, when you can lay the knitting on your lap to keep warm).

TNA: I have to make this the first question because, really, how could I resist? Will you tell us a little bit about your “amorphous blob/shape shifter” theory?

B: LOL. Okay, so the idea of a shapeshifter that can shift into ANY shape is porntastic, right? But then I started to think, what would be the true form of that sort of a shifter? If it can be any shape, does it have a single “true” shape that’s recognizable, or would that true shape be an amorphous blob? But that doesn’t hit very high on the “sexy” scale when we’re talking about romance novels. OTOH, if one fell in love with an amorphous blob, well, that’s true love, right there.

TNA: Have you always written M/M Romance? What is it that compels you to explore gay relationships in your writing?

B: I haven’t been writing original fiction that long, only since 2006 and semi-seriously only since 2010. But all of that has been M/M and/or gay romance. I guess I’m compelled to write gay romance because it seems (to me, anyway) somehow less predictable than straight romance, especially some of the awful ones I read when I was much younger (romance has really gotten a lot better in the past 20 years, though). A lot of my characters seem to be men who are newly out or not even out yet, so there’s a lot of conflict built into a character like that, at least currently. Someday in the future, when no one blinks an eye about same-sex couples, I’ll have to put some effort into finding other sources of conflict. J Oh, also, two guys together are hawt. :P

TNA: What was your first published M/M title? Do you remember the precise moment you came up with the story idea and knew you wouldn’t rest until it was told?

B: I started out writing fanfiction, but my first original published work was a short story in Alyson Books’ anthology Dorm Porn 2. I read the Call for Submissions and started to think about what I could write for it. I remembered an incident from my freshman year in college, when some guys down the hall got a keg and were playing Quarters. (This was before beer pong, but it’s a similar idea.) With no warning, one of the guys threw up on the keg, and somehow, that memory spawned What I Learned From My Roommate.

TNA: If you could go back in time, to the moment you sat down and began writing that first story, what’s the one piece of advice you’d give yourself?

B: Wow, that’s tough. Sometimes I think my creativity has been tapering off since then…. :-P I think I would tell myself to not wait so long to start something else.

TNA: Let’s chat a little bit about your new book, A Cunning Plan. Will you tell us about it and how you came up with the idea for the story?

B: Heh. Actually, the story started out as an anthology story for another publisher. It very soon shot past the maximum word limit, so I decided to let it roam and turn it into a novella. I’d always wanted to write a M/M Regency, but I didn’t know it would be this soon.

TNA: Would you care to share an excerpt from A Cunning Plan with us?

B: Sure! In this scene, it’s the morning after a very bad night for Alec, Earl of Whittlesey. A redheaded stranger wakes him up, gets Alec out of an unwanted engagement (for the time being, anyway), then takes him outside to chat.

“It’s going to be a bit chilly without an overcoat, but that’s for the best,” the stranger said, taking Alec’s arm and pulling him from the room.

“Let go of me.” Alec jerked his arm free, lost his balance, and fell against the wall.

“Still drunk from last night’s wine?” The man put one of Alec’s arms over his shoulders, and then practically dragged him along the corridor, down the back stairs, and out of the house before Alec could find his tongue.

The cold air slapped at Alec’s face. “Who are you?” he asked.

“Morgan Villenie. I’m here to help you.”

The name seemed familiar; however, Alec couldn’t concentrate with this stranger grabbing at him. “I don’t need help.” He punctuated the statement by removing his arm from Villenie’s shoulders and then disproved it by starting to topple. Villenie caught him, worked his way underneath Alec’s arm again, and pulled him tight against his side.

“I should think you do, if that scene upstairs was any indication. Your mother is the one who is concerned about you, and from what I can see, I agree with her.” He hurried Alec along the gravel path. “Some fresh air and a chat, then breakfast, then we’ll talk more. How does that sound?”

“Miserable.” Alec tried to pull free from Villenie’s grip, but the man was stronger than his lean frame suggested. “Let go of me, you blackguard! And how do you know my mother?”

“All in good time.” When they had moved away from the house, Villenie loosened his grip and slowed his step, allowing Alec to get his feet under him. “Better?”

“No.” Although the air and the walk had cut through the effects of the brandy, he wouldn’t give Villenie the satisfaction of knowing how good it felt. “Let me go.” He tried once again to pull away.

“If you promise you won’t run away or fall over. We’ve got to talk, and I thought you’d want this conversation to take place away from other ears.” He allowed Alec to move away and slowed his pace.

“It’s cold,” Alec complained, looking back at the house. It wasn’t as cold as it could have been; they were having an unusually mild winter, but Alec knew, somehow, that he would not like what Villenie had to say.

“We won’t stay out long. But I do need to speak to you about your marriage.”

“My marriage?” Alec’s wits had now fully returned to him. “There is no marriage, nor will there be.” He hesitated, then added, “I suppose I must thank you for that.”

Villenie shook his head. “That’s not what I meant, although I was more than happy to help. I’m speaking of the fact that you are unmarried, and not even engaged to be wed. That’s the problem. Your mother has sent me to remedy the situation, since you won’t discuss it with her. She seems to think I will be able to convince you.”

“No.” Alec stopped. “You will explain yourself, now. Who are you, and why have you come here?”

Villenie’s narrow, freckled face split in a grin. “I’m the man who’s going to solve all your problems.”

TNA: What drew you to set the book in this particular point in history?

B: I love Regencies, and somehow the plot just set itself in that period. Honestly, I can’t even remember now how it got there, just that it all made sense for that time.

TNA: Did you have to do a lot of research to make sure you got the setting and language just right?

B: Heh. I spent some time with Google Maps and Wikipedia for the setting, but I didn’t do much other research than trying to remember other Regencies I’ve read. I intended to write a “wallpaper” historical, i.e. not so much historical detail in the story. But the plot is specific to the Regency period, so the historical editors at Dreamspinner were, shall we say, thorough (i.e. tore me several new ones, but nicely), telling me what I needed to correct in order to make it more accurate to the period. Anything that’s incorrect or sounds anachronistic are things that I refused to change, citing creative license. :-D I did pretty much live on http://www.etymonline.com as I was writing and revising the story, to make sure I wasn’t using anachronistic words/expressions.

TNA: Did either of the main characters give you fits as you were writing, not wanting to cooperate with where you saw their story going? If so, which one?

B: Alec was the hard one to write, but it wasn’t his fault. It was just hard to sort out his backstory in a way that made sense (at least, I hope it does).

TNA: I know this is sort of like asking you to name your favorite child, but of all the stories you’ve written, do you have a favorite? If so, which and why?

B: I haven’t written that much, really. A Cunning Plan has turned out well, I think. A few times during the revision process, I’d be surprised at how much I liked parts of it, thinking, “Did I really write that myself?!?” One of my favorite pieces of writing is one of my fanfics, based on (or rather, ripped off of) A Christmas Carol, which I love. I guess I like everything I’ve put out there for people to read. If I didn’t like it, it would still be buried on my hard drive.

TNA: If you could bring one of your characters to life, who would you choose and why? What makes him or her someone you think would make an impression (good or bad) upon the world?

B: Interesting that you worded it “him or her”, since I write gay romance, but I have written female characters. I’ve got a pirate novel in the works – conceived of in 2007, won NaNo 2009 with it, then finished the first draft in 2012 – and there’s a character in that story named Jeanette, who has her own import/export company in Jamaica in 1819, when the novel is set. William, my pirate captain, accuses her of having The Sight, but she’s just very smart, and she’s seen enough of human nature that she can make very good guesses as to what people are going to do. I think if she were living now, she’d be Richard Branson’s right-hand woman at Virgin, or a Prime Minister, except she’s really too smart to go into politics.

TNA: What would you say are the best and worst parts of the writing process for you?

B: Best is when the story LEAPS into my head and writes itself. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often. :-P So I have to slog, and I’m not a fast writer. The worst parts are the revisions. The reason the pirate novel isn’t finished is that the first draft is over 140,000 words and I’m DREADING having to revise it. Even if it will be awesome when it’s done. :-D Another Best part is when I find what I call the “sweet spot” of the story – something that makes it all make sense. I also like to include at least one real-life incident in each story. I told you at GRL how my story The Idiots’ Tango (written for the Goodreads M/M romance group’s “Love Has No Boundaries” event) was based almost entirely on real life events, but usually, there’s just one (like ralphing on the keg in the Dorm Porn 2 story).

TNA: Are you a plotter or a pantser? Whichever you are, why do you feel that method works best for you?

B: I think I’m a plotter. I like to know what’s going to happen, even if some of the best stuff is what comes out when I’m not planning it. But if I had no idea where the story was going (or had to end up), I would panic – it would be like swimming out into the ocean in some random direction to try to get somewhere.

TNA: If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

B: Not flight, that’s too scary. Super-strength would be good, since I have no upper-body strength. Or the ability to communicate more clearly with animals. Then I could find out why our cat thinks it’s okay to pee on things.

TNA: If time travel were possible, where would you go and why?

B: Man. I’ve often wondered what I would do if I got zapped back in time. That’s why I need to learn how to spin wool, so I can earn my keep by knitting sweaters if I got zapped back to pre-industrial times. I do kind of wish I could go back and stop my mom from getting polio, although I probably couldn’t have talked her out of visiting the neighbor whose kid had it, which is how she caught it. And if I could have talked her out of it, would I have been born at all? She’d wanted to have four kids, but after she got sick (while she was pregnant with my brother), the doctors told her she shouldn’t have any more kids. I was a “surprise”, born way after my sister and brother. So if my mom hadn’t gotten sick, would she have had her four kids in the 1950s and then stopped before I came along? It’s an interesting idea.

On a more cheerful note, I do have a story with some time travel in it – yet another finished first draft that I haven’t gotten around to revising. It’s called Emily’s Magical Bejeweled Codpiece and yes, it’s about a magical bejeweled codpiece. The main character gets sent back to Renaissance Italy. Personally, I’d rather not go back before the era of indoor plumbing and penicillin.

TNA: Would you care to share a little bit of information on any of your current WIPs?

B: Whew. Okay, those finished first drafts I mentioned? The pirate novel is called Here Lies Treasure, and it’s rather porny. Okay, very porny. There’s the codpiece/time-travel story, a noir-ish short story called Fiscal Cliff, about a financial advisor named Cliff, and a YA mystery called Coming Out Is Murder, about a kid in a small town in north Georgia who wants to come out but every time he does, the person he comes out to winds up dead. I’m hoping that revisions will render it less grim and more black-humorish.

Actual WIPs (stories that are partially written, and maybe listing them will make me accountable for finishing them):

1. The drag queen story. It’s about masculinity, effemiphobia, self-confidence, and being authentic. Plus showtunes.

2. The “My roommate is not gay” story, also called “the Amsterdam story” because the first part takes place there. It’s a response to the Dorn Porn 2 story, because this time the hot roommate really isn’t gay. It’s sexier and more interesting than it sounds, I promise. :-)

3. The script for Ray Park (the actor/martial artist who played Darth Maul). I may turn it into a novella first. When I started it, he was too young for the role. Now he might be too old. :-( A closeted martial arts instructor kicks ass and takes names when he’s not macking on his boyfriend.

4. The Christmas anthology story that will not cooperate. Maybe because it’s actually about Hanukkah. A comedy of errors, with parents.

5. “True* Stories of C___ County (*Meaning ‘False’)”, a collection of lies about my neighbors and co-workers. Gay orgies, a former Madam, EU spies, groping in the office. (I may end up not writing these, because I feel a little guilty basing the stories on people who are very nice in real life.)

6. Super-porny story about a young man who drifts through life having sex and smoking weed. Currently has no real plot or conflict. *headdesks*

7. The short story for an anthology that Anna Martin is coordinating, the theme of which is “bedtime stories”. A recently separated man who believes himself to be straight struggles with the emotions (and other things) that come up when he hears about the sexual exploits of his son’s babysitter.

8. The story for the Project Fierce anthology, created by Piper Vaughn. The anthology will be published through Less Than Three Press, and all proceeds will go to Project Fierce, which aims to provide transitional housing for homeless GLBT youth in Chicago. For some reason, my story is F/F– where did that come from??? It’s a sort of parallel Cinderella story. Eh, you’ll just have to buy the book. :-) But seriously, buy the book, which I think will be out in the spring of 2014.

Um…was that TMI?

TNA: Where can readers find you on the internet?

B: I waste a lot of time on Facebook, I have a blog I never update, and I do check email occasionally, bsnow.writer@gmail.com I’m not very fun on Twitter (the only time I ever tweet is to send angry replies to homophobes’ tweets), but that might change someday.




TNA: Thanks so much for being here with us today, B. You’re a delight and a great cha-cha instructor, and it was great getting to know a bit more about you. :-D

B: Thanks so much for this opportunity! My first-ever interview, and I felt kind of sick while answering the questions…


B. Snow, Dreamspinner Press

B. Snow Has Come Up With Such “A Cunning Plan” For You

“It’s human to have a secret, but it’s just as human to reveal it sooner or later.” ― Philip Roth

B. Snow throws a bit of the unexpected into her novel A Cunning Plan, a welcome bit too, if I do say so myself, that elevated the book from the usual historical fare to something just a little different in the realms of Regency romance.

There’s a moral or two to the story of Alec, Lord of Whittlesey, the perpetually drunken heir, and the mysterious stranger, Morgan Villenie, who has insinuated himself into Lady Whittlesey’s good graces. Alec doesn’t trust the slick liar Villenie, and for good reason if first impressions mean a thing. Who can trust a trickster, after all, one that admits so readily to twisting the truth if it serves his own purposes? And though Alec wants nothing more than to keep Villenie far from his mother, Villenie has a plan to get Alec out of a world of trouble, a plan that it seems will be impossible to refuse.
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I hope you’ve all had a lovely week, and for those of you celebrating Hanukkah that your holiday time with family and friends has been, and will continue to be, wonderful.

And don’t forget, today marks the start of deliveries for Dreamspinner Press’s 2013 daily Advent Anthology Heartwarming. We’ve got all thirty-one stories we’ll be featuring throughout the month of December, but be sure to check them out yourselves.

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MondayDeanna Wadsworth arrives on her Naughty North Pole Blog Tour and she’s bringing a giveaway just in time for Christmas

TuesdayB. Snow will be here on the A Cunning Plan blog tour, with an interview and the chance for one luck reader to win the book

WednesdayA.E. Via stops by on her Blue Moon Blog Tour

ThursdayJohn Amory drops in to spread some holiday cheer on his A Christmas Caroler Blog Tour

FridayM.A. Church is doing the Backlist Book Bump with a new old book, The Harvest: Taken, and a giveaway

Josh Lanyon will also be here, as he makes The Novel Approach a stop on his A Dangerous Ground Blog Hop

SaturdayIyana Jenna will be our guest today with an article and giveaway of her latest book A Single Black Rose.

SundayLynley Wayne wraps up the week with an interview and giveaway of her latest release A Life Interrupted.



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Hi guys *waves all around*,

Just a quick note this week to say that I am going to be going on hiatus until the New Year. I know, I know, I haven’t been here very long, but rest assured it’s not so much a vacation as just swamped with real life issues at the moment. School finals, work requests (keep those coming, though, please :D), and the reemergence of a father whom I’ve not spoken to in over 10 years has all pretty much culminated with head falling off.

Well, not yet, but that’s why the break—so my head actually does NOT fall off.

I just felt that right now I can’t do justice to my reviews or to the TNA site, and that is not fair to everyone else on the site or our lovely web mistress, Lisa.

Plus, being a bit blunt, I didn’t want the reviews to just suck balls, which I think they would have.

All that said however, PLEASE send me covers that you love if you see them, with the artist’s name if you can find it, or just covers you would like me to review. I’m going to stockpile some reviews for the New Year, and I’d love to include any faves or scary covers you ‘re especially fond of.

I promise I WILL be back!

In the meantime, I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday season no matter where you are and that the New Year finds you looking forward to new and exciting ventures. Or reviews in my case!

Happy Holidays and may the good books be with you!


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B. Snow Hits The Right Notes With “Idiots’ Tango”

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

The M/M Goodreads Group’s “Love Has No Boundaries” stories are hitting the web, and if I use my first story choice to judge what’s in store, I’d say it’s going to be a great summer of free reading.

I’ve read only one other B. Snow story, that one offered in the Dreamspinner Press anthology Cross Bones. “From a Simmer to a Burn” is the gorgeous and compelling tale of an escaped slave who becomes steward aboard pirate captain William Shaughnessy’s ship, and is forced to confront his general deep loathing of the Dutch who’d captured and forced him into servitude within a single man named Olaf, who is kind and gentle and to whom Sule is unwillingly attracted. I went back and read the story again before digging into Idiots’ Tango, remembering now exactly why it was one of my favorite stories in the collection.

Idiots’ Tango is a very different enemies-to-lovers story than “Simmer” but is no less wonderful for it. B. Snow’s talent seems to be weaving together characters whose lives I want to meddle in—both main and supporting—into plots that I want to get lost in for hours straight until I’m done and left with wanting more.

This novella is a contemporary tale that begins when Josh Dimitriou and Stu Edelstein are just teenagers, then stretches over more than a decade of acrimonious encounters at various family gatherings that anyone who’s not an idiot can see is simply their way of dancing around the fact they’re incredibly attracted to each other. It’s been said there’s a razor thin line between love and hate, and that the opposite of hate isn’t love, nor is the opposite of love hate—the opposite of both is apathy, and let me tell you, Josh and Stu are anything but apathetic toward each other, which makes the waiting and wondering when they’re finally going to get around to realizing that no matter what they call it—gay, bi, Josh-sexual, whatever—all it boils down to is that they’ve got a lot of making up for lost time to do, and that makes it all the more fun.

Are Josh and Stu frustrating? Yes. Yes, they are. They’re idiots after all, right? And just like the love/hate thing, apparently there’s also a razor thin line between unwitting idiocy and willful stupidity. Is all that frustration worth it? I thought so. What’s not to love about a little delayed gratification? Especially when you get to be all smug and I-told-you-so in the end.

Reviewed by: Lisa

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