4 Stars, Christa Tomlinson, Reviewed by Tina, Self-Published

You’ll Want To Claim Christa Tomlinson’s “The Sergeant” – Reviewed by Tina

“You’re the only one I want to control. The only one whose submission I want, need, and crave with every part of me, every second of every day.” – Christa Tomlinson

Title: The Sergeant

Author: Christa Tomlinson

Publisher: Self-Published

Pages/Word Count: 426 Pages

Rating: 4 Stars

Blurb: Sergeant Logan Pierce: Head of Houston’s elite SWAT team. He leads his squad with cool efficiency, taking down rough criminals while keeping his team safe. But behind closed doors he sets a darker part of himself free. He’s a Dominant in the world of Bondage and Domination. As a Dom, he’s controlled many submissives, but never had one for his own. That’s because there’s only one man he wants: Corporal Clay Foster.
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Christa Tomlinson

Christa Tomlinson Joins Us Today To Talk About “The Sergeant”, And There’s A Giveaway

Hello, and thank you for having me on the The Novel Approach today. My name is Christa Tomlinson and I’ve just released my second erotic romance, The Sergeant. In many ways it can be considered my first. There was a lot I didn’t know my first time around. In addition, I published The Sergeant myself, rather than going through a publisher, so it was an entirely different process. I had to find my own editors and cover artists, rather than relying on that being done for me.

I’ve wanted to write romance ever since my older sister let me read some of her historical romance novels. I don’t remember the first one I read, but I do know I was immediately hooked. When I finished each book I’d read the back cover to learn a little about the author. In no time I had Johanna Lindsey’s image and bio memorized. I’d often wonder what it was like to write in Hawaii. I never found out, because I didn’t really know how to contact her and ask. When I was a little older I realized that I could send her and other authors fan mail. Many of their biographies ended with something along the lines of …loves to hear from her readers. But I wasn’t much of a letter writer so I never did.
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A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week, Brita Addams, Christa Tomlinson, F.E. Feeley Jr., J.K. Hogan, Jacob Z. Flores, Kade Boehme, L.A. Witt, LE Franks, Libby Drew, M.J. O'Shea, Marie Sexton, Piper Vaughn, Poppy Dennison, Rafe Haze, Riley Hart, Saloni Quinby

Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Hi, everyone, I hope you’ve all had a great week. It was a busy and fun-filled weekend at RainbowCon, having the opportunity to meet some new-to-me authors and participating on some great panels, where the conversation was always interesting and informative. Next stop: GayRomLit in Chicago!

Here’s what’s on tap for the week ahead.

MondaySaloni Quinby kicks off the week on her Weapons of Redemption Blog Tour with a giveaway

Jacob Flores drops in as well, with a GRL Countdown Celebration for his newest release, When Love Comes to Town, and there’s a giveaway

TuesdayRiley Hart is our guest today on the Stay (Blackcreek: Book Two) Blog Tour. She sat down to answer a few questions for us, so make sure to stay tuned

Libby Drew is also with us to do a Cover Reveal of her new novella The Lost Year, included in the anthology Secrets of Neverwood

Brita Addams visits today with a guest article about misused idioms/clichés

WednesdayPiper Vaughn and Kade Boehme stop in on their Wood, Screws & Nails Blog Tour, and they’ve also got a giveaway for you

Rafe Haze is also with us to talk a little bit about his new book The Next, and he’ll be giving an e-copy away to one lucky reader

ThursdayPoppy Dennison is dropping by to do a little Mind Magic for us, and there’s a giveaway

L.A. Witt and Marie Sexton are also here on their Roped In Blog Tour, with a giveaway

FridayLE Franks is our guest on the Can This Be Real Blog Tour, and there’s a giveaway

M.J. O’Shea also drops in on the Rising Sun Blog Tour, and she’s offering a giveaway

SaturdayChrista Tomlinson is our guest on The Sergeant Blog Tour and giveaway

F.E. Feeley Jr. will also be here on the Objects in the Rearview Mirror Blog Tour, and there’s a giveaway

SundayJ.K. Hogan is here with a Countdown To GRL Celebration Guest Post and Giveaway

And that rounds out the week ahead. Until next week, happy reading!