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Review: Getting Back to Good by April Kelley

Title: Getting Back to Good (Pickleville: Book Five)

Author: April Kelley

Publisher: eXtasy Books

Pages/Word Count: 103 Pages

At a Glance: The best story in the series yet.

Reviewed By: Maryann

Blurb: Luis Flynn has been fighting depression off and on most of his life. He figures it’s genetic or a product of his childhood or something. Whatever it is, he thought he’d won the war between himself and depression, until it seems to come back again. Little by little over the course of a few months, Luis finds himself slipping further and further into that black hole.

He’s also had a crush on Royce, his boss, since the day he met him, not that he would ever admit it. Luis can tell Royce finds him attractive, and they even kiss, but Royce constantly pushes him away, which doesn’t help his inner struggles.

When it comes to relationships, timing is everything. With Luis and Royce, the timing might be too off.


Review: I really feel that Getting Back to Good is the best story so far in April Kelley’s Pickleville series. Dealing with depression and cutting are a reality for many people, and there are many who don’t get the love and support that’s reflected in this story. Many don’t recognize, or are even afraid to admit, they have these problems. April Kelley did a really great job of bringing these types of issues to light.

This story is told in a progression of the two main characters, Luis and Royce. The story follows Luis through his battle with relapsing into depression, including the cutting. This was his way of dealing with an abusive childhood, rejection, confusion and the feeling of losing loved ones. But Luis recognizes he is slipping back into the darkness and tells his brothers, Brad and Caden, that he needs to go back into treatment to get better. He looked to his older brother Brad as his rock, but Brad looked to Luis as being the one who was the strength in the family.

Royce also has to come to a reality that Luis has strong feelings for him, but Royce had made Luis feel rejected and confused by playing the age card and the “no involvement with employees” rule. Even though Royce is strong and tends to be gruff, he is very caring and protective of family and friends. When he sees Luis at his lowest point, he regrets how he treated Luis. Once he enters the hospital, Luis doesn’t want to see Royce at first, but he gives himself time and calls Royce to come and visit him. Royce discovers that Luis is afraid that everyone will leave him. Royce has to face his own fear that he could lose Luis, and how much he really cares for him.

My feeling was that Luis didn’t see how he has always been strong in his own way. It was also heartwarming to see how his brothers and friends provided love and support during Luis’s recovery. Luis deals with his issues and comes out to live, love, and accomplish a fantastic journey by himself, returning to a great life.

I highly suggest reading A Tarnished Strength (Pickleville: Book Four) to understand the full dynamic of the brothers Luis, Brad, and Caden.



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