Rain Carrington

Rain Carrington Joins Us Today To Talk Pride, “Penny’s Lane”, And Giveaways

I am not simply a writer of gay romance and erotica; I am an ally to the gay community. I have been for as long as I can remember (and that is a LONG time). This weekend I was lucky enough to make it to Denver for Pride. My daughter and I drove to the bigger city and from the moment we got into Denver we felt it, a feeling of freedom and happiness that came over the both of us. From the minute we got there to the minute Denver was in the rearview we smiled.

Once on in the city we parked and walked to the parade route. Right away we saw people dressed in rainbows…tutus, leggings, boas, hats, skirts and kilts in rainbow colors. I had a painted shirt and a rainbow flag around my waist so I blended in just fine.

There was not a scowl or frown among the people headed to the street where the parade would pass. There was not an angry word or face without a smile. It was refreshing.

As we sat on the lawn of our state capital, we looked around at children and older people, straight and gay, people in groups and alone all coming out to celebrate diversity. That was a little like a contradiction in terms because we didn’t feel diverse or different at all. We felt like a family or at the very least old friends.
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