4 Stars, BL Morticia, Genre Romance, Reviewed by Maryann

Review: Under the Gun by BL Morticia

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Title: Under the Gun (Hardy and Day: Book One)

Author: BL Morticia

Publisher: Entice by Booktrope

Pages/Word Count: 55 Pages

At a Glance: Under the Gun is really well written and has a good pace to it.

Reviewed By: Maryann

Blurb: Jaded by his lover leaving him for a woman, Camdyn Hardy is looking for love and partnership. When he goes to the local shooting range, he only wants to let off a little steam, but meeting Malik Day, a discharged army serviceman is a welcome surprise.

Malik’s issues go farther than just a lack of love. Discharged for defending a fellow gay soldier got him kicked out of the Army and back at home with his bible thumping parents. When Malik meets Camdyn, the sparks are there, but both of them are too afraid to make their desires known to each other.

After several conversations and dates, Camdyn and Malik are hot for one another and ready to take the next step. When they do, they discover they have a lot more in common than just a need for a committed relationship.


Review: Under the Gun is the beginning of a new series by BL Morticia. It’s a short story, but it’s written as an introduction to our two MCs, each telling their own story.

Camden Hardy is a PI and owns Camdyn & Associates. He loves having the freedom of owning his own business.  He’s a confident character and a little snarky, but all he wants is a partner who’s “one hundred percent queer” and would be able to work and play beside him.

Malik Day is gay and just got booted out of the military for sticking up for one of his fellow soldiers. This really hurt his plans for a career in the military, but he has an interest in law enforcement.  Without the funds to get his own place right away, he has to move back home with his parents. He really beats the pavement to find a job and get out from under their roof. Malik is a great guy: he’s proud, a little shy and nervous around Camdyn.

When Malik and Camdyn meet, there’s a definite spark between them. Camdyn isn’t afraid to say what he feels (he refers to Malik as a “Hershey’s Chocolate Bar”), but he does hold back some, as he doesn’t want to scare Malik. I liked the idea of them going on numerous dates and really getting to know each other; they don’t fall into bed at first sight. Even though they both want the same things, they skirt around those important issues, until Malik has finally had enough of being at his parents.

Under the Gun is really well written and has a good pace to it. I liked both Camdyn and Malik, and I think it’s going to be fun to see where BL Morticia takes them. I also feel I should warn readers that there is some real kinky gun play, and I don’t just mean target shooting.  They both really love their guns!

I’m hoping the next story will have some private investigating and Camdyn and Malik getting into a whole lot of trouble.





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