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Guest Post: The Countdown to Euro Pride Con with Ana J. Phoenix

Euro Pride Con

This is my first guest blog post, so thanks for having me! Considering the date and the setting of my next release, I’d like to reflect a little bit on my experiences with Japan.

Today is March 12, just one day and exactly four years after a devastating earthquake struck East Japan and caused an even more disastrous tsunami that lay entire towns to waste. It’s always said that everyone remembers what they were doing on days like 9/11. I certainly do. I also remember what I was doing on 3/11. Do you?

For me, 3/11/11 was just a few months after I’d first been to Japan, and my host family lived near the epicenter. On the morning of that fateful day, I was woken by a phone call from my mom, who said, “Turn on the TV! There’s been an earthquake in Sendai!”

At first I thought it was no big deal, because earthquakes happened all the time, but… damn. Everybody probably remembers the pictures and videos of houses being swept away. I was glued to either the TV, news tickers, or the radio all day. I sent emails to people I knew in the area, but it took days for anything to get through. It was a scary time. I remember thinking I was lucky for not being there, since I’d already decided to attend school in Sendai, but I wasn’t going to start for a few months. At the same time, though, it sucked being so far away.

I’ve transferred some of that conflict unto the main character of my upcoming release In Memory of Us (out 3/31 with Loose Id) Kite’s a half-American, half-Japanese 21yo who’s struggling with his cultural identity and who just happened to be visiting family in America when the tsunami hit his Japanese hometown.

The story starts two years later when he’s back in Japan for his sister’s wedding and he tries to reconnect with his former best friend (and teenage crush) who’s been changed by the traumatic events.

It’s been four years since the tsunami for us. It’s been nearly three years since I saw the destruction site but it’s left a deep impression on me. I can only hope that I can do the gravity of the situation some justice.

Currently, I’m living in Germany, and I enjoy being back. If only because it means I’m that much closer to Euro Pride Con! Honestly, how could I not go when it’s in my country? It’ll be my first convention of this sort, and I’m super excited–and terrified! But if you see me there, I’d love to chat!



Author BioAuthor Bio: Ana is a writer of m/m romance and erotica. Her interest in hot guy-on-guy action was first sparked by reading scandalous Japanese mangas. A dirty secret she couldn’t resist. In a long bout of insanity – also known as her life — she decided to learn the language and escape to the land of sushi, sumo, and yaoi.

She’s since moved back to Europe to be with the love of her life – delicious European chocolate.

Now she resides in the sunny part of Germany where she fills her days chasing her dreams and writing about men in complicated relationships. Her family believes she’s writing “erotic manga stories.” She’s pleased they got the erotic part right, at least.

Website | Twitter | Facebook | Goodreads Author Page | Add In Memory of Us to your Goodreads Shelf

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Guest Post: The Countdown to Euro Pride Con With Amber Kell

Euro Pride Con

World Building

Amber KellI want to thank Novel Approach for allowing me to visit. I don’t write a lot of blogs because I never really know what to say. I’m good at writing things when there’s a story in my head but talking about stories tends to confuse me. When people ask me where I get my ideas I never know what to say to them. In my mind I don’t understand why they don’t. If I see a large unexplained hole, it’s just natural to think it might be the home of a troll or a dragon and build and entire story around the concept in my head. I’ve always been a dreamer, but only within the past eight years have I found enough people as strange as me to make a career out of the process.

There are many approaches to world building. Some authors go into incredible detail, chronicling everything from the type of leaves in a tree to the source of the blue pimple on the back of their new fictional race. I tend to take a different approach, or maybe I’m just a bit lazy.

World building can be anything from creating a new species in the world as we know it, to designing entire planets. In my Thresl series I created a planet of cat shifting people but I don’t really go into a lot of details about the planet itself. A bit about lush vegetation with poisonous bugs and another of desert indicates a diverse geographical variety but I never include tons of details. I prefer for my readers to build up the details for themselves untilit seems so real they are secretly waiting for the tourist guide for their visit.

In other books I introduce vampires or werewolves into contemporary environments and build the mysticism about their races. From one series to the next I might change how werewolves are made or if vampires can go into sunlight but I’m consistent with each series. To change the rules halfway through is cheating and nothing is more irritating than to discover an author changed an entire concept halfway through to fit a new idea. If I change a rule I make sure there’s a solid reason or else why make the rule in the first place.

Anything is possible in world building. It is the author’s job to make sure the reader is pulled into the story enough to want to create the image in their mind. I recently finished a book where I built a city and the entire mythology behind it. I’d been inspired by a trip to Europe and all the stone used in their roads and buildings. The true test will be if a fan reads my book and can envision the narrow streets, the cool stone beneath their feet and the magic glowing underneath. If the reader builds my city in their mind and can understand a reformed street thief and his moral lover than I’ve done my job.

24983609My last book released is My Man Declan, where I invented a world of vampires, werewolves and house elves. I had no idea a sexy half house elf would be so popular. I made this one pseudo-contemporary, and the same characters made a brief visit in my Moon Pack Marking Mikel.

I’ll be attending Euro Pride Con because I’ve recently been having my books translated into French and Italian. I believe publishing my books in different languages increases their access to the world at large and I’d like to encourage their dispersal into more readers’ hands. It doesn’t hurt that it’s being held in Munich either. I get a lot of world building ideas by leaving my familiar environment.

A list of all my books can be listed on my Blog, and I can be reached at

Aimee Brissay, Euro Pride Con, Siren Publishing

Guest Post and Giveaway: The Countdown to Euro Pride Con with Aimee Brissay

Euro Pride Con

The Novel Approach is happy to have author Aimee Brissay with us today to help in the countdown celebration to Euro Pride Con. Aimee talks a little bit about her love of writing paranormal fiction, and is also offering the chance for one lucky reader to win the e-title of your choice from her backlist.

Aimee Brissay Backlist


And now, here’s Aimee…


For the first time in my life I will be attending an event like the Euro Pride Con and I am beyond excited In fact, I spent the next couple of days after registering floating on air. I got so worked up I ended up having one hell of a headache. And not only am I attending the conference, but I am one of the panelists as well, which brought on another wave of excitement.

The Other Worlds panel seems to have been made especially for me. I have always been attracted to paranormal and supernatural beings, the darker and the more dangerous, the better. Of course, being born and raised in Romania helps. Like any country with such a long history, it is full of legends and mythological creatures, so it’s really no stretch of the imagination that my writing turned to the Other Worlds realm. Vampires, therians, angels and demons, they all have a story to tell.

Brought up in such an atmosphere, my characters grew rough, gritty. Perhaps too much at times. The world they live in is similar to ours, their Bucharest is my Bucharest, with little differences. They take their strength from their surroundings and shape themselves to fit the environment. Yet, no matter how much of a badass they are, they all are as vulnerable to love as anyone else and they need it just as much.

There is nothing I love more than seeing the story take shape beneath my fingers, perhaps only the complete picture. I love it how the characters surprise me along the way, how they take a simple scene and turn it into something more.

I can’t wait to share my world with the readers and the other authors and be introduced to theirs. I love hearing from the readers, so the Con will be a great opportunity to interact and share ideas.


Aimee BrissayAbout the Author: Born in Romania, land of the Iele and Vlad the Impaler, she’d spent all her life surrounded by books. She rode side by side with d’Artagnan and The Three Musketeers to retrieve the Queen’s diamonds, set sail on the Erasmus in search of the Japans, fell in love with Rhett Butler and roamed the Wild West along Old Shatterhand. She walked on the footsteps of the Olympian Gods and searched for Zalmoxis’ sanctuary in the Carpathians. In her mind, she’d never been the damsel in distress but rather the knight in shiny armor fighting for a cause.

With a background like this, turning to writing was no surprise. She discovered erotica early on in life and never looked back. Now she can write anywhere, even in a crowded room or a busy subway station, but she loves solitude.

When she’s not at her evil day job, she can be found writing or playing with her cat. She welcomes messages from readers and promises to answer all of them as soon as possible.

Find Aimee at: Facebook | Twitter | Blog

Euro Pride Con, Giveaways, Morticia Knight, Totally Bound

Euro Pride Con Guest Post and Giveaway: The Fear of Surrender by Morticia Knight

Euro Pride Con

The Novel Approach welcomes author Morticia Knight today to talk about her new release The Fear of Surrender from Totally Bound, and to help celebrate the Countdown to Euro Pride Con 2015.

Morticia shares her thoughts on writing BDSM in a historical setting, has shared an excerpt from the book, and is also offering the chance for one lucky reader to win an e-title of choice from her Backlist.



BDSM Prior to Safe, Sane and Consensual

Thank you for having me here today! I’ll be talking about my BDSM series, The Hampton Road Club and what it is that makes this series different from other BDSM and D/s stories. The main reason? The series is set in the 1920s. There was no such thing as safe, sane and consensual, no standard rules that applied to those in the lifestyle. Actually, it was never even referred to as the ‘lifestyle’. The acronyms of BDSM, D/s or terms such as ‘safe word’, sub, Dom, and such didn’t exist yet. I had to be very careful when crafting the stories of these men that I didn’t lapse into contemporary speak.

Since this series spun off of Book 5 of the Gin & Jazz series, Studio Orders, I had already done much of the research regarding BDSM history as it relates to a universal understanding between those who practice it. I had also completed seven books in the Gin & Jazz series (all set in the twenties as well) and was easily able to keep the time period accurate – including the cadence of speech. But once I decided to take the club that is only mentioned in Studio Orders and adapt it into an entire series revolving around BDSM during that era – therein lay the real challenge. However, it was also a wonderful opportunity for me to imagine what could’ve happened when the seeds of unifying the lifestyle into a more consistent and safe environment might have been planted.

This is where the joys of artistic license took over. I took everything that I knew to be historically accurate and everything I didn’t know at all then combined them together. I imagined what events might have taken place that would have led to a universal agreement of terminology and practices – how BDSM might have actually evolved to what it is today. The events that happen in each book take you through the steps that lead you from the development of one modern idea to the next.

What came out of that has been incredibly fun for me to write. There are the usual emotional and psychological elements of D/s that are encountered when two consenting adults enter into such an agreement – including the fact that there is an agreement at all. There are the typical BDSM interactions such as impact play (although, again, not a term in use at the time), but I also had to add in the scary parts that had nothing to do with what went on between the men. Homosexuality is not accepted at all in society – laws are in place against sodomy. While it’s still possible to be arrested for assault today from the practice of BDSM – it was assured back then. The double secrecy of writing about a gay BDSM club was an intense challenge to craft in order to maintain the believability.

Overall, The Hampton Road Club has become very special to me and the men who work so hard to find a lasting partner under such overwhelming obstacles and challenges I believe will stay with me a long time.

If you’re attending Euro Pride Con, I’ll be there with at least one or two installments of the series. I’m really looking forward to this Con, and if you haven’t signed up yet – make sure you check it out. One of the big reasons I wanted to go is perhaps the most obvious – I get to go to Germany! But there’s also much more to it than that. I do have a German and European readership who I might never have the opportunity to meet if I only ever attend cons in the US, or even in the UK. I’m also very interested in discovering the similarities and differences in the M/M romance scene. I can’t wait to go.

I’d like to share with you an excerpt from the third installment of The Hampton Road Club. This is from The Fear of Surrender, where we get the story of Master Thomas and the submissive Linus who was mistreated in a former book at the club by a disreputable Master. In this scene, Thomas is seeing Linus the first time since his abuse at the club and is trying to convince him to visit the man who in Book 2, The Rules of Love, had sacrificed his own safety to protect Linus.


thefearofsurrender_800 (1)Blurb: Master Thomas sees a submissive man aching for surrender. But can Linus be convinced not to fear The Hampton Road Club?

Linus never wants to return to Hampton Road after being attacked by a Master there. Even though he aches for the attention of Master Thomas—the one who he’d originally wanted—he isn’t sure he can ever trust another Master not to abuse him again.
Thomas is furious with himself for not protecting the beautiful young submissive whose company he’d enjoyed on a few occasions. He’s relieved that there have been some recent changes to help protect the men who offer themselves at the sadomasochism club. It’s about time to bring Hampton Road into the progressive age of the 1920s. Now that the new rules are in place, perhaps he can woo Linus into giving him a chance.

As Thomas goes out of his way to be kind to him, Linus wonders if he’s misjudged the Master. He’s still not sure if there’s a future for them. What if he never wants to surrender to another man? When he allows Thomas to teach him the joys of Dominance and submission, Linus discovers that he not only wants to surrender, he wants to be claimed permanently. If only Thomas’ old life doesn’t come back to haunt them and destroy their chance of being together forever.

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes of figging and piercing.

Publisher’s Note: This book is best read in sequence as part of a series but can be read as a standalone.

Early Download Available At Totally Bound Publishing



Sam re-entered the living area, holding onto Linus’ hand as the shy boy trailed behind him. He resisted the urge to frown—he was concerned it could be misinterpreted by the reticent young man. He mentally kicked himself again for not following through on his initial instinct to claim Linus. It would have saved both of them so much grief. Jet-black hair with bright blue eyes had stunned him from the first time Thomas had spied Linus at the club. His perfectly soft pale skin—a startling contrast to the color of his hair—had pinked beautifully when Thomas had spanked him. And there had been such a natural connection between them both. Why hadn’t he simply followed through?

Thomas rubbed his eyes and groaned. He needed to get a hold of himself. When he lowered his hands, he caught Linus staring at him before he quickly averted his gaze. His cheeks reddened.

Does he still have an affection for me?

If there was a small chance that Linus might give him the opportunity for them to be together again, it wasn’t the right moment to uncover the possibility. But Thomas filed the idea away for later.

“There’s nothing to worry about. Things went very well. Preston is gone—never coming back, I might add—and Kenneth will be staying with Saul from now on.”

“Kenneth is okay?” Linus’ small voice betrayed his nervousness, but he didn’t look away.

Thomas gave him what he hoped was a comforting smile. “Yes, he’s fine. But since he’s not going to be coming back here and Saul has to handle some business at the club before he takes Kenneth home with him, we need all of you to help.”

“How can we help?”

Francesco appeared excited over the possibility. He was grinning and bouncing even more enthusiastically on the balls of his feet. Sam still clutched Linus’ hand as he exchanged glances with him.

“We would like for you all to come with me to Hampton Road and keep Kenneth company for a while until he can go with Saul. As you can imagine, this has all been very upsetting and it would be nice for him to have some friends so that he’s not alone while he waits.”

“Then what are we all standing here for? Let’s go!” Francesco turned to his friends right as Linus pulled away from Sam, his eyes widened in apparent panic. “Oh. Well, we can go and Linus can stay here. Right?”

Frustration filled Thomas at Francesco’s words, in particular because Linus had visibly calmed because of them. His shoulders had relaxed and he’d let loose a sigh, as if in relief.

“Sam and Francesco, would you wait in the car please? I’ll be there shortly.”

For once, Francesco quietly did as he was told and they both left the house. Left him alone with Linus. Linus bowed his head and clasped his hands in front of him. Thomas was disappointed that his tension had reappeared. He didn’t have time to be coy with Linus, so he dove right in.

“Are you still afraid of going to Hampton Road?”

Linus shrugged. His response reminded Thomas of how he’d planned to work with Linus on expressing himself better before Preston had entered the picture.

“Words please.”

Linus jerked his chin up, a hint of defiance in his gaze.


“I don’t see why I have to go back there. I, um, I already told Masters Aaron and Saul I wouldn’t return.” He visibly swallowed. “Even if Preston isn’t there anymore, it’s not as if there’s a reason to go back.” His cheeks reddened and he lowered his head again.

“Yes there is. Right now, Kenneth is your reason.” Thomas sucked in a breath. “Perhaps another time you’ll have a different one.”

Linus darted his eyes around the room and worried his hands. At last, he peered up at Thomas. “Is Kenneth very upset?”

Thomas couldn’t lie, even if wanted to convince Linus to go more than anything. He held the hope inside that if Linus returned, it might break the fear that being at the club had instilled in him.

“I honestly didn’t see him, Linus. I’m going by what Aaron told me, and I’ve always known him to be a truthful man. But if I were to make a wager, I think it would mean a lot to Kenneth to know that you’re all right too. He asked about you.”

“He did?” Linus’ eyes rounded and Thomas knew he’d found the one thing that could reach Linus.

“Yes, he did.” Thomas kept his voice soft. “Would you please come with us for Kenneth’s sake?” He took another deep breath. He had to let out the emotions that had plagued him ever since he’d learned of Linus’ abuse. “Please forgive me, Linus. I feel as if I let you down—that I should have protected you from…from that despicable cur.”

Linus blushed furiously and Thomas wished they were in different circumstances right then, that he could uncover the truth of what was going on inside the young man. He seemed to get control of himself enough to meet Thomas’ gaze again.

“It’s not your fault, Sir. I shouldn’t have gone with him. I only did it, um, because…” Linus shook his head, frowning. “Anyway, I don’t blame you, Sir.”

Because why?

Thomas wouldn’t press him. He sensed that he’d made progress with the young man, so he didn’t want to scare him off. There still might be a chance for them.

“That’s very kind of you Linus. But I want you to understand that what happened to you wasn’t your fault either. You were the victim and he had no right. Don’t ever blame yourself for another person’s wrongs.” Thomas took a breath to calm himself. “Will you come with us now though? Just for this one night? I promise to watch out for you while you’re there. I won’t let anyone near the room where you’ll be visiting with Kenneth.”

Linus nodded then seemed to remember. “Okay. I’ll go.”

Thomas wanted to shout with joy. He surprised himself with how much Linus’ agreement had mattered.

“Thank you very much, Linus. I know it’ll make Kenneth happy.” Despite the ache to do so, Thomas didn’t dare touch him. He stepped to the side then gestured to the door. “Shall we?”

Linus regarded him with his deep-blue eyes that a man could drown in. Not reaching out for him was near impossible, but Thomas kept himself in check.

“Yes, Sir.”

The way Linus said it, the way his words went to his core, told Thomas all that he needed to know. He wanted Linus more than he’d ever wanted a man before and he would do whatever he could to win him over.


Morticia KnightAuthor Bio: M/M Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys a good saucy tale – after all, who doesn’t? Since she loves several genres, you may find your heroes in a contemporary, historical, paranormal or sci-fi setting. One of her passions is bringing people’s fantasies to life on the page, because life is too short for even one boring moment. Her stories are volcanic in heat, deep in emotion, and sprinkled with doses of humor.

When not indulging in her obsession for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. The Pacific Northwest is the ideal spot to enjoy both hiking and beachcombing. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She now resides on the northern coast of Oregon, where the constant rain and fog remind her of visits to family in England and Scotland when she was a child.

She is currently working on the Sin City Uniforms Series and a BDSM spin-off to the Gin & Jazz series entitled The Hampton Road Club. A follow-up to Bryan and Aubrey’s story in Rockin’ the Alternative will also be available in 2015 through Totally Bound Publishing.

Find Morticia at: Facebook personal page | Facebook Author page | Facebook super secret ninja fan group with photos of hot men and other cool stuff | Twitter | Website/Blog | Totally Bound author page

Euro Pride Con, Susan Mac Nicol

Guest Post: Countdown to Euro Pride Con With Susan Mac Nicol

Euro Pride Con

The Novel Approach welcomes Susan Mac Nicol as our inaugural guest on the Countdown to Euro Pride Con. I asked Susan to tell us why she loves attending Cons and why she feels they’re important to both authors and readers alike. And please, if you’ve ever attended an author/reader convention, or would just like to attend one, feel free to share why you love them, or what makes you wish to go to one someday.

Now, here’s Susan.


You may have all seen from the various Facebook posts that I’m attending a couple of conference this year. I wanted to attend more but I’ve just started a new job and don’t want to scare them. :) My boss has been very good so far giving me all the Fridays off for the weekend events. My sister is also getting married in Cape Town in December, so the trip I’d originally planned potentially to GRL in 2015 had to take a back seat so I could afford this instead.

I’ll be at Euro Pride Con in July of course and then again at the Bristol UK LGBTQ Meet in September. I’ve just found out I’m actually on one of the panels- Mystery, myth and magiclegends and the like as inspiration. I’m just a little bit nervous about that….

I love these kind of cons and author meets for a number of reasons, both for the benefit of the author, i.e. moi, and the genre as a whole. We all know that writing can be a lonely existence. The writer sits, surrounded by empty glasses of wine, random pieces of chocolate and crisp wrappers, a dubious web site of sexual content *winks* playing out in a window in the corner of the screen, a plethora of social networking sites open for business, and a propensity to snarl at anyone that comes into this haven and wants to do anything menial, like tell you the house is on fire and You Need To Get Out! The writer ponders, mulls, swears and waves hands around while speaking in tongues, anxious to hear how the phrase just written on screen actually sounds like in real life.

So the opportunity to get away and meet other people of similar ilk who understand your thought and creative process and don’t think that suddenly spitting out the random phrase ‘I don’t talk to dead people, arsehole. That’s not how it works’ is anything to be concerned about. It’s about embracing that energy that flows through an event like this, where you can absorb passion, frustration, joy and even despair without blinking an eye. It’s talking to people who have been through the same writer’s block you have, experienced the same irritation at a plot line that just won’t fit even though you want it in the story, and also the sheer bliss when something just comes together the way you wanted it.

Of course, all of this melding of the minds and camaraderie is beneficial for the reading community too. They get to reap the rewards of these get togethers; bask in the sunshine that is the author who may have been given some great advice on how to progress; rapture in the words flowing off the page that a good glass of wine might have unleashed as the writer relaxes their mind and body; and wallow in the satisfaction of a job well done because inspiration just happened to be something the writer experienced (while drinking said wine.) Oh all right, so not all of us do the whole wine thing. Sue me. :)

I have other events planned for 2016 as by then the boss will be used to my whinging to take time off for my writing career. I’d love to make the US in 2016 too, so need to think which event will be best suited to this journey. If you have any suggestions as to the best one to attend, I’m all ears. I really need to meet my publisher Boroughs in San Diego, my friend Shanella Mc Beth in Baltimore, the wonderful Scott Burkett and Greg Meier in Florida and various others scattered around far and wide. I doubt I’ll fit them all in, but I’ll try. In the meantime, authors, do yourself a favour and arrange to come to a meet, and readers and bloggers, please keep attending these events. We need you, as you are the lifeblood of the promotional machine that keeps us writers in a never ending supply of coffee. :)

~Susan Mac Nicol

Website | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Tsu | Pinterest

A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week, Euro Pride Con, Giveaways

Here’s A Sneak Peek At The Coming Week

Sneak PeekHappy Sunday, everyone, and welcome back to another peek at what we have in store for the week ahead. Not only do we have some great authors, giveaways, and reviews in store for you, but we have a special Countdown to Euro Pride Con kicking off this week right here at The Novel Approach, so be sure to watch for our first two guests, Susan Mac Nicol and Morticia Knight. And there’ll be much more to come!

Our Book of the Month picks are also being hosted at Mary Calmes’s blog right now, so pop on over for a chance to win TWO e-copies of any of our chosen titles

Here’s a look at what’s on tap.


MondayAmy Lane kicks off the week on the Vulnerable blog tour, the first book in her newly re-released Little Goddesses series

We’ll also welcome Mickie B. Ashling today on the Chyna Doll blog tour

TuesdayJoseph Lance Tonlet stops by to discuss the first book in his edgy new serial, Brothers LaFon

We’ll also have Susan Mac Nicol joining us with a guest post to kick off the Countdown to Euro Pride Con

Wednesday – It’s going to be a Brad kind of day today. First, Brad Vance joins us on the Have a Little Faith in Me blog tour

Then, we’ll have an exclusive excerpt from Brad Boney and his newest release from Dreamspinner Press, YES

Thursday – Today we’ll be hosting Kirby Crow and the Hammer and Bone blog tour

Morticia Knight will also be joining us with our second Euro Pride Con Countdown post for the week to talk about her new release The Fear of Surrender

Friday – Author Anna Lee stops by today on the His Soldier blog tour

SaturdayMargie Church is our guest today to talk a little bit about her new book Boston Boyfriend

Sunday – And finally, Trina Lane closes out our week on the Turkish Delights blog tour


And that’s the lowdown on the week ahead. Until next time, happy reading!

Euro Pride Con

Guest Post: The Countdown To Euro Pride Con – Munich 2015

Euro Pride Con

Hi everyone ;)

As the inaugural Euro Pride Con in Munich, Germany is getting closer, we want to introduce some of the participating authors, featured attendees and sponsors to you. There will be one Guest Post during every day of the next two months, all written by different authors, attendees and sponsors. Sometimes there will be giveaways or chats, but it will always be interesting, and you will get to connect with old friends and favorites as well as get to know new people in the LGBT community. Among all comments left on any guest post during this tour, one $25 voucher for a retailer of your choice will be randomly awarded in addition to any prizes that may be given out in the different posts.


Here is the schedule for Week One <3

March 2nd: Antonio Rodriguez (Gay Erotic Photographer and Author) on Rainbow Gold Reviews.

March 3rd: Susan Mac Nicol (Author) on The Novel Approach.

March 4th: Helena Stone and Jaycee Edward (Authors) on Rainbow Gold Reviews.

March 5th: Morticia Knight (Author) on The Novel Approach.

March 6th: Monika De Giorgi (Author  and Reviewer) on Rainbow Gold Reviews.

March 7th: Kaje Harper (Author) on Rainbow Gold Reviews.

March 8th: Marc Fleischhauer (Euro Pride Con Organizer and LGBT Blog Owner) on Love Bytes.


Euro Pride Con is a gathering of fans of LGBT Fiction, which will be held over the weekend of July 11th and 12th in Munich, Germany. This weekend doesn’t just coincide with the city’s Pride celebrations (attended by 250,000 people in 2014), we are coordinating with the organizers of Munich Pride, LGBT Organizations and local European gay bookstores and publishers to tie our convention closely to the LGBT community from the very beginning.

Register Now

In the USA, there’s  several LGBT fiction conventions that run through the year; however, there’s only one in the whole of Europe (the brilliant UK GLBT Fiction Meet). Euro Pride Con will bring together LGBT authors, publishers, translators, cover artists, bloggers and readers from all over Europe to get together over one fantastic weekend to talk about books, genres, trends, challenges, hopes and will offer opportunities to network, exchange experiences, pitch books and submit manuscripts to publishers like Dreamspinner Press, Harmony Ink, Dreamspinner Publications, Extasy Books, Ylva Publishing, Love Lane Books, Wayward Ink, Bruno Gmünder and others.

More about becoming a sponsor

Munich is a beautiful city and a great choice for the first year of the convention. It’s fairly central in Europe and has an international airport. The convention will be held at the Sheraton Arabellapark, a beautiful hotel  close to the centre of the city and right next to Munich’s biggest park.

More about the event hotel and alternatives

Dreamspinner Press Audiobook Coordinator and Bestselling M/M Romance author Andrew Grey and Love Lane Books Founder and Bestselling M/M Romance author R.J. Scott will be our wonderful keynote speakers for our inaugural convention.

Instead of relying entirely on front-led panels, we’ll also be hosting a series of interactive workshops and in-depth discussions on a range of different topics. These workshops will be led by any combination of LGBT author, reader, reviewer, blogger, translator, cover artist and publisher, which we hope will expose all attendees to a range of different thoughts, opinions, and viewpoints. There will also be reader-focused Author Q&As and Author Readings in addition to  the Author Signing and the Raffle.

If you’d like to be involved in a panel please email us at

More info on Panels

More About the Raffle

The convention will start on Saturday; however, for anyone who arrives in the city early there will be activities planned in the city on Friday afternoon.



Attendees at Euro Pride Con have two options:

  • Register as an attendee
    160 Euro180 EURO IF YOU REGISTER AFTER 30 APRIL 2015!
    Attendees will have access to all workshops and events over the course of the weekend.
  • Register as a featured attendee
    170 Euro200 EURO IF YOU REGISTER AFTER 30 APRIL 2015!
    Featured attendees can be authors, bloggers, cover artists, editors, translators, or anyone who would like to promote themselves and their work over the course of the weekend. Featured attendees will be given a spot at the signing on Sunday, the option to give out “swag”, will be featured on blogs and social media leading up to the event, and can take part in leading any of the workshops (subject to places being available).

All tickets include dinner buffet on Saturday and lunch buffet on Sunday.(traditional Bavarian stye and served in the hotel Biergarten if the weather is nice), water and juice, pens and pads as well as two tea and coffee breaks on both days. You will also get one free ticket for the raffle that is stocked full of incredible prizes.

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Marc Fleischhauer, Dani Elle Maas, Anna Martin & Isa Brandt