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Guest Post: The Indigent Charity Anthology From CoolDudes Publishing

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The Novel Approach welcomes authors F.E. Feeley Jr. and Leona Windwalker today on the Indigent Anthology blog tour. I’m so pleased to be able to share some information about this important project with you.


IndigentBlurb: Five authors have joined together to produce stories evoking both loss and hope. Reaching deep within their fiery imaginations, these stories take flight and showcase dreams for a better today and future for LGBT everywhere. Embodying a diverse set of talents and stories, this volume sets out to grab the hearts of those who read the m/m genre and to offer hope to LGBT across the globe. By offering this book, we hope to support the following charities across the globe:

GALA, South Africa
Lost-n-Found, USA
Youth Off The Streets, Australia
The Albert Kennedy Trust, United Kingdom

This anthology edited by Louis J Harris and Kimi D Saunders

Indigent has been produced to entertain and delight and all the stories leave the reader with a “feel good” state of mind.

Frederick Eugene Feeley Jr’s “Indigent”, after which the anthology takes its name, brings the reader to witness an apocalyptic war between the good and evil that rages in one man’s mind. Soon he will know that his problems are insignificant compared to those of others.

Mari Evan’s “Stumbling into Forever”, involves a handsome young vampire who will learn that just a sip of blood is the difference between love and freezing to death.

Leona Windwalker’s “If Only the World”, takes rejection to another level. A heartbreaking story that is turned on its head by the kindness of strangers.

Shaye Evans’ “Rescued”, is a contemporary social statement about the aftermath of a young man’s life after his drink has been spiked at a bar.

M. LeAnne Phoenix’s “Higher Love”, takes us on an almost spiritual journey through the minds of two people who have never met, but have spoken on a telepathic level. When they do come together, that bond is already cemented, but there is a price to pay.

From CoolDudes Publishing – we’re making an effort to support our gay community. Are you?

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Frederick: I wrote Indigent last June when my husband and I bought our home. Prior to that, I was a bit of a drifter. Having gone all over hell’s half acre to try to find a place where I belonged.

The day we bought the home, after having moved all of our belongings (which wasn’t much) and moving a friend in (thank god they had more) in the hot Texas sun, I was exhausted.

But we needed supplies. A garbage can, a mop, a microwave, etc. so John convinced me to go to Target. I was wiped. I mean silly tired. But we went.

We got down to eastex freeway right before you turn to get to the shopping center and there was a man with a cardboard sign standing on the side of the road.

I reached into my center console for a couple of bucks that I had there. We affectionately refer to what little money I carry on me, as my mugging money. And I rolled the window down and handed the bedraggled man what I had.

“God Bless you, sir.” He said.

God. Bless. You. Sir. I snicker when I think of someone calling me sir. He didn’t know me. I could have been anyone. I could have been anything. But this man said, God bless you, sir to me.

To me.

“No, God bless you, sir” I responded and made it around the corner before I burst into sobs.

John was surprised and worried, of course. And he asked me what was wrong.

“I have a house and he doesn’t.” It was all I could say.

Why me?

I made it through Target without another Steel Magnolias moment, but just barely.

But “God Bless you, Sir” burned in my head. After everything was put away it took me a couple more weeks to hammer it out in my wasteland I call a brain but it came out.


I put it on my blog and the rest is history.

God. Bless. You. Sir.


God Bless YOU sir, wherever you are.

Leona: Frederick wrote Indigent and the idea of using it to actively help homeless LGBT in need percolated around, and one day I said to him, we should do this. And he said, “Right on.” Louis over at CoolDudes was onboard the moment he heard the idea, and the other authors  jumped in with both feet. Fred really motivated the rest of us to try to make a difference in this very tangible way, while bringing attention to the plight of many LGBT.

Frederick: The reason why I think this anthology is important is that I refuse to be okay with lives being given over to chance. Our world is filled with chaos, from war, to famine, to pestilence, and death. The four horsemen are busy and have been busy since man climbed out of the Forest Primeval.  There was a time in my life when I didn’t know how I was going to eat. Where I was going to sleep etc. and that was the most terrified I had ever been in my entire life. If you put food in someone’s belly, a roof over their head, and clothes on their back, you remove some of the worst stress a person (no matter the age) can experience in life. We live in an age where, the popular opinion of many is ‘I got mine, now  you go get yours’, but people don’t really realize how close they are on the edge of having all of that swiped away. A catastrophic illness, a death in the family, a bad financial market. Most people in the word, unless they are part of the very few Bourgeois, teeter in the space between solvency and utter insolvency. My choice to do this, is not purely on the side of high moral reasoning, there is some part of me that needs to acknowledge the past, put it to rest, but leave a trail up and out of those circumstances. And unfortunately prayers and well wishes and good intentions are not the only way to make sure people don’t starve to death or Freeze to death. It takes money. And lots of it.  So thank you, all of you, who buy a copy of this book. Your little bit of money will mean the difference between life and death for someone given over to apathy and chance.



5 Stars, Dreamspinner Press, F.E. Feeley Jr., Genre Romance, Mystery/Suspense/Action Thriller, Reviewed by Sammy

Review: Still Waters by F.E. Feeley

Title: Still Waters

Author: F.E. Feeley Jr.

Publisher: Dreamspinner Press

Pages/Word Count: 210 Pages

At a Glance: This is a novel that will stay with you well beyond the last page. I highly recommend it.

Reviewed By: Sammy

Blurb: Promise, Michigan is very much like every other small town across the state. Built on the edge of a lake, the homes sit in neat little rows in cute little neighborhoods. During the summer Promise bustles with tourists who come to spend their vacation dollars and enjoy the lake’s refreshingly cold water. But Promise holds a terrible secret. In the center of the lake is an abandoned island where a curse is rumored to wait for victims, unabated and deadly. Most think it’s just a story, something used to keep kids out of trouble. Still, everyone gives it a wide berth. Everyone except Bret and Adam. They dare to venture out the night of Bret’s birthday. When they declared their love and promise to get married, they believe no one else heard their whispered words—but they are wrong.

Five years later Adam dies, and Bret returns to his family to heal. But someone is killing the people of Promise in random acts of violence. Bret, with the help of FBI agent Jeff McAllister, must discover the identity of a murderer with death on his mind and revenge in his heart.


Review: I rarely begin a review with a nod to the cover artist, but in this novel’s case, not only was the story breathtaking but Paul Richmond’s cover art is glorious as well. So, come take a dip with me into the world that F.E. Feeley Jr. created. You may want to keep a light on and the tissues handy, for this one will not only make your spine tingle, it will nip at your heartstrings as well.

Once a year Bret returns to his hometown of Promise to remember the love of his life, taken too early from him. Adam was the first person Bret met in high school that seemed to really care about him. Living in a “perfect” home with parents who barely spoke to him, Bret knew full well any behavior that threatened his mother’s high position in town would prove to make his life even more of the bitter hell than it already was. So, being gay was out of the questions, till he met Adam.

Adam was tough, fearless and beautiful. Together these two boys would beat back the haters by setting the competitive swimming world on fire. While doing so they would also fall deeply in love. And so, after making a promise to marry five years hence, post college graduation, the two boys allow the town to see their love for each other. Suddenly, Adam disappears and despite all Bret’s attempts to stir a fire under the local police force, the eventual discovery of his body floating in the lake remains a mystery and is eventually deemed a suicide. But Bret knows in his heart someone put Adam in that lake, and one day justice will be served.

Five years later Bret is with the Woolsey family once again, remembering his boyfriend. But this time, there is something else afoot in the town of Promise and deaths are racking up despite the FBI’s involvement. The strange ways in which select people are being killed remains a deadly mystery, one that may eventually take Bret’s life as well.

Unfortunately my poor attempt at a synopsis cannot communicate to you the terror this novel creates as each chapter unfolds. As Mr. Feeley describes in descriptive passages the deaths of each victim, you cannot but watch with something akin to horror while glancing into the shadows to make sure you are not being visited by the horror he unleashes. Fast paced, eerily detailed and convincingly real, the author weaves his story so effectively you swear you can taste the lake water that becomes the means of death for each victim. Not content to give us a scary tale the likes of which will remind you of a Stephen King novel, Mr. Feeley also intertwines not one but two love stories into the plot.

When FBI agent Jeff McAllister lays eyes on Bret, something stirs inside him, and, thankfully, it is reciprocated by Bret. Two lonely men who have had their share of empty one-night stands are suddenly and determinedly drawn to one another. But Bret’s heart has never fully recovered from losing Adam, so he hesitates to let the walls he has built around himself crumble. This was no tired insta-love trope trotted out to satisfy the romance aspect we all look forward to in this genre. Instead, it was a relationship which was beautifully developed and nurtured in each chapter. Tentative and ever so lovely, we watch these two men grow to care deeply for each other and pray that their fragile connection will take deep root.

Poetry. Much of the descriptive passages in this novel were so gorgeous that the word poetry comes to mind time after time. F.E. Feeley Jr. is a consummate wordsmith who wraps his story in phrases that melt your heart. Still Waters was an incredible tale of love and loss, horror and beauty, terror and learning to trust. This is a novel that will stay with you well beyond the last page. I highly recommend it.

You can buy Still Waters here:

All Romance eBooks

All Romance eBooks

Dreamspinner Press, F.E. Feeley Jr.

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