3 Stars, Bold Strokes Books, Greg Herren

Murder in the Rue Dauphine (Chanse MacLeod #1) by Greg Herren

The stage is the Crescent City; the script, blackmail and murder; the director of the action, Chanse MacLeod, ex-cop and private investigator who is embroiled in a case where prostitution and extortion crawl into bed together and end up with his client, Mike Hansen, taking a nap of the eternal variety.

Mike was a hustler who managed to leave more than a few enemies behind him, providing for a healthy list of reasonable suspects in the wake of his murder. Having retained Chanse’s services to investigate and discover who’s blackmailing his latest sugar daddy, a very married and very closeted and very prominent man, Mike ends up with a bullet in his chest for the trouble, along with an epitaph written in his own blood that has many in the gay community believing his death was the result of a hate crime.
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